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  1. Auro'ra smiles faintly as her eyes drift from Illarion to Valyris. Evidently, she was present during the announcement. The retirement and declining health of Prince Illarion was a blow unsoftened by previous notice, but she believed whole heartedly that Valyris would continue his progress and rule as a just leader. " Ay'Illarion, Ay'Valyris, Ay'Celianor! " She chants under her breath, hoping Illarion a swift recovery.
  2. Donutella


    Far up into the mountains and in a village hidden behind endless snow, the cries of a pair of newborns could be heard clearly despite the loud murmuring of the villagers. The birth of twins was a concept unheard of by the residents - especially those of half-elven blood - but it wasn’t unwelcome. In fact, this was a cause for celebration. The twins whom were named Auro’ra and Xalho’ra were accepted into the settlement with open arms, the residents could even go as far to say that they were their own flesh and blood. Auro'ra didn't have what one would call a 'regular' childhood. Her father - a Snow Elf by the name of Xolh'oa - had left their village in pursuit of a safer environment for his family after a particularly terrible argument with his wife, Demi'rae. Since her mother had adopted the duties of her husband, Auro'ra as the oldest child was left to take up the motherly role in their family - caring for and nurturing her twin brother Xolho'ra as well as picking up household chores such as cooking and cleaning. During this time, baking had been a bit of an escape for Auro'ra - a unique habit she had picked up was shown directly through her pastries and their artwork. Having not seen the exotic beauties of the world and untraditional sweets, Auro'ra took inspiration for her desserts from the villagers and the stupidly courageous travelers who were foolish enough to scale their mountain. When the twins had hit the age of eleven, Xolh’oa had returned to the settlement in hopes of bringing his family to the supposedly better life he had been searching for. Auro'ra and her brother hadn't been old enough to remember her father before he had left, so it was understandably difficult for them to comprehend that this strange man was their father, and therefore presumed they were being abducted. With only the safety of her brother in mind, Auro'ra knew that they had to flee as soon as the opportunity arose. A large shadow flashed over the wagon, scaring the horses so badly that they snapped their reins and took off into the alps - their father following shortly after. Using the distraction to their advantage, the twins bolted away and booked it back to their village, desperate for the comforting embrace of their mother. The twins had reached the settlement after a long trek through the vicious winds the mountain range had to offer and were horrified by the sight of their village in ruins. Auro’ra had never felt such a level of despair before, not when she learned their father had left them, nor when their pet dog died. Before she even had the chance to mourn the loss of their mother, a deafening roar seemed to shake the alps to their very cores - presumably that of a lesser dragon. Realising the dragon was the cause of the destruction of their home, Auro’ra tearfully ushers her brother away from the remains of their village along with the few survivors - vowing to live on to keep her keep the memory of those they lost alive. Now at the age of twenty-one, Auro’ra believes herself more than prepared to leave to the city with her twin brother in hopes to pursue their dreams and live a peaceful life.
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