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  1. We love you Llir! <3 Thank you for all the work and help you have done for us all!
  2. I'd have to say it would be the ooc friendships and hatred that carry out through roleplay that makes things not enjoyable. The other this that is also not enjoyable is when important figures in lotc do not want to pk when they should be held to a higher standard to the public. If for instance you die in front of either 1-100 people in front of you, if they know you are an important figure and they see you die and don't pk, they are going to think the same way, if they are to be an important figure. Show yourself as an example to the newer players, show them they shouldn't be afraid to let go of their characters. I remember an instance when an important figure like an NL would not pk several times after being caught several times and died several times. Also a time where an important figure agreed to have a pk duel and lost the duel and says that they are no longer pk'ing to it. I think if people would care about their honor and pride, it would be much better than caring about keeping their persona alive that will innevitably die in the near future anyways whether it be of natural causes or duel or war. Regardless this should be a place for fun and less ooc involvement. Those are only some of the reasons why I am leaving this server.
  3. The Falling of A Blue Salvia _____________________________________________ The 18th of the Amber Cold As the Blue Salvia Flower falls, a story would be shown as to Meira Kervallen-Elmwood's true colors. *A flashback through her life unfolds before her eyes from start to finish as if she would be no more.* Meira had a struggle for her life going on adventures, going places, seeing things, having fun, and doing some pranks as a child. Growing up in a happy family, she was shown her true, colors for the first time as a child. "I see pink! Pink is all I see mat'er! 'nd a little bit of blue too!" Her mother turns to her after performing some sort of a spell and asks "W'at do ye' see now?" Meira's mother questioned Meira. "I... I don't know w'at t'ese colors are." She'd reply to her mother. Her mother then pointed to each color and told her each color until it was time to go out and about, the spell went away and all she saw, was pink again. She went on with her life as she saw it in her normal state, but sadly never saw purple as a colorful color. She grew up in her life fighting for her home and friends. Friendship was the only thing that meant anything to her to those who knew her well. She had a bow custom-made to her. She bought it from the man not knowing who the individual was officially. And to this day always brought it, and never missed a single shot when wielding the bow as her main weapon. She was a proud archer, fighting for her pride, fighting for what she thought was right, fighting for what she believed in. She was the best among all those wielding a bow. However, things changed a lot when she followed her mother's dream. She took over Ravenmire, to follow her mother's belief and try to bring pride onto the lands to make things enjoyable. Always was happy, always working around, and was always busy but able to help those in need. She needed help choosing who to help her as her delegation. Though who better to go to than her friends, including the one who made her, her primary weapon. At that point, things kicked off fast and everything went to plan as she then ventured on making more and more friends. She made friends across the lands far and wide, though she was always able to make time shooting with her favorite bow. Before leaving for good, she was able to shoot her arrow once more at target ranges and moving animals. Though something, took her by surprise, causing her to fall limp in a pool of her very own red ichor that had poured out of her. Her amber-colored eyes shutting as she was passing knowing her time had come and now onto her new adventure. Now seeing her fellow fallen friends, as she entered into the land of the fallen, she would show each and every one of them a smile from ear to ear, as she had always shown to nearly everyone. The background being in her favorite color, cotton candy pink, with her blue outline popping out in the background. Down came what appeared to be a rain of blue Salvia flowers as she looked about. She heads further into the fallen pink lands, and turns around offering a gentle hand to the next person to join her, saying "Trust me, it will be okay!" in her cheery way with a smile to them... whoever it might be. Then continue forth to an edge and fall to be among the flowers of that she truly adored in life in all of their true colors. _____________________________________________ In Ravenmire, her will would be sent out to her family and friends by a raven as a symbol it is from Ravenmire. ((OOC: Only those who are pinged or named or a part of ther group/family is part of can read those sections of the will.)) To Bo Rostova @moosehunter123@Aces__1, To Hacket Hemoss @Hacket, To Kelton Thorne @RedResult, To The Rex of The IronHorde, Klog'Akaal @LobsterLarry, To Vlachia @chaotikal, To The Kervallen Family Far and Wide, @KaptainScarlet@ECS1999@Lmcfc@Snow1770 To The Valiant Seekers @Roguechaotic, To The Entirety of Rhosmark @mojanghunter, _____________________________________________ Now everything below this message is OOC. This is just my goodbye from LoTC entirely. I'd like to thank everyone that I have roleplayed with and around and even those I have talked to only in ooc manners. I enjoyed the roleplays I have encountered, the ones on stream and off streams. Unfortunately, I realized I cannot stream LOTC very well, and streaming is what I wish to do. I will admit, I have gone through the good times and the hard times on this server, but with every beginning, is an end. To all those I have wronged, I am deeply sorry that I have wronged you in any way shape, or form. This is my goodbye from lotc, honor is honor and I wish this gets passed around, hold your honor above everything else, this is just a game to be fair. Who knows, maybe I will come back in the future to have fun, if I have lost all motivation in my future or something exciting is happening. I stress this part heavily though, do not be afraid to be perma-killed, sure you lose items you gained on the persona, but your persona's legacy still lives on to those you interacted with. Do not be the 15 thousand death warrior NL that never perma-kills, takes all the fun out of roleplay. We all want enjoyable roleplay, so make it more enjoyable, make it better than what it is right now. I believe that you all can do it. Speacial shoutout and respect to all you fellow military veterans, active duty, guard, and reservists (Yes Space Force and Coast Guard counts lol), y'all are the real ones, and glad to call you a brother, sister, and everything around. HUA - Heard, Understood, Acknowledged, and I hope every day you all come home safe and enjoy life as it is tough. With all that said, for the last time, peace out, stay safe, and have a great time on lotc!
