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  1. “Those who brave the swamp may find salvation amongst its wetland.” “Not all who wander are lost” Walk to the edge and you may find That you have traveled to the end of the line When all hope is lost through and through May you find salvation and a savior Amongst the Yo’rubu Soothsayers, Prophesiers, Fortune Tellers, Clairvoyants, Augurs, The Blind, Diviners, Oracles, Haruspex, Sibyls The Yo’rubu awaits A detailed map is drawn at the bottom of the poster. (Map by Laeonathan, weird black lines by microsoft paint) Everything written on the paper would be raised in a braille-like fashion; As if it were written for those visually impaired. The paths written upon the map would either start from one point or lead to a singular point. No matter how the map is read, there is one commonality upon it.
  2. Would you be OK if I used this for an in role-play forum post?
  3. It hasn't. The reality is that all the RP is still surrounding the same big 5 nations for the past 3 months. All the pop-up nations were only built by players and used for an extremely short amount of time (less than a week) and they left to return to the same big 5 nations again. Nothing is decentralized. We just have an abundance of dead and pointless nations that provide nothing to the server (quite literally) and its better that they provide nothing. If they actually provided something to the server as a whole, then they'd be contributing to decentralization. But since they're 100% inactive, they aren't decentralizing anything. If activity was being tracked still, I am sure people would be able to see these pop up realms/places are below 0.05% of weekly activity.
  4. I actually could not agree more. This is one of the worst decisions I've seen in over 10 years. All new players beware of even leaving cloud temple.
  5. "Attacking our oldest ally in the modern world... and for what?" Um'thraka spoke in seclusion to himself. "The people of no allegiances, no alliances, only destruction. Perhaps they will learn after their war, they will be left with nothing to show for it." he then crumpled the notice that made his way to him and would toss it in the corner of a room. He continued to move on in search of a new home.
  6. Lair PRO MC Name: Cloakedsphere Lair PRO Character Name: Um’Thraka, Willy of San’Velku, Willy the Clanless Lair Name: Yo’rubu Primary Lair Color: Red Lair Members: TBD, used as a main/home base for all known Seers of Vaasek if they so desire. Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight/draw at least three on the map): The middle circle, labeled "1" is the preferred location. Realistically anywhere within the swamp lands would be fine as the build is minimally invasive. Lair Lore (supply link to an existing creature or other lore if being used as basis for this lair) (1000 words minimum): Seers, Soothsayers, Palmreaders, and prophetic men and women alike have all been stricken away and cast aside by nations. Most being threatened with death for preaching truths and being forced from their homes due to unforeseen circumstances that make it difficult for these Soothsayers, Palmreaders, Seers, and prophetic misfits of society to blend in without being questioned or executed. The misfits that they are labeled forces them to wander the realm aimlessly with no real home to return to. Their belongings stolen, their makeshift tents for homes trashed, the women and children assaulted as they travel from village to village, city to city. Um’thraka, a once great and known orc across the realm has found himself at a crossroads. After opening his business within the confines of The Iron Horde, he had found sanctuary for him and his fellow misfits for a short time. Soon after, those friends of different descent, race, and religion but all following similar practices had come under scrutiny. These fellow misfits had come under multiple attacks, threats of violence, and mental torture for simply traversing to a place which had been graciously offered as a home. But within the realm of the orcs, a storm had been brewing. Reports of the fellow misfits came to Um’thraka, a spiritual man at heart, that these fellow misfits that he considered friends were now being attacked, beaten to near death. Um’thraka himself would come under threats of violence for simply speaking against some of his own kin. So he devised a plan. Not long after, a civil dispute amongst the many clans of the orcs erupted. The nation would fall to shambles within as little as two days. Orc against orc, brother against brother, kin against kin. His fellow people sought the blood of one another and sought to paint the entirety of the city in red; To turn the streets into a flowing river of orcish blood by their own hands. Um’thraka decided it best to close his shop deep within the confines after the reports had come to him. Moving his things to a location off-site, he began to wonder what the future would hold for him and his people now that they would no longer have a solidified home to return to. But these were the least of his worries. Shortly after these civil disputes, many orcs had fled the city. Leaving the city barren… Um’thraka had left on a pilgrimage, seeking to find a location in which he may reopen his shop only to find that other nations would not take kindly to the group of misfits that he wished to house. Many of these misfits, being seen as criminals and threats to the governments that exist, had become banished from most major