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  1. ENSWERP AFTER-HARVEST FARMERS MARKET of 1972 A local artist’s recapture of the Great Harvest of Enswerp, Circa 1971 TO THE CITIZENS OF AAUN, ENSWERP, AND BEYOND The backbone of a feudal society is made up of its profoundly competent serfs. Without them no one would be fed, or clothed, or even alive due to their necessary work. That is why the people of Enswerp wish to celebrate their paramount work, and they wish to celebrate it with all! The Farmer’s Market will allow those within Enswerp, and out, to sell their wares and share within this natural wealth. The only requirement to be eligible for a stall is that you’re in good standing with the hamlet. To apply for a stall or stand, one can simply write to the Bailiff and one will be provided. This is all of course if there is room, and once there is no more space available the public will be informed! A new tradition for the hamlet is the inclusion of the People’s Choice Award. Every participant, be they customer or seller, will be allowed to vote for their favorite stall. By the end of the market, all votes will be tallied-up and a winner of this year’s Farmer’s Market will be declared! The winner will win a permanent, tax-free stall in Enswerp along with a 100 Mina prize. ITINERARY The Farmer’s Market [April 13th, 2:00 PM EST] Stalls will be established throughout the Hamlet of Enswerp. The main festivities will occur next to the Town Hall. The People’s Choice Award [April 13th, 3:00-ish PM EST] A brief announcement will be made regarding who has been awarded the most votes during the Farmer’s Market. The winner will receive a prize of 100 Mina and a chance to showcase their wares. The event will officially conclude afterward, but festival-goers may remain for drinks and entertainment! INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: All are invited to this celebration in the Hamlet of Enswerp! Specific invitations are extended to those below: THE ROYAL HOUSE OF ALSTION THE PEERAGE OF AAUN: The House von Alstreim of Merryweather The House Jazlowiecki of Warsovia & Triglav The House de Rosius of Haute-Epine The House von Reuss of Velen The House Haverlock of Talentine The House Varoche of Napoliza The House de Lewes of Virdain Signed, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Charles Alstion, The Lord of Alba Bailiff of Enswerp, Knight of the Circle of St. Godwin Captain of the Brigade, Patriarch of Nowak, Handsome Mustache Man OOC Date, Time, Location: Saturday, April 13th, at 3:00 PM EST, [2240, 16, -195]
  2. John the Younger peeled back the envelope of his invitation with glee! However, his smile began to fade as he noticed when it'd be occurring. "I'll just have to get them something proper! Surely Charlie can hand-deliver it, or would it be better for me to?" He'd begin to plot!
  3. A great summary for both sides! Reminds me of Matthew 7:3-5. :^) Also, Ephesians 6:12. @Nooblius
  4. To his Holiness, Vicar of the Creator and High Pontiff of the Mother Church, I would like to petition your Holiness for my electorship to be returned to me! My family, that of the Montelliano has a long and storied tradition, dating back to the City of Ves upon Arcas and even before that for a time within the boom town of Belvitzia in service to the Duke of Adria. My family was the first to receive the honor of patricianship and served humbly as both mayors cultivating Ves into what it was centuries ago and within the old Adrian duma. For most of the dumapaloozas we have attended as electors, until the great rebellion of Heinrik the Betray and his neo-Renatian goons. My brethren in culture, the Bracchi, have been given a vote and as fellow Illatians and Adrians of Atlas and Arcas I humbly request such a right to be given to me, Ser Stefano Montelliano, as head of the Esteemed house of Montelliano and to continue the tradition so that this dumapalooza is as legitimate as the one's of old! In the case that you do consider and accept such a request, I cast my vote for house Barbanov-Bihar, even if they did burn Ves all those centuries ago... Signed, Ser Stefano Montelliano -
  5. Ludolf looked at the missive's contents within his chamber. "Now is the time.." He'd begin to polish his armor and set time aside to focus on his martial abilities. Battle would surely bring honor to both his nation and to his departed Father!