  4. Meira nods as she had just finished up with her signature giving it an approval of the signed pact with a smile as she did such.
  5. "Well, t'e copycat name place is gettin' bad attention. Bad, bad, bad men and women of t'e place. Hopefully t'ey don't t'ink we help t'em in all t'is." Meira says to herself in her quarters, shaking her head at that. She then placed the missive down and finished eating the rest of her meal.
  6. Nice bait (Not buying it though XD) Even though it is a sensitive topic for people, I think it was a great little prank for April Fools. ;)
  7. Meira reads the missive and in shock of the sudden mobilization. Though she stood her position quite confidently, but wonders to herself why the sudden need to mobilize in this manner. She places the missive in a pile of other important missives keeping it at the top stating it was the most recent. Then off she went to go and tend to her favorite hobby.
  8. Meira blinks shaking her head trying to wake up and re-reads the missive once more though she just blinks for the moment, with nothing more to say but sigh in light of this information.
  9. "Aren't t'ey like ten years old?" Meira questioned to herself, then walks away shrugging it off saying "Oh well, not my issue."
  10. This is a very helpful command! Thank you Llir and the Tech Team for this!
  11. Upon reading the notice boards of Lurin and seeing the festival invitation, Meira wonders if she could bring some people from Ravenmire to the festival. She shrugs and then ventures off to gather some items, noting the time and place of the festival in her mind.
  12. A New Raven Soars With the steady inactivity of Ravenmire as of late under the ruling of Tiwari Kervallen-Elmwood, her daughter, Meira Kervallen-Elmwood, has assumed the position of Duchess to rule the lands of Ravenmire. Along with Meira are her Chancellor, Mayor, and Grand General to aid in the development of the city. The prior attempts of Ravenmire have been non-religiously affiliated, but under the new ruling, that will be no more. Ravenmire will now be yet another Canonist land and everything will be explained here soon. History The citizens of Ravenmire have a deep-rooted history alongside other cultures and nations, originating from the five founders of the nation. To properly explain Ravenmire's history, one would need to ensure they do not forget that before the nation was established many of their founding members and families were part of other nations or vassal states of such nations, such as Lurin, Vikela, Haense, and more. In the early beginnings, Ravenmire was but a faint idea without a name, location, or even any real intention within the heads of a few people. But as time passed and the five founding individuals made progress in life where they were, the idea grew louder and louder in their heads as their ideas and endeavors grew out of scale for the places they otherwise called their homes. The whole concept of building and making a nation of Ravenmire by Meira Kervallen-Elmwood’s mother fell into a steady state of inactivity. The lands were desolate with only ruins and a few camps around in the areas to be seen. Meira’s mother made a valiant attempt at creating what she envisioned, though when Meira saw the remains left behind, Meira felt a sudden need to fix what was done. With Meira being the daughter of Tiwari Kervallen-Elmwood, she would be the next of kin to take over, with a vision to fix all that was done. However, promises that were made by Tiwari will still be kept, such as lands to those promised of such. Population Ravenmire was originally formed by workmen and scholars of many guilds and families, who have focused their lives on research and exploration. Due to such a unique government being established, a notable influx of elves and a few humans began to populate the nation from the get-go. Records have indicated that this was due to the founders of the nation, which come from a long line of elvish blood along with human blood, allowing many elven and human lineages to form and be added to the nation through simple expansions. While such may be the case the nation isn’t solely made up of humans and elves, but rather of many different races, including some dwarves, orcs, and other similar races or beings. Due to this, the nation became a focal point of cultural and scientific exchange, resulting in the Ravenmire we know today. Guardforce & Military Ravenmire has been placed under permanent surveillance by the local guard force, known as ‘The Watch’, which has been acting as the local guard force and are often acting as first responders in case of any emergencies. While ‘The Watch’ consists of watchmen, which are normal guards, they are also known to have more specialized personnel, which often act as inspectors and detectives in case of break-ins, murders, and much more. Besides watchmen and inspectors, one may also find members of the Justicar within the city, who are known to handle legal cases and are often seen within the court, acting as lawyers or judges alike. While ‘The Watch’ handles most internal affairs the nation of Ravenmire also has a more specialized military, which is known as the ‘Ravengarde’. Members of the garde are often heavily