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  1. nah its hacked, it had inteligent instructions someone was replying to me
  2. ItsSeth#1332 is my old account DO NOT TRUST IT The person that stole these two accounts is stealing money and trying to take over my pc. they want you to download a 2D game but DONT.
  3. A Collection of client side mods and resource packs to enhance your LOTC experience! With 3d crops, medieval looking armor and tools what is there not to love? Recommended you add optifine! https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/lord-of-the-craft No cheats or unfair advantages!
  4. Pavia's New Viscount Emerges [!] This letter can be found in duplicates nailed to walls around Pavia and Urguan Good morning, day, or night to whomever may read this letter. As many citizens of Urguan, especially Pavia, know Gregorius Roa has recently been found guilty of assault and has been removed as the viscount of Pavia. As the heir I humbly accept the humble town as it's new Viscount. Many changes will come to the town as well as new laws, court members, and more but I do hope that you find me as satisfactory as our previous Viscount! I, Perseus Roa, will improve our defensive capabilities, architecture, and more. I hope to open a school for the children of Pavia and open new jobs to the unwealthy. I will do my best to live up to the expectations of my dear citizens. - Perseus Roa
  5. *A Crow Lands next to you holding a letter... You take the letter and read:* "Hello! You have been sought after by the viscounty of pavia so we could give you a formal invite! *The letter would continue* "We have seen your skills and abilities and think you would be a great fit for our great little town! We can grant clothing, shelter, food, and a kind gathering of others like your self! We welcome all religions and races to our town with open arms and equal rights to all citizens! *Under the letter in bolded all capital red ink was written* "Unless you are of voidal connection in religion or magic or anything of the sort" *You look up from the letter to the area around you... you think about it tossing the letter to the side as you begin to think and make a decision* [OOC] Hey forum! Just wanted to put some more information on pavia out there. For all those who move to pavia we are offering free skins, cheaper taxes, large housing for citizens, show and tell shop areas, etc. We need all the activity we can get as a new area in Urguan so any and all people who came are appreciated and highly valued! We would love to see you there! if you have questions you can message me on discord or join the official discord of Pavia. My discord: ItsSeth#1332 Pavia Discord: https://discord.gg/shTtqUeJyV
  6. To All those who decide to make a character to live in the new settlement, Pavia. Will receive a custom skin for their character. The character is required to stay in pavia for at least 10 IRL Weeks or 10 irp years. if interested Contact ItsSeth#1332 on discord or join the Pavia discord and message him there! https://discord.gg/shTtqUeJyV Time for skins will vary greatly depending how many people are interested Character must be human or elf
  7. I increased learning periods and Im nerfing some abilities. Any ST reading know that the Electrical powers are not fatal they can cause burns and cuts in skin. Thunder touch doesnt kill them or stop their heart, it only causes muscle spasms which could cause them to have a weaker punch (roll) or to simply have a shiver for a sec giving a dynamancer some time to run away. DO note the dynamancer is also stunned just for a little less time than the person inflicted.
  8. This page is no longer valid, please visit the new official and finished lore post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/221750-dynamancy-the-gott-given-right-to-pure-power/
  9. In the beggining... Magic was among the greatest things to happen to orc, human, dwarf, and elf kind alike. No matter if it was simple housemagery or casting great snowstorms as a snow witch. Magic has always been used as a source of power to protect not only oneself but all those in need around them. Of course with power it is only natural to have greed. The wish for more is always there... no matter what you believe or what feelings you act on greed is impossible to be fully immune to. Of course danger arises from mages who wish to seek greed as a whole. Dynamancy is founded in the belief that greed is natural, but acting on it is of evil intent. Because of this dynamancers swear to risk life and limb to rid the world of all those granted power that use it for evil and terror. But Of course no system is perfect... good intent can always shift to that of evil. We call these the Dakenmancers, Dynamancers who have lost their way seeking more power than was already provided. To refuse the destruction of evil but to embrace it. As a Dynamancer it is a responsibility... Dakenmancer are not only to be destroyed they are to be prevented. If a teacher of Dynamancy creates a Dakenmancer they are to kill their student before destroying their own life as well. This is to keep balance... even if it is quite unfair at times... Mechanics Shortened Physics: Dynamancy is the redirection of any energy using mana. Dynamancers turn potential energy into kinetic creating energy waves of any kind at will using just mana. Dynamancer: A Practitioner of Dynamancy. A Person who has committed their power to the destruction of evil and to uphold fairness. Dakenmancer: A Practitioner of dynamancy and other unholy arts (Magical or not) A Dakenmancer is committed only to their own will. Dynamancy: The term used for mages who use mana to redirect energy. Whether it be electricity or heat all electricity from a natural source (IE any energy that has been created via nonmagic means) DYNAMANCY TAKES 3 SPELL SLOTS How To CRP Dynamancy Dynamancy gives a user the ability to manipulate existing fire and create lightning, this is done via using Mana to redirect and amplify energy and wavelengths, including sound, fire, friction, and electricity. Electricity being the main part of Dynamancy Ill explain first. Activation of a spell with electricity drains a lot of mana, making the user tired and sluggish if not used right.