  6. Within the FORT ALBA of the Hamlet of Enswerp, Ser Stefano was able to ponder the issue for several months. The thoughts of his nephew-cousin lingered day and night. At times he was hot, but at other he was cold. Perhaps Emilio the Young wasn't such a bad fellow. Instead, it was those that he associated with. He also thought, at times, that it was Emilio Jr. that brought this reckoning upon himself. There was one thing that came to mind each and every time. . . That the hate between a Father and Son would likely boil over into the loss of life just as it had done many times before. This surely must not happen, for the sake of his family!
  7. hi guys. . . i hope you come visit us Saturday. . .


  8. ENSWERP KING’S FESTIVAL of 1966 An artist’s representation of the Aaunic countryside on the eastern side of St. Daniel’s Crossing, Circa 1964 TO THE CITIZENS OF AAUN, ENSWERP, AND BEYOND With a newfound peace within the land it is proper to hold a festival in honor of our Apostolic King and the Covenant Victory over our enemies! The people of Enswerp wish to also show reverence to our King for his decision to allow us to live within our own hamlet and to seek GOD within our own community. All citizens of Aaun are invited along with nations that are of good standing with the Apostolic Kingdom. Two competitions will be held along with smaller events sprinkled throughout the Saint’s Day. At the end of the festival ALL CANONISTS will be invited to honor our most holy GOD and his disciples. SCHEDULE The Festival [March 2nd, 3:00 PM EST] The Festivities will occur throughout the entire Saint’s Day, but a particular list of events are as follows: Contest of St. Robert of Metz In respect to St. Robert, contestants will compete with one another to see who can stomach the most beer! The beer is locally supplied by Enswerp’s wheat farms & brewery. The champion of this competition will be paid 100 Mina and will be known as ‘The Fat-One of Enswerp.’ Bop the Stassie With the Marchlands just across the river the Stassionite presence was impactful within the region of Enswerp. That is why we will be celebrating the Covenant’s victory over the rebels! Contestants will attempt to hit one another off of a small platform. A bracket system will be created for this contest, and the winner of each round will face another winner until a champion is made. This champion will win 100 Mina and will be known as the ‘Bopper of Enswerp.’ Feast for the King As both competitions are held a series of speeches, poems, and so forth will be read aloud during a feast held within the main square of Enswerp. This feast will be in honor of our Apostolic King and his victory over our enemies. As well, this feast will be in recognition of his decision in allowing Enswerp to settle along St. Daniel’s Crossing. The Offerings of the Four Exalted After all the celebrations are through the participants will burn offerings to GOD, the Four Exalted, and the Saints as a form of honoring them. This allows proper Canonists the chance to ask for intercession and have their prayers answered. INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: THE ROYAL HOUSE OF ALSTION THE PEERAGE OF AAUN: The House von Alstreim of Merryweather The House Jazlowiecki of Warsovia & Triglav The House de Rosius of Haute-Epine The House von Reuss of Velen The House Haverlock of Talentine The House Varoche of Napoliza The House de Lewes of Virdain THE ALLIES OF AAUN AND MEMBERS OF THE GRAND COVENANT: His Royal Majesty, King Aleksandr II, and the people of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Her Royal Majesty, Queen Catherine, and the people of the Commonwealth of Petra Her Royal Majesty, Queen Sybille, and the people of the Kingdom of Balian Her Royal Majesty, Tar-Caraneth Aryantë, and the people of the Kingdom of Numendil His Grandness, Sigrun Stonehammer, and the people of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan His Princely Grace, Alfred, and the people of Reinmar His Serene Highness, Leon II, and the people of Minitz His Highness, Caesar II, and the people of the Viceroyalty of Hyspia Signed, Ser Stefano Montelliano, the Bailiff of Enswerp HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Charles Reman Alstion, the Lord of Alba
  9. Ser Leopold welcomed his Eldest into the Seven Skies with extended arms. "You were dealt a bad hand, and I am sorry for what was left to you! However, now we may celebrate for the rest of our lives.. In GOD's presence." A gentle smile formed on the Father's face. Whilst. . . Ser Stefano was deeply troubled by the news. He sat along the Eastern side of the St. Daniel's Crossing as he pondered the missive's contents. "My King put him down, but for what..?" The question almost slipped from him breathlessly as one of his many nephews marched their way up to him. The only thought that was left was that he'd have to leave another candle by the alter.
