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  1. Gunpower lore the third

    I wouldn't mind cannons. I dont however want actual muskets in LotC. I can already see some guy trying to 360 no scope a man from the human hub to Adelburg. lol
  2. An eye opening event!

    Notes and letters would be posted up all along the roadways of Leyu'celia, informing its people of a new event soon to happen! "Come one, come all as we explore the ancient history of the Warhawkes and speak of all the known prior chieftains as their souls have ascended to the stars! We will be announcing a new star-gazer and will have food and festivities for all! Gather around and converse with your brothers and sisters alike to celebrate a tremendous discovery of the FOURTH CHIEFTAIN! Come discover his name with us and ask questions about him if you so desire!" The note would be short. A date would be written at the bottom of the note, informing all of the time and the exact location. Time: 4PM PST, 11/19/17. It will be a fairly quick event. Location: Leyu'celia, home of the Warhawkes. It will be held within their nature reserve.

    1. Raomir


      you're alright, don't come to kal'omith tommorow