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  1. Mc: RedResult persona name Erland Maor id: 76213
  2. Receives the letter as he looks towards his fellow comrades a smile would begin to grow upon his face. "seems we have a job to do." he would state to his comrades.
  3. Thalien Wynasul would look at the missive posted. a smile forming upon his face. "A new age rises again." he would state as he goes back to his drink in a near by tavern
  4. Thalien wynasul would look at the Missive. "Like what we used at sea to navigate our way home" he would state with a smile beginning to form among his features. "finally stars worth following"
  5. RedResult Erland Maor Redacted#9377
  6. didn't drop items. they got erased. from inventory. no items were dropped they were taken when chunks loaded in, but to be fair it is now being looked into. so I digress.
  7. Death of The Traitor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJA0JSH7wgY The pain. The suffering. every nail closer to silence. I just need more time. More time to show them that I mean well. That I tried to cause peace for the people I love. For the people I care for. For those who do not know of peace or happiness. Just more time. . . Please. “The chances you had. The people you harmed. . Shameful. .Sinner. .” I did what I had to do to protect those that I loved. The people of Cartref. The friends I so cared for. They will know of the actions I have done. They will know of the name that I carry. Maor will live on in the minds of those who have been affected by my touch and actions. This I know. “You will be forgotten. . your remains will be in an unmarked grave. .Traitor!” Traitor. . I've been called that all my life. From former friends turned enemies, former leaders turned killers. A fitting name. Either for this life or the next. Though I am to be remembered as a coward or a sinner. I know what I am. In my heart and soul I know what I did for the people and nation I cared for. I will not go quietly into the night rather in the blaze of glory as all warriors wish for.. As he is held aloft the screams of the man would be heard around the square of onlookers. He saw a familiar face. Two in fact and as he recognizes them. The pain subsides. Peace through pain. Reminding me of those that were lost decades ago. Basha, I'm sorry for what you now see me as. A monster and nothing more. Arnarra, How I missed the days of healing and comradery. The care you had for those around you. May it never change. Aonghus, How we fought side by side to protect those who could not protect themselves. Rohir, a man of knowledge and wisdom. if only such was the case for who I am. I will miss the comrades I had in cartref. Aurelion, the one who led the people of hearts and minds. While the flame of hate may still show within your eyes. I know who you are. Who you were . . a man of reason and peace that wished the best for his people. Though they may hate me and are glad to see the day. I will never forget the time we shared together. Ave Cartref Mor. The flames begin to grow. As the time cuts shorter and shorter. “Death to the Sinner!” Valyris. The opportunities you have given me and the people I once shared this land to and continue to help me through my final hours. A true friend till the very end. Illarion Iberellan, Without learning from you the tactics of negotiations and fairness i would not have been able to help those i wished to save. No matter the cause I would give my life again if it meant the people were free. Nem, While I wish you well and in good health I will miss the times we worked alongside together and drank. I know I am not a perfect individual. May you have a better life than I. Nehtamo, while times prevent me from seeing you I still remember the times of training side by side for the fight to come as if it were yesterday. Thank you for always being there for me and for the people. Always in my mind, old friend. Ar-Borok’Akaal, to a friend from the days of the north I will never forget how you stood up for freedom and sought a friend in an Adunian forever in your debt. The flames begin to rise and take over the man's body and form. He simply smiles and looks up towards the sky as he continues to think though his breath grows heavier and heavier. Rinsova. I'm sorry I could never be the father you sought for. That I could not be the person who you sought wisdom and life from. Protect your sisters and carry the name with pride no matter where you go. I will always be there to watch over and guide you, my little bird. For the world is cruel and will show you no kindness. It is up to you to make such kindness for those around you. Be the guiding light the people need and show them. Prove to them that you are worth your weight in gold and honor. As the flames continue to climb he finally speaks his final words. Though his breath grows heavy and his words are weak and sparse. Though he smiles knowing his time is short. “Honor to the cloaks and daggers of the world.”
  8. Rp name :Fritjof Maor Username: _R3D4CTED_ Age: 55 Tourney
  9. Discord: Redacted#9377 IGN:_R3D4CTED_ RPN: Fritjof Maor Age: Early 50s
  10. "About time." he says with a smile as takes a shot of rum
  11. Thalien Wynasuls reply *he reads the missive and his eyes widen. he quickly finds himself at a desk with a feather and ink* Lord Raziel, May i commend you with the up most gratitude on allowing yourself to take others into your studies. i myself have been looking to go more in depth in the voidal arts as to expand my horizons. if you would be so willing and kind as to take me under your wing to learn from and study the way of the Arcane i will be eternally grateful. i hope to hear from you soon. -Thalien Wynasul
  12. IG: _R3D4CTED_ Name: Fritjof Maor Discord: Redacted#9377 where are you from? : cartref mor
  13. Name: Fritjof Maor Allegiance: Celia'nor Race: Adunian Comp: Klomp :3 IGN:_R3D4CTED_
  14. praise be the king. good luck out in college much love my guy
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