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  1. Resonant Renditions I

    Im not sure if the 3 emote thing is an actual rule. Its just what I have heard from the magic team that most if not all magic is 3 emote minimum. I'd clarify with the magic moderators as I am no expert in magics! But it is a neat idea. Can undead individuals become a knight?
  2. Resonant Renditions I

    So after 6 months a knight no longer appears as a regular human, elf, etc? But instead a crippled/undead looking creature? Also, isnt all magic supposed to have a 3 emote minimum requirement? Whats with Abyssfire only being a 2 emote minimum? Good read though. I like the idea
  3. [✓] [Ban Appeal][CloakedSphere]Fury_Fire

    Unbanned. I do feel quite upset about the tunneling to the outside, regardless of it being sealed or not. What I was explained was that you did tell someone that tunnel was only for you and upon further investigation, the tunnel had multiple individuals on the locks of the doors. Though I wont hold a grudge and since the tunnels have since been patched, I will invite you back onto the server. All the nation wanted was for you to ask for permission for the tunnel first. If that happened, you would've been fine. Just keep that in mind.
  4. Haensetian Mage's College

    "I too am always watching bruddah."

    1. Dewper


      when r we getting poll results n raid rules .

    2. Cloakedsphere


      @Dewper I was asked not to release them. My apologies for not updating you guys on it

  6. Warclaims are ******* terrible

    A lot of the time we look into the threads from behind the scenes because we wish to see what other players want. If I were to give my opinion on something, it could easily sway the opinions of others and/or create a bandwagon effect. I cant comment on what was going on 6 months ago. Nor could we really redo a whole war system with 2 active wars. If you think we truly do not care, I think instead of complaining you should do what Narthok did and create feedback threads and/or apply for a staff position. I for one read just about every feedback thread I come across regarding raids and wars.
  7. Warclaims are ******* terrible

    Your statement about the comments of wars being ignored cant be any more wrong.
  8. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    thanks fam