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  1. how do yew keep up with so many personas? (i've been strugglin to balance my own out)
  2. this would be a must-have for basic needs- <3
  3. As the invitations had reached the Adiler manor, Ama'Ria would smile warmly to the elegant photo of the couple, fondly remembering how short a time ago it felt that they were once children. "They grow up so fast...." She muttered to herself as the lady of the house made sure to place the invitation on display for the family to all see in their time before returning to her previous tasks within the abode.
  4. Finding one of the many missives float along the breeze & into the wheat fields outside of the city, a simple farmer would be toiling away in the dirt, only pausing to initially pick up the loitered parchment from what had yet to be harvested. Ney'La would skip down to notice the familiar signature at the bottom first as to the culprit of creating so many papers, but would decide to stuff it into her pocket to read after her work was done. Heading home from a hard-earned day's work under Ra'tuhmet's ever shining sunlight, she couldn't help but kick her feet up comfortably at the dining table bench in order to read the parchment she'd not realized had been written in smaller handwriting in order to fit so much onto. The fire crackled away comfortably as she silently read, realizing the same story she'd heard many times over had been reiterated again with a sigh. "Oh, Atemu...." Ney'La would mutter to herself in a lilted tone, "Yer puttin' so many innocent people at risk fer yer own blind sight from starin' at the sun too hard...." Folding the missive in half before placing it in the crackling flames would bring a bit of comfort at least. "..Ah' just hope Hesthor can help y'h ease them waters in y'h...."
  5. The sound of feral chittering drifted along the streets of the Horde as Gummy would notice a missive left at the cave door she called home down below. Recognizing Bug's face on the paper felt both relieved to be able to at least protect the picture gifted to her from who-knows-where had brought it from, but the child would carefully tear out the picture & name from the parchment to keep with her at all times in comfort. "..Moar like.. Krug-rawr rot-wazhed...." Gummy would chitter a bit angrily to herself under her breath, a light sound of angry giant beetles buzzing at the bottom of her words. She couldn't help but feel a tear trickle down her cheek, but with someone waiting for her to teach her first lesson, she wouldn't hesitate to head inside the cave to grab a few things & head out right away.
  6. Upon the many pieces of literature strewn about in a nestly fashion, Gummy would find the missive upon the top of the stack as she took a moment to read it.... & again.... ...& again. With a shrill screech of concern, the feral-born goblin would skitter to Moleton as fast as she could to hunt down the content's creator.
  7. A small Gummy would skitter home to find the missive posted in multiple copies for the townsfolk to read. Upon taking a moment to register the name & the name only of her fellow goblin from the other town, Gummy couldn't help but eat the copy she held in joy.
  8. MC Name: Zemzy_Oakheart Rp Name: Chirr'Avern Persona ID: #84823
  9. After traveling for a little while for herbs on the same routes she'd gone out of town for every so often, it seemed like a breath of fresh air to be out of such a lonesome town for so long. However, the moment returning from her travels made Blume Herrlichkeit's heart sink as the flames flickered across the glasses; the smoke rising over the treetops from the roadside for her to sense something was majorly wrong within Stran. She rushed through the opened front gates, her gaze witnessing the streets flooded with fire as far as her eyes could see. She knew calling out would likely be futile at this point, but she couldn't help but rush home first to make sure her greatest fears of finding her fiance & grown-up child's remains in the remains of the crumbling building. No humanoid bodies, thank goodness, though it only reminded her of the kingdom she once lost similar to this & the pang of sorrow her heart sank for the creatures within the stables, her loyal subjects unable to escape the carnage wrought upon their innocence. The thatch roof had begun to collapse already as she glanced through the few rooms to make sure no one was left behind at least. Then came checking the family's storage as Blume hadn't seen the two she loved for so long; perhaps they'd taken their belongings & fled somewhere? But no- most of what they had was left behind, except for some of the more valuable items being rummaged out by looters. As Blume was rushing through the building they once called home, a thought flashed across her mind in a panic that sent a chill down her spine through the heat of the moment; the public library. Her duty as the head librarian to tend to the collection of books had been left to fare against the