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  1. MC Name: Lupincrystal RP Name: Amethyst Persona ID: #66087
  2. Letter in hand, the redheaded drui sat within her home. A slow quiet breath escaped her with a sniff to follow. Amethyst sat there before beginning to sob, her free hand moving to cover her mouth as she read the letter. "I'll be sure to save you a seat llir..I wish you got to spend more time here with me. I hope you rest well.." The woman let out a soft sigh before shaking away her tears and going back to her day, knowing she had to push on.
  3. The Fall of a Butterfly She came into the world a happy girl, slowly growing to follow in her parent's footsteps. Her father shows her the mali’ame path and her mother shows her the path of a leader. Though she never truly was ready to take on the burden, however as every leader does. She moved forward and did her best, marrying the man she fell in love with and having a beautiful child. She pushed forward, she carried on. After the death of her mother, her health began to fail but she continued. Or tired too before passing the torch off to her sister. The death of her cousin caused another hit to her health. All of the heartache and stress tolling on her before she ended up on her death bed. She lay there, writing out a small note to her husband, her father, and her siblings. “Over the years I have come to understand that my place on this plane is not a permanent placement. It can easily be taken or simply stopped. To each of you, I give my love, Vaen’lean. Please care for our daughter whom I am not able to be there for. To my father and siblings. I love you all and thank you for caring for me” She scribbled the last few words before folding the note and laying it to the side. Her head lay back on the pillows of her bed, the long brown curls she wore slowly cascading down her shoulders and onto her chest. The rhythmic breathing came to a slow halt, the woman’s eyes closed.
  4. A heart breaking could be heard through the de Astrea house, the missive held tight in an aging womans hands. Her long dark curls covering her face, the papers falling to the floor as sobs rang out. "..Nis..first mother..now you.." she sniffed, wiping her face as best she could sitting against her bed. The sobs only continuing. Breaking could be heard from a home inside the Underlight Grotto, pots, cups..plates. Everything was being thrown in the home as cries were heard. "Why?! Why take her now?!" The redheaded 'ame shouted in pain from the heart break, her shield sisters daughter. Her family. The only thing she had left of her shield sister, her shield brother. The 'ames son crying from the next room the only thing causing her to stop her fit.
  5. New Path Leading to a New Beginning To all distinguished denizens of The Barony of Vikela, With great joy and profound respect, we convene to herald a momentous occasion that shall forever resound with the echoes of valor and nobility. Hearts filled with both fondness and earnest determination, the time has arrived for us, sisters of title, to gracefully bid adieu to the bygone generation of leadership. In this cherished moment, as the current Baroness, I pass the crown on to my older, yet no less ambitious and dream-filled sister, for the betterment of our beloved domain. Let us embrace the hereafter with a sense of familial guidance, camaraderie, as we embark together on this voyage of yearning and commitment. The Most Serene State of Lurin will allow us to emanate an aura of gallantry and chivalry as we congregate in the respected Eshtaelite Church, nestled within the calm embrace of Lurin's foundations, in accordance with our hallowed customs. The gentle embrace of The Grand Harvest Year 1936, shall bestow its blessings upon this auspicious day, dispelling all shadows of uncertainty and kindling the flames of courage and determination. As the newly-appointed Baroness to take their rightful place, the domain shall witness the embodiment of virtues befitting a noble defender, resolute in their dedication to the principles of honor, bravery, and loyalty. Following the coronation, the newly adorned Baroness shall address her new Barony, illuminating the path forward and inspiring us with their unwavering commitment to uphold the virtues that define true champions of the realm. In order to celebrate the opening of this new chapter in Vikelian history, we shall feast and party. It is with great pride and honor that we extend an invitation to all esteemed citizens & Officials who hold the domain close to their hearts. List of Invitations Mika Anarion The Most Serene State of Lurin and his citizens | @mika1278 ARISTOCRACY OF VIKELA Chief Ehrendil Taliameonn and His seed @DrunkCapybaraa Her Grace, Princess Beatrice Ishe and any remaining line of Ishe. @JuniperSeason Lady Lunah Vanari and their House. @Arashiha Lord Ahmanu Chaephyra and their House. @THEKINGOFPIRATS Lord Roy d'Avre and their house @CombatRolePlay Lady Floria Kaeronin Their House @Pixicat Len'velulaei Knight order @Pixicat The Crimson Raven Corp @THEKINGOFPIRATS FOREIGN DELEGATIONS & SPECIAL INVITATIONS His Royal Highness, Balon Eiriksson Ruric and their Citizens @sneakybandit Her Highness, Princess Veralya Wynasul, Light of the Principality of Talar'nor and their Citizens, As well as the Vira’tir | @Amuletic The inhabitants of the Mothers Grove @WaveLincoln Master, Godric ap Easworth, Head of Easworth and his noble pedigree Immortalshadowz Lady Pavline-Matilda Frederika Montalt @growingivy Lady, Niccy Elia Geseir and Their peerage. @Niccy Madoc @Sewer_Rat Kosher Daesmon and His pedigree @Pancho We ask that weapons remain sheathed, and fighting cease during these times. VALLLO TOUJOU COURI VALLHIUW Her Ladyship, Larissa De Astrea, The Baroness of Vikela, Unbuntu, Vinovia, & Uherie
  6. Be safe in life and you can always message me
  7. A pained screech echoed through the caverns of the underground as the girl mourned her mother. She clutched her chest, trying desperately to tell herself that it wasn't real..that her mother, the woman who brought her into the world, the woman who cared for her..the woman she called mama when she was little. Wasn't gone, but she was. She had left this plane of the living and cruel world. The woman's hands lead from her chest to her face, pained sobs escaping her with each breath. "Please-dont leave me, not yet-!" She cried out in pain, doing her best to hide her pain from her daughter in husband that may have been near by. She cuddled into a corner, letting her cries echo. A redheaded 'ame sighed softly, her face gentle and yet full of pain. She cleared her throat as best she could, pushing down all the pain she wanted to let out. "After all the years I have known you..I never thought I would truly put live you-little Lekia." She forced a swallow, tears peeking at the corner of her eyes before she shook them away. "Tell Esmond I said hi..same goes for the others." She smiled, turning to find her own children and hug them.
