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  1. [!] Representation of lavishly adorned coronation day halls The moment has come to lay aside the generation and elect a new leader, The Republic of Vikela's Paramount deserves a full celebration and coronation, which is now. One that the previous paramount never experienced, a sigh of relief within the realm, the bright optimism that the river will wash away the doubts as the roots are washed anew. This Grand Harvest, the coronation will take place in the courtroom of the Vemvane Ardrossan Castle. Following the coronation, the new Paramount will offer a brief address, to start their first day a festival will be held within the gate to square to celebrate. As long as goodwill is maintained, all are invited to the coronation. Please be mindful that everyone will be searched at the gate. VALLLO TOUJOU COURI VALLHIUW Her Grace, Leika Juno De Astrea, Paramount , Duchess of Ardrossan. Princess of Abrhami, La Renarde of Uhierie The Council of Vikela
  2. The Union of The Butterfly valllo toujou couri vallhiuw The De Astrea invites to witness the marriage of Medea de Astrea & Aerin Sinan We shall celebrate within The Paradine Keep following the ceremony to conclude the reception in the Tavern During this festive period, we urge that everyone at the party continue to treat one another with respect. Please keep in mind that there will be speeches after the ceremony, so please come with your best interest at heart and your best stories to fluster both bride and groom. Following the speeches, the bride will host an unique drinking competition. List of Invitations: The Groom’s Father Monsueir Sinan The Brides Mother The current paramount Leika de Astrea and her pedigree @Tigergiri The brides Father, Chief Ehrendil Taliameonn and His seed @DrunkCapybaraa ARISTOCRACY OF VIKELA Her Grace, Princess Beatrice Ishe and any remaining line of Ishe. @JuniperSeason Countess Lunah Vanari and their House. @Arashiha Banner lord Flour and any company they wish to accompany them. @Turbo_Dog Ri’Keidha and the inhabitants of Aelkos of Eittitica Lord Ahmanu Chaephyra and their House. @sofsitar @THEKINGOFPIRATS All ravens are formally invited and encouraged to wear armour (no helmet) Lord Roy d'Avre and their house @CombatRolePlay Bal’ance the bear Floria Starling & her Their House @Pixicat The Waywards Hermits, and its inhabitants @Ratsack The Wanderers guild, and her guild members @MokoMochi ARISTOCRACY OF CELIANOR & VASSALS Her Highness Princess Valyris Ibarellan | @Cepheid Evarir Veralya Wynasul, and their Talonii | @Amuletic Evarir Aurelius Haelimah, and their Talonii | @aWhyte Virar Serigne Py’lrie, and their Talonii | @Allien Virar Theoden Akaln’riv, and their Talonii | @FredrickTeufel Virar Aestenia Aevaris, and their Talonii | @Maevlin Virar Thalon Nullivari, and their Talonii | @_Sug Laurir Ante'ahern Athri'onn, and their Talonii | @Air Laurir Senna Cerusil, and their Talonii | @Sailor Lauririi Raziel Aevaris | @Laeonathan Lauririi Aearion Tawarenion | @Smol Noron Kraal of Dralguuna, and their Talonii | @_Hexe_ The Celia’diraar @Sailor FOREIGN DELEGATIONS Mika Anarion The Silver Lubba of Lurin, and his citizens | @mika1278 Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath, and his citizens | @ColonelKuehl1 Lenora Jusmia of Vortice, and her citizens | @Bethinwonderland High princess Idril Sylvaeri and her citizens | @JJosey The King of Norland Odin and any of his citizens @ichigomaster98 The inhabitants of the Mothers Grove @WaveLincoln SPECIAL INVITATIONS Jakob Castington, and his Talonii | @Oh_Ontario Madoc @Sewer_Rat Vakas @Disklexia lllarion Siol
  3. ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY PARAMOUNT LEIKA DE ASTREA VALLLO TOUJOU COURI VALLHIUW DECLARATIONS OF CANDIDACY We shall begin accepting declarations of candidacy for mayor with the first decree of the patrician council. You must have one individual speak on your behalf in a nomination post, or missive, in order to be nominated. Any petition that meets the eligibility requirements will be subject to a court speech that will result in a vote after. Mayors serve four-year terms and may be re-elected just twice. ELIGIBILITY Before a candidate may run for office, they must fulfill the requirements listed below: Must not hold a current TET government position. May come from any background (Royal, Gentry, Commoner, etc) A minimum age of 18 is required. Must be operating in the best interests of the state
  4. ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY PARAMOUNT LEIKA DE ASTREA VALLLO TOUJOU COURI VALLHIUW Through the years, countrymen, it has come to my attention that one issue has slipped through my eyes as I was convinced, I had done so, but the public never saw the official document and sign-off so the public never affronted it. So, by the legislation of the Council of Ministries, Heir Apparent & Heir-Consort, and Her Grace the Paramount, it is officially decreed today that the state of Duchy of Elysium and its titles, all territory that was burned to a crisp restored and liberated from the dominion of what was and all-encompassing under its vast and harsh culture dissolved. With the final of the Title of Duke of Elysium dying off Eugeo De Astrea stripped him of all titles as well as any decadent that may hold any decree, title, or issue. May you not place the responsibility for his actions: the face of catastrophe on others. A single man's views, actions, or goals have no bearing on Vikela's leadership or council, and his actions do not represent the faces of many. Any references to Elysium and Eugeo will be removed from the melancholy stories since the citizens do not wish to think about such a tragic history. His misdeeds do not and never will represent our future. It's time to start anew as Vikela.
