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  1. IGN: Drak3 RP NAME: Charsi Doomforged AGE: 102 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Clan & Home Owner (Legion, Guild, Home Owner, Clan List) CANDIDATE: Levian'Tol Grandaxe
  2. Just from glancing over this I am very impressed with the amount of detail and care put into this piece of submitted lore. I for one am personally looking forward to this possibly being accepted as a means to brighten RP conducted on the server. Fricking Fracking +1
  3. As an OG necromancer, I approve of these amendments.
  4. The Doomforged lass finishes her daily tasks of tending to the animals needs before returning to Urguan and waiting for potential sales to come forth. N' let teh fun begi'." She'd state while taking a seat at her personal desk, kicking both feet upon its surface and lighting a fat cactus green cigar.
  5. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiird! How have you been Bird! Hope everything is going well for you in reality! :)

  6. IGN: Drak3 (underscores before and after.) RP NAME: Charsi Doomforged CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  7. Lovely lore, I approve of this personally. +1
  8. Characters name: Zafirah Characters race: Half-Orc (2/3 High Elf, 1/6 Gobo, 1/6 Uruk) Characters age: 201 Characters gender: Female Picture of skin: https://gyazo.com/a4eadeff278c06131d3f841bac18f709 Characters specific details: Right eye missing with eye patch over as seen, scar tissue runs down her cheek and ends just below the cheekbone. Only eye has a super light orange glow to it and the pupil is slightly broken apart into fragments that looks to be swirling like being in a blending, left arm has a glove that runs to the shoulder. She is also 4’11” tall and has
  9. Your input is taken into perspective, I am currently rewriting a good chunk of the DK’s lore and mechanics with help from a few others. We’ll see to it becoming much more than what the old Dreadknights had not been, thank you for the feedback.
  10. That is a touchy subject, it mainly relies on how the current rewrite of ghost lore comes out to be, if this lore is passed and ghost lore is altered. A small addition can be put in place for mechanics dealing with being PK’ed as a Dreadknight and coming back as a spectral being.
  11. It is fine to think such. I am sure one can accomplish the same with an orc in armor, but it defeats the purpose of bringing back the old style of Dreadknights for the sake of role play and possibility of expanding the same with blood magic. The tome itself was destroyed in the history written, a page remained with the teachings of the dreadknight ritual, which once learning, another blood mage of sufficient power can teach another the ritual. So I really don’t think it’ll be completely cut off to one group of blood mages per say. Their emotions being cut of
  12. Dreadknights Harbingers of the Blood Brief History With the extinction of the terrifying abominations known as Dreadknights decades before arriving at the lands known as Arcas. They had become nothing more than fabled, hollow beings that once towered over their foes to wreak havoc upon the mortal plane. Previous generations of blood mages that sought power through the use of such a ritual often tinkered and explored to the very brink of their limits. Some ancient mages that bent genus to their will had perfected the usage of creating semi-obedient slaves thro
  13. Fliers are hung around the Cloud Temple and even make their way around various cities and small settlements. “I seek gemstones of ‘power’ that are able to be socketed to weapons and tools. I am willing to pay a handsome price for any that would catch my eye. If possessing one, leave a note by the CT posting of this same parchment.”
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