cities. Upon returning from his pilgrimage, he had found that the door to his home within the city of the orcs to be kicked down, along with all of his belongings misplaced. No word had come to him that such things would’ve happened at any point, even if he was the only one who continually paid his debts to the nation. With all of this, Um’thraka now found himself homeless like the rest of the misfits of the world. Tossed aside for someone or something anew, banished from cities for merely speaking truths and answering the questions that no one else could for the inhabitants of Aevos. It was now time for Um’thraka to act and to allow a space where these types of misfits may live peacefully, where they may not fear banishment for practicing what it is they preach. Yo’rubu, a small plot of land located in the giant swamps of Aevos. Um’thraka had stumbled across what appeared to be an old encampment left behind by some locals from many, many years prior to the current people living upon Aevos. Um’thraka had decided to take rest within this encampment and when he fell asleep, his mind wandered as vivid dreams and nightmares rushed through a stormy night. The spirits that Um’thraka worshiped spoke to him in his sleep, offering their guidance in exchange for sacrifice once more. They spoke of a grandiose purpose. To offer a helping and guiding hand to those who need it and in exchange, they would help Um’thraka once more. Colorful flashes, drums, flutes, guttural chants flood the mind of Um’thraka as masked faces of all types fade in and out of the colorful backgrounds of these nightmares and dreams. As these nightmares continued on, a loud CRASH! Is heard right next to where Um’thraka laid within the encampment. It had awoken Um’thraka and to his surprise, a fire had begun next to him, burning his clothes slightly. Lightning had come down and struck next to him. He had quickly gone to put the fire out that was burning his clothes and once the flames were put out, the chanting and music continued to reverberate within his mind. A home was now found for a purpose that is now rekindled. Yo’rubu is born as a home base for Um’thraka and his fellow misfits. An encampment that he had done minor fixing to so that it would be habitable for those to live if only for short times as they continued to wander the realm. A small village that offers sanctuary to all those who practice similar feats. Soothsayers, palm readers, prophetic men and women. No longer shall they all be cast aside and sent to the heavens or hells for merely existing and freely practicing their gifts and feats. All these kinds shall find sanctuary within the small village of Yo’rubu. Within this city they may openly offer sacrifices of animals, offer rituals to those within the realm, bless those who seek to be blessed, answer any and all questions that may be had, or speak to those of the past. Acting simply as a main point in which these types of people may make pilgrimage to or simply mark down as a spot in which they may rest peacefully without fear of being banished or killed for simply existing. A promise to the spirits that Um’thraka seeks to fulfill. Supporting links to topics on the forums: Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required, give dimensions): The entirety of the lair will be no larger than 100x100 blocks and will do minimal (if any at all) damage to existing land. Images are in spoilers. The wool portion on stilts will be 1 of 3 or 4 homes in total that will be built and can be easily removed off the land to appear as if they were never there. Everything put in is minimal. Why can this group not fulfill their roleplay niche in an existing settlement or nation? (Give a detailed answer and examples of how this has not worked in the past.): I touched on this under the lair description/lore. Mainly us being banished from nations both officially and unofficially. Such as my business, The Atelier, has been forced close from its members being attacked by just attempting to visit it. We’re banned from entering and performing feats within nations such as Lurin. Other nations also kill us on sight, as they believe we may pose a threat to their kingdoms. Soothsayers, palm readers, fortune tellers, seers, all and everything in between. They’re outcasts of society and are treated as such. Also due to the nature of Seers as a whole, we’re hermits. We do not like large public gatherings. So nations, meetings, and large cities are not our thing. At the same time, this space is not meant to detract from any current nation or lair from the map. But serve as a place where these types of people can meet and discuss plans freely without being attacked on the roads or within the multiple cities for being of X race or practicing X religion. How does this lair add to the greater world around it? How will its existence benefit its roleplay group and the server at-large?: It will provide a spot for those to offer the niche RP that is palm reading, fortune telling, and any and everything in between. It will allow seers a spot to gather to perform their greater feats, such as mass prophecies or grand illusions over parts of the realm. As it currently stands, its nearly impossible for seers to create a home base as a whole group or even smaller cabal that wishes to work with others as a large group due to previously mentioned instances. I believe this spot does not detract from the server at all and actually provides a spot that can eventually be used by ET as the lair will