trained individuals, who had undergone excessive training during their time as simple squires before they were allowed on any actual battlefields. Specialized in the usage of polearms and longswords for short-ranged battles most of the Ravengarde are capable of fighting and defending the national borders with ease, while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. Religion Religion is a rather important topic within Ravenmire. While the worshiping of any god, aspect, and so on is allowed one may not force others into religious practices if they do not wish to do so. However, with the idea of religion comes one at the center of it all. That center would be to follow the ideals and path of Godfrey, to follow the teachings of the scroll of the Gospel, and allow those that wish to seek retribution in the eyes of God and find a higher power. Such will be the will of the church. While following the church's teachings it would urge those who do not seem interested in the church to attempt to visit and learn from the gospel of course trying to worship GOD and respect the other cultures of the region shall be done to both understand and learn mutually. Alchemy Within the nation of Ravenmire, alchemy is a main focus on development upon the cliffs of the nation. For the residents of the city, the use of alchemy is second nature, the buildings, paintings, and even its streets are suffused with alchemical construction. With the level of alchemical business booming within the city, contributing to most of the nation's economy. These businesses include but are not limited to alchemical stores, apothecaries, potion makers, automatons, and far more. Besides such many skilled alchemists reside within the city, often offering their services to those willing to pay a small fortune. Thanks to this, Ravenmire has always thrived on the promotion and common use of alchemy and has always been a place where anyone can safely practice their craft without persecution so long as they are not harming themselves intentionally or others. Economy Like most nations, the economy of Ravenmire relies on numerous trade agreements with other nations and settlements alike, which reside within the neighboring lands. While Ravenmire is a rather secluded nation it is often known to trade special goods, ranging from locally found materials such as deposits of Daemonsteel and the Shadegrain which the nation also uses to build their homes with, or to unique herbs and materials, which can only be found in the northern lands of Aevos. Besides such the nation heavily focuses on its other endeavors, which focus mainly on the fields of alchemy, ranging from the creation of advanced items to simple potions, which might get sold all over the continent. Additionally, the nation also houses a great number of varying shops, businesses, and stalls from all sorts of people and professions, being a great location to go to for your shopping needs. The city having a large harbor towards the coast that leads into the city itself does make accessibility a whole lot easier for those who can travel by ship or boat. This is further emphasized by the local corporation that has resided within the nation, taking focus on market observation and supporting any business or shop that has joined forces with them with anything ranging from marketing support, shipment protection, and internal business cooperation for those that it is relevant for. Architecture Being built in a climate that isn’t so kind to structures and architectural designs, Ravenmire is a surprisingly well-kept coastal city with many beautiful structures made from various types of stones and timber to withstand the northern coast’s weather and teather. Most of the older buildings were established from imported stones from the founders’ homelands, while also utilizing Shadegrain to minimize the tear in the early stages of the nation. The city is often referred to as the heart and soul of the nation, flourishing in grand architecture and historical areas. Many of those historical sites are remnants of the historical evolution of Ravenmire, dating back to the founding ages of the nation. While such is the case, many pompous buildings have been established next to the historical sites, often creating a feeling of peacefulness and cleanliness. Said buildings are commonly designed as spacious houses, sometimes even manors, for the bigger, well-known, families and guilds of the city. Some pipes and gears can be found in portions of the city, acting as a reminder of the usage of alchemy within the city, especially of Animatii-alchemy, often interconnecting the buildings. Many of those pipes are known to transport warm water from building to building, heating the houses of many individuals. Many merchants use the harbor to trade their exotic wares, often interchanging it for new wares, which can only be found in Ravenmire and the northern regions, such as Shadegrain, Demonsteel, and more. Besides such the harbor is also known for its fish market, which has been one of the major food sources of the nation, besides some simple farms on the outskirts of the capital city. Politics The political system of Ravenmire is a rather strange one, the lands are ruled by one person. The