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  1. Gunter Barclay let out a snort and a chuckle. He wiped the grease off his chin from dinner and turned to others in the Reinmaren hall. "Hey, look at this. Phil traded his brown pants in for a brown nose."
  2. Murder in the Argentate Star Presbyter Ileana returned to the confessional booth in the Basilica of the Argentate Star and smiled. Another soul returned to GOD's righteousness. It gave her such joy and pleasure after every Ablution, and this one more than most. The penitent was so eager to do his penance that Ablution had been done almost immediately after confession. She sat back down on the bench in the booth, waiting for the next penitent. It was her standard routine, holding a full day for confessions once per year in the Basilica. The day was well known to all in New Providence, for she always wanted as many people to be able to confess as possible. Suddenly, the door to her booth opened on her side, and she was shocked to see the same penitent again. Ileana gave a friendly nod. "Anything else you need, my child?" The penitent pushed her deep into the booth and closed the door. The attack was so quick that Ileana barely had time to react and then, just as quickly as it started, it was done. She lay on the floor, her life quickly ebbing out of her. She looked up at the assailant and she knew she had to speak, had to make sure that the penitent knew. "GOD...can forgive...even the greatest...of sins." Her eyes were so heavy. "GOD can forgive you..." The world went dark. "I...forgive you..." Ileana Sava Ursović shuffled off this mortal coil on the 6th of Harren's Folly, 1856. In her short time alive, she had been one of the first priestesses of the Canon, a cleric of both Providentia and Albarosa, and had been the Secretariat to His Holiness and the Pontifical Librarian. She was twenty-one years old.
  3. Presbyter Ileana smiled as she put pen to paper. It is so good to see people so young care about their fellow Canonists and the Church. It is always my pleasure to receive such correspondence, and I wish to encourage you to continue your learning and your writing. One particular passage stood out for me, and I wish to repeat it here: "It is inherent in our nature to make mistakes, to be misguided, everyone makes mistakes daily. Mistakes are forgivable and mistakes are natural, but we need to have the ability to learn from those mistakes to improve." You are absolutely correct. In fact, this is a key tenet to our faith. We, Descendants all, are sinners in the eyes of GOD. Not one of us is perfect. We all, to use your words, make mistakes. It is in the nature of GOD to forgive our mistakes when we seek His forgiveness and after we atone for those mistakes through penance. In this case, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Novellen made a very big mistake. They worked together with evil people to have their father murdered. I know you must hope, as I do, that they decide to ask GOD for forgiveness for this mistake and atone for it. In this case, the High Pontiff said that they could make up for it by giving up their throne and stepping down. I pray each day that they choose to exercise their "ability to learn from those mistakes," as you so rightly said. Mistakes ARE forgivable, as you have remembered. We have a just and fair GOD who forgives those who rightfully show they wish forgiveness. I pray each day that the Novellens remember that too.
  4. To High Pontiff Everard Sextus, I regret to inform you that I, your Secretary, have been placed into the care of the clinic in New Providence after I was injured when a pile of your mail collapsed on me. I have been told to expect a full recovery in a few days and will keep you updated. Presbyter Ileana
  5. "His Holiness does not control the inner workings of coalitions. There is no one to blame for the war other than the ones who declared it," commented Ileana.
  6. This will forever be my badge of honor. Nothing will ever top this moment. 


  7. Presbyter Ileana shrugged. "Literally, who should care? It is the duty of every single Canonist in all of Canondom to overthrow the illicit crowns upon the heads of the Anathemata. The question that should be asked is 'what do we think of the vast majority of Orenian Canonists who aren't trying to do so?'"
  8. Presbyter Ileana, hearing that only liquid currency would be allowed, offers her cousin 20,500 bottles of plum rakija. And then pleads to her cousin that this play for profit is beneath her father, the Marquis of Izvoroshu.
  9. The CT killed Jesus

  10. Yup seems like you pissed him off


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      He can't win, you know. If he strikes me down, I shall become more powerful than he can possibly imagine.

  11. To the Lectorate of Owyn, In your recent missive to His Holiness, Everard Sextus, you wrote of the aggression and threats of the Ireheart clan to Du Loc. In that missive, you wrote that you do not plea for aid in these matters. Nonetheless, the clergy and faithful followers of the Most High GOD throughout Almaris flocked to your city in order to defend it, and the Lectorate, from pagan aggressors. I, myself, donned arms and armor and rode south, only to be turned away at the gates, for your guardsman refuse entry to all clergy from the Archdioceses of Albarosa and Providentia. I am sorry, then, that I will be unable to help in the coming conflict. May it go well. May GOD protect the Lectorate and the city that gives it home. I will pray for your victory. Ileana Sava Ursović, Presbyter Secretariat to His Holiness
  12. Gunter Barclay lay in his room in Reinmar, groaning in pain from all the work he did today on the Haense-Oren border, but he knew it was worth it. As an Oathed man in the Brotherhood, he knew that what he did that day would go a long way towards helping Haense in the battles to come. Still, as the pain in his ribs struck him again, he had only one thought. "How could the Fedei Defensor do this?"
  13. Presbyter Ileana straps armor on her self and on her horse, grabbing her lucerne hammer and horseman's maul before heading out of New Providence, heading south.
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