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  1. Ursula Vasović shook her head. "I would have been more tempered, but Franjo is absolutely right."
  2. Obrecht Barclay raised his eyebrows as his great-grandfather read the Treaty aloud at the dinner table. "Uberhauchpapej, what does that mean for elves like Miss Seregon? Ich mean, obviously she's exempt, but it ist kind of spitting in her face, ja?"
  3. A letter on paper, often soiled and wrinkled from being kept long outside, is tacked to posts and gates in and around the cities of Providence and Karosgrad. Lo now do I, the Voice in the Wilderness, do come upon you once again to lament the position of the High Pontiff and to give you counsel in this dark time. The voices from the people of Providence do sound louder and louder. They proclaim a holy war against Norland, proclaim they are defend the faith from heathens, and proclaim that they are leading a righteous cause against northern invaders intent on destroying the church as
  4. Ursula Soreana Vasović raised a glass of rakija as she read the Golden Bull. "Za Vasoyevi! Za Pocitanata Maika!"
  5. Obrecht Barclay looks up from his lessons to laugh. "I mean, it's impressive how absolutely no one wants the Ice Spikes."
  6. Ursula Vasović sat with her nephew that evening on a chair near his bed as he was tended to by his betrothed. "Te know that Ja worry about them joining us. They are not Vasoyevi, they know not our culture, nor our ways. They bring a twist to our religion when our meetings with the church are still so fresh. It is a mistake, Ja tell you, and it will bring enemies to our doors." Andrik nodded, and looked at his aunt, thinking. Finally, he merely said, "And this is one of your seeings?" Ursula bit her lip and cursed. "Jevi...ne. Ne, the kafa is clouded and tells me nothing
  7. Joaquin of Osanora, the Voice in the Wilderness, shook his head as he read another message from the church in the same month, delivered to his cave. "Of course, the priest who celebrated the execution of the Sedanite who was denied a final Confession, the one that barred me from the Cathedral in Providence after threatening me with his trident. It is no wonder he wrote this. He remains as I called him then. May he seek redemption before the Void claims him."
  8. Joaquin of Osanora turned to the man as he waited outside the church to see a priest. "They do. They care for your immortal soul, which means more than any temporal authority."
  9. Joaquin of Osanora, the Voice in the Wilderness, received a copy of the message in his cave to the north of Reinmar from one of his the many messengers who supported him in secret. Upon reading it, he wept with joy and prostrate himself in prayer. "Oh Lord GOD, maker of the skies and the earth, forgive me, for I had feared that not one in Your church in the Holy Empire could see Your light in the darkness anymore. May this man's words turn the hearts of evil men towards forgiveness and redemption."
  10. Ursula looks at the ground underneath her that suddenly turned red. "Welp. Time for war."
  11. Lo, though I am but a Voice in the Wilderness, I proclaim a time of sin and woe amongst the Sons of Horen. For war fought against anyone, even pagans, must follow certain prescripts to be considered just, and wars are harder to be won when acting righteous. Yet, even so, righteously they must be fought. For if the Sons of Horen who follow the almighty GOD win the battle, but lose their souls, there is zero victory. Hence now do I, Joaquin Nuñez of Osanora, do leave the wilderness and come upon you as a baptized Canonist. Long have I called out the Canonist Princes that hold the thr
  12. A short letter was found hanging from the gates of Providence. "Lo, though I am but a Voice in the Wilderness, I proclaim a time of illicity and sin for there is no longer a difference between the actions of the pagan and the Prince. When the Prince refuses a final confession or even ablution in extremist to a condemned prisoner, does he act as a Man of GOD or as a pagan? When the Prince goes against the laws of the Canon in the conduct of a war, does he act as a Man of GOD or as a pagan? For the law doth state that it is desirable that Canonist princes should resolve
  13. Instead of sending in a form, Ursula Vasović places in a small letter, which states the following: If the young lady requires the use of a matchmaker, I know several within the Vasoyevi who would love to offer their services.
  14. Around the campfires that evening, the rakija flowed liberally and the music seemed to grow to a greater crescendo with each moment. Ursula Soreana Vasović danced the kolo with several other Vasoyevi, moving slowly around the others, her henna tattooed hands moving gracefully with the sound of the music. She caught the eye of her nephew and gave him an almost imperceptible nod, which said quite clearly, 'well done.'
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