whole city is governed by a council of three individuals, each of them specialists in their fields. As stated before, Ravenmire is mainly ruled by a Duchess with a council, each of them holding the title of Chancellor, Grand General, and Mayor. Besides such multiple nobles can be found in the Palace, often being involved in Court sessions and being ranked by their owned land and total power within the nation. Those with the ranks of ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ are seen as the most powerful nobles, being ranked just below the Council, and are often given rather complex tasks or even whole charters to control within the nation. ‘Marquis’ and ‘Marquess’ are next in line, often owning pieces of their land outside of the city walls. ‘Counts’ and ‘Countess’ are next in line, often owning a small district of some kind within the actual city. The last rank of nobility, known as ‘Barons’ or ‘Baronesses’, are often of lower nobility and own a mansion within the city. Those without any ranks within nobility are usually citizens, servants, or merchants, who reside within the city. Culture The city of Ravenmire was built in the pursuit of knowledge and safety. It is the foundation of the city-state and its culture as a whole. It is generally the focus of those inside the city to learn new skills, pursue higher education at all costs, and ensure their safety and health. Such has been the mindset that has been around since the councilors founded the city, and is continued to be upheld by the current council. Those seeking to learn flock from all across Aevos in pursuit of knowledge, and it is seen as prestigious to have studied within the city or under one of the councilors. While knowledge is coveted above all else in the nation, religion is side by side with knowledge. Religion is a big part of the nation, and the pressuring of others to follow outlined doctrines of religious states is encouraged. If one were to resist not following any religious acts, they do not have to but are heavily encouraged. Religion is often considered a public affair and thus could be seen being practiced within one's own house, in the church, and even on the very streets of the nation. Religious ceremonies are also replaced by stately events in a similar light. An example of this would be Marriages and Baptisms. The city focuses on the establishment and pursuit of knowledge, religion, and expansion especially that of Animatii-crafting and the research of new alchemical knowledge while upholding their prestigious and, most often, noble lifestyle. Fashion is often an important aspect of the city, displaying the ranks of those living within those lifestyles. The dresses and outfits of the city are clean and often well-made, including the finest silk and embroideries, while holding some highlights with metallic chains, stopwatches, and more. Festivals and events are often held inside and outside the city as well, often displaying said culture just as much. Magics Due to the circumstances of the Voidal Magics and the use of these magics, within the city of Ravenmire, there is to be absolutely no voidal magics to be used. If one is caught using any voidal magic, they will be asked to leave or forcibly taken out of the city depending on the situation and how cooperative the individual in question is. We understand the rulings of Voidal Magics by the High Pontiff, but we are taking the initiative in the use of these voidal magics and banning all voidal magics as a whole. We will adhere to the rest of the magic listing by the High Pontiff and cooperate well with any of their requests. The allowed magics to be used are: Housemagery, Bardmancy, Shindo-No-Hamon/Respvrinda, Sorvian Sculpting, and Archangel Michael’s Templars. The forbidden magics here are: Druid Magic, Shamanism, Paladinism, Azdrazi and Other Dragon Cultists, Necromancy, Infernal Sorcery, Mystics, Blood Magics, and All Voidal Magics. Conclusion We will adhere to all laws of Canon as well as maintain our laws within our city. If anything stated here goes against the laws of Canon, we will be willing to revise them and cooperate as best as we can. The Duchess of Ravenmire
  13. Meira upon hearing the news shows signs of being shocked. "I t'ought t'e people of Hohkmat were trusted? Should've done t'at trial t'en and t'ere." She'd say as she then would pin the missive onto a board, nailing it down for those to see. She now contemplates about the conversation she had prior to this missive. "Maybe I s'ould do t'at." She says as she goes to write something down and walked down the roads of Ravenmire.
  14. Meira looks at the missive at her left, then to the one on her right. She looks at them, confused at them both for a long moment. Shaking her head to try and wake herself up seemingly but, is still having trouble determining the "he said she said" arguement and who is right and who is wrong. "I t'ink it would be best t' wait for more evidence." She says in a room by herself, as she pins these two missives on a board with some pins and connecting them with yarn to connect the dots. Staring at the board caressing her chin trying to figure out anything that could pertain to this.
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