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  1. “My brothers, sisters, and friends. It was never my goal nor want to lead you into glory or seek a new age for all of our people. I had never asked for the position of Rex. Yet, I took the position during hardship and strife for our people under one condition - If any orc challenges for the position of Rex, I will gladly step aside and allow them to lead you. This time has come. I have done my best, whilst pursuing my personal goals in life, to lead you all down the path of righteousness and glory. I have seen our people go from corrupt beings of the dark, to beacons of light ready to fight the creatures of the shadow once more. We have been threatened time and time again by other nations, yet, our knee has no longer bent to the words of worthless descendants. We only listen to the Ilzgul and will continue to enact the will of Krug in this world. I gladly step down from my position and pass the Rexdom to Ar-Borok’Akaal to once again lead the urukim into further greatness." REX, Willy of San’Velku and The Iron Horde
  2. *Missives are posted upon the entrance and exit of San'Velku* 18th of Snow's Maiden, Year 111 of the Second Age “After a lengthy discussion with the one named Uther Pendraic of the barrowlands, and the people who have similar goals and interests of that of the urukim; I, REX Willy of San'Velku and the Iron Horde, grant the honorable and brave canonists of the barrowlands freedom to travel to and from our city as they please. For as long as they reside within the barrowlands and seek similar interests, they are to be treated as friends of the Iron Horde and allowed to enter the main city of San’Velku without question.” REX, Willy of San’Velku and The Iron Horde
  3. 14th of the Amber cold, Year 110 of the Second age *Missives are posted within the city of San’Velku and upon the notice boards of the Iron Horde* “By order of the REX, the citizens of Celia’nor and all who claim allegiance to them are hereby banned from entering or stepping foot within the lands of the Iron Horde. This is a precautionary measure to protect all citizens of the Iron Horde from the destructive tendencies and dark magicks the people of Celia’nor wield and use at their disposal with little to no regard for the rest of the realm. Furthermore, it is known that they harbor many dark, magical creatures, including allowing these creatures upon their own council tables. These creatures seek to incite violence and spread hate amongst the realm and the descendants. Citizens and those who claim allegiance to Celia’nor are asked to leave the lands of the Iron Horde at once. Failure to comply can result in jail time and/or death depending on the severity of the situation. The Iron Horde holds no responsibility for the ignorance of citizens refusing to leave. This banishment is to remain in effect for 10 years. At the end of this period, if they do not appear to have improved, this banishment will go into effect once more, restarting the clock on the 10 year period. This banishment may otherwise ONLY be lifted following an arranged meeting between leaders of both nations to discuss ways to protect both citizens or by order of the REX.” REX, Willy of San’Velku and The Iron Horde
  4. 14th of the Amber cold, Year 110 of the Second age *Notices are scattered across the lands of the Iron Horde and the rest of the realm. Couriers would make their way, handing out papers to all who’d take one.* “It was one of four descendants that made the pledge to protect the realm originally in the times of darkness and need. A people, offering their hand, blade, and strength to fight off creatures of the shadow and darkness. No matter what hate they had held for the ones they fought alongside, their hate for what they fought against would always be greater. They would put down their grudges for the moment to fight the only thing that could end the entirety of their existence with the snap of a finger. It was KRUG who had made the pledge to protect all descendants, friend or foe, from the destruction and fires of darkness and shadow. The urukim of the Iron Horde will continue to never break this pact. After discussion with Balian leadership, the urukim of the Iron Horde declare their full support, militarily and logistically, to the people of Balian in the wake of threats of destruction from the undead dragon known as Cloudbreaker. We offer aid in the form of men with weapons and armor, ready to defend your city from this foul beast. Food, shelter, and safety will also be provided to all citizens of Balian should they seek it within the lands of the Iron Horde in the result of the destruction of their city. The urukim stand ready to fight this darkness and send the beast known as Cloudbreaker to his final resting spot. Below the feet of the mighty descendants, where it rightfully belonged.” REX, Willy of San’Velku and The Iron Horde
  5. The Rex, Willy of San'Velku, would read a note that was fetched for him by his many couriers throughout the lands. The note would then be folded neatly before he'd go to stand. "Fetch mi my zult n' bring mi grub n' grog. Mi muzt pay ah vizit tu deze zhara." he'd say to his men before heading off in search of the camp.
