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  1. Cloakedsphere

    The Prince of Mali'Ker

    Mawloc Othan would step from his tent and up the short stairwell to the cliffside overlooking the whole city. As a courier had brought him the small letter, he'd read through it with a raised brow. As he'd fold the piece of paper and stuff it into his pocket, he began to speak loud enough for his voice to echo throughout the city. "Once more, brother and sisters, have we an individual wishing to lay claim over our people as a whole. A single ruler to tell you what it is you can and cannot do. What your beliefs should and should not be. Yet claims what he says has no ill intent. Yet... You are not free to challenge the said individual. Nor do you have a choice?" he'd shake his head as he'd pause. "A man, not a prince, wishes to rule over you and I as if we were dogs. Used only in times when others of Atlas need our aid and quickly tossed to the side. This man has failed to see what we have accomplished here. What all other Mali'ker before us have failed to do. We've brought peace among our brothers and sisters. We brought change from being castaways and dogs of petty wars to being a group of prosperity not only for the Mali'ker, but for all who seek it within our walls." he'd merely sigh. "Where was this man when the Valah sought to destroy us? Where was this man when even our own brothers and sisters of the Dominion aided the valah in their attempts at ridding us from society entirely? Who helped fight the hordes of Bortu when the grand kingdom of Urguan had turned its back on one of its longest standing ally? This man was no where to be found during all those times of destruction. Yet wishes to show up in the time of peace? Making claims our people have sunk to nothing? Does that not say anything to anyone? We've prospered from the old ways and this man wishes to put us back. If this man wished for peace and prosperity, he'd have spoken to the long standing Des'nox and the Warhawkes before making all these false claims. This man wants nothing more but to force you all to bend your knees yet again for someone whom has done NOTHING to better our people. A man who's attempting to divide us yet again and destroy all the hard work we've done for our people. If it is peace and prosperity he seeks, then he may speak with the Chieftess accordingly. Rather than make false claims that are not recognized."
  2. Cloakedsphere

    (Open Discussion) Why OOC is ****

    Quality has definitely gone up since the servers creation. Its the OOC attitudes and persona's that have gotten worse and worse. New players are keeping this server alive. If veteran players are saying that (which I have never heard anyone say that) then they're the problem with LotC. Without new players, we would've died out shortly after the departure of Vaquixine. No one to code for LotC makes us just like any other random server and the player base would've dispersed to other aspects of minecraft. All of this servers problems stem from the players feelings and attitudes OOC'ly. Not some in game roleplay issue.
  3. Cloakedsphere

    [✓] mzd116 ban appeal

    Appeal accepted. Dont let it happen again please.
  4. We should ban cloakedsphere instead