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  1. Cassio had no idea how to fix his hair, yet nodded in approval of the flyer anyhow.
  2. [OOC] A flyer finds itself in front of you. As of Year 161 of the Second Age, I present the Balianese Child Club to you. This club offers a range of activities for children under the age of 18 who visit Balian regularly. The purpose of the club is to provide children from various nations, primarily Balian, with the opportunity to meet and socialize, with the hope of forming long-lasting friendships that can lead to alliances during adulthood. We hold meetings at Forget Me Not Bakery, located in Balian's market square. [ooc] Here’s the discord for those interested and want to see meeting times (when decided) https://discord.gg/W2wkhdwW2h You may join and stay in the discord as an adult. If you have a child you want to participate in the activities or social events you are also welcome.
  3. If you are looking to make real magic items, take inspiration from other servers, like magic valor and world of Maria. As they have been perfecting it for years, good luck team. Love u guys
  4. Holy shit I didn’t even notice that
  5. Well amarians aren't only cursed to look demonic. They have different traits that are not normal for the average human. Including a working tail, being more agile, evolved eye sight in darkness, etc. Though these are small changes these posts and lore are relatively different. It's not just looks for Almarians. Also the main reason for them is to have something new added for Aevos! I'd personally like some interesting inteligent beings to exist there, and it is a bonus to have people playing them if it is approved. I'll likely write more posts on them as well, making them more interesting and improving the race. If it is approved
  6. I should change it to that ong these are... demons. Not the idea im going for.
  7. The Amarians Overview Amarians are humans disfigured by a curse to look similar to a demon or dark spawn. They have souls, human emotions, and human limitations. They have horns on either side of their head, growing to a maximum of a foot long. They can take on many shapes from curling horns to antlers. Amarians have red, black, grey, dark green, and navy skin colors. If they are not a full-bread Amarian they may take on the natural skin color of a normal human, while still having horns and solid-colored eyes. Eye colors vary from yellow, red, purple, blue, green, brown, and orange. Hair colors can be red, black, white, and brown. They have a long, thin tail. With a small barb on the end of it made of flesh. Though thin, this tail can be used to pick up small objects, like a stone or candle. However, it is impossible for them to pick up a weapon of any kind, using their tail. They have the same body structure and ability as a regular human, with two arms, legs, one head, etc. They were created by a shaman who cursed them to eternally be disfigured by their looks. Though they are still human, they appear more similar to a half-orc, half-human. They were created due to a shaman becoming enraged at their unwillingness to help him. Refusing to give him food or water, because he too was disfigured. Causing him to look more like a darkspawn. Due to this, he cursed the entire village with the disfigurement mentioned earlier. They Originate in Arcas but fled to Aevos to seek refuge from those who mistook them for evil. They lived in caves and great dugouts in the north. Hundreds of caves and homes were dug into a single area. Creation During the earlier years of Arcas, there was a human village. With strong cannonist roots, these people thrived on hard work and dedication to their god. They lived near the coast, away from most civilization. A day came when a half-orc, raised by the orcs, came seeking food and water from a long journey. He was on the brink of death and believed the spirits led him to the village to help. But he could not have been more wrong. This orc had burns covering his body, and tumor-like growths on his head. The humans mocked him, claiming he was an abomination. They laughed and refused to give him food and water. So he left, enraged. A saints week later he returned to the village, having regained his strength. He struck down the village with the help of his orc brothers. They killed over half the village, yet he was not finished. He used the spirits to curse the humans eternally for their shameful acts towards someone who looked different. He cursed them to appear the way they did, and their children as well for centuries to come. Sailing to Aevos The new life these humans lived was a brutal one. They were mocked and killed by other humans, for their different looks. Their horns were collected and sold, and they were sold as slaves. The remaining survivors fled, in search of finding a new land to live in, without worry of being enslaved or killed. And after a year of sailing, the tired crew of 16 Amarians found Aevos. They landed in the northern area and quickly started building their town. They dug underground and lived in caves, in fear of people finding them one day. They created their own culture, with their own foods and rituals. Still holding true to their cannonist beliefs. Culture As time moved along these humans began to develop. They became more and more immune to the cold as they lived in their polar terrain. Their eyes developed to see better in the dark, as well as increasing their reaction time. They had no need to fight so they danced. Every night became a party for these joyous people. As time went on they began to forget about their cruel past. Some settled on the surface and farming, while others stayed inside the caves and mined for resources. They shared among themselves, like an ant colony. They had no leader because they only ever worked together. Amarians are extremely religious normally, believing in an older form of cannonism from many years ago. Using copies of the original scrolls. They created art, art that spread across miles of cave walls. Their music was nothing seen by man in ages. Peace was the only thing these people knew. However, a great storm came… their homes were filled with water, and the cave they had all known for generations had fallen. Their art and music were destroyed. Forcing the survivors to the surface. Upon the surface they traveled, seeing others in the distance… building the new kingdoms of Aevos… Amarian Families The Amarians are divided into different “clans” or “families” These families are what determine skin, eye, and hair color. Though, families have been known to mix. Causing skin and hair colors to be mixed. The Aesenon Family; This family is known for their black and white hair. Their skin colors ranged from all shades of black and grey. These Amarians are gentle, creating great music and art. Though they are not as strong as the other Amarians they are greatly intelligent. The Doctric Family; This family is known for being rambunctious! These active Amarians are often average in intelligence, but rather athletic. Always up for a challenge! Or maybe a stop to the tavern to sing. Red Skin The Monborn Family; This family has navy blue skin, with beautiful green eyes. This family varies in personality and intelligence greatly. But are often good tacticians. The Narum Family; This family is known to have a mix of skin colors, but are often a dark green color. They are the most versatile in all features out of the families. Biology General Abilities Amarians have great sight in the darkness. Being able to see in near pitch black. This takes total focus, making them unable to do much else while in the darkness. Making them unable to do combat or strenuous activities in the darkness while still being able to see. There is a maximum of 20 blocks in pitch darkness and near-perfect vision when there is a light source nearby, even if it is slightly dim. (30 blocks with dim light) While they see in the dark they have very sensitive eyes. Making it hard for them to look directly at a bright light source. It also takes total concentration to see well in darkness, meaning they will be unable to do combat in the dark if they wish to see. Amarians have relatively strong tails, being able to pick up small items like empty pots, a kitchen knife, or something with little weight. The items they pick up can not be weapons, as their tails are not strong enough. Their tails can not be used to attack or pick up weapons, the only thing they can do it make a little sting like a strand of grass being whipped against some skin. Which will also hurt the Amarian! Amarians are rather agile, picking up on ideas quicker than most. Their reaction time is greater than the average human’s as well. Amarians are NOT able to react quickly in combat situations. As they have not been trained for combat in a century. Instead, they may panic or react the same as any other human. Life Cycle All Amarians no matter the family can live to a maximum of 150 years. Similar to the average human. 0 - 5 baby, toddler 6 - 12 Child 13 - 19 Teenager 20 - 90 Adult 91 - 150 Elderly No amarian can live over the age of 150 years unless magic is involved. The Aesenon The Doctric The Monborn The Narum Biological Redlines Amarians have all the human restraints and limits. Amarians can not pick up heavy items with their tail, nor weapons. Amarians can not see in the dark unless focused completely Amarians have the same hearing as humans Amarians Are resistant to the cold, but still vulnerable to frostbite and hypothermia. Amarians can not look directly at bright lights without pain Amarians are very agile, but not more so than trained runners. Amarians must have the same skin colors or similar to the ones listed above. Unless albino. The Racial abilities listed are on par with the average descendants, not superior Language The Language/Dialect of the Amarians is more so slang. They speak the same English language while still using slang from time to time. Takin = Hello/goodbye Ralt = Thank you Velca = You’re welcome Vattu = Father Matta = Mother Lovia = Married partner Sar = Son Dara = Daughter Bruddun = Brother Sistrun = Sister Players are not required to use this dialect, but it is recommended. Purpose: I had every desire to make a unique race for players to use. This kind of roleplay would be totally different from the average human RP. I also thought that having a race already existing on Aevos could create land wars and hostile RP. As well as a race less for warriors or magic. But for art and music, as well as a unique culture with an even more unique background. This is currently just an idea and a base for more lore to come. Whether it is written by me or someone else. I wanted to create this as a way for Tiefling lore to make its way into LOTC but with a more reasonable approach. Heavily inspired by tieflings, yet something entirely different and unique. And let’s be honest. How many new players want to play something that looks like a demon/tiefling? This RP is what we have been looking for for a long time! General Redlines Amarians who apply for the CA race must have a background based on having lived in the caves and recently coming out to find new settlers. Amarians must have the correct skin, eye, or hair color to the ones listed. Amarians can be varied in appearance and beauty but must retain their general traits. Amarians must adhere to all sections of this lore unless re-written or more is added onto a new post that makes a previous statement null.
  8. We would make jokes about Star Wars all the time in a discord we were in together. This is truly tragic and I wish all who knew her find peace. And for the last time, goodnight Jedi. Sleep tight.
  9. this name makes me want sail to a different continent.
  10. nah its hacked, it had inteligent instructions someone was replying to me
  11. ItsSeth#1332 is my old account DO NOT TRUST IT The person that stole these two accounts is stealing money and trying to take over my pc. they want you to download a 2D game but DONT.
  12. A Collection of client side mods and resource packs to enhance your LOTC experience! With 3d crops, medieval looking armor and tools what is there not to love? Recommended you add optifine! https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/lord-of-the-craft No cheats or unfair advantages!
  13. *A Crow Lands next to you holding a letter... You take the letter and read:* "Hello! You have been sought after by the viscounty of pavia so we could give you a formal invite! *The letter would continue* "We have seen your skills and abilities and think you would be a great fit for our great little town! We can grant clothing, shelter, food, and a kind gathering of others like your self! We welcome all religions and races to our town with open arms and equal rights to all citizens! *Under the letter in bolded all capital red ink was written* "Unless you are of voidal connection in religion or magic or anything of the sort" *You look up from the letter to the area around you... you think about it tossing the letter to the side as you begin to think and make a decision* [OOC] Hey forum! Just wanted to put some more information on pavia out there. For all those who move to pavia we are offering free skins, cheaper taxes, large housing for citizens, show and tell shop areas, etc. We need all the activity we can get as a new area in Urguan so any and all people who came are appreciated and highly valued! We would love to see you there! if you have questions you can message me on discord or join the official discord of Pavia. My discord: ItsSeth#1332 Pavia Discord: https://discord.gg/shTtqUeJyV
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