  5. Gouvènman an Vikela AS ISSUED AND CONFIRMED,SA 112 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Gouvènman II. The Conseil des Ministres III. Terms and Vocabulary Hierarchy of the Government The Paramount Paramount Leika de Astrea & Ehrendil Taliame’onn To represent the Council. The Heir Apparent Larissa “The Butterfly” De Astrea To represent House De astrea PATRICIAN COUNCIL Lord Ahmanu Chaephyra to represent House Chaephyra Lord Roy d'Avre to represent House d'Avre Sole heir to the D’avre fortune. This seat will be held for any D’Avre but will forever remain held incase of decease. Ri’Keidha, Aelkos of Eittitica To Represent Eittitica His Lordship, Fal’leon Maehr'uhier to represent House Maehr'uhier Her Grace, Princess Beatrice Nobomi to Represent House Ishe Countess Lunah Vanari, Countess of Yvresse to represent House Vanari Duke Cyprien de Astrea to Represent The Duchy of Ubuntu MAYOR VACANT to Represent The People *held by Cyprien until a seat can be nominated -To run for this position you may not hold a government position currently. The Conseil des Ministres The council of ministers was established with the concept that an amazing government would emerge through the collaboration of the working talents of the city and the people. Each ministry has its own leaders, but there is no single individual in command; rather, decisions are made collectively, with the Paramount having the last word. MINISTRES OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS Minstie’zafè entèn The Ministry of Internal Affairs manages all aspects of daily life for the populace, including housing, health care, and protective services. This makes it possible to have a central location where everyone may go for assistance. Though each head may be able to assist you in their own manner, The Paramount will be able to lead you through the project with more familiarity, so you can be certain that you are in capable hands. Tèt Steward Ofisyèl Scarlet Mennaj Ofisyèl Otellia Steward Bannerlord Flour Steward Leika de astrea Tet Chevalye Ahmanu Chaephyra Saint Plumes Circle : The Ravens The Spriggans Circle: Inactive 13 flowers of Justice seats unfulfilled Tèt Medic Ofisyèl Suika Vanari Traiteur Alona Heartstring Traiteur Fal’leon Temp Traiteur Astrid Marlow Tèt Koudyay Ofisyèl Vacant All celebrations that take place under the Vikela roof are under the control of Tèt Koudyay. Including the social season for all citizens, as well as all parades. For any outgoing, enthusiastic official looking to enter government, this position, which has been empty for the last year, may be the ideal fit. MINISTRES OF EKSPÈS Minstie’Konesans The bare minimum of information, all occurrences in Vikela's history, present, and future are recorded in writen records. Additionally, these personalities possess connections to the Vikelian law intreruper better known as Magistrate who may render judgment based on all the facts and without prejudice. These knowledge keepers make every effort to spread their expertise and make it available to everyone. Tèt of Konesans Ofisyèl Vaen Maehr'uhier Puerith Ofisyèl Flour Gadyem Indoran Ofisyèl Medea De Astrea Naelu’Gado Ofisyèl Vaen'lian Tèt Magistrate Ofisyèl Vacant As the head of the legal division, the magistrate has access to draft legislation and serves as the highest authority for an impartial third party collaborating closely with the Ravens to uphold the law. They are able to study the regulations and propose new laws to the patrician council for approval. Along with their other obligations of being a judge that weighs the scales of a criminal. Ten seats are available, while these seats are open the Tet Chevalye may work closely with the Paramount for each case to case basis. Vikela Government Terms: Chevalye : The word for Knight Gadyem Indoran : The Keeper of Books better known as the librarian Gouvènman : The word for Government Ekspètiz: Expertise a word used in sparse terms, only for the most knowledgeable ad experts. Konesans - The word for Knowledge Koudyay:Festivals, events, and other activities designed to keep people active are the main sources of social attention. Impôt du sang "blood tax": Nobles are required to serve the sovereign.. They are required to go to war and fight and die in the service of the people l'honnête : Families of military value that have fought or have fought within the service of Vikela. Given A nobility Title as a good faith, and retirement plan. Magistrate: The lawmakers of Vikela, they are able to pass judgment as well as amend laws for any sort of official case. Mennaj : If you don't pay your taxes, there is no guarantee for your safety, according to the housekeeper or, more accurately, the assistant to the housekeeper, the all-powerful tax collector. Minstie’zafè entèn : The ministry of Internal affairs Noblesse de robe: Government Officials with nobility titles from acts of service to the kingdom Their rankings: Naelu’Gado : The book teacher, a teacher in their own right. Being able to fill in for the Gadyem Indoran. Ofisyèl : The word of Official Tèt :The phrase employed by the district's department head. Traiteur :The word for healer or medical personnel