inevitably fall inactive later down the road (as all things do). I wish for this to be turned into a spot that other Seers may use to gather and not just myself or my friends. Due to nation upkeep and the requirements set out by nations for their vassals to hold land, it will be impossible for us to sustain such costs since our numbers are relatively low and scattered across multiple realms in the first place. (I’d tell how many numbers are where if required by the administration. I will not disclose this information publicly so as to not disrupt a fairly active community.) Due to this scattering and the many different conflicts that nations constantly endure, we rarely ever meet and it's nearly impossible for us to do so within a specific realm for fear of being killed on sight because we are from a different nation or follow different beliefs/practices. The main theme surrounding this lair will also be vodou like. The name paying homage to a culture that I do not believe has been seen much on LotC at all (West-african stylings, themes, and influences. Alongside the Southern United States and Haiti, it will mainly take on a vodou like appearance, influence, and culture with future lore and cultural posts to follow acceptance of this lair.). This in my eyes gives something new for LotC to experience and those players that wish to involve themselves or experience it themselves as the only group that I believe comes close to mimicking these cultures would be the orcs, but have long since moved past these things and have focused heavily in different areas/ideas pertaining to spiritualism and mainly ancestralism. The acceptance of this lair also gives something for those searching for seers (such as the feat applicants so that they may become slotted) to search for within the realm of LotC as opposed to aimlessly looking for seers amongst governments and the many cities and cultures that already exist.
  7. Denied. You will be receiving a detailed explanation of this pieces denial within the next 24 hours.
  8. I literally argued this from day 1. Nobody goes around being merchants. We were catering to the VERY small minority of lotc. LOL
  9. Heed my warnings, once wise-men of the urukim. There has been a festering darkness that has lingered around your kind for far too long. The once great and wise clan of ‘YAR’ has been reduced to protect a known follower of the dark. A ghost who goes by the name of “Nememne” has hidden herself amongst your ranks and amongst our people. Nememne, who has transformed herself and changed her name to ‘Glasha’Yar’ is being protected by her husband and clan leader of ‘Yar’, Toad’Yar. It is uncertain if Toad’Yar is aware of such accusations against his mate. But it is assumed, for once word had broken that Glasha’Yar is not who they claim to be, they had swiftly disappeared from our realm, missing for many years now. I have personally spoken to the REX Kybal’Akaal who had entrusted me with testing this individual. But alas, they have been successful only for a short time to hide. I implore the members of ‘YAR’ to bring forth Glasha’Yar so that she may be tested. This serves as a notice to all within clan Yar, who hide Glasha’Yar from us. All the wicked and dark who seek to hide within the realm of the IRON HORDE. You will be found. Signed,
  10. Deep within the caves beneath the capital of the Iron Horde, San’Briu, a man draped in blue robes and adorned in gold accents sat within his home destitute of any other life. He would hold his hands upon the book that was bestowed to him through a great interaction with what he could only recall as a spirit blessing him from the stargush’stroh. A book titled “Gor Haedus, The First Script” had been used as reading material by the man for some time now. Although the gift was bestowed upon him many moons ago, he had become nervous of its texts and what may be awaiting him on another side. In a world surrounded by knowledge and ripe for the taking by hands of his own, there was a sense of unrest in the unknown of what lies beyond the mortal realm. The book then became closed. The swift snap of the pages coming together gave an audible echo throughout the cave in which he had called home. The book was then taken away and put into a vault before he would return to the cave and begin his plan. The golden masked man then began to draw out a circle within the upper floors of this cave using salt. Making intricate symbols within the salt, he had prepared himself to begin such a ritual. The man then removed any unnecessary items he may have had on his person - aside from a dagger at his waist and a small bag containing enough food to last him a day's worth of time. The spare items such as papers, writing utensils, and miscellaneous items laid upon the floor next to the circle of salt. “Tonight, we shall become something greater.” the golden masked man spoke to the student. A man bearing a cloak of dark feathers and crow skull fashioned from ivory could be seen walking into that silent and prepared ritual room. Upon his form, he held a sword dotted with crimson veins, the Azhl blade nestled at his side. In addition to that, two satchels would hang from his side, the cloth reeking of foul flesh. While the other contained various empty vials, along with several alchemical tinctures. “I believe I’ve everything I need, various tools, vials, notes. Anything else needed for, whatever is to come?” He would clasp his hands, the withered one looking about the dimly lit cave, before shifting