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  1. Heavy disagree. If the ST team is open about environmental story, we players can make better themed player events.
  2. Burnsider


    Hey raiders, I have a great idea!
  3. This is a gross over-simplification of the rule, which only applies to mentioning a character's death if they haven't pked without permission. Moreover, this has been in the rules for a while.
  4. I know it sounds like a lot. Don't worry. It's not.
  5. Prior David scratched an non-existent itch on the back of his hand as he read the missive. "If I had not been such an utter failure as Grandmaster of ridding the...the...the--" Suddenly, his voice was pitched and loud, "--FILTH!" He took a few breaths. "...from the Order, I could have found and burned this monk." He chuckled a bit, suddenly. "Wait wait wait," he scratched his bald scalp. "Fraternal justice. Brother correcting brother." He looked up at the Hussariyan cross that hung above his office and signed the same. "It shall be done."
  6. A REQUEST FOR INVESTIGATION Addressed to the Curia of the Holy Mother Church On the Confession and Crimes of Lhoris Anarion & An Investigation into House Barclay 5th of Horen’s Calling, 1886 | 5th of Wzuvar & Byvca, 439 E.S. A message from PRIOR DAVID INVITUS It is with humble apologies that I put forth this letter to the Curia in such a public fashion. However, since I have last met with the Auditor of the Tribunal on this matter, I have seen little progress in the proceedings against the elf currently styling herself as Lhoris Anarion. Furthermore, I have gleaned more information since that time that may implicate the House of Barclay in these proceedings. Given that our beloved High Pontiff, Tylos III, is a member of that House, I felt it best to proceed publicly with my findings. Before I begin, I should point out that I was, in fact, entwined with the people involved in this investigation. Before stripping myself of name and titles when I took up my oath as a Knight of the Martyr, I was Gunter Barclay, a member of the Antonite branch of said House, and great-great-great-grandson of Lhoris Anarion by adoption. Indeed, I spent a good portion of my earlier life being mentored by my ‘grandmother,’ as she insisted I call her. In that time, and beyond, I have learned the following. Lhoris Anarion is a heretic of the Church of the Canon, if she ever was a true believer in the first place. She has worked tirelessly for over a century to influence the highest levels of our Holy Mother Church, guiding its leadership into false beliefs and teachings. In the last years of our time upon the continent of Arcas, Lhoris posed as a member of the family Dubois, adopting two children that she hoped to use in her plans and machinations. Her plans did not go entirely well, for when the two daughters were brought into her schemes, one killed herself rather than be part of it. The other daughter, Nenica Dubois, was married into the Barclay family. Around this same time and into the journey to and in Almaris, Lhoris Anarion also posed as a human named Beatrice Virosi, the niece of Godric Virosi, known more appropriately as High Pontiff St. James II. Though she posed as his niece and caretaker and he was the Vicar of GOD, Lhoris Anarion and St. James II had an intense love affair. It was during the time of this affair that Lhoris Anarion brought St. James II before Azdromoth, where they spoke at length. As was her plan, from that day onward, he believed that otherworldly beings not sent by GOD spoke to him and he believed that GOD Himself was dead. No man lives forever, and Lhoris Anarion had laid plans for her continued infiltration of the church in St. James II’s trusted Cardinal, Manfried Tobar, then known as Cardinal Manfried St. Julia. St. James II passed away with Lhoris Anarion by his side and she made plans for the Conclave to elect her chosen successor. However, something happened then that she did not expect. Laurence Cardinal Albarosa, born Laurence Pruvia, was elected by majority vote of the conclave instead. Thus, the laurel passed to the head of High Pontiff Owyn III. Lhoris Anarion was enraged that her plans had gone awry. Using dark magic herself, or contacting someone to do so, a creature known as the Pied Piper waylaid Cyril Cardinal St. Publius on his journey home from the pontifical election. The Pied Piper appeared to him as Blessed Seraphim of Leora, saying that GOD denounced Owyn III and that the conclave acted at the behest of the deceiver, Iblees. Thus, Cardinal St. Publius and Lhoris Anarion, posing still as Beatrice Virosi, began a schism against the church. This schism culminated, at Lhoris Anarion’s behest, with the Red Diet of Karosgrad, where priests and holy knights were butchered and imprisoned by the combined might of the Knights of the Crow and the Imperial State Army unti Owyn III resigned. Upon hearing this news, Owyn III committed suicide. Thus, Conclave was called once more and Lhoris Anarion had an unassailable majority of allies (including Manfried Cardinal St. Julia and her son-in-law, Alfred Cardinal Jorenus) in the College of Cardinals. This time, she got her wish and Manfried Cardinal St. Julia was elected by majority vote of the conclave. Thus, the laurel passed to the head of High Pontiff Jude II. Since that election, Lhoris Anarion’s tie to the Barclay family has served them well in the church. Her son-in-law, Alfred Cardinal Jorenus, became Tylos I. Fiodor Jazloviecki, once a bannerman of the Savoyard Barclays, became Tylos II. Klaus Barclay became Tylos III. For the past 133 years, there has been an almost unbroken line of church leadership tainted by Lhoris Anarion, a consorter with Azdromoth and a believer in the non-existence and death of GOD. The world needs to know, and something must be done. I pray to our almighty Father that this will not fall on deaf ears.
  7. Anyone who wants a perfect historical recreation is silly. This is a fantasy server; we should makes fantastical versions of historical cultures. Did not read all the way through, but love the gist. Very very nice.
  8. I'm running through the snow towards this thread with a shotgun.
  9. Did you even watch the video? The dog doxxed them.
  10. Great hyperbole, truly pleases the palate.
  11. You are a cruel, but fair, mistress. 

  12. "It's okay to be toxic, just not too toxic." Line treading breeds line crossing. Let's just all be better.
  13. I truly hope tiles are gone next map. Let's just have regions and the ability to call some contiguous regions a nation.
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