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  7. ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY HER GRACE, PARAMOUNT LEIKA DE ASTREA IN THE YEAR OF 104 SA VALLLO TOUJOU COURI VALLHIUW It has delighted the Republic and the Royal bloodline to recognize the devotion of Prince Cyprien Loike with his service of generosity and empathy, cleaning up the republic once space at a time, to create and cleanse the acts of the people sought to destroy it. As a result, by the grace of higher powers and with the advice of Our Republic, We bequest to Cyprien, the Duchy of Ubuntu, land that was ceded back and we decree that he be recognized as His Grace, Archduke Cyprien. To preserve and bequeath to his rightful heirs. He is entrusted with maintaining law and security within his domains, supporting the ruling Paramount's jurisdiction, diligently safeguarding the republic's interests, and wielding his sword to defend his home country. His Lordship, Bannerlord Lorec Bani Stormheart has been named the regent of Ubuntu and will serve as Cyprien's counselor until he is of legal age.
  8. Vikelian "Mud alone is worthless, but when mixed with water and creatively shaped, it may be used to make bricks. Those bricks can be used to build helpful buildings. Introduction to the Culture: Vikelian might be viewed as a family of civilized individuals or as a community that is considerably more powerful than any one person. treating everyone as a single, huge family, regardless of their differences in race or species. Vikelian serves as the glue that holds people together. leveraging their indigenous, ancient, and more contemporary wood elf traditions to forge something that will be much more valuable to others around them. History: Vikelian emerged from the ashes of a group's decisions, which were first rocky due they considered that the leadership had dealt with them poorly. However, as the legacies continued, despite the many deaths defending it, they worked tirelessly to preserve what was formerly known as Elysium. Before the glove was tossed to the ground and the civil war broke out, the ruling family declared, "Enough is enough; if we can't salvage the fading embers, we'll spark a new fire."and start a clean fire, they attempted their best to accomplish all they could to create Vikela. Despite the fact that many people still used the label "Elysium," they toiled in the background to exert their best efforts before emerging and becoming Vikela. Using a blend of elvish and Auvergne to develop a new language that was unique to them, this new era of individuals was founded from several different historical maps and settlements. Norlands,Lunsbeck of the Aedellands, Elysium and Republic of Vikela. Though it may be confusing to hear such at first, it is used so seldom and rarely in full phrases that it is very simple to catch up on. Silachian A combination of elvish and Auvergene combined with a slang of the words that can not be comprehended in a way to an outsider, the typical Auvergne may take the words with horrifying contempt but the others will be faced with a haunting slang of the words that may be picked up as elvish. With its few popular expressions, the language itself should be utilized modestly. Numbers un, in - one Dé - two trò, trwa - three Kat - four Sink - five Sis - six Sèt - seven Wit - eight Nèf - nine Dis - ten Common phrases Bonayla! - Hello Heyalez afær? - How are things? heya ça va? - How are you doing? Çé ayla / Mo byin. - I’m good, thanks. Wa plitar. - See you later. Mo Mayli twa. - I love you. Swènn-tali. - Take care. Bonayla. - Good Morning Bonker. - Good night Common Sayings Une gueule de Vallitier - A mouth like holy water fountain (used to describe an ugly man) Une figure lenpomme cuite - A face like a baked apple (used to describe an attractive woman) Pauvres diables - poor devils (used to mock poor people) Un berrbleur - a hot air shooter Un tonnerre a la voile - an unruly person Frou-frou - giddy Menterlien - a lie/liar valllo toujou couri vallhiuw. - The water always goes to the river Coupé zoré milet fait pas faesu. - Cutting off the mule’s ears doesn’t make it a horse Compé Torti va doucement, mais li rivé coté bite pendant Compé Chivreil apé dormi. - Tortoise goes slowly, but he arrives at the barrel while Roe Deer is sleeping. beloun conné sir qui bois l'apé frotté. - The pig knows well on which wood it will rub. Chirr jappô li pas morde. - The barking dog doesn’t bite. Charre brilé pair di feu. - The burnt cat is afraid of fire. Bouki fait gombo; lapin mangé li. - The goat makes the gumbo; the rabbit eats it. Cila qui rit Un lensuloem va pleuré