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    Elledan was born in Haelu'nor into a very toxic household, in both physical and mental ways. Both her mother and father had very high standards, from the way she presented herself, to the way she did everyday tasks. Always being gaslit, forced into believing that they just wanted what's best for her, and that its all out of "love". If she made any minor mistake she was abused and neglected for months at a time. Finally when she was 17 years old, she built up the courage to run away. She hated everything about Haelu'nor, her family, the people, the standards, everything. Elledan ended up living on the streets living off of spare rations she got from people passing by for around a year, almost giving up all hope, up until she heard of this place called Celia'nor. She heard great things about this kingdom. After a bit of thinking, she set off to attempt to start a new life.
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