flames while she was gone & she only Now thought of checking on them after searching her home! Without a second to hesitate any further, Blume would book it down the street to the large building in town she knew of every nook & cranny of its interior with her blue cloak donned, her adventurer's garments a blessing in disguise for such a dangerous situation if she'd been stuck in her normal atire! Rushing past the leveled schoolhouse in front of the library was heartbreaking enough to witness firsthand, but even more so was seeing the massive holes in the walls of the library for Blume to discover; bookshelves engulfed in flames on the second floor & a gaping hole in the wall beside the front door to hop through would send her in a near black-out episode in itself of hysteria for the dedicated librarian. Who would do such a thing to the city?? She thought to herself as she wasted no time in gathering a couple of carpets from the decrepit building to drown in the street-side wells. She knew there was a cart left right outside the side of the library with a straw bedding in it that she instantly thought of & tossed the fabric in without hesitation to create a safer bedding for the burning building to handle. It would take a few trips of full arm loads, but Blume would waste no time in tossing the cinged books she could rescue before the walls had a chance to fully collapse in itself to lose everything. Some books were too far gone in ashen piles to be saved, tapestries torn down or framed artifacts stolen before she'd arrived, but at least her life's work would continue on like her own life. Though the blue cloak became scorched & ashened by the wooden shelves billowing with smoke, her loyal steed she had called from outside the side gate would be a great help to harnessing onto the wagon to pull & keep what remained of the city alive.... somewhere in the world.
  10. Ney'La's nerves bristled in frustration not only with her sluggishness in being so close to catching her neighbor before the scoundrels cowardly rushed away, but kicking herself more than before in the lack of her work upon the city's wall structure. "Ah' won't let 'em run away again...." The farfolk farmer muttered to herself as she gritted her teeth, a newly acquired blade in hand as she kept her trusty farmer's hoe strapped to her back as a backup, "..Those cowardly buggers will know the wrath of the fields when ah'm done with 'em!!!!"
  11. As estranged as it felt in seeing a face she once knew so long ago ride away in a cart upon the very street she traversed to farm the fields down the road, did a certain Blume Herrlichkeit nearly drop her newest book finds as she recognized the man's face. He didn't see her amongst the trees with the way the path wound about to the nearest vassal, but she couldn't help but shed a tear in silence for him. There were no words she'd speak out for the man, in fear of him hearing what little was left of herself. There were no steps to chase after the cart, nor away from the street where she'd seen the old soul, for the woman knew too well she'd rather not face the man after the last time she'd seen him at the end of Almaris; the memory only brought her silent reminders of what could've been, what could never be fixed no matter how hard the Herrlichkeit tried, & the broken soul behind it to let Yvian continue until he was out of sight & out of hearing range. This would be another day of silence as she'd lost what she used to consider family, but would refrain herself from reaching out for their sakes, not her own.
  12. Watching what once reeked of foul corruption & acidic soil for the gnarly-looking tree that stood before them did Ney'La witness such a drastic change in environment... for the better. She was indeed surprised to watch the tainted wash away the sin by the ethereal godess' might & allow the land to erupt with flourishing flowers, the tree no longer crying out for help with its now grand foundation, blessed by the waters that remained. Ney'La was indeed impressed with her pharaoh's abilities to work for the bovine deity she'd only seen in idol form as a child, never seeing such beauty come to life in person before. However, this day only strengthened her bond to love nature ever more as the farmer she is, & to build her determination to find a way to practice growing stronger to protect what she'd failed to do so before.
  13. With the waters running pure in previously devastated lands that she'd once helped till the soil for, Ney'La couldn't help but smile proudly at the missive as she took a moment to sit alongside the townside's shoreline outside her home with a simple fishing rod set beside herself. "Looks like the light's d'feated the darkness yet again," Ney'La muttered to herself with a smile, "..Ah' should make sure there's plenty o' food t' celebrate such a success~!" & with that, she'd pick up her fishing rod once more to spend the day catching her meal before returning to the fields.
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