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  1. Konstantin von Augusten smacked his lips "Well said mein cousin!" before gently sipping from his 1890 Azor Merlot and declaring "Us Augusten are such learned volk!"
  2. *sees Shmeepicus Moderator app get accepted

    "Let's gooooooo"


    1. Shiredom


      I didn't need to see that.

    2. Shmeepicus
  3. Konstantin von Augusten's brows shot upwards "Shocking... I am happy that some Temesch will stay in Petra."
  4. Konstantin von Augusten embraced his children, giving them a tight hug “Danke Gott… my mother’s title reclaimed at last.” is then he turned towards Ferdinand “Ay, stop feeling sorry for yourself lad! Give me a bear hug!"
  5. “Who would have known… well done Alry- but you should test more Haverlocks now as well- and Paul Varoche suddenly killed?” an increasingly more paranoid Konstantin von Augusten muttered to an empty chair “An attempt to hide his vampirism perhaps… ja that’s entirely plausible” - the once Graf continued to pace in his dark room until dawn!
  6. Konstantin von Augusten claps like the following, happy for his fellow Waldenians!
  7. Konstantin von Augusten signed the lorraine seven times "Peace at last.." he breathed.
  8. Konstantin von Augusten raised a brow upon hearing of the missive "It sure would be humorous if those who accused my House most were themselves the wicked amongst good Canonists!"
  9. Konstantin stood in a dark room, breathing shakily. "Gott please..." he prayed "Don't let them take my stall."
  10. DER VERZICHT | RENOUNCEMENT OF ALLEGIANCE Issued by the PATRIARCH VON AUGUSTEN in the Year of our Lord, 1947. TO THE UNITED KINGDOM OF AAUN, It is with a vexed heart that I, Konstantin Edmund, Patriarch of House von Augusten, officially renounce my oath of fealty and allegiance to the United Kingdom of Aaun and its royal House of Alstion. House von Augusten relinquishes its claim to any lands bestowed upon it by the United Kingdom and will swiftly leave to settle elsewhere within the Heartlands. Furthermore, any members of House von Augusten and its petty-sister House von Leopold holding positions in the Privy Council, city government, and-or military henceforth resign. In order to put an end to the unfounded accusations of Vampyrism, I have cordially requested two neutral parties, Her Royal Majesty, Renilde I, Queen of the Petra, and His Grace, Pious Bishop Aquila to oversee the testing of each member of House von Augusten. Results will be published once the testing has been completed. GOTT MIT UNS, HIS LORDSHIP, Konstantin Edmund, Patriarch von Augusten, Elector of Hohengarten
  11. Would be cool if staff allows people to build tents and small structures in empty tiles or with permission of the tile owner.... tile fee could be like 50 mina person each week to be added to empty tiles. Would be cute... Although reading Julius' comment it would definitely be an issue if they started raiding...
  12. Konstantin von Augusten would sit arguing with the missive's writters... ignorant to the fact they had already released the missive during their negotiation talks "Gottanverdammt! Monika ist but ein child und Ich don't know of Amadea's whereabouts!"
  13. Not people immediately complaining 😭😭 guys the admins working out their schedule to talk to the community isn't a bad thing cmon
  14. So cool! You get to be waldenian! (Best thing ever)
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