  6. (( PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS THREAD IN THE FORM OF A NORMAL ROLEPLAY POST. THIS THREAD IS USED AS A LIBRARY TO LIST ALL SPIRITUAL SHRINES AND IS MEANT TO BE USED AS A TOOL FOR NEW AND OLD PLAYERS TO LOCATE SHRINES TO THE CORRESPONDING SPIRIT THEY WISH TO ROLEPLAY WITH. THERE IS A FORMAT HIDDEN IN A SPOILER SO YOU MAY ADD SHRINES TO THIS LIST. PLEASE FOLLOW THE FORMAT. )) An official publication created by the Iron Horde (Formerly known as the Rexdom of Krugmar, The Horde, The Iron’Uzg, etc.) This document serves as an official guide to spiritual shrines, who they are erected for, and what offerings may be brought to them in the hopes of receiving a blessing from whichever corresponding spirit it is for. This document has been created to help the spiritualist find whichever shrine they seek to bring offerings to in hopes of pleasing said spirit and/or receiving some sort of blessing from them. Please update this compendium as time passes by as it is impossible for one individual to know the existence of every shrine across the realm. There is no set amount of shrines allowed for each spirit. For example, there may be multiple shrines of Krug across the land. This publication is to be used as a guide to those seeking the shrine closest to them. May this guide aid you in your journeys. (( Although this document only has a few listings for shrines at the moment, there is no possible way I could track every shrine across this map (or future maps) all by myself. So I encourage those who have either erected shrines or desecrated shrines to please use the format below to add your own shrines or shrines known to you so that they may be used and interacted with by more players amongst the server. )) Shrine Documenting Format: Name of spiritual shrine (i.e “Shrine of X”): Shrine of Krug Spirit attached to shrine: Krug Common offerings brought to shrine (if applicable): Weapons, armor, food, descendant remains What the shrine represents (if applicable): The Shrine of Krug represents strength, unity, honor, and war Is this shrine destroyed? (Y/N): No Location of shrine (General location, no exact coordinates please): Orcish city of San’Velku Pictures (if applicable): Name of spiritual shrine (i.e “Shrine of X”): Shrine of Velkumezt Spirit attached to shrine: Velkumezt Common offerings brought to shrine (if applicable): Building materials, construction tools, books of law and order What the shrine represents (if applicable): The Shrine of Velkumezt represents cities, settlements, and law. Is this shrine destroyed? (Y/N): No Location of shrine (General location, no exact coordinates please): Orcish city of San’Velku Pictures (if applicable): Name of spiritual shrine (i.e “Shrine of X”): Shrine of Luara Spirit attached to shrine: Luara Common offerings brought to shrine (if applicable): Wolf pelts, common foods for wolves, animal bedding What the shrine represents (if applicable): The Shrine of Luara represents the moon but appears as a wolf Is this shrine destroyed? (Y/N): No Location of shrine (General location, no exact coordinates please): Orcish city of San’Velku Pictures (if applicable): Name of spiritual shrine (i.e “Shrine of X”): Shrine of Kor Spirit attached to shrine: Kor Common offerings brought to shrine (if applicable): Remains of the dead, Recently deceased bodies, items wishing to be brought into the stargush’stroh (orcish afterlife) What the shrine represents (if applicable): The Shrine of Kor represents death Is this shrine destroyed? (Y/N): No Location of shrine (General location, no exact coordinates please): Orcish city of San’Velku Pictures (if applicable): Name of spiritual shrine (i.e “Shrine of X”): Shrine of Ugluk Spirit attached to shrine: Ugluk Common offerings brought to shrine (if applicable): Bull horns, beef, bulls to be slaughtered, knives, grass What the shrine represents (if applicable): The Shrine of Ugluk represents the clan Ugluk. Ugluk was the third born son of Gorkil. (See: [Ugluk Clan] Creatures of Song and Tale) Is this shrine destroyed? (Y/N): No Location of shrine (General location, no exact coordinates please): Orcish city of San’Velku Pictures (if applicable):
  7. "Zadly, mi will nub bi able tu make it. But mi will pazz word along tu mi bruddahz." Willy would say as he read the note. He'd rise from his seat before heading out of the palace and out into the street to invite his fellow citizens to the event.
