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  1. GM Named Items

    So it has come to my attention recently that GM's can no longer create or name items that players take time to create. This being mundane objects mainly such as armor, everyday things and weapons. I am sure it doesn't affect magical items made with a Mart. The only thing that comes to mind is the Admin team want people to spend money for crowns, which is fine and dandy. But when people take time to actually create stuff through RP. It shows no actual ascension of being done by a normal player's tag. Please remove such a nuisance as it greatly hinders the ability to create items with the labeling of a GM's approval when people spend time in actually attempting to make stuff in game. Thank you.
  2. Kefi's Fall

    Xuli'Braduk feels a slight tremor through the ground, as if something extremely heavy collided with the lands far beyond her eyesight allows to see. "Da skah wuz dat?.. Hmm. Muzt be da work ub zum zky'gud play'n wib da gruwnd er zum'tyng." She shrugs and goes back to her routine of slamming a blacksmithing hammer into a sheet of jagged iron.

    Xuli'Braduk continues to gather materials for the construction of a blacksmithing area. "Id am almuzt reedi. Hurhurhurrr."
  4. [Mental][MA] Parkins Thinks Hard

    Stella Evaglno will be teaching him. Let the games begin.
  5. [Lich] [CA] Balt

    I aided in the ritual.
  6. New Emperor?

    A Darkie kneels to the Halfling leader of all lands, knowing full well of the potential threat that lingers for both knee caps.
  7. Your View: Necromancy

    Indeed it does.
  8. Your View: Necromancy

    In Anthos, we had the threat of contract magic to keep people in game and OOCly under wraps. It was ruthless, but extremely effective.
  9. Your View: Necromancy

    They can do this already, as in pumping life force into a dead plant. This being said for Necromancers. As for Druids, that doesn't seem to be an accurate idea for Druidism, but who am I but a lowly skeleton lady in game and a pleb oocly. Hope this helped a bit in answering anything you needed.
  10. Laur's Skins

    An excellent skinner, much jealous.
  11. [CA] [Lich] Elwen Evaglno

    Yep, helped with this ritual.
  12. [Denied] Jallentime's Magic Team App

    I have always admired the amount of effort and time Jall has put into LotC. Also a great guy when it comes to acting accordingly in game, as well with oocly. I think he'd make a wonderful addition to the team. +1
  13. [Denied] Mordew's third time lucky?

  14. Reinstating the Four

    Put them back on. +1