a liewy’ento: . - Whoever laughs on Friday will cry on Sunday. Craché nen laire, li va tombé enhaut vou nez. - Spit in the air, and it will fall on your nose. The significance of a culture's language is less related to the words used and more related to the community. In a greeting, asking about your family is more respectful than using titles since it demonstrates that someone cares more about you than the formalities of your title. If something is truly important to them, they would behave accordingly rather than just say it. Society: Vikela has been governed by a matriarchal society since its founding, with the queen or duchess serving as the head of state. Even though the new land of their nation was originally started by a king, the work failed under his rule, so his daughters took over and did their best to create the ideal society he had imagined. a reputation unworthy of preservation. To start with, it should be noted that Vikelian is a tanistry rather than an heir apparent. The leader of the settlement, according to a taniasry, is said to search for all noble families, specifically all living noble families, either by blood or by virtue of official titles or positions within Vikelia . The chosen one is designated as the heir and prepared to take the next crown or paramount position. Festivities: Vikelia has a wide variety of festivals that take many diverse forms, despite the fact that the way things are done may appear standard and unremarkable on the surface. THE RIVER FEST One of the most crucial is that the water that flows through the city and its surrounding land is nourishing and offers everyone in the area fresh water, beverages, pastries, and breads, providing life to everyone in the area. SOCIAL SEASON Ahiuw le fleuve, sometimes referred to as the social season. A straightforward metaphor with significant meaning to the populace. Crossing the river signified your transformation into someone new, the realization that you are no longer a child and may now do as you like, and it forged fresh foundational stones for your property. Marriage and love both have their own metaphorical meanings to the ever-rising river, which seldom waits. Such Ahiuw le fleuve was extremely important to Vikelians since there always seemed to be more women than men moving into the city at the same time. As a result, it was up to the ladies to court and flirt with the men in a dignified and honorable fashion. Thus, social season—a year of gatherings hosted by families of the republic to try to find matches—was created. Consider it as a prelude to tying the knot and courtship. Nothing will be finalized before the ink on the two partners' fingers has dried. Beginning with the season's first ball, which is hosted by the following sapphire of the year, is the season of crossing the river. The men should wear a deeper shade of blue, while the ladies should all wear light tones of blue. the first and hardest portion of the season was spent getting to know everyone in order to portray the rivers of their life. Hopefully reaching the 12th ball, the Madris Ras Ball, which is hosted by the Court of River Gems and honors Chalcedony, Jasper, and Sapphire in order of lowest to greatest honor for the season. The court of River Gens is allowed to pick their theme for this party. Ahiuw le fleuve should have many events not such balls, and if you do not find someone love it is also there so you may have a sisterhood or a brotherhood to fallback on to. Traditionally, the women who host the balls are the oldest women in the family, while the younger women dance to attract suitable bachelors. While the younger adults engage in flirting, dating rituals, and other celebrations, the older adults (those who are not single, married, or already have children) play a game called Vingt-en-un (Twenty-One). There are a few dances that are done within the battlefield of the ballroom. Quadrilles,Valses a un temps,Valses a deux temps,Valses a trois temps,Polkas,Polazurkas Clothing and cultural Vikelians are known for their vibrant clothing, which anyone can wear as long as it is appropriate. The attire for funerals and weddings changes significantly when it comes to the conditions of clearance and time needed. One of the oldest traditions is marriage. several traditions are passed down. The bridal gown is handed down from generation to generation.If a bride doesn't have a dress to hand down, her husband or companion must hunt down an animal of their choice and present it to their future spouse to be sewed into their wedding dress, which may be any tint from light pink to traditional white.For a viel for the bride, they must descend a veil made of beaded lace, each bead symbolizing an achievement the two have completed together. This allows the bride to recall each journey and beautiful moment. A lovers' wives legend states that two people fell in love, but in order to keep