  8. Upon walking to Haense in search of their king, he'd pause at the sight of said missive. He'd read it for a mere moment before just shaking his head. "The same Remon, we've beheaded, and will continue to hunt till the monks stop bringing him back to life? How stupid he must be to flee back to people that wish for his death for being Azdrazi." the Rex laughed at the missive. "Not to mention... The roads north of their own city... are literally their own roads... It more than likely fled back to Cartef Mor, where Valyris allows the Necromancers to live peacefully... Which just so happens to be off of their roads as well. Perhaps this idiot doesnt know where his borders begin and end?" Exclaimed the rex before ripping a copy of the missive down for himself as he went back to his city. Clearly, warmongers will do what they do best.
  9. *Notices are once more handed out amongst the people of the realm. Pinned to every notice board in every nation to see.* Once more my people, their names, and my own have been drug through the mud and muck of Almaris. Once more, we are told to meet demands or else. Once more the elven populace wish to declare a war for the second time against a group of descendants seeking to end the use of dark magics and the birth of dark creatures. Once more you people believe these lies to enact an unjust genocide against a people whom have sought no aggression towards your own. The urukim and myself have admitted our mistakes of the past. We make no excuse for making these mistakes. Yet as I have stated previously, when a leader is offered a weapon that could potentially save the lives of his own people from bloodshed, would you not be quick to accept it? Would you truly be more eager to send your people in to fight a war that they could not fight and allow them to die upon a battlefield? I have remained stalwart in my ambitions and beliefs. I have remained true to the wishes and legacy of Krug himself. Yet these new accusations are nothing more than accusations by nothing more than a WARMONGER seeking genocide of descendants. These accusations of some Necromancer leader and his people working with myself are a lie. A lie that has been perpetuated by Celia’nor themselves. They have accused new and old leadership even in the days of Malinor of being one of these creatures. These individuals were tested then to prove that they are not what was claimed. Then they continued to spread these lies amongst their realm. Breaking their very own tenant of the pact they so rightfully signed and wished to uphold. They have sought to break the Treaty of Vienne since… at any chance possible. I was there when King Karl III of Haense was crowned. I fought alongside my brothers against a dark creature that was attacking your own knights in aid. I delivered final blows to said creature alongside my brothers. Then I was swiftly doused in fire by your very knights that I had helped save. If it were not for my brothers there, defending your people, your land, and your life, I am sure there would’ve been more bloodshed by that creature of the shadow. This wolf-like creature, along with myself whilst I was delivering my final blows, were doused in fire by the knights I had protected. Even then, when I was enraged by your knight's actions, I sought no aggression against your people. I had made a close friendship with the late Johanna of Haense. Her and I spoke often in my days as Dominus and it was her who had shown me that the people of Haense are more than just another people seeking endless wars amongst the rest of the realm. As I have sent a personal letter to the King himself, Karl III, I too mourn the loss of my dear friend Johanna of Haense. Someone I had admired for her own honor and her own politeness towards myself and the rest of the urukim in a world filled with people out for bloodshed against my kind. Even more recently when your city was attacked by these dark creatures and magics, even after you had so eagerly signed away to aid the elves in their crusade to enact their war upon us, did the urukim go to aid you and your people in defense. The realm is so quick to believe that just because our skin is different from yours and that our stature may be larger or that we may look differently, that we are the bad ones of this realm. Even in the threats of war against our kind by Haense, we still aided them and their people in the defense of their city from this threat and attack of dark magic and its creatures. I do not wish for a war amongst the descendants. My people should not be thrusted into a second war against the elven people within a six cactus month period over hypocrisy. Nor should we be thrusted into a third within the same period with the humans of Haense for their own reasons of not asking the simple questions that I had in my previous address. It is enraging to think that even when it is known across the realm that the accusing nation continues aggression, dropping demand after demand, and is known for harboring some of this realm's worst offenders that it is still the fault of the urukim people and that we must pay. I plead with the people of Almaris to not believe these lies. I will refuse to answer and apologize for actions I have not committed. I will refuse to offer an apology for actions I have not committed. I refuse for you to enact your own rule over my people on baseless claims. I refuse to join forces with known aiders and abettors of dark magic and its creatures. If you wish to truly fight the dark magic that exists within this realm then I will truly aid all those who seek an end to the lies and deceit, especially from the one we all know called /Iblees/. But do not sit here and accuse me of such crimes against all descendant kinds for something I know nothing of nor have ever participated in. I plead once more to the rest of the realm to ask yourself those simple questions I asked in the previous address. How does this nation that puts on this facade of being against dark magic know so much about it? Down to its ranks, motives, and people within? Why do they seek demands and war against a people actively fighting dark magics to the east? Why have they refused to answer any of these questions themselves? REX, Willy of San’Velku and The Iron Horde
  10. "How ironic and hypocritical the other decendants must be to once declare war upon us for supporting the very same azdrazi that they now claim as allies themselves. Sad to see how the so-called righteous have fallen so far." The Rex spoke to himself within his own personal chamber whilst enjoying a large mug of grog as he read the paper.
