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  1. The voting system What happens when you die Region Perms CT Mines and Resource Pits Locking doors and chests Discord and why it's important in LoTC
  2. Liesl sipped at her glass of port, reading over the pact that her husband had brought home. Her daughter lay on the bench, her head in Liesl's lap, sleeping soundly. The light of the fire brought enough light to read the words etched on the parchment, and her lips smiled with pride as she saw what her husband's House (and many others) had accomplished this day. She sipped again at her port, admiring how the document was put together. As written, and as devised, it left no conflict within her. She was loyal to a fault to her cousin by marriage, but she was also the Grand Lady of the Royal Courts of Hanseti-Ruska. Even so, she knew that this pact would strengthen three things: the noble houses, the house Barbanov, and the dual kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska itself. She finished her port and set the glass in the table. The crystal meeting the oak echoed around the quiet room, intruding upon the crackle of the fire. Liesl closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Ave Haense. Ave Barbanov. Well done, my love."
  3. This is the very very sad reality of this server. I've played in many games where this kind of cooperation was possible. I hoped it would be possible here. It is not. At least not now, and not universally. Default rules must be implemented, with the ability for negotiations to change them for an individual conflict. Then those changed rules must be publicly posted.
  4. 6/10 Amusing. I want to have that level of confidence with handyman stuff.
  5. How in the world do you decide that good roleplay is preferably in present tense? Of all the things to get persnickety about...
  6. What qualifies as a hidden switch? Are we terminating all redstone use? Just trying to figure out what's being limited.
  7. Jumper, if you turn halflings into a bee meme race, so help me...
  8. @Tha_Mystery_Man, you know I love you, but this is wrong. If you have information for the community, it needs to be known at this point. We just lost our last dev and we know that staff is actively hiding information from us.
  9. Fred Puddlefoot rocked back and forth on his porch in Hillsborough, smoking a little pipeweed, sipping a cup of tea, and reading the paper. He shook his head. "Now, wha's really tellin' is tha' not a single man among them bigguns would join our cause. Makes ya think tha' if no' one biggun would stand fer non-violence 'tween tha' 'umans an' tha Wee Folk, p'raps the obvious propaganda sent out from tha AIS migh' 'ave more o' a ring o' truth ta it than Oi thought."
  10. The Grand Lady of the Royal Courts of Hanseti-Ruska shook her head. "That is Haense's history, but it is not who we are. Haense is Freemen. “To each freeman is his own life, to take it is to be a thief, To each freeman his own time, to take it is to be a slaver, To each freeman his own sword, to take it is to blind him, To each freeman his own wife, to take it is to injure him, And to each freeman his own farm, to take is to make him no man.”
  11. Baelithar ran his hands over the scars on his flesh as he put on his clothing. Next was his bronze mask and cloak, then his armor, shining as bright as the Silver City as the sun sets. His sword was strapped to his belt, his quiver on his back. "Sooner than I expected. Some things that ought to take days, sometimes take centuries. But when 'thill of courage rise up..." he smiled, got on his black destrier and set out from his self-exile in Courland. "It is time. A new hope rises..."
  12. An Ombudsman is actually a position much needed in this server, the fact that you're describing it badly, notwithstanding.
  13. So what you're saying is that you sold the Safety Team to HighSchoolRP?
  14. Are we really running out of space though?
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