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  1. A dwarf deep within the abandoned halls grumbled, a sigh being let out very shortly after. "T'ehm tall legs ahr nae payehn up. ." He lamented, unable to retaliate against such unlawful behavior as the skygods commanded "Ets. . just foive bread, for foohk sake."
  2. HELL YEAHHH!! I LOVE FISH PEOPLE!!! Jokes aside, this is genuinely creative, I'd love to see it on the server. +1
  3. @MaltaMoss is someone that not many people really know him for who he is, I tried to warn everyone but no one listened. I have said this before, and I'll say it again.. 16th of March, 2023. Mark my words.
  4. Based animation, very cool!
  5. Éldi, The Traveling Smith read the missive, as his jaw dropped in awe. "Ah need tu get a 'old of t'is- it wehll be quick." He said before packing his smithing tools into a bag. The young dwarf then set out on a journey to find traces of this discovery.
  6. Leander snickered at his cousin- Leon's comment. He then yelled "What a filthy foul snake.." as he continued running around and doing nothing useful whatsoever.
  7. Leander cheered for the success of the Mareno Company after hearing of this "Uncle Jace is doing great work!" The child then went on to get his own ticket for the raffle and signed up for it "This could be an opportunity for me to get rich!" He said excitedly, looking forward for the event. IGN: Mirvam RP NAME: Leander Mareno
  8. so when are you joining lore team or whatever they call it these days?
  9. IGN: Mirvam RP NAME: Stomar Ireheart CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  10. ngl chief, they got us in the first half.
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