  11. *Notices are swiftly handed out from within the realm of the urukim and would quickly make their way across the realm and into the hands of any individual wishing to read it.* By now, I am sure you have seen the notice that has labeled me a traitor of my own people and an oath-maker with the shadows that haunt this realm. I am not here to claim whether or not what I did was true. As the information afforded to me was clearly not the information that you clearly have. I am saddened and angered at my own mistake. A misstep in judgement. What you have heard is partially true. I had made a pact with a knight. A knight that claimed control over a worm, large enough to devour the very lands that the darkspawn live upon to the east… Or as you supposedly call them, The Synod. As the knight had shared similar interest in ridding the realm of these so-called Synod. The agreement was to use the worm, as even I know the urukim of the Iron Horde are not strong enough to take on those within The Synod alone. The urukim of the Iron Horde fight alone in this battle against darkspawn. Yet I call upon all others who claim to be against these creatures, where are you to lend your swords? Where are you when they freely roam your streets, take your women and children from their homes and lands only to put them in never-ending misery, /a hell/. Why do you cower even now, knowing very well we wish to strike at the heart of the problem? For a realm filled with such righteous individuals, I see little to no action by your leaders. Instead, you fight amongst your own. Steal, slaughter, and destroy families, homes, and cities and for what? Can you not see that these creatures of darkness sit upon their thrones and laugh at you? They mock your very existence as they continue to wreak havoc upon this realm and steal the bodies of the dead from your petty wars amongst each other to bolster their own ranks. When a leader is left with no other options, he turns to drastic decisions. While you continue to cower behind your walls, allow these creatures of the shadow to wander your streets freely, allow them onto your own councils, the urukim will continue to fight against it. While you sit upon your throne, protect information regarding darkspawn and demons that have been known to end continents, we will continue to fight against it. And even now, you, Valyris of Celia’nor, lie and slander my very name in the claim that you are more good than you are evil. You are correct in your claim that I am unaware of such intentions of this so-called /tree/ you speak of. Yet, I made no pact with a /tree/. For a knight had come to the lands of the Iron Horde, offering aid in our war. A knight. Something much more noble and righteous than anything you have ever offered yourself which has been nothing at all as you have known of our war for some time now. Yet, as my hatred grows for you for yours and your peoples constant slandering which has existed even within past leadership, I will trust what you say is true. As it is clear you have more experience in speaking with this so called /tree/ that you so easily claim that I had swore fealty to. With the information provided by that of Celia’nor, I will retract my agreement with the knight to use such a creature against these so-called Synod in the east. As it never was nor will ever be my intention to aid another creature of the shadow. Yet let it be clear that no fealty was ever sworn. The urukim of the Iron Horde bend the knee to no one. Yet, there are many questions that still remain that have gone unanswered on your own wrong-doings, Valyris of Celia’nor. Why had you continued to allow those of dragon-kin to still roam and wander your lands and city freely, after your predecessors had declared an unjust war against the urukim many decades ago for the very same reason only until recently? Why have you defended the name of your predecessors and followed in their footsteps only until recently to protect those dragon-kin within your city? Why have you only now banished the Azdrazi from your city? What information do you have of their kind are you hiding from the rest of the realm? Why do you continue to allow dark creatures, known solely by their appearance, to freely travel within your city and converse with your people without repercussion? Why do your guards put no stop to these dark creatures that wander, live, and feast upon your lands? Why was it the job of the urukim to notify you of necromancers that you had given land and homes to peacefully? Why even to this day, after the urukim and you had fought these necromancers of Cartef-mor after you had given them land and clearly knew of their existence within this city, you still allow them to live upon your lands? Why is it that after such an attack upon Cartef-mor had happened, did you not want the urukim of the Iron Horde to travel with you to talk of the attacks to this so-called Lectorate you spoke of? Why havent you released any notice condemning the necromancers of Cartef-mor for their actions? How is it that I know little of this tree you speak of and yet, you seemingly know everything about this tree? Including its own ranks, allies, and what it claims to rule over? How is it you know so much about the creatures of the shadow, who leads them, whether they come and go upon this