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  1. The Grand Lady of the Royal Courts of Hanseti-Ruska shook her head. "That is Haense's history, but it is not who we are. Haense is Freemen. “To each freeman is his own life, to take it is to be a thief, To each freeman his own time, to take it is to be a slaver, To each freeman his own sword, to take it is to blind him, To each freeman his own wife, to take it is to injure him, And to each freeman his own farm, to take is to make him no man.”
  2. Baelithar ran his hands over the scars on his flesh as he put on his clothing. Next was his bronze mask and cloak, then his armor, shining as bright as the Silver City as the sun sets. His sword was strapped to his belt, his quiver on his back. "Sooner than I expected. Some things that ought to take days, sometimes take centuries. But when 'thill of courage rise up..." he smiled, got on his black destrier and set out from his self-exile in Courland. "It is time. A new hope rises..."
  3. Baelithar Calith read the missive from his new home far from the Silver City and tosses it into the fire. "Pharisaios, the whole lot of them. Their naiveté in assuming that because the people are Mali'thill, that they are innocent, shows that my treatise is completely correct. This whole state will rot from within if someone does not step up. The state impedes our Progress and ruins our Health. Fie to them!"
  4. An Ombudsman is actually a position much needed in this server, the fact that you're describing it badly, notwithstanding.
  5. Burnsider

    Safety Team

    So what you're saying is that you sold the Safety Team to HighSchoolRP?
  6. Are we really running out of space though?
  7. Actual economist here. What NotEvil said is actually pretty damn accurate. It's supply-side economics set to the extreme, but that's pretty helpful in a contained economy like a Minecraft server.
  8. Burnsider

    [Your View] Coups

    Heck, I'd go further. Make it 12 hours in advance, not a week and it's not "No outside allies" but rather "those who would be expected to be there" which would be an even slimmer list. Harder to police, but I still hold out some glimmer of hope that players will act with some semblance of maturity (I know I know).
  9. Burnsider

    [Your View] Coups

    Why shouldn't it be? It's really impossible to translate this to real world situations. For example, in real life, there are always guards around. In mineman, I might be able to catch the king on when none of his men are on and take him down with 2 other guys. The only way to make this "fair" would be to let both sides gather reasonable forces, e.g. like a war claim. If this really is a proper coup where you have the military on your side and the king doesn't have supporters, that's gonna be a really easy WC for you. But we definitely need the chance for both sides to gather forces due to the fact that this is a game and people aren't on all the time unlike real life where you can't log.
  10. Burnsider

    [Your View] Coups

    A coup is decidedly a civil war though, just a very short one because the entire military is on one side.
  11. Full Name of Man - Osvald Anton of House Barclay Date of Birth of Man - 1730 Name of Woman - Lieselotte Fischer Date of Birth of Woman – 12th of Owyn’s Light 1730 Location of Ceremony - Basilica of Fifty Virgins Date of Ceremony (Year) - 8th of Owyn’s Light 1750 Name of Clergyman who performed ceremony - Boniface of Belvitz
  12. I agree, but we also have. Whenever Korvic pops up in Discord or OOC or the forums (and even when he's not), players (quite rightfully) shower him with praise. Korvic has been our shining light these past weeks. We need a tribute to him IG. I should start the Church of Korvic.
  13. If that's what you took from my post, you're just looking for something to disagree with.
  14. We are well past the holidays now. It can no longer be used as an excuse. The server is literally offline. No one can play. After a point, with each hour of it offline, you will lose players permanently. This is a crisis situation for a server and the two people literally in charge are missing. In the real world, presidents and CEOs cannot truly take vacation. They must always be available to handle a crisis. But this goes beyond that. The major issue with the server (before the Gateway Crisis) was fixed weeks ago. Weeks. @Telanir, I have been one of your greatest supporters on here. I was with you through the conflict rule changes, through the investigation bans, etc. But this is wrong. You're literally impossible to contact by your own staff and other administrators for weeks now. Your server isn't in crisis. It's dead. And you don't seem to care. That is completely unacceptable. You need to take a hard look at yourself and ask what role you believe you deserve when this is all said and done.
  15. Why is this in off-topic? Do it for real. Korvic has singlehandedly made this server acceptable to play. He deserves tribute in the form of being "canon-ized."
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