back to the ritual circle in preparation. His tall form carefully looming over the esoteric lettering. The two found themselves perched on either side of the circle as the golden one began to make his chants within the dimly lit cave beneath a bustling city. The sounds of war drums pulsate through his mind and his heart feels as if it were on beat with the rhythm. The cloaked one would begin to feel the sensation of disgust and flesh falling from bone as the sounds of the drums pulsated through his body as well. In a matter of moments, the two were then ripped violently from where they sat, leaving behind only a small interdimensional portal. The two were then thrown through an empty abyss, as they seemingly fell for what felt like days. They had thought that they had both died in the time that had passed but in reality, they were only gone for a few seconds. The sounds of tearing through the fabric of life could be heard before they were both sent plummeting into a hillside, falling just a few feet. As darkness gave way to light, they had successfully traversed into another realm. But it is one that they had not seen before or had known it to exist. A landscape sprawled out with flesh and blood laying across the floor like grass clinging to soil. Tree’s of bone with spores of puss and pestilence seemed to creak and crack in this new-found realm, releasing a miasma of smoke. Creatures of congealed blood and coagulated cysts seemingly roaming the landscape. As they stood atop the hillside, they looked over to view the landscape. “Lijen al’ huulka mamusk aemus.” the golden man spoke as he surveyed the lands. (May the spirits protect us.) “When did we decide to visit Kinuls’ realm.” Sarcasm dripped from the stygian souled. His blue-gray gaze, landing upon the land of pestilence and plague, that moment of annoyance and shock, quickly turning into a hidden expression of awe and sickening wonder. As though he had just been gifted a chance to search within the finest of silk shops. “We are unprepared for this.” the golden man said. “You might be, however, I have found a potential paradise for my fellow plague crafters.” He examined the sickening flora from afar, like a child in a bakery, he was drawn to the various plagued flora and fauna. Every breath drawn out, coming to mist lightly. The two would find themselves in quite the predicament. They both spoke back and forth, weighing their options in the moment before deciding to return at a later date. But not before taking small samples of the flesh-like soil underneath their feet. While gathering small samples within the realm, the two would encounter a creature that had made its way up the hillside. The creature of congealed blood and flesh then rushed at the two. As it ran, it released a miasma of diseased clouds. In its direct line of sight was the man with the golden mask. He quickly went to jump out of the charge, being missed by the attacker by just a couple feet. He then tumbled onto his side before regaining some composure and rising to a knee. He then drew his dagger. The ivory masked would watch, a look of wonder and awe flashing beneath the ivory helm, creative inspiration befalling the . The crow cloaked wanderer cemented, before he shook his head, his hand extending out as the dark flow of miasma would begin to collect and flow within his palm. Yet as he went to interact, to toy with the plague, a splitting headache would hit his mind, an assault of different information as the tiniest form of lifeforce came to interact with the plague. As though he had tried to toy with a puzzle that was split into tens of thousands of pieces, such an attempt caused him to reel back and become stunned by the overload of confusing information. The golden masked man readied himself for another charge from the miasmatic creature. Though as it stood for just a moment, the creature trembled and shook violently before exploding into a cloud of yellow and orange gas. An unknown gas filled with pestilence began to encroach the hillside as the two did a short battle amongst the local creatures. Rather than staying to fight an unknown creature and risk their lives, they found themselves covering their faces before rushing back towards their portal and jumping through. Their clothes now stained, and tattered from the travels by the environment they were in had wreaked of death. As the portal closed upon the other realm, the one within the mortal realm grew larger before shooting both of the individuals out once more and onto the floor. The portal quickly slammed shut and what happened next would remain a mystery.
  11. Seer lore specifies that Zar'akal are incompatible. What changes have you made here to make them compatible since you're listing them as such?
  12. That wasnt the point I was getting across. I mention them as being part of the main bandit group as they'd be the best ones to handle conflict RP issues that arise (which is a majority of what moderation team deals with, no?). What are you looking for specifically with new recruits?
  13. How many moderators are you actually looking to add to the team and in what areas are you looking for them to fill? You've already got 17 on the roster according to the staff tab on the forums and over half of them are from bandit groups or are currently part of the main bandit group on LotC. Im just scratching my head as to why you need more hands in the cookie jar when the team already appears a little heavy?
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