(Roll) You also need to emote once to activate a spell. Activation also takes 5 seconds. When charging a spell for electric Variation of dynamancy the longer you emote and hold the spell the more effective via range, damage, burns, etc. for every 2 seconds it increases 1 block in the range starting at 2 blocks. (tier level applies.) The focus needs to be exact with electric dynamancy, if you roll a d20 under 5 it will backfire, and depending how long you charged the spell can decide energy. If you held the spell for 5 or less seconds you will get minor burns if you held the spell for 10 seconds or less you will get second-degree burns if you hold a spell for longer than that you will get third-degree burns., if you roll 7 or less the spell will not work. If attacking physically or in a stressful situation, focus will be harder, so anything under 7 (d20) will cause a spell to cease function. Release takes 1 - 2 emotes depending the spell and how long you charged it. If charged for 5+ seconds it will take 2 emotes. If the spell is more powerful or is made for destructive combat it will also take 2 emotes. Fire Variation of Dynamancy and how to CRP it. Fire Dynamancy can only be used when near a fire source, including torches, campfires, lanterns, and fire blocks yet not near lava. Activation of a fire spell will cost less mana and will also take only one emote. It is easier to charge fire spells, as charging every 2 seconds will increase range by 3 blocks maxing out at 10. Less focus is required with fire, but rolling under a 5 (d20) will burn you severely, minimum burns can be second-degree. If you charge a fire spell to the maximum and it backfires you will need immediate medical care or it could be fatal. Releasing a fire spell takes 1 emote. Remember you can only manipulate fire from a fire source so fire whips and swords from torches and little fireballs from lanterns. Remember to also roll for accuracy! Sound CRP Sound CRP is not meant for combat, you can make a grouchy noise but other than that this will not help you in combat. It takes 1 emote to cast a sound spell. Focus is required when trying to make yourself louder or your voice sound better. So being distracted or attacked will make this variation impossible. The release takes no emote but costs small amounts of mana to cast and continue to keep it going. See Mana training to improve time. can last up to 5 minutes (each tier is +1 minute. maxing out at 10 minutes before a recast is needed) Medical CRP Activation takes 1 emote and 2 mana points. Charge begins to burn through mana depending on how long you keep up the spell, see mana training. Focus is required and any major interruption(examples being screaming, loud banging, bells, earthquake, etc.) will render the spell no longer working and can even harm a patient more, (roll d20, if less than 10 from a major interruption the spell will harm the patient.) The release takes 2 emotes and a roll to make sure the spell does not backfire, this is because of the ability to restart the heart of a comrade. More On Spells And Their Potential! Spell Potential Spell potential is not super limited, a spell can only be so effective yet depending the casting style of the user and what they decide to do as well as how experienced they are a dynamancer can do just about whatever they want with energy as long as it follows range. With the amplification of energy you have a lot of options so long as the are not made to Powergame. or cancel out another's action. | | \/ Range Lightning spells max out at 12 blocks. Fire spells max out at 10 blocks and you need to be near a fire source or be holding a lantern, torch, etc. Sound-related spells can reach 20 blocks. It takes 1 emote for lightning spells to be active and another emote for them to be cast. If you are injured in a fatal way your range becomes halfed as your mana control will be harder to control when you are bleeding out. Mana Training A Dynamancer must be good at controlling mana. All Dynamancers have to undergo 1 saints week of training before they can cast spells. New Dynamancers will require more mana to cast spells as they have less control over their mana. For a dynamancer to train mana they have to sit at a candle and try to focus mana to their hands to heat their fingertips. Then snap and light the candle. Upon doing so they attempt to make the fire larger and smaller without making it go out. Mastery of this will take a saints week. Casting spells can also train mana. Physical Affects All Dynamancers undergo physical changes the more they do Dynamancy. Often veins become more visible along the body making it appear like there are blue and purple vines spreading under the skin. This is the least noticeable at the beginning of Dynamancy but more practice makes it more noticeable. If the Dynamancer is a practitioner of other magic arts it is also less noticeable. (Dakenmancers, or dynamancers who practice voidal or other anti-cannonist arts will not have this affect at all.) Required When Learning Dynamancy is unable to be learned by the unintelligent or easily distracted. Though