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  1. I remember being in Church of the Canon discord and there were a significant number of people who had the belief that if you play a character that is opposing their character, they have the responsibility to ban you from every discord where they have mod rights and that you clearly "aren't being a friend." "It's just smart. You clearly don't have my best interests at heart." I've heard that there have been people who were banned from Discords just for attending the Dumapalooza that my little vassal city put on. This shouldn't be normal behavior. It should be called out. It should get the people who let these IC conflicts disrupt OOC relationships ostracized from this community.
  2. Ursula Soreana Vasović, Matriarch of Vasiyeva, read the missive aloud to the court, pleased with the work of her nephew. "Truly we see now that Exalted Sigismund, the great Segimondes, is with us and supports us as he has since we converted to Canonism three hundred years ago."
  3. Ursula Vasović let out a smile as she read over the legal document. "This once-foreigner, new to our culture and our land, truly has taken the time to understand and appreciate the Vasoyevi culture. What a wonderful man."
  4. This is a game. People don't have to do outside research to play their game if they don't want to. People are allowed to (within the rules) play how they want to. Some people will play badly. Some people will play quite well. That's okay.
  5. Her Grace, Ursula Soreana Vasović, Matriarch of Vasiyeva scratched her head. "So, they banished my husband from a kingdom he didn't live in. The only person punished here is me, who has to trek out to that swamp now in order to get some."
  6. Ursula Vasović smiled as she did some knitting, wondering why they hadn't gotten any mail in a while. She sure hoped that someone wasn't addressing things incorrectly and getting them lost in the post.
  7. Ursula Soreana Vasović, Matriarch of Vasiyeva, who hosted the First Grand Adrian Duma within the city of Sava, penned letters thanking the many attendees of the Dumapalooza who, through presence or vote, gave legitimacy to the affair. She thanked, of course, the King of Hanseti-Ruska, whose magnificence was dwarfed only by his magnanimity. She thanked the Canonist Church, through Father Paul, who so wisely determined what contest he felt best for the determination of the church's vote in the Duma. She thanked the Prince of Savoy, though long an antagonist of Adria, they were nonetheless the successors of her fine friends in Sutica and welcomed the return of a proper Adrian election. She thanked the Prince of Sedan, her neighbors and friends under the dwarven banner, who attended the Duma for a short time. She thanked the Patriarch and Zhu of Yong Ping, and made a note that she must take some time to visit the Jade City soon. She thanked, of course, her nephew, the Grand Duke of Vasiyeva, whose health had returned in time for the Dumapalooza. And she thanked Sir Charles Galbraith for attending and enjoying the festivities, pleased to see that even high ranking Orenians supported the Duma.
  8. Ursula Soreana Vasović, Matriarch of Vasiyeva, raised a glass. "Truly, the best person has been chosen as Duke of Adria." Someone nearby whispered in her ear. "Wait... Philip who?"
  9. "I need to bake some more honey cakes!" Ursula Vasović exclaimed, running around the palace kitchens, prepping for the visit of such honored dignitaries.
  10. An Invitation for the Dumapalooza and the Adrian Electorate It is, with great honor, that the Vasoyevi people have been granted 'Birds of a Feather' status as an elector in the upcoming Dumapalooza as sent out and run by Franz Nikolai Carrion-Tuvyic. The Raev blood runs deep in our veins, though we broke away from the rule of King Barbov 'the Black' of Raev many centuries ago. We understand, of course, the necessity of a neutral and protected space to hold this event, and we believe that Vasiyeva, nestled in the Great Valley of Sigismund's End, is an ideal location, free from Imperial influence and treaty. Therefore, I and my nephew, His Serene Grace, Andrik Casimir Vasović, the Grand Duke of Vasiyeva, do hereby invite Franz Nikolai Carrion-Tuvyic and the other electors to the Grand Duchy's capital of Sava for the Dumapalooza. May the shared greatness that runs in our veins be never tarnished, Ursula Soreana Vasović Matriarch of Vasiyeva, Sigismundaroșie of Fate and Faith
  11. Sir Obrecht Barclay sighed. "It is like His Holiness missed the rest of the people that signed that letter. Those more senior than this lowly priest. Is he to be the scapegoat to the two Cardinals and the two Princes."
  12. The Sins of Olivier Renault Pay now heed to the words of the Last Knight of Sutica, who stands alone against the foul tyranny of the so-called Duke of Savoy, self-styled as Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie. Through honeyed words and rich pockets, he has found himself title, fame, and legitimacy, but beneath this gilded exterior lurks a dark heart. For he has: Wrongfully abandoned his duty as Regent of Sutica in order to prop himself up as a ruler; Evilly abandoned his care of King Corwin of Sutica, keeping the former king locked under house arrest in Corazon; Cowardly abandoned the people of Luciensburg to the evils of the ratmen; Cruelly stripped the King of Sutica of his title and crown without power or cause to place the crown upon his own head; Brutishly reduced the Royal House of Barclay, to which he was to keep its kingdom until the maturity of King Corwin, to a mere Patrician house; Callously styled the church in Carazon as the Basilica of St. Pontian III, an act against Canon Law; Impiously announced that he had power over the High Pontiff to determine who should or should not be baptized; Fiendishly disrupted the peace between Canonists demanded by Godan and His Vicar; and he has Barbarically murdered innocents within Rozania. I now call out this pretender who dared disgrace the work of my cousin by marriage, the beloved Johanna I, loved by her people, and, in the tradition of my beloved Sutica, which the pretender dissolved against his sworn duty bestowed by his wife and Queen, do challenge Olivier Renault to a duel in order that these wrongs may be righted in the eyes of the honorable. I await the arrival of his second to determine time and place. Sir Obrecht of House Barclay, Last Knight of Sutica
  13. Someone coughed, "It's also not a basilica..."
  14. "Well, it's not quite the same insult as murdering my uncle in a church," Sir Obrecht Barclay, Last Knight of Sutica, said to himself. "So, at least he's improving as a king."
  15. A Pledge of Loyalty to the Word and Bond that Ties Our Two People Together To his Excellency, the Lord Regent of Urguan, Azkel Frostbeard, From her Grace, the Matriarch of Vasiyeva, Ursula Soreana Vasović, Greetings. I have received the Declaration of War by the rebellious dwarf, Draakopf Doomforged, and though he tries to tempt the Vasoyevi to his cause with promises of independence and sovereignty, I send this letter to you now pledging the army of Vasiyeva and its trained hunters, the Vanatori, to you and the loyal people of Urguan. A Vasoyevi's Word is their bond, for when we had no home to call our own, it was only our Word that could be used as collateral. We urge you now to beware the words of the Scions and Followers of the Dragon. We have experienced their deception, we have experienced their wrath, and we have weathered their storm. Now, they turn their eyes to greater foes. Woe be them who now turn their eyes upon the resting giant under the mountain that is the Grand Kingdom itself. You are our benefactors and shall remain so until the Compact between our two peoples is completed. We come now, rendering aid as required, welcoming the fight that is ahead. Za Vasiyeva! Za Urguan!
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