their relationship a secret from those who would seek to tear it apart, they covered each other's skin with stunning eloquent designs that they themselves had made using their own flowers, symbols, or other memorabilia. Some chose to make their tattoos live, moving and breathing with their very flesh, while others choose to weave jewels into their skin or even use nightglow ink to make it even more covert than one may believe. a love story and tradition that appear to have started the trend There is also the bridal hunt, where everyone dresses in traditional attire, including the bride. AL SAYD A young man is watched by all the women in the home when wooing a woman. From youngest to oldest, each woman must give the potential suitor a simple task to do. The potential suitor needs to look for each one. The conventional bride-to-be is unaware of the responsibilities placed on the groom. The oldest female must be given the task of "conveying the story of the voyage you had to make to your LOVE that has to be the proposal." Funerals are revered by people in their immediate vicinity, just like marriages. When a member of the immediate family passes away, the bereaved family must don grand deuil, or full mourning clothes, for six months. Men dress in all-black, including their ties and armbands. When in mourning, avoid any white clothing, and women should wear black dresses and headbands. They aren't allowed to wear jewelry. The eldest male relative is required to speak at a funeral. Giving a detailed speech about the lives that were left to drift upon the river to their intended afterlife. Significant cemeteries usually include lavish tombstones above ground. The place of one's ancestors is cherished; to relocate or deface someone's gravestone or ancestral site is considered sinful. Many people have plants or seeds planted beside their body so that, should someone decide to remove it, they would have to dig through the very roots to do so. Religion: Their culture has evolved as a result of its roots in both human civilization and anything like. Using the butterfly mani, Mani and other folklore—possibly because it stares them in the face or because of people mysteriously dispersing. However, word of the folklore god being Anasi started to spread. An extremely clever, cunning, and problematic god named Anansi was turned into a spider by his father Nyame for refusing to give up his cunning ways. Anansi tales are frequently humorous and instructive, showing us the results of our actions and that intelligence is far superior to strength. Things like Mani and other deities like god were taught in stories around a campfire, then among a mass of silent and boring stories. These tales are recounted with a twist of fate to thrill people around them. Other than that, as long as your religious practice does not damage anyone, Vikelia has no objections. Random facts Salmon slap a game when two people swim out to logs in the middle of a lake with uncooked fish in their hands. Then, using the salmon, they try to knock one another off. Thus, the name. It differs from shogging since the ends of the logs often face one another. Rules: 1.) you cannot go on the other person's log 2.) you cannot sit 3.) you can move back and forth on your log 4.) If you are hit and you do not fall off, the game continues 5.) There are three rounds, best two of three wins the game 6) Bystanders can use fishing rods at people Singing this old song was very common in both elevish and auvengere. Fais do do ~Ciw narn Go to sleep~FAIS DO DO ♫ maloniii’goan Ciw ito narn, Naeto valein bida Ciw ito narn Haleun ma'a Hae biloksae eleWehn’ sukia’tehral Malin ma'o Lae Bikosae Vale’sukia’lento maloniii’goan Ciw ito narn, Naeto valein bida Ciw ito narn maloniii’goan Ciw ito narn, Naeto valein bida Ciw ito narn Lari’onn ma’o hae bikosae chase Mal’onn ma’o Lae bikosae suika’lensuloem Naeto valein bida Ciw ito narn maloniii’goan Ciw ito narn, Naeto valein bida Ciw ito narn ♫ Fais dodo, Colas mon p’*** frère Fais dodo, t’auras du lolo Maman est en haut Qui fait du gâteau Papa est en bas Qui fait du chocolat Refrain Ta sœur est en haut Qui fait des chapeaux Ton frère est en bas Qui fait des nougats Refrain Les gentils oiseaux, Ont des chants nouveaux, Pour le p’*** frérot Qui fait bien dodo Refrain ----
