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  1. Come play a Raguk!

  2. “Lok Leyd! Hont lâttuk aldatuk; grish lattuk asgarakh u lât ner! Lok Leyd! Hont dhurburz lattuk egek taka azugh lât ishûr! Lok Leyd! Lok Leyd! Udirk lâttuk zultûr agh largrûz lattok nik ukh darg!” A Yeller of the Raguks chanting to Leyd, wishing for strength and perseverance to the Clan. Standing, sweating from the ashlands of the volcanoes, a towering red-skinned figure looked towards the walls of the Uzg. He hadn't been gone long, and after hearing of his brother's misbehaviors and misadventures, as well as the perils that Clan Raguk found itself on, the Uruk decided it was nigh time for unity. With hammer in hand, hat in his head and determination in his stride, as well as carrying the name of one of the mightiest ancestors of Raguk history, Leydluk'Raguk II marched towards San'Velku, ready to reunite his people. Before the pond, he brought a stool up before him, and he cried out to the city; "Lok, râgriipuk! Lok, kranklûk ob Raguk! Kranklûk ob Leyd, Gentharuz agh Gazigash! Kranklûk ob Kharak, Gijaak agh Hazurk! Lok, agh khlaar îzk düdlaakizh! Lattuk muzt unite! Lattuk muzt provok gûg dah Ilzgûl zodat lattuk am dhurburz! Provok lattuk dhurburz! Provok dah Orkz that RAGUKZ am ztill powerful! Lok! Lok! Lok! Heed mi düdlaakish! Heed it, agh reunite! Rally! Reform! Ang gund griizh! Lok Leyd! Lok Gazigazh! Lok Gentharuz! Egek lattuk dhurburz!" Cheered by a few present redskins, the Hat-Wearing Uruk distributed heabutts in greetings to the brothers around, with further invitations sent out to Raguks across Almaris to make their way back to the Horde, not simply due to reuniting; but for Duty, Honor and the Spirits.
  3. "They do have Eidolas and demon-children in their ranks..." a schizophrenic mali'ker comments.
  4. "Where is the 'Scion Stoney Cookie'?" a Paleknight wondered to itself.
  5. this is actually quite nice and original, despite the name being a little goofy, +1
  6. from one eight year old player to another; what keeps you around?
  7. RAX'RAGUK laughed, shaking his head. "How schizophrenic of them, to seek mercenary work with Aaun, and then harass Balian, and wonder why both of them hate them. Stupid whitewashes."
  8. "A step in the right direction. Now banish the Xannites, Druii and Spiritualists, and maybe - just maybe - we'll have the perfect law compendium." A random schizophrenic adept of the Way of the Dark uttered.
  9. There was no respite in the wastes of souls. There weren't moments of peace. What few the poor, wandering souls could garner, revolved around flashes to their past memories - brief moments of joy that, compared to the ones of wandering agony, seemed little and far off in between them. The mystic's soul had wandered, and wandered, and wandered for what felt like eternity, yet had only been a few years. But even then, in the depths of these wastes, in the height of the mystic's death - he felt the presence. The only thing, the only person, the only sensation that truly brought happiness, light and ease to his life. "I didn't expect you here so soon." Pain struck his being. He was here. He had joined him. They were both here. How? When? Why? Who? The mystic would find out that even as a wandering soul, he could still feel the pang of loss... but he had him here, now. Why did he feel such pain, if his mayilu was returning to him? He felt not his own pain - but the pain of others. Others who sought his death. Others who sought his complete and utter devastation - but others who, in the loss they faced, shared the same pain he did on the day he decided to leave the mortal plane. "I can finally tell you this again..." And despite being just two more in an eternal soulstream, to be judged by the Aengudaemonic forces that controlled existence - they felt different. They were connected. A shared story that wouldn't erase itself so easily. Death wouldn't part them. No. It'd bring them together. Such a morbid realisation, that fell upon the wandering soul of that lively 'ame. But he could tell him again; "... I love you, Alucard."
  10. an individual with the ign 'kitsnuepixie' is expected to be positive to the idea
  11. i helped write it, i have the right to shit talk it
  12. -1 somehow worse than original satyr lore
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