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  1. The only conversation i've had with alex since posting this is my ban appeal being denied. I'm glad that once my utility's expired he'll gladly renege on any promise of reviewing my ban and stop working on a safety policy the administration have acknowledged is incomplete. I've talked with Max about how this thread isn't a criticism and that I've simply listed things that imperil the players due to the unfinished and rushed nature of the policy, but there obviously won't be any updates to this policy. As LOTC LTD is UK based, I encourage you to email the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel as an official body that can review the policy properly. This is especially true as some of the bans relating to child safeguarding are concerning people in the UK. [email protected]
  2. almost two weeks! wish me luck

  3. Hi, As nobody else is offering, I really want to help formalise this into a proper lore submission. There are some people that don't see someone having a fun idea and are being weirdly rude about things. Please contact me in a forum message or on Discord if you want help writing a more in-depth piece that's more in line with what people are used to with lore posts. It's out of the wheelhouse of what people are used to when playing on the server, but that's no reason for people to be so rude! Cheers, - frill (just remember there is nothing cooler than helping others)
  4. @itdontmattabeen a week can i get a sign of life for my ban appeal :-) 

  5. i got told i could post it on the forums too btw. Its got the all clear from the head office





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    1. Burnsider


      I know we hid this in small font at the very bottom of some page that no one who is appealing would ever look at, but:




      Edit for your edit: Admins didn't tell us anything about that. Wonder why? 

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