  9. YEAR SA 93/ 1893 ISSUE I Homemade Chocolate Cookies Baking cookies is a classic staple in all of baking. Almost everyone knows what they are but not how to make them which is a shame. In this article I will show you how to make a batch of cookies easily. Step 1: gather the following ingredients, 2 1/4 cups of flour, 1 small spoon of salt, 12 1/2 large spoons worth of butter, 2/3 cups of sugar, 2 large eggs, 1 small spoon of vanilla, and a bag of whatever you want in the cookies I suggest walnuts or chocolate chips. Step 2: setting up. Have your furnace preheated for about 8 minutes plus the time it takes you to whip up the dough for the cookies. Step 3: the dough. Whisk your butter and flour in a large bowl, next add your sugar and eggs then whisk it with good effort for about 4 minutes. Then add your vanilla and whatever else you want to add but in this case, we will say chocolate chips. Step 4: baking. Now you have your dough, take a handful of them and play them on a baking track in a circular shape with half an inch of space between each cookie. Place your cookie filled tray in the furnace on the bottom row and leave it for about 12 to 15 minutes. Halfway through, shift it to the top row and it will become golden (the longer you leave them the crunchier the cookies). Finally take them out and let them cool. Penned by Local baker Flour A Query for the people… Who has better cookies… The Mysterious cookie lady.. We apologize for the hastily painted picture. Sadly, we could not get a painting of the woman as she moved so quickly… versus Local Velika baker and musin Flour Mystical magical La devin Libellule has graced us with her horoscopes for the year. Though we do not know of these strange names she clearly states that it will follow up with other zodiacs of Alamaris. Canard Corbeau Crow drake:Sun's Smile::Air sign : Monday Your week will be filled with new and old lovers returning. Deep emotional bonds will be met and formed, and people from your past will start to show face. Be wise enough, for your solid emotional pull might push you one step too far. oiseau de feu glaciaire Glacial Phoenix:The Amber Cold: Water sign: Tuesday Your week will be Filled with wonderment and a new corridor. The beginning of faith's calling isn’t an easy place to reach for, but it will get you in touch with the knowledge of life itself and the essence of connections we make through the pure acts of aptitude. A shared mission will be in place for your wings to uphold a new alliance. Cristal fauve Wyrssa:The Deep Cold:Earth sign:Wednesday This week the wrongdoings have come to pass, and finally, those who have wronged the crystal will crack. Remember to draw your sword from inner strength and courage, for you will need it in the battle ahead. Take responsibility for your actions and face your wrongdoings, or you may be on the other side of your own blade. Vulpecula Fox: Northern constellation:Snow's MaidenThunder sign:Thursday This week everything will feel warm and sunny. Your business will flourish under your guidance, as well as appear as an inspiration to others. Keep up the outstanding work, and take on the last bits of freedom. baleine céleste Sky whale:Malin's Welcome: Air sign Friday This week Romance is on the horizon, but a past lover is there waiting to intercept your passion. Betrayal of the worst kind, a dark influence swirls in the clouds. There is no room for lethal poisons of the mind, and all you need now is some trust that your heart has the best possible plan for you and that the feeling of home will away be there. Home is where your heart is; maybe it’s best to migrate back. Aello Harpy:The First Seed:Fire sign :Saturday Aellos, the harpies, what decisions have you made that brought you so far from your nest? You are being governed by fear, scared of the outcomes before you. True bravery comes from following all those fragile choices that others disapprove of, and one needs to learn this, or you might hit the wall of dismay. récolte d'autruche Bokolo: The Grand Harvest:Earth sign:Sunday The great bird for how you have run so far from yourself. Maybe you have grayed out instead of your true colors. Your mind and heart are at war, tricking one to believe the others and pulling you further apart. Stop putting your tasks aside. Less talking, more action, you will be granted Beware of the Tax mafia! The tax mafia has recently begun to cause a stir in the minister of finances departments as non-taxpayers get terrified into giving their minas to the stewards who wake up and find the people who are just about to lose their house... have paid? The bizarre phenomenon has occurred in such a strange way that it baffles all the stewards. The only word of wisdom we can give in these trying times is to pay your taxes on time. Missing dog! This painting was made next to the wooden memory swing. We hope that this dog can find it, owner, we are unsure who left him here… but we hope Percy finds his way back home. The Crowning of the Stars. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/215855-a-crowning-within-the-stars/ Elysium stood with a few vassals in the back to watch the crowning and the many gifts. Such a celebration so many people in one place, many talked of how they haven't seen such the east reinstatement of old humans. Larissa, one brave daughter of the De Astrea family stood before Illarion holding an ax of crescent and spoke of protecting their people as well giving their aid to protect this new nation and its people.
