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  1. Hope moderation take a strong stance with crp, especially within cities in general

    1. alexmagus


      hope moderation gets disbanded

  2. A Cerusil in his richly decorated room prepares his armors for his own kind as any War was sacred to both his House and people. He quietly uttered a prayer in old Celian as he signs the Celestial Sigil over his heart. "May the Star guide us to the path of victory against these sinful people." Yet he wasn't finish, a missive was soon written to all member of the Draga'ar Company to armed up
  3. The Cerusil Parir within the Celia'diraar prepares his halberd once more as he glances down at the square of his barrack with his company prepared up for war.
  4. free satinkira, yikes

  5. The Elderly Cerusil readds the copy missive as he prepares a Fi'andrian Spear to be sent back to his ally as a gift.
  6. The Parir of the Draga'ar company sent letters to his Diraar to prepare for combats as he orders several more horses and gears from the Atmorice.
  7. ✵ “ilMaehr'sae Ilkun'ehya” 𝕿he First Teluan; Draga’ar of the Celia’diraar In light of the expansion of the Diraar, the first Teluan (company) will be formed under Celius Cerusil. The squad is Celia'norian from all the social classes of our society. Some come from nobility from the highest to the lowest, others are from humble roots. Yet their effort and goals are meant to The introduction of this new company is composed of Eir Maor, Cyradil Alkanriv, Aldous Glanaeri, Donnie la Croix, Dain Py’lrie, Atticus, Galahad Nullivari and Alastor. These individuals are some of the greatest achievers seen in the Celia’Diraar - superhuman individuals among men. The Nightly Vigil In a profound display of unity and commitment, each member of the Draga’ar Company willingly opens a symbolic conduit to their essence, contributing a drop of their lifeblood into a communal pot. This act, far more than a mere ritual, is a shared offering that goes beyond words – a tangible expression of their dedication etched in crimson. As a pot fills with the blood of each warrior, it becomes a sacred vessel holding the collective spirit of the Teluan Company. Placed over an open flame, the Emberfire Cauldron dances with flickering shadows, orchestrating a mystical alchemy that transforms the pooled blood into a potent, fiery-hued ink: the Ink of Resilience. From this crucible, a skilled tattoo artisan extracts the essence of commitment. A needle, dipped in the Ink, becomes the instrument of a profound covenant. New recruits, bearing witness to the selfless act of their brethren, undergo the transformative experience as the needle pierces their skin. The resulting tattoo is not merely an indelible mark but a burning red fire, a living emblem that mirrors the collective resolve of the Celia’norian warriors. This ceremonial tattooing transcends tradition; it is a visceral and symbolic affirmation, a rite that binds the Draga’ar Company in a covenant sealed by shared blood and marked by the eternal flame of their collective determination. Oath of Eternal Flame Within the sacred halls of the Draga’ar Company, our oath binds each warrior to a noble covenant. With hand raised in the glow of a ceremonial flame, they pledge to be the stalwart protectors of Celia’nor, maintain the togetherness among the Draga’ar Company members, and carry the mark of their collective commitment - a burning red flame. As this oath echoes through these living halls, it signifies not just a promise but an enduring flame that courses through the veins of the Draga’ar Company, uniting each warrior in a legacy of chivalry and honor. ✵ The Draga’ar Motives The purpose of the Draga’ar Teluan is woven into the very fabric of their existence - we stand as stalwart guardians and keepers of the eternal flame that courses through the heart of the Celia’diraar. Our noble duty extends beyond mere protection; it is a commitment to safeguard the realm and its denizens before all else. United by the oath we swear under the Celia’diraar, the Draga’ar Teluan find purpose in upholding the virtues of chivalry, unity, and resilience. Our burning flames are not just marks of commitment but symbols of the unwavering flame that fuels our resolve. As defenders of Celia’nor, we navigate the delicate dance between tradition and innovation, embodying the essence of living legacies. In times of tranquility, the Draga’ar Teluan cultivates the bonds of unity, engaging in rituals that strengthen our connection to our brethren. However, when shadows loom and