some certain creatures with low intelligence can become mages often this is nearly impossible for those trying to learn dynamancy with below-average intelligence. This is because the direction of mana needs to be on a course perfect with that of what you are trying to do otherwise a spell will backfire. Immense training is needed before you can attempt any kind of teaching or general use outside of small spells like mana training spells and sound spells. (To train actual spells you need to have mastered Dynamancy Fully) Medical Variation of Dynamancy Some practitioners of Dynamancy can restart a heart (3 emotes and a 2 blocks range) while some simply warm or cool down a patient with a fever. Some will even use electricity to seal a cut wound or remove an infected area of skin. (other player must roll a d10 for pain levels) It is recommended to learn medical tactics before studying this form of dynamancy. Redlines Rolling a 5 or under on a d20 will cause a spell to backfire causing damage, and you will be temporarily unable to use Dynamancy. If attacking with physical strength dynamancy you use becomes weaker, as you have less focus on redirecting the energy with your mana. When casting a spell you become vulnerable and unable to fight back until the spell is finished, depending the amount of emotes needed to cast a spell. Dynamancers can not use fire or lightning spells in water, the fire will certainly go out on any torch or lantern you are using, and lightning will shock you. On top of that it is impossible as when trying to swim you can not focus enough to direct mana anyway. Dynamancy is weaker and costs more mana when bleeding excessively. Unable to use fire spells when raining Cannot wear metallic armor when casting a spell as they can disrupt focus due to how heavy they are and can conduct electricity killing the mage. When bleeding profusely (bleeding out fatally) spells will be impossible to cast. A Dynamancer can NOT access voltages that are lethal unless a spell of their own backfires. Lightning blade and whip can cause serious lashes and burns but can not remove limbs fully. It can burn the skin and nerves mostly off but there will be enough there in the end to hold together the limbs. Base Spells Lightning Spells: Lightning Arc The User creates a large bolt of lightning that can travel around the users body. It appears to be a rope made of energy and can be grabbed and used as a whip. When a person is whipped it can leave minor burns and lashes around the area whipped. As the user moves their hands an arc of lightning will grow in length around them. Looking like a stream of fireflies they surround the user in a spiraling motion. This spiral grows in size until it covers the user or the user grabs the large arc now fully spread around their body. Thundering Touch By touching your opponent and sending electricity into their body you can cause their muscles to spasm making them unable to use weapons for 1 emote. This will also render the arm used to cast the spell useless for 2 emotes. Upon touch the opponent begins to flinch uncontrollably and shake as if having a seizure. Their chest puffs in and out as their arms flail, they fall to the ground still shivering from the horrifying experience. Their hands shaking not from the electricity, but fear. The caster is also stunned for 1 emote as electricity just flew through their body. Doing this spell on the head of an individual will make it more likely to backfire. You must roll a NAT 20 for it to be effective at all. Anything less will backfire and cause you to be stunned. Electric Channel You can use this spell to form shapes and detailed sculptures of lightning. Uses more mana depending size and detail. A Dynamancer pulls electricity from the air as it shoots into a ball, then it begins to shift into a sort of square. It begins to spin in the dynamancers hand over and over again. Finally, the dynamancer begins to shape a bird and sends it off, an electric bird flying into the sky. Electric Blade Experienced Dynamancers can create a blade made fully of lightning while newer dynamancers may channel electricity into a sword made of conductive metal. As a dynamancer holds the handle of a shattered sword lightning begins to gather around where a blade should be. The lightning grows and shrinks as if the sword was breathing, finally taking a perfect shape of a sword. Appearing finish the hilt seems dark compared to the blue glow of the lightning sword. Electric Redirect If a dynamancer shoots a lightning bolt, or if any surge of energy is directed to a dynamancer you can redirect it into the sky, (costs massive mana and can only be used once per resting period unless it is a small jolt from like a bit of redstone etc.) As a lightning bolt shoots to a dynamancer he quickly makes a circular motion with his arms redirecting the electricity to the sky, like a huge slingshot. As it flings into the air the lightning suddenly cracks sending down little sparks of mana. Fire Spells (Fire Source Needed, note you can strike the ground with electricity on a flammable substance to start a fire but it will cost an emote.) Flaming Blade Using a torch a dynamancer can create a sword out of fire. Depending the size of the sword depends the mana cost. Must be holding a torch. Can cause 2nd - 3rd degree burns. as a dynamancer holds a torch a spiral begins from the small flame at the end. Forming a great sword of fire in the caster's hands. His body and surroundings showered in light as sparks fly from the engulfed blade. Flaming Whip Using a torch a dynamancer can manipulate the fire to work as a sort of whip. causes 2nd degree burns. A dynamancer lifts