  10. The auction of Elysium Issued by The Treasury office, with the corporation of the Stewarding office Within the recent peace of the city, it has lacked a certain "je ne sais quoi", a personal touch that has left the city. The Treasury office, with the corporation of the Stewarding office, has offered up a few items that may go back to the very citizens who make it so lively. A general description of land, property and other unusual propositions will be attached. To participate in such an auction, one must come to the palace feast hall, on Tobias' Bounty, at 4 pm on the saints' hour. If an item is left without a bidder, a steward may be contacted for its original full price rather than the auction's discounted price. It has been noted that if one is still in possession of the Last decade's Tax coins one may use those to bid. Statues and shrines take up so little space within the city, but some people are with the memorialization of having a statue or shrine put in someone's integrity. You will be able to do so by selecting a location anywhere on the capital's public grounds or roads. There will be three statues/shrines being auctioned off, each starting off at 15 mina. Two street names are up for auction. We find PROMENADE DU PALAIS & SYLVANIA are in need of some change, becoming a bit of a mouthful for anyone to say. These street names will be put up bidding so you can name one after your ancestry name or however your mind may name such is truly up to your creativity. The price for these will start at 75 mina, with their full price at 200 mina. Each street will be auctioned off individually. Such is the way of life, with many questions coming to the surface about the Famous Bokolo Tavern, and the shocking news that The Queen-Regnant is allowing the royal crown to give up its holdings in the tavern to allow one to have the full right to own and manage the prime location of a bar. The workers by no means have to stay in the Bokolo tavern's employment and may be given jobs elsewhere in the city or they may stay. They are under no obligation to follow the new owners' employment, but with that being said, their keys will be given up and given to the new owner. Pricing starts at 50 mina fulling runs at 350 mina Sections of the city have been called everything and anything for many years. The Expansion, as we have all been calling it, needs its name, so one might call it The ___ District. One lucky bidder will be given the privilege to be able to rename this district. The price starts at 75 minae and the full pricing runs at 400 minae. The library, as it comes back into popular demand, the ability to have the library named is something of a crowning material every day as the books that fill this three-story building grow ever larger. A fountain of knowledge at one's very fingertips. Who wouldn't want to have their full name upon such an establishment? The price starts at 80 minae and goes up to 300 minae. HER ROYAL MAJESTY, Queen-Regnant Leika de Astrea-Ishe , Wildflower of Elysium, Duchess of Ardrossan, Princess of Abrahami, La Renarde of Uhie, Countess-consort of Uhie HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, King Consort Ehrendil - The Shield of Elysium Le Bouclier of Uhie, Count of Uhie Elysium Nobles Ri’Keidha, Aelkos of Eittitica and their citizen @kebawolf Countess Suika "Unicorn" Lorenthus Vanari, & Count Ellathor Vanari and their esteemed family @verriberri His lordship, Count Fal’leon Odinson and the Knowledgeable Odinson Clan @Periphonics Lady Floria sterling Baroness of House Sterling and her esteemed family @Kitsunepixie Baron Sulieronn "Void Walker" Ashwood and his esteemed family @MeteorDragon His lordship Oliver Solros and His esteemed family @DaftPlague785 Lady Scarlet Amberace and her family @Scarlet Rose Lady Astrid Odinson Marlow and her family @RMW01 Formal Invitations Lord Illarion Ibarellan, Chancellor of Celia’nor, Laurir of Fi’andria @VoxyNoir Head Leader of the Mountain of Oasis Citizens and Majlis,Sheikh Shams Al-Nabeel @mrfruit_4 \ Frederick I of House de Joannes, Sovereign Prince of Sedan, and his Cititzens @HogoBojo Lenora Jusmia, of Vortice and her family and citizens (@Bethinwonderland Netseth Loa’chil, Prince of Nor’asath and his citizens @ColonelKuehl1 Mika Anarion, of Lubba Keep and it’s denizens (@mika1278 King Odin Freysson and the Kingdom of Norland, along with Dunrath (@ichigomaster98), Viceroy Cesar Monet-de Pelear and the Viceroyalty of Hyspia (@Javert), Lady Otellia and Her jovial guild ( @teawithmoko Flour and the bakery @turbo_dog
  11. The winner takes it all! In the month of Malin's Welcome, the Elysian Event Bureau is hosting a one-versus-one tournament at the Colosseum of Valiant Stars, all participants are meant to bring up their own weapons and armor or to buy from one of the stalls in the market of Elysium, for a prize of 300 minas! And betting is allowed. The bracket will be made by Count Vanari, according to the number of participants present. Tournament Rules: I. It will be a one versus one II. No killing III. The first one on the ground is the loser Signed Count Ellathor Vanari, Master of the Event Bureau and Lord Commander of Elysium
