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  1. @cordelia - wood elf I see the problem. You have edited your denied app and you need to resubmit a brand new one. That's why it hasn't been looked at. You'll need to hit the apply button again, but use the same edited character. Hope this helps.
  2. Thank you very much for the feedback on the Vasoyevi. I've also pulled a lot of Serbian into the culture as well. It was, in fact, one of the initial primary drivers (along with Romanian). Feel free to see my character in game for a coffee reading sometime.
  3. In 1807, a historian stood before a caravan of unfamiliar folk -- freshly arrived in Providence, draped in dark motifs, a conversation myred with foreign tongues & nervous interactions struggled to proceed. Irulan had discovered a small traveling band of no clear origin, and would author a small report of his findings after. From there, the term ‘Vasoyevi’ or ‘Vasoyards’ came to be, inspired by the most recurring surname amongst them. It was the beginning of a story with an undefined end, to take place in the still young realm of Almaris. [!]Vayosevi transporting
  4. Ursula Vasović turned to her husband who was just finishing dealing with a customer, her face half darkened by shadow and the light of the campfire. The smile on her face, though, was unmistakable. Dragomir moved to her, offering her a hand to rise from the log she sat on, and she handed him the missive she had snatched off a wall when they were in Sutica. "What does it say, my darling Žena?" he whispered into her ear. She chuckled and took the last sip of her rakija before giving him a kiss. "It says we have a new stop to add to the caravan's route. The Exalted Sigismund will bles
  5. Nicolas awaited for Ophelia in the Skies. In this realm of perfection and happiness, he had no regret that he was not there in her final moments, only joy in the anticipated reunion. "Come and join me. I want to have long talks with you again."
  6. "Witnessing (or fabricating) a character's non-PK death and ruling the individual to be "Undead" when learning they have been revived is permitted." Just clarifying. Most rules are things you can't do. But this says "is permitted." is that a typo and meant to say "is not permitted?"
  7. Ursula read the message as she crossed the Rubicon. "Nuts!"
  8. Ursula Vasović promised herself that, though the way be treacherous, she would work her way through the boys' blockade to deliver needed supplies to the girls' fort. She stocked her pack full of dolls, tea cups, and purple hair bows.
  9. What is the point of reserving a post? A topic never gets full. It doesn't run out of tables. A reply on page 2 is not somehow lesser than one on page 1. And yet we see it time and again on big posts. I don't get it, and I never have. Is it ego? "Well, my post was important because it was on page one."



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    2. Urara


      I think it's the same logic behind people who post "FIRST"


      your comment wasn't funny or insightful but damn if it wasn't first, huh

    3. Noobli


      @BurnsiderI do it specifically to spite people and inconvenience their eyes.

    4. argonian


      i get it if you're reserving like the first or second spot, especially if the topic is particularly relevant to you and likely to fill up


      but people who "reserve" a spot on the 3rd page for a topic that has next to nothing to do with them are just ridiculous 


      should honestly ban the practice, because for every 1 decent usage of it, there's 10 times where people just left a pointless "reserved" which they never even went back and edited 

  10. Nicolas clasped his hand on the shoulder of his personal confessor as they were escorted into the Seven Skies together, healed of all wounds and earthly woes. "Well, mein friend, it is about time that the heavens get to experience a mustache like mine, eh?"
  11. While compiling the personal effects of the late Pontifical Secretary, the scribes of his dicastery came upon the Last Will and Testament of Holy Sir Nicolas. My friends and companions, my family. Grieve not for me. I have lived a life worth living, one devoted to God. Although I know my days are short and I will be killed soon, either while protecting Ophelia and her daughter or at the command of the damned Cyril and Dima, I want you all to know that each one of you who touched my heart in this short life are truly my family. I have few real possessions beyond what th
  12. THE OATH FULFILLED "My soul belongs to GOD I know, I made that bargain long ago.” -Jean Valjean It had been a set-up, a planned betrayal since the moment the Diet had been declared. And Nicolas knew it the moment that the Crow Knights laid their hands on their blades as soon as the unarmed priests began to protest. He moved with vigor to the front of the crowd, pushing aside flabbergasted clergymen, to stand in front of them for their protection. And he thought he saw a smile glint on the young king’s face when he waved his men forward to remove t
  13. Holy Sir Nicolas, in full armor, helm and all, rapped his halberd against the ground. "The king is dead. Long live the king!"
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