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  1. Drak3


  2. Drak3

    [BUYING] Socketable Gemstones

    Fliers are hung around the Cloud Temple and even make their way around various cities and small settlements. “I seek gemstones of ‘power’ that are able to be socketed to weapons and tools. I am willing to pay a handsome price for any that would catch my eye. If possessing one, leave a note by the CT posting of this same parchment.”
  3. Drak3

    [✗] [Creature Lore] Draugheist

    I like the concept and group packing, although maybe shrink their size down to relate them to a swarming pack of deadly fiends. If they’re slightly larger than a Human they can overpower people pretty quick. But in them holding a smaller size, it gives time for them to gang up effectively. The regeneration too seems a bit overpowered, maybe have them become sluggish while the mending process takes its time to work, other than that I like it.
  4. Drak3

    Olog/Troll Amendment

    This is just what the Olog race need, a good update on how they operate. Excellent work.
  5. Drak3

    [Denied][W] Divinejustice's Game Moderator Application

    Good guy, good morals and has become active again. I say give em a shot.
  6. Drak3

    [✗] The Fall Of Laklul

    The thing is, shamans and the sort will know that Laklul is under threat, but the location isn't able to be sensed. So them telling you OOCly of this happening is kind of like offering it on a big ol' meta plate.
  7. Good guy. Knowz hiz mojo. Veri +1
  8. When the nether are you coming back?


    1. Heero


      After he comes back from pizza n food

    2. _Jingoism_


      I'm doing drugs nty

    3. Slothtastic


      He went to get milk... he’ll be back soon...

  9. Drak3

    Laur's Skins

    An excellent skinner, much jealous.
  10. Drak3

    [Denied] Jallentime's Magic Team App

    I have always admired the amount of effort and time Jall has put into LotC. Also a great guy when it comes to acting accordingly in game, as well with oocly. I think he'd make a wonderful addition to the team. +1
  11. Drak3

    [Denied] Mordew's third time lucky?

  12. Title says it all, please be skilled in creating a good skin. I have an idea if interested in such, please PM me and I'll link my idea of what I want it to look like.
  13. Drak3

    [✓] Devirad's Land Charter

    Jaina signs.