  12. missives of this tourney would be posted on noticeboards Come one, come all, come to earn fame and fill your mina pouch. The Kingdom of Elysium, in the west, organizes a jousting tournament. Signing for the tourney can be done by either sending a raven to the Event Master, Ellathor Vanari, or by showing up before the tourney begins. It shall be held at the colosseum, participants are to bring their horses and armor, which are mandatory, and the winner shall be rewarded 300 minas, and a laurel by the Queen. The tourney will take place in the month of the Snow's Maiden. Pinned by the Event Bureau of Elysium, Signed by the Master of the Bureau and Lord Commander, Ellathor Vanari
  13. Hello all! The Kingdom of Elysium invites all to come to its city in the month of the First Seed for a festival, in good spirits to enjoy a platter of delightful activities, food and drinks that will make you unable to keep track of yourself in these festive days. Among these activities, there shall be: Shogging - Two contestants sit on opposite logs and are given paddles! Your objective is to knock your opponent off into the water before they knock you. Horseshoe tossing - People will be given horseshoes and a target to see who is the most accurate. Pie eating contest - Appetites will grow as people enjoy the event, so let us see whose stomach holds the best in this race to see who can eat the most pies. Potluck Contest - Why does it have to be only the food at the festival, I ask, because you are welcomed to bring your own food for which you can join a contest to see who can cook the best, the winner decided by three judges and the price, a golden spatula, a befitting trophy! All of these will happen at the park in the Kingdom of Elysium, bring your friends and forge new bonds out of good times! This grand time is made by Amura Amberace! Signed Amura Amberace, member of Elysium's Event Bureau Ellathor Vanari, Lord Commander of Elysium, Master of the Event Bureau, member of the High Council of Elysium
  14. Born again the heart of the fighter - The Elysian Guard With the disbanding of the Lunaran Guard and its members merging with the Elysium Army, a new military is born, the Elysian Guard. The Elysian Guard brings a return of the Elysian Rangers, now fully implemented in the Military, while from the Elysian Army, the wardens rise in the new Military Hierarchy, side by side with the Rangers. Military Hierarchy: Initiate Ranger/Warden Veteran Commander Lord Commander Initiate: The Initiate remains the recruit of the Elysian Guard, meaning that it is a trial period for the one who wants to join the Guard. The Rangers & Wardens: They stand equal in terms of authority, but they have their different duties and priorities. While the Warden patrols the city and roads of the Kingdom, the Rangers scatter and scout the lands, either Elysium’s lands or its enemies, while also taking notice of the monsters and animals that can be found in those lands. Commanders: They are the ones chosen by the Lord Commander and Monarch of Elysium to help lead the Elysian Guard, having the second-highest rank. Lord Commander: The one who leads the Elysian Guard and all of Elysium’s Military, holding the most authority besides the Monarch. Auxiliary roles: These are roles that one can assume if they want to help the guard but do not want or can’t use a weapon: Medic, Mage, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Quartermaster. The Ranger Code Made decades ago and still holds in the sense of honor of Elysium's sons and daughters that serve in its Military. I. If your actions aren’t justified, stop pursuing them. II. Always take the side of morals over the side that’s winning. III. When you feel fear, embrace it. IV. Fight for what you care for, but in a way that others will join you. V. Be free from the past, live in the present, Cultivate the future. VI. Treat others how oneself would like to be treated. VII. A decision made with a calm mind is often the best. VIII. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle. IX. Only fight when it's for a purpose, defending or being provoked. X. Have good character, character is how you act when no one is watching. "Changing times call for adaptive action. Only with emboldened bond can we ensure our survival, as not mere descendants, but as brothers and sisters in arms. And for the cold, a bottle of whiskey never hurt, either." -Avalor Astasel "To restrict oneself to single-tasked dogmatism is a fool's plight. Only through knowledge of the vastly unperceived and wisdom toward that which is unknown may we truly be prepared for all." -Silas Astasel "So yeh want teh be ah man of worthiness eh? I only have two words yeh should live by.. Pursue greatness, at all costs, better yerself day by day, eventualleh yeh won't even know yer great, but theh songs an' stories told about yeh in the tavern'll speak for yeh." -Absolon "One-Eyed Raven" de Astrea How you can join? Fill this form You can fill this paper and send it to Elysium. [Or contact Thannon#5848, Crines#2975 or Tigergiri#0477] MC Username: Character Name: Race: Age: Discord:
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