his hand holding a torch, then slamming it down to his waist. Upon doing so the flame grows into what appears to be a rope of fire. The whip is twirled effortlessly seeming to have no weight at all. Fire Flies Using a lantern or nearby fire source a dynamancer can create small balls of fire (6 inches in width and height) and shoot them at an enemy or use it to light something. can cause 2nd - 3rd degree burns. as a dynamancer smashes a glass lantern to the floor it engulfs the grass in flames. The dynamancer Flicks his fingers pushing energy from the fire into little spheres, creating fireballs. Using these small groups of fireballs he shoots them at his opponent. Flaming Fist A Dynamancer can channel fire to spread across their limbs which can be used in hand to hand combat to burn the enemy with their punches. It can be put out easily with water. If something draws all focus of the dynamancer away from his spell he will lose control and burn anything the fire was near, including body parts. 3rd degree burns. The fist of the dynamancer engulfs in flames spreading up his body like a coating of flaming armor. It showers the dynamancer in heat as it grows and shrinks on his body. Sound Spells Music Tamper Using the energy in wavelengths a dynamancer can edit the way something sounds (IE singing or an instrument) based on their imagination. Vocal Amplification A Dynamancer can amplify how loud a sound is, yet not to a harmful level. A dynamancer screams making an ear wrenching echo in the cave nearby. Medical Spells Electric Blade A Dynamancer can make a 1 - 4 inch blade of lightning from their fingertips. This can cut into skin to potential remove an arrow or something of the sort. (Conscious patients must roll pain level with a d10) A jolt of lightning comes down the arm through the veins of a dynamancer, eventually piercing through his fingers like little surgical blade or lightning. Electric Pulse A Dynamancer can send electricity to the heart of a patient to restart the heart. If done too many times the heart can become fried and can potentially backfire on the caster. (Roll d20) A dynamancer places both hands on his dying friend, upon doing so he presses energy into the heart, causing a jolt through his comrade's body. Upon doing so he begins to breathe once more shaking from adrenaline. Melting Touch A Dynamancer can focus heat energy to their fingertips in order to melt skin of a patient back together. As a dynamancer pulls an arrow from his leg he pull energy from the air making his fingertips a red hot. As he stroked his wound the skin melted together causing the bleeding to stop, yet he was still a limp. Thermal Spells Candle Ignition By focusing heat to a candle wick you can light a candle by touching it. As a dynamancer looks to a candle he flicks directing the friction from his fingers into the candle wick setting it alight. Rise and Low Using energy from a candle or torch you can make a flame grow higher or smaller. As the dynamancer rose his hands and lowered them around the nearby lit candle, the flame would grow higher and lower. Freezing touch by redirecting thermal energy out of your hands you can freeze water or grass upon touch, making it nice for a hot summer day to cool off your drink. Can not be used to harm an opponent. Can not be used to walk on water, the ice is only 1 inch thick. As a dynamancer placed a finger in his warm water fractals of ice began to spread around the edges of the cup making the water ice cold once more for his enjoyment! Remember, Dynamancy is flexible. It is made for a user to come up with their own spells, as long as it is in regulation and you do NOT POWER GAME. Tiers Tier 1 A New student, or a tier one dynamancer, can create heat and cool things down, as well as some static electricity along their hands. Nothing more than a shock from rubbing your clothes and then touching someone. They can also light a candle by snapping and touching the wick. Lasts 3 OOC Weeks Tier 2 A tier two dynamancer can bend fire and create electric bolts that can go up to 4 blocks. The fire can be at most from a torch creating a kind of dagger or from a lantern to make a little fake bird or some other kind of little animal to animate and fit in their palm. They can now use sound magic to half effectiveness needing to roll to make sure it does what they want. This can go to the maximum 20 blocks already. They are also able to use the full range of medical dynamancy. Lasts 2 OOC month Tier 3 A Tier 3 dynamancer can create fireballs and swords up to 2 feet in length using a torch or lantern. Their Lightning spells can also reach up to 8 blocks now. By this stage, the veins in their arms are becoming more noticeable. Lasts 2 OOC months Tier 4 A tier 4 dynamancer can now bend fire and electricity to their will, making arcs and all kinds of attacks within a 12-block radius. They can now use fire spells up to 8 blocks away. They can also create whips of fire using torches, up to 4 feet long. (four blocks) The veins in their arms are even more noticeable. Lasts 2 OOC Months Tier 5 By this stage, you have mastered dynamancy. You can spread lightning and fire across your body and not be harmed in any way so long as you are controlling it with mana. If you do not have perfect mana control you will be burned while training to set your hands or other parts of your body ablaze or have lightning spread across those areas. (Roll a d20 9 and below means fail and you are burned, 10 means it has no effect, and 11+ means it works.) (You also still need a torch or fire nearby to cast fire spells even still. Including coating your body with it.)
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