realm, and what their motives are? Why would you hide information that could be key to leading an end to all we’ve ever known and what would ever be from the rest of the realm? What is it that you are hiding from the rest of the realm? How do you know the name of this darkspawn group to the east? The one you call The Synod? What do you know about the Synod that you are not telling us? Why have you let darkspawn create a space in the east which they may gather to bolster their tools, weapons, and ranks to wage war against all of us in this realm without doing anything about it? You clearly had the knowledge of their existence long before our war was ever declared against them. If it is not you learning of this information from first hand experience, then who upon your council is telling you? It is clear they have many questions that need to be answered too… You have chosen to throw rocks while being surrounded by glass. What I have done is not excusable if what information you claim is true. Yet rather than provide this information to us, you hid it from us. Waited. Plotted. Conspired with others behind your walls. For a nation claiming to wish for peace, you instead set out demands. Threats. What is your true motive, Valyris of Celia’nor? It was Celia’nor that had led the breaking of the peaceful pact of Malinor that had united the elves. Celia’nor that was under your rule. Upon breaking this pact, you sought to make peace upon a bridge built of rotten woods and broken stones with the honorable people of Nor’asath and yet… you have sought no such peace with the rest of your elven brothers and sisters… Even now, you declare the banishment of spiritualists. The very same spiritualists that live directly next to your city and the very same spiritualists you had only sought to make peace with. I formally invite Valyris of Celia’nor to meet upon neutral grounds to answer these questions herself, face to face. We will travel to the human realm of Balian where we will meet peacefully. There are to be no guards. No accompaniment by either party. No weapons are to be brought. *A date and time is written at the bottom of the paper* ((Sunday, December 4th, 5PM EST. Balian's capital city.)) REX, Willy of San’Velku and The Iron Horde
  12. *Notices are posted upon the boards within the lands of the Iron Horde and passed about the realm by couriers.* On war A war, declared by a group of honorable descendants. Many come to claim war against such dark creatures and dark magics and yet, they do nothing. Many claim to enact upon their righteous ways, sentencing those whom wish nothing more than death, destruction, and rot to rule over this world and yet, they do nothing. Many come to the urukim, offering aid and support against the darkness and yet, they kill their own and blame their brothers and sisters for his passing rather than blaming the one that struck him. Many come to claim they are most pious and yet, when darkness comes to them in the middle of the night, they crumble and fold under the pressure. The war of the Iron Horde, the war of the Urukim, is that of the Iron Horde and the Iron Horde alone. This is a war sought out by the Iron Horde to rid the lands of the darkness and the shadows it casts upon our realm. A realm that should live in peace and prosperity rather than fear and cowardice. Instead, we have seen many come to offer assistance in ways they believe to be fit. Yet, when it is time to do the job, we are left alone upon the fields of battle with no aid. To the rest of the descendants whom may pledge their blade to our cause: Your word means nothing to us. Your actions speak for yourself. On the whitewashing of Un’satum After individuals of your group had come upon the lands of the Iron Horde with weapons and armor, without ever speaking to any of the leadership of the Iron Horde. To fight a war that is not yours to fight. To aid in a battle, that was not yours to battle. To slay beasts and dark creatures, that were not yours to slay. Instead, your poor choice to come upon the lands of the Iron Horde after publicly denouncing it and its people with weapons ready to fight was not only a crime against uruk-kind. But to all that Krug had fought for and what his descendants continue to in this very day to fight for. In this lapse of judgement by your kin, you failed to slay any dark creature and instead slayed the eldest and most respected uruk of all the Iron Horde. Including my closest friend, The Honorable, Skaatchnak'Akaal For these actions and your public disdain and hate for the Iron Horde, your settlement and its citizens were whitewashed. Your apology upon a sheet of paper which asked for us to travel to your lands felt heartless and meaningless for killing the most respected uruk of our generation. But, I am not one to offer you no way out of this. If the people of Un’satum wish for the whitewashing to be lifted, they are to bring me the alchemist that had slayed Skaatchnak’Akaal of the Iron Horde, dead or alive. Only then, will you prove yourselves honorable descendants and truly sorry for the actions that had transpired on that day. Only then, will the urukim of the Iron Horde forgive you for what you have done and your whitewashing to be lifted. REX, Willy of San’Velku and The Iron Horde
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