  10. Ser Stefano came across the missive as he traveled through St. Daniel's Crossing. The parchment was crumbled within his grasp, and he wept aloud. "How could this happen to such a nice boy? My very own squire? I pray that his Spirit can bring him to the right path." He would continue his way into the hamlet to spend the evening in the chapel to pray over Robert's fate.
  11. CELEBRATION OF VOWS Ser Stefano Montelliano & Johanna Stroheim An artist’s rendition of Napoliza along the banks of the Floodplains Region of Aaun, Circa 1963 TO THE CITIZENS OF AAUN AND OTHER REALMS In the year 1963, Ser Stefano Montelliano and Johanna Stroheim were bound to one another through the sacrament of marriage. The wedding was officiated by Frantzisko of St. Godwin at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paradisus. With the ceremony complete it is time to celebrate their life-long commitment. The couple chose to host a feast in honor of their marriage at the Barony of Napoliza, hosted by House Varoche & Montelliano. Gifts for the lucky couple will be provided to them throughout the feast, and opportunities will be made for each guest to give their best wishes to them. FEAST AND RECEPTION A feast will be held in the couple’s honor. Food, drink, and entertainment will be provided throughout the entire banquet. Gifts will be brought up to the couple by each guest rather than being left at a ‘gift table.’ Along with this, guests are invited to explore the public gardens & zones of Napoliza. Guests may arrive and depart throughout the entire event whenever they wish. [5 PM EST, February 19th] INVITATIONS THE ROYAL HOUSE OF ALSTION THE HOUSE VAROCHE OF NAPOLIZA THE HOUSE BARCLAY OF MINITZ AND REINMAR THE HOUSE VON ALSTREIM OF MERRYWEATHER THE HOUSE JAZLOWIECKI OF WARSOVIA and TRIGLAV THE HOUSE DE ROSIUS OF HAUTE-EPINE THE HOUSE VON REUSS OF VELEN THE HOUSE HAVERLOCK OF TALENTINE THE HOUSE DE LEWES OF VIRDAIN INDIVIDUAL INVITATIONS Peter Stroheim, King-Consort to Arthalionath and Knight-Kastellan of Minitz and his extended family Giano Montelliano, Father of Stefano and his extended family Boon and Bane, Owners of the Boon & Bane Franchise, etc. Captain Tiber of the Whitespire City Watch Mithius Dalma, Director-General of Records and Archives Wolfram von Rademacher and his extended family Frantzisko of St. Godwin, Cardinal of St. Godwin Markus Sarkozic and his extended family & Adrian citizenry Ser Sterling Blaxton-Whitewood, Duke of Brabant and his extended family Pereus Redfist, Owner of the Redfist trading company and his extended family Jose Fuentes, Margrave of Coracoa and his extended family REALM INVITATIONS Those of the CANONIST faith are invited to Napoliza for this wonderful feast. Come with a gift, or else.
  12. OOC NAME: Sebbysc IRP NAME: Ser Stefano Montelliano DISCORD: sebbysc
  13. Ser Stefano would mail in his form! The hard part was to now find a worthy talent.. Name: SER STEFANO MONTELLIANOAge: 3XGender: MalePlace of residency within Aaun: NapolizaAre you in good standing with the Aaunic government?: Si.
  14. William Benjamin of Corentina found the marriage, and this proposal, to be an offence against his honor! Charlotte was to be his bride, and he assured himself that he would cause a scene. . . For the sake of his honor! Hopefully his brother wouldn't step in his way. Maybe George Alexander would even help? "May GOD forgive me for what I must do. He understands the intentions of my heart." @DancingZebra267
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