  8. Amethyst lifted her left hand to lips, her eyes softening slightly as she reads. Before a soft sigh escapes her lips, swallowing hard to push her emotions down. Tears filling the corner of her eyes before she quickly began to blink them away. "To think I was carrying him on my back only a few elven days ago on a shopping trip. Rest well llir" Larissa threw the paper onto the counter in her kitchen, soft sobs coming from the woman mourning the lose of her long time friend. The brunette sniffed, wiping her eyes lightly before she continued to bake. However it was now in memory of Flour.
  9. @Periphonicsyou have been an amazing pain in my butt and I'm so glad we've become friends!
  10. Larissa sighed soft, covering her face lightly. She was having such a wonderful day, then the word of 'aunt' came around. She sat with her fiance, unsure if she should cry or not. Having only seen Nailo only a few times in her life, though she was the one who feed the girls dandelion obsession. The forest has gained a wonderful and crazy women.
  11. The Blood Moon Ball [!] A flock of birds and couriers bring you a letter written on an ebony parchment with ivory calligraphy. Welcome to the festival of the blood moon, ladies and gentlemen! It is such an exciting and fitting occasion for this Hallows' Eve that the crimson moon and Jour du sacré fall on the same night. such a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Every living thing is welcome to the celebration that Vikela is hosting. Attached to this letter is a detailed description of our three day festival. Festivities Day one : The first day of the celebration is mostly dedicated to farmer preparations and harvesting for the next winter. Face painting, apple bobbing, and pumpkin carving are just a few of the stalls and little games that will be set up across the area with their locally produced goods and merchandise. Enjoy the day, and please talk to any of the event hosts if you need lodging for the day; they will be able to provide it. If one would like to submit a treat for our spooky celebration we will have judges to judge the best spooky treat! Day two : On the second day, we welcome our returning visitors to tour Vikela's festive streets and its numerous vassals, whose lords and ladies we call to entertain and let them in for their own feasts and conversation. We allow the corruption to come out to play as the night falls and the sky becomes clear enough to see the stars. So that you might be as graceful and exquisite on the last night, let your Mischief side loose. As we travel to each territory to share spooky tales and crawl to each liquor offering all through the republic territories, don your mask and get your favorite beverage. Day three : Upon the third and final night of the festival, we invite visitors and citizens to a masquerade ball that shall be held in Vikela’s very own palace. The evening will be filled with festive music and dancing, and a costume contest will be held for guests who wish to dress up in costume. Food and drink will be provided for all that attend. Costumes are encouraged, though not mandatory, on the first day of the festival. If a guest is unable to find a suitable costume, casual attire will do. On the second day, casual attire may be worn to the event. For the ball, on the third day, a formal dress code will be set in place, with the exception of costumes. Masks are highly encouraged for the masquerade theme, though they are not required. Signed, Larissa de Astrea Juniper Rose Flour
  12. Larissa gently covered her mouth as tears began to swell in the corner of her eyes before letting out a heart wrenching cry of pain. Having grown up around plume only made it hurt more, her flower crown buddy was no longer apart of this mortal plane. She would never forget seeing her friend always smiling and happy to see the ones around her. She cluched her chest as she curled up in her bed, slient sobs coming from the girl as she drifted off to sleep, holding the stuffed bunny Plume had given her when she was little. You will be missed Plume. Amethyst carefully sat the letter down, covering her eyes a bit as tears rolled down her cheeks. strands of her hair falling around her face as she broke into soft queit sobs. "This sweet girl did not deserve to have an end like this..Plume my dear..I hope you have peace." She choked out, clearing her throat lightly before wiping her tears away as she stood from her desk. A single flower layed across the letter.
  13. Amethyst smiles softly as she reads, the words slowly flowing. Laying the paper on the table infront of her, letting out a soft sigh. "You are free dear brother, I thank you for your help" She rubs her forehead, slowly standing as she does so before walking away from the table. The missive laying across it.
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