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  1. Honestly, I've started a hiatus as well over this and seriously considered quitting. This is the one thing on this server I've enjoyed and staff keeps threatening it, so I tried to fight back and burnt myself out. This is a video game, not an investment profile or stock or something. You do not have to keep doing things everyone hates to make the server "improve". You'll drive away players because they came here to have fun- not work- and you turn it into the latter. Anyway- fully agreeing with Jumper. This is just... ugh.
  2. Name: Topaz Mireburrow Race: Halfling Mayor Vote: Mimosa Applefoot [X] Xob Wobson [ ] Dolly Peregrin [ ] Sheriff Vote: Breasal Nimblefoot [ ] Taylor Woodrun [X]
  3. Topaz Mireburrow picks up a paper, scrunching her face as she reads... "Ah, goo'ness... we're finally lettin' in more bigguns, huh? An' some expansions, too..." She smiles. "Abou' time we let in some friends a' ours. Maybe I'll even run fer mayor... wonder who the hell'd vote fer me. Be funny though... real funny." With this, she stashes away the paper, humming as she heads home, safe another day.
  4. You find a hastily-scrawled letter in your aviary... All members of our community here in Bywater are welcome to join a writing event next Pumpkin day! Any from experienced writers to first-timers to those who don't feel the urge at all (though we'll see- we'll try to make it fun!) are welcome. Some time will be dedicated each to writing and sharing out! Will be hosted at the bar. Books will be handed out by event-runner. All sorts of writing from short stories to poetry to jokebooks are encouraged- as long as it's the written word, it's welcome! Hope to see you there. Yours -Topaz Mireburrow
  5. Another letter? What's this... Everyone, the thieves have been dealt with! Er, nae like tha'. Biggun lady came (sweetheart) an' recruited 'em to a sailor ship. Dunno if child labor be legal bu' they've got more of a home now than they did, an' they shoul' be buggin' us a bit less- an' their tomfoolery's goin' someplace in a positive direction. If I see 'em again I'll let ye know! Won't be bashin' em again though. Fool I am. Thanks, and see ye! Yours truly, Topaz Mireburrow
  6. Residents of Bywater may find a letter in their aviaries that reads... To my fellow Bywater residents- a pair of thieves has been spotted in Bywater! ...Kind of. Fellows tried makin' off with a fishin' rod- nae borrowin' it, stealin' it and runnin' outta town. Dunno if they took anythin' else. They both 'ad orange hair, an' looked a little on the wee side for bigguns, an' they were brothers of a sor'. They looked awful like each other. One was called Jasper, didn't catch the other one's name. An' one had rather dirty clothes... yeah, even comin' from me. Now I woul' probably be more miffed soundin' if I hadn't taken the immediate option while panickin' and whacked the one on the head with a shovel. Which I feel bad abou', 'cause I only realized after th' fact that they were prob'ly jus' lookin' fer a way t' catch fish. Said somebody sent 'em? Doin' wha' they were tol'? (And said tha' someone sic'ed 'em on us for us bein' wicked or th' like.) I'm nae sure if I shoul' believe them. I gave 'em some a' Billy Bob's potatoes 'cause they mighta needed 'em. Go' the rod back bu' I still feel bad. If they're spotted again... next time maybe corner 'em withou' violence? Give 'em some carin' and wellbein' an' the like, try an' sell 'em on nae stealin' stuff? I'm gonna go pray t' Knox for forgiveness. Damn my violent upbringin'. Sorry 'f this be a bit of a confessionary rather than a warnin'. Be on the lookout fer a pair a' bright-orange brothers, an' if ye see 'em, er, prob'ly introduce 'em to Halflin' hospitatlity better than I did. Yours shamefully, -Topaz Mireburrow P.S. If ye orange lads get ahold a' this somehow, er... sorry. :(
  7. Topaz grins, picking up the letter and putting it in her pocket. "Heh... glad I was able t' help build that bakery in time fer it to be used! Maybe I've earned some brownie points fer that one... heh, brownies. Get it? Cause it's a bakery? ...Tough crowd," she said to nobody, before chuckling and heading home.
  8. While I have come too late to have met him, this is an evident loss for both the community and the world. Rest in peace, Dantory. May your mind and loved ones be at ease, and your memory preserved.
  9. Finally got around to drawing my characters so I could have a half-decent profile picture. Figured I'd post it. Apologies for the compression to oblivion.
  10. Topaz Mireburrow reads through the letter, then shakes her head. "First they give mud a bad name and then they hurt that poor fox, an' now a hole in time? Treacherous times... if I could get me mitts on whoever's doin' this..."
  11. Great idea! We should add lootboxes while we're at it, I'm sure it'd improve the server loads! ;)
  12. Jade stirs in an attic of a Celianor tavern, picking up a piece of paper she'd left on her chest. "Ugh... what is this? A... prophecy? ...world's ending... another owl..." She huffed in disbelief, then threw the paper to her side. "Oh, my head... I am never drinking again after this."
  13. Let's not argue, folks, everyone wants to play their character a different way and that's fine. If someone plays their character a way you don't like, do what tumblr do and just avoid them. I too care a lot about my characters, and my misguided sense of justice does make me irrationally upset at times, so I try not to bother it. While I disagree for other reasons, I see where she is coming from. Aren't we supposed to create the RP we want to see here? Make friends with players like you, and if someone plays a way you don't agree with, you are rarely under obligation to interact- much less argue with the way they play. You won't like everyone you play with, and not everyone you play with will like you. It's the way it is. ...and I guess I've just explained my own problem to myself, huh? Thanks for letting me walk myself through that. I'll be unfollowing this topic now, but have a nice day, everyone.
  14. Thank you for the help, everyone. I've decided I may crp again- though probably not another event. (And thank you for the mass response- i'm surprised even one of you answered, let alone seven!) I hope you all have a good day, and thank you for your time! :)
  15. Hello. I hate reading complain-y posts on here, because this is supposed to be a place where we all share in a good experience together, so if you're like me and you fall down rabbit holes of people complaining and it makes you mad yourself then this is your sign to turn around and go do something that makes you happy. For those who unlike me can read this stuff with a level head, here's another complaint post. (I didn't see any better forum for this nor a rule against it, so if there is let me know and I will take this down immediately.) I had my first honor CRP experience today. It was... bad. Really bad. I know it's about highs and lows in RP, and I'm supposed to be able to roll with it, but it really knocked me out. ...literally. I felt a bit targeted by the dm- I was forced to fail a very simple attack that by and large should have hit (just "stab a large thing right in front of me", more or less), allowing it to bite me, which made my character unconsious in six rounds (and weakened to uselessness within them), leaving me out of the rest of the fight and basically just sending me home afterwards. None of the other characters suffered any damage. I know my character was inexperienced, but that shouldn't have made me fail that attack. We were using honor CRP- the DM decided I would fail that attack. I'd be fine if anyone else suffered anything, or it had happened once I'd actually seen the rest of the fight- but it was more or less the first thing that happened! I won't name the DM because I guess they were just doing their job, but it was the first player-versus-DM encounter I'd ever had, and it feels kind of ruined for me now. The one thing I can credit the DM for is not killing me because it was my first time, but to me it still felt like much of the same thing, because I missed out on getting the same experience as the players around me. (And if I ever bothered again, he'd surely kill me that time.) Should I bother with combat on this server again, or is it the same thing every time? Immediate knockout by a low-level grunt if I'm not already a terrific combatant? I am asking genuinely, I know you lot are very gatekeep-y and I'm wondering if it's even worth it to try again or if it'll just be more of the same and I should just go play something else.
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