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  1. NAME: Georg Fleischer NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): N RACE: Waldenian PAST EXPERIENCE: My Uncle, a studious scholar of history, believes zhat he has found a new method of infantry fighting utilizing old Imperial tactics vith modern drill. As such, he has trained me in zhe manner of zhe short sword and pike.
  2. A halfling pokes his head in. "Did someone say bootless?"
  3. Fred rolled his eyes upon reading the missive in his burrow directly outside Berr'lin's citadel. He chuckled a bit at the absurdity of it all. "Words mean nothin' withou' some oomph behin' them. T'ain't nothin' in 'ere ta stop them Sillumirans from continuin' ta harass tha populace or ta stop them from threatenin' ta level ma home. Beggars in Llyria all o'er again, I tell ya."
  4. To the honorable Thain of Brandybrook, Micah O'Connell, It is with greatest regret and heartfelt sorrow that I heard of the death of Thain Rollo Applefoot. The Thain is dead. Love live the Thain. I know that it is a time of sorrow in Brandybrook, indeed for all halflings around Arcas, and yet, I find myself reflecting upon words of glad tidings I had wished to exchange with Thain Rollo. Alas that I had not the time to share them with him. As such, I pass on these words to you. It is my firm belief that the titles of Thain and Protector of Halflings, both once held by your predecessor, should be one and the same. The Thain should not be Thain of Brandybrook only, but of halflings as a whole. Therefore, I hereby request that the village of Hillsborough receive vassalage under your august title, and becomes a dependent territory with local autonomy still granted to the Mayor, while retaining the suzerainty of this greater halfling state. I await your reply and hope that you agree to this proposal. Yours in service, Fredegar Puddlefoot, Mayor of Hillsborough
  5. Beat me to it as well, given, well, look at the quoted username.
  6. "Oi'm sorry, but did ya want ta sound loike a whiny, petulant choild? 'Cause ya sound loike a whiny, petulant choild." Fred tsks tsks at the moist spot on the ground. "Ya know, some people walk in there bare feet 'ere!"
  7. From his comfy new burrow in Haelun'or's capital, Fred looks over the choices and crumbles up the notice in disgust, tossing the paper in the fire, where a nice mutton stew was just starting to bubble. "Figs and biscuits! There wasn't even a choice fer 'illsborough North."
  8. Augustus Gates scratches his head. "So, as written, rowboats can't be registered, but all manned rowboats (because none of them are registered) will be sunk unless an Imperial soldier is on it? I've heard of poorly written laws, but sheesh..."
  9. Join the warmongering halflings! Rawr!
  10. A man in sackcloth stares at the missive and shakes his head. "I had hoped that it was not so, that everything I had deduced was wrong. Alas that it is not so. I have received the sign that I have asked our almighty God for. It is time to tell the world."
  11. [!]A missive is posted around the nations of Arcas written in far more pretty fonts and colors than here because you can use your imagination. To the August Imperial Rulers of Spice, We, the duly elected leader of the Gerrymandocracy of Hillsborough, elected by unanimous vote out of, well, one, do hereby state that your attack upon our claimed district of Vira'ker shall not stand. It is a necessary district for us, giving us many demographic advantages. Therefore, our government has taken a vote, which of course was unanimous, and has decided to declare the Spicy Empire and ourselves to be in a state of war. Our forces are already assembled in the tavern and, we assure you, that after they are sobered up in a week or two, you will see our wrath. Fredegar Puddlefoot, Mayor of Hillsborough, Supreme Important Guy of the Gerrymandocracy of Hillsborough.
  12. The crew of the Spicy Shrimp on the walls of Vira'ker, celebrating their victory.
  13. Which is amusing as hell considering it is against the rules already.
  14. That's not art, Devs. We know what art is. It's paintings of horses!
  15. Some people do fine with it. Not everyone should, but some can. It all depends on how much Bleed you experience.
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