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  1. OOC MC NAME: AllBlades DISCORD:BestGreenSword#5619 RP NAME: Safur AGE: 24 ARE YOU A CITIZEN OF HAELUN’OR? I have a app for it rn
  2. mofos. someone told me to comment this
  3. *Do"Renard talking with Aurik @lomiei after Aurik explaining the whole thing to him* "This one is glad he is being delt with although this one has only seen him in his remose stage. This one thinks that it is going to make him better for it and he will soon be better for it. Theses harsh punishments are needed to keep him in line. This one will be glad to see him fully recovered and a new and better man for it" *Shakes his head at the whole thing* "Iv never thought the bishops would have this much drama"
  4. Rugur


    He was born in the country Haelun'or. His parents named him after the family's friend who was also a mage. At one he was given the best teachers and he was excellent at most things they taught him. Like mathematics and the another subjects they deemed important at age 16. He met his best friend vytrek a snow elf on one of his father adventures that he taged along although high elfs are better then snow elfs that dint get in between there friendship. At age 17 his mother died in a war of witch the name escapes me. At age 18 he want off to become a warrior like his mother and to make his fame.
  5. Rugur


    Rugur was born on August 1st in the city of Lareh'thilln his father name is Merci he was a scholar and his mother was mathlo he was the only child and his mother a warrior and was killed in the a war of high elfs his father raised him and he taught him more than the school did he taught him how to fight with sword and fist how to hunt and fish at 12 he made a long lasting friend a snow elf vytrek on one of his father adventures He tried to visit his friend as the most as he could at age 16 he started to mature and he started to date but it don't last long enough to be memorable at age 18 he started to explore the world and started to pursue a job as a scholar but always had being a warrior in the back of his mind.
  6. Rugur


    Rugur was born on August the 23d he was born in a cave his family has been slain by elf hating bandits and his father died to save him. There a family friend Lizzy took care of him teaching him how to read and write and after age 10 to fight and defend himself and hunt and fish. At age 16 bandits found his cave tipped off by Lizzy. Lizzy had been caught and to save her own skin she game him up he barely escaped and with a gight scar on his back he was taught the best lesson to never trust anyone. Rugur lived on his own hunting for food and he starting to make his own weapons of course he made shotty tools but it was good enough at 21 he took his bow bad cruddy sword and went into town because he couldn't survive another winter. Rugur stepped foot in a tarven and to his luck a woman took pity on him and bought him food and beer and Rugur soon got addicted to it and he started to work in town trying his best to hide his pointed ears and his other elven features. He made a living but on his 22th birthday a few mages traveled to town and he realize he had to become a powerful mage and the best fighter so he moved to the biggest city in the country of the elfs we will fight in the war and he will kill all who oppes him because he wants to be elfeven king Ps I will change my skin I promise but it's getting made don't worry that's temp skin pls don't denied me because of it My reference was from my old rp sever my lovers lore I don't rip it off but I did take my inspiration from it
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