threats emerge, we transform into the unyielding shield, prepared to face adversity with unmatched courage and unwavering determination. The purpose of the Draga’ar Teluan transcends the temporal; it is a timeless commitment to honor, protect, and pass the legacy of the Celia’diraar to future generations. _______ "Strength in Unity, Resolve in Fire: Draga’ar Teluan, Keepers of the Celia’diraar" ✵ _______ AY’PUERAN; The Honourable Mordu’lar, Sylvir Cerusil, Evarir of the Cerusil Talonnii, Councilor in the Principality of Celia’nor The Honourable Fiyem, Donnie la Croix, Member of the Celia’diraar and the Draga’ar The Honourable Parir, Celius Cerusil, Member of the Cerusil Talonnii, Councilor of the Cerusil, Parir of the Teluan Draga’ar The Honourable FiyemEir Maor, fiyem and member of the Draga’ar Teluin of the Celia’diaar The Honourable Fiyem Cyradil Alkanri,Fiyem and member of the Draga’ar Teluin of the Celia’diraar The Honourable Fiyem Galahad Nullivari, Member of the Nullivari Talonii, Member of the Draga’ar of the Celiadiraar
  8. Celius Cerusil smiles at his Talonnii's achievement as he reads the missive.
  9. Their location is the only thing I will agree, sperging out and ignoring how large of a community these people have built over the years is ignorant I'm not even remotely related to this community, pure disrespect towards these folks, but I wish them all the best! Besides, it's always the same group of loud minority who ******* n whines on forum with any topic.
  10. The Cerusil stretches his arms as he gets a news letter handed to him by one of his musin chef. He quietly reads it before he heads to the palace to inquired more on this matter. "An unexpected development, I must find the Chief of the Venator. Perhaps my years of retirement will come to an end." He commented as he snaps his finger for the small musin chef to hand him a greatsword. TO HER GRACE CHIEF COMMANDER OF THE VENATOR, Kolvar L. Valwynn-Soulheart Upon reading your missive, while I am not able and quick in my younger years to give my service to what was once the Celia'diraar. My expertise, wisedom and years of experience from my period as Parir, and a close advisor to many different Mordular. I humbly submit my request to take oath and trial to become a knight under the Venator. The Honourable former Parir, Celius Cerusil, Member of the Cerusil Talonnii, Councilor of the Cerusil
  11. The aging Cerusil felt a sharp pain as he receives news of such, yet he nothing prepared him to see the sight of Sylviria's grave. He would be quick to write out a missive to friends and relatives from afar to rally for this tragedy.
  12. GLORIOUS!!! did the statue of The Fi'andrian Stars and the UNKNOWN CELIADIRAAR of the High Walled Capital of Leyu'sil stand! In rememberance when the TRUE CELIA'NORIAN of the sacred Principality expanded their vast realm in Western Almaris! "Never will the Toga elf know our way! For they once lost their city under the Orc, an entities that aren't even Aheral! The strongest Celia'norian steel will bend the soft silver circlet!"
  13. Philip reads the news with a surprised look before neatly folding it as he began to write a message of good will to the new Grand lady "I wish her the very best, I hope I get to speak to her soon,"
  14. The lesser penguin gave a brave cry as it fends off the two intruders from their home before it huddle itself back into its alleyway enjoying his tributary fishes. @imkenobi
  15. Celius of the Cerusil Talonii furrow his brows as he picks up the letter from his Manor within the dense street of Leyu'sil. The former Primarch of the Cerusil reads before neatly folding the copied missive. "Celia'norian authority to be that far south within Balian, I doubt the Diraar or the Court of Stars has reasons to be there." He muttered to himself before calling for his House guards and the Ceru'diraar to rally before he sent a letter to the Crown Prince of Fi'andria. TO HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, THE PRINCE OF FI'ANDRIA , CROWN PRINCE OF CELIA'NOR, My honoured Crown Prince, the arrival of my Talonii and our support will come shortly, if you wish for further investigation on this matter, I will be more than pleased to do so. It is with amazement to even learn that our people has made the herculean task to go that far south, regardless I look forward to the date of your coronation. The Cerusil Talonii will be with you on any matter. The Honourable Parir, Celius Cerusil, Member of the Cerusil Talonnii, Councilor of the Cerusil
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