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  1. MC Name: Mirvam RP Name: Mirvam Starbreaker Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Kal’Varoth Candidate: Gimli Metalfist
  2. he’s not held up in the ireheart basement, i swear.
  3. “Narvak oz Urguan” says the Mirvam from the corner far away.
  4. [!] A mail would arrive from someone by the name of ‘Thaldyr’ Username: Mirvam Name: Thaldyr Ireheart Giveaway Item #1: Storm’s Call, Hammer of the Thunderlord Giveaway Item #2: Nora’s Sword Giveaway Item #3: Orgadhad Stone
  5. Username: Mirvam Items: 1 – Corrupted Mana Crystal [NO. 42] ( Picture ) 2 – Mana Seed [NO. 97] ( Picture ) Synthwave: Power Glove - Power Core
  6. Thaldyr Ireheart looks at the first line of the frostbeard removal act, commenting on it "Ah t'ink killing t'em beh more appropriate, t'ey are nae considered ov the dwedmar kin."
  7. I fully support this because i do not see why this shouldn’t be a thing, It’s a +1 from me. Edit: and yeh what Earthmonkey said.
  8. (( Disclaimer: This map was drawn for fun and not for guidance in-game )) (( Certain locations might be drawn wrong, so do not use it for guidance )) [!] A drawn map would be put down infront of you on the desk.
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