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  1. Not people immediately complaining 😭😭 guys the admins working out their schedule to talk to the community isn't a bad thing cmon
  2. So cool! You get to be waldenian! (Best thing ever)
  3. DISOWNMENT & SUCCESSION ENTEIGNUNG UND NACHFOLGE Issued by the COUNT OF HOHENGARTEN On the 9th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1943. AN ALLE, DIE ES BETREFFEN KÖNNTE, Be it known that I, Konstantin Edmund, as Patriarch of Augusten issue this edict of disownment against my first-born, the late Ottomar Lothar von Augusten. This Edict comes after his confession and subsequent execution to being a darkspawn whose once-hidden vampirism was an insult to St. Ottomar - after which he was named - & his very nature a transgression against the Vander Code & most importantly, Holy Law. His crimes have brought dishonor and shame upon my noble lineage - despite his demise, I formally declare Ottomar Lothar no longer to be recognized as a member of our esteemed family, his name shall be expunged from our records. He will not bear my House’s noble name, not even in the grave. Be it also known that my second-born, Friedrich Hans von Augusten is now heir to Hohengarten. While he has, for much of his youth, been afflicted by illness - Friedrich has recently displayed signs of improvement. His constitution, once so fragile, has been gaining resilience with each prayer - Alle Ehre sei Gott. In light of these developments and the death of his eldest brother, Friedrich von Augusten shall be named my new heir, to whom the legacy of Hohengarten shall be entrusted. I do not make this decision purely out of necessity, but also out of my firm belief in my son @DuhPuhWuh Friedrich's potential and unwavering spirit. GOTT MIT IHM GOTT MIT UNS, HIS LORDSHIP, Konstantin Edmund von Augusten, Count of Hohengarten and Seneschal of Whitespire
  4. Konstantin von Augusten spat out the wine he had been drinking upon coming across the courtly missive "Und when are you teaching me to write like this?" he shouted a cross the room to his nephew, Richard von Leopold.
  5. Konstantin von Augusten is so excited!
  6. Konstantin quietly read his Majesties will "Long live Prince Edmund" he whispered before praying for the King to have a peaceful departure to the Seven Skies
  7. ↬ Discord: theosvult ↬ Skin Name(s): In Shining Armour ↬ Bid(s): 26
  8. Replying a lil late, and have some basic questions (because I am curious) 1. Which two characters of yours did you enjoy to play the most? 2. Which community have you felt more fondly towards in all this time you have played? 3. When do you think you will call it quits or are you simply not sure? And this one relates to the last: 4. Are there any goals you still want to achieve? (Establishing a guild, NL, Pontiff?) 5. When will you do build comissions? 🤨
  9. Konstantin von Augusten smiled upon hearing that his humble nephew, now Petty Lord, had taken up the mantle of leadership within his family and House. "Great things will be accomplished mein dear Richard...." the Count leaned over Baron Richard's plans for the land of Hohengarten.
  10. AUFSTIEG ZUM GRAFENSITZ ASCENSION TO COUNT Issued by the COUNT OF HOHENGARTEN In 13th of Horen’s Calling, 1935. AN DAS VEREINIGTE KÖNIGREICH AAUN, The seat of House Augusten’s Comital title has been in abeyance since 1929 when my mother, Monika Cosima von Augusten, quietly stepped down. Subsequently, I acted as Patriarch of House von Augusten, however I had opted to defer my ascension to Count of Hohengarten. Six years later and after much prayer, I have been granted the courage by Gott to take up the title officially and step up to the duties and expectations my House holds. Along with the aforementioned declaration, I pledge to James Alstion, King of Aaun that - I will be loyal and faithful to you until my last breath. I will strive to lead the humble Hohengarten and those under it to be loyal subjects of your united realm, and I will place the interests of the realm before my families' or my own - so help me Gott. To finalize, I donate an undisclosed amount of mina to the Royal Treasury, for the continued expansion and betterment of the Kingdom, and invite my kin, both House Augusten and House Leopold to a private celebration in the Comital Manor within Whitespire. GOTT MIT UNS, HIS LORDSHIP, Konstantin Edmund von Augusten, Count of Hohengarten
  11. Konstantin von Augusten, neighbor to the Haverlocks, was notified of the burglary the morning after the theft. "So that was what the noise was about..."
  12. 1. In your opinion, has LOTC improved since you first joined? Could be toxic levels, quality of lore and rp, if you think it was more enjoyable before or now, in general I suppose. 2. Favorite character thus far? 3. Have you stayed friends with people you met 8 years ago, or even 7 or 6? 4. When do you think you will call it quits? Or do you have no clue when that would be. You have been playing for a long time, it's nice to see that you are still around!
  13. Community team could do a video explaining what each rank does and how a player can take advantage of their perks if they get to buy any VIP rank, check DM's. @HogoBojo
  14. Konstantin von Augusten would smile as he looked out of his family's manor onto the Hand of Horen and the many sights at Whitespire, Aaun's capital.
  15. Konstantin von Augusten flipped through the pages of a dusty heartlander textbook before coming across a chapter on Charles Galbraith. Engrossed by the man's life and achievements; Konstantin quickly read through his upbringing, political career and ultimate death before finishing his study session with a prayer for Charles, the House of Galbraith and all affected by the Empire's collapse.
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