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  1. House Roa and House Adiler have walked down a long path together, both families originated from the Duchy of Minitz, and they left to travel separate ways for a time though it seems their paths have crossed again. Only this time both Houses agreed to reunite the friendship that had drifted apart over the years. Thus, the Patriarchs have decided to set an alliance that would benefit them both, helping each other in times of need, be it in monetary or housing terms, not militarily, and agreeing that both families shan't grow apart any longer. For A Better Future Together!
  2. Xavier Adiler decided to read up on the latest news in the human realm, to his surprise he found bounties, and then this missive about his late father Orion Adiler "what did you get up to?" The heir of the family sighed "well regardless, I hope life will turn for the better for you Father" - With that said, Xavier continued with his day, not aware of the unfortunate fate of his Father.
  3. The Harbinger reads over the bounty and didn't care much for it's contents, only one thing bothered him "Fools... You used the wrong name"
  4. Orion, now known as Kknotos 'Harbinger of Death', has heard the news of Leon Barclay's death. A rage would overcome him, the one thing that kept him in this world... Is no longer alive. "Damn you, Leon... There were still many things that you and I needed to discuss" Now... It's time to see how this outcome will affect Orion's next choice.
  5. 'The harbinger of Death' Heard about the missive from travelers passing him on the road "so...you too have decided to betray me...very well... let us find out who is the actual hunter in this game"
  6. Disk, you have always been an amazing person to rp with and talk to oocly. When I took the offer to rp Azra (Vakas' son) I didn't expect to meet such a great person, listening to all your stories was always an enjoyment. Will miss you greatly Disk but I also wish you well and I hope life blesses you!
  7. Azra Starling looks at the new constructed walls, a small smile on his lips. He nods his head once in approval before walking through the gates of Pavia into his new life... his new home.
  8. Xavier Adiler would nod his head in approval after reading the missive "I trust your capabilities Dazen and I expect the Para'diraar to thrive under your leadership, my father chose you for a reason after all"
  9. On the 21st of Suns Smile, 109 of the second age. A heaviness can be felt in many places and many hearts. The death of Orion Adiler has been announced, he was executed by the hands of Templars fulfilling their duties. The loved friend and family member will be remembered for his accomplishments and the kindness he displayed to whoever he encountered. May his soul find peace wherever it shall be. His family would silently pray, hoping that the Adiler talonnii still has a future filled with more happiness than sorrow. Orion Adiler 69-109 SA
  10. Orion Adiler would chuckle in amusement after reading the missive "well this isn't concerning at all"
  11. 'Goodbye' is so hard to utter, 'Farewell' is so difficult to express 'Peace?' how wonderful to say, But how and what should I say? My heart is aching tremendously, How could I adjust? Every memory of you Lingers around my mind, Lingers around my heart! 'Goodbye, Petsch!' Yet my heart Wanted to argue, Wanted to fight, To assault my entity, My imagination, My instinct! 'It's not true!' I am only dreaming! Please GOTT, let me wake up! This is just a bad dream. I want to wake up. This is not True. This is a big Lie. Yet no one wakes me, No one tells me I'm dreaming, This is Reality A reality against my entity, A reality that everybody says, That my Brother Petsch, Has died.
  12. Shook his head as he reads the notice "So this is what it's come to, very well then" he will rip up the paper, to him that action being the final cut-off from the place he once called Home.
  13. Orion reads the missive and frown, he did not know Roan well but after reading this, he is glad he didn't associate with him. Orion will take this as a learning opportunity, it's best to learn from others mistakes and to avoid doing the same.
  14. Orion would smile at hearing the news, perhaps he should visit and congratulate them.
  15. [A Letter Rest On The graf's Desk] Dear Graf Minitz, Leon Barclay And Häuptling of the Theoderic Warband, Siegfried Barclay. I hand you my letter of resignation as the Gesetzessprecher and as a warrior of the Theoderic Warband. Not only is this a letter of resignation, but also my departure. For many years I have served Minitz by upholding the Kanun and my Oaths. Though there is still much to be done within this land, I have done all I could and shall leave my responsibilities to someone else. It has been an honor to serve Minitz, and I pray that GOTT continues to bless this land abundantly. I will not replace the years I have spent here for anything, Minitz shall forever be my First Home. Shall this not be goodbye, for we shall see each other again. So I shall say this instead; Farewell my friends, 'till we meet again. -Orion Adler
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