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  1. The Facilities of Freedom

    Mawloc Othan would flip through his council records, going back many elven months in search of a dominion-warhawke alliance proposition. . . . . He is unsuccessful in finding anything relating to such. "In a society where everyone is considered family, regardless of your bloodline, it is disgraceful to make such acts with nations whom sought past transgression against my people without the consultation of the whole council." he'd think to himself. "And he wonders what he did wrong... Hmph." he'd state softly before leaning back in his chair within the council room.
  2. (Open Discussion) Why OOC is ****

    Quality has definitely gone up since the servers creation. Its the OOC attitudes and persona's that have gotten worse and worse. New players are keeping this server alive. If veteran players are saying that (which I have never heard anyone say that) then they're the problem with LotC. Without new players, we would've died out shortly after the departure of Vaquixine. No one to code for LotC makes us just like any other random server and the player base would've dispersed to other aspects of minecraft. All of this servers problems stem from the players feelings and attitudes OOC'ly. Not some in game roleplay issue.
  3. [✓] mzd116 ban appeal

    Appeal accepted. Dont let it happen again please.
  4. We should ban cloakedsphere instead