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  1. Ayda's Toys, and Plushies Located in the Silver Merchant Sovereignty What does the shop offer? The shop will be host to a large variety of children's toys, plushies, and living dolls! In addition children clothing might rarely be seen on sale! Prices Custom Living Doll : Starting at 50 mina. Prices will increase depending on material, and complexity Custom Plushie : 5 to 30 mina Custom Toy : 10 to 45 mina In addition the shop will start to be stocked with non-custom items. Those items will range between 3 and 15 mina. (OOC) I will be formatting the post better when I have braincells to do such. I have been very busy, but needed to get this done! If you would like a custom item send me a letter in game. IGN Sir_DB , and then Ayda Annyern'leyu. In addition you may DM me on my discord via SirB0ng0.
  2. Raevir Tavern Night, and Raffle On two upcoming saint's days, I, Nikolai Pyotr Savelie, am delighted to extend a warm invitation to a lively tavern night in the enchanting Duchy of Stran. This mirthful gathering promises to be an unforgettable occasion filled with delightful drinks, delectable food, and enchanting melodies. Everyone is cordially welcome to partake in the festivities and revel in the joyous atmosphere. Should the attendance be abundant, we shall seize the opportunity to organize a series of captivating tavern-themed contests, adding an extra layer of excitement to the already delightful night. So, bring along your enthusiasm and join in the merriment! Furthermore, throughout the course of the night, I will be offering raffle tickets for sale. Each ticket is priced at a mere ten minas, and you are more than welcome to indulge in as many as you desire. The raffle's fortunate winner shall be entitled to half of the total minas collected, while the other half will be allocated toward planning even more extravagant and thrilling events in the future! Mark your calendars, spread the word, and prepare for an evening of jubilation and camaraderie. Let us come together to celebrate life, friendship, and the shared spirit of revelry in the delightful ambiance of our tavern night in the Duchy of Stran. (OOC Notes below)
  3. House Savelie History House Savelie traces its roots back to the days of Almaris. Its founding members were Lazarev Yulian Savelie and his wife Isabella Daria Vladimirovna. Though the family remained honest, they never ascended to nobility. Instead, they earned renown as skilled hunters of both mundane and magical beasts. Throughout the generations, the family remained small, with a maximum of seven members at any given time. However, tragedy struck more recently. The fifth head of the house was Levin Yurity Savelie and his wife Peshina Yarina Savelie. They led the house for about five years before their first child, Nikolai Pyotr Savelie, was born. Despite their attempts, they were unable to have more children. When young Nikolai turned ten, on his birthday, he was out exploring with friends when he returned home to find his family's house engulfed in flames. Despite his efforts to save them, he couldn't rescue his parents and found them already dead with deep cut wounds to their necks before the fire even started. Devastated by the loss, Nikolai declined offers from the village to raise him, choosing instead to run away and dedicate himself to training. Eventually, he settled in the Duchy of Stran. Current Members Presently, House Savelie has only one surviving member and the current patriarch, Nikolai Pyotr Savelie. Despite his young age, Nikolai has already proven himself as a formidable warrior. On his first day in the Duchy of Stran, he valiantly defended the city of Andregrad, though he suffered the loss of his arm in the battle. Driven by vengeance, the determined sixteen-year-old managed to slay the bandit responsible for his injury, even while heavily wounded. Thanks to the generosity of the duchy, Nikolai was able to purchase an automail arm from the esteemed Shugo Kato. With his new arm, he demonstrated his prowess by defeating a bandit with just two swings of his flail, the final swing decapitating the bandit. The tale of House Savelie, with its legacy of hunting prowess and recent tragic events, now rests upon the shoulders of Nikolai Pyotr Savelie, the last hope to carry on the family name.
  4. A Bardic Dance Competition Issued on the 6th of the Amber Cold 138 S.A In one elven days the Bard’s College will be hosting a dance competition! There will be a group of three judges who rate a dance out of ten points. Each dancer will be given about five minutes(Five emotes) to dance, and show off their skills. After which the judges will vote, and the top 50% of the dancers will move on to the next round. In this next round it will follow the same rules, but the winner will be whoever has the most points. In the event of a tie, there will be a dance-off. Where each person tries to combat the other using dance! The entry fee for the event is TEN minas, and the winner will receive 75% of the earnings. The other 25% will go towards the college to continue funding events, and stocking our tavern! Come to the college near Nor’asath, and have a fun time! Signed, Ayda Annyern’leyu, Event Coordinator of the Bard’s college
  5. It is with a heavy heart that we announce the death of Laenor Scrivener. In the Petra River a body was found. That body was of Laenor Scrivener. In addition to the wound from more then likely being thrown off the cliff he was sucked dry of every single drop of blood. All of his belongings seemed to have been taken. Laenor leaves behind five children, and a sister. There was no will found on his body.
  6. To the skilled craftsmen of Aevos, I, Laenor Scrivener, am presently in search of exceptional artisans proficient in the creation of Automata, Sorvians, or similar marvels. I am eager to secure the services of an individual capable of crafting such extraordinary beings, and subsequently employ them to aid me in various ventures, be it in the field of medicine or resource acquisition. If you possess the expertise I seek, kindly reach out to me through a letter sent via a bird. Signed, Laenor Scrivener, Former lord of Visenya, Former Headmaster of the Visenya University, Patriarch of House Scrivener,
  7. Scrivener Jewelry, and Oddities Scrivener Jewelry and Oddities is a charming little stall nestled within the enchanting Principality of Helious, overseen by the talented proprietor, Laenor Scrivener. This delightful shop boasts an extensive collection of exquisite jewelry, ranging from elegantly understated wedding bands to one-of-a-kind custom creations. Whether you find yourself captivated by a particular piece or wish to explore the dazzling array on offer, do not hesitate to reach out to the esteemed Laenor Scrivener through the aviary, or better yet, pay a personal visit to the enchanting realm of Helious! With prices starting as low as 15 mina, there's something for every budget and style at Scrivener Jewelry and Oddities! Custom Pieces OOC
  8. The First Bardic Festival Ladies and gentlemen, we gather here today to celebrate an exciting announcement from Vailu Valmiran; College of Bards! Prepare yourselves for an extraordinary occasion as we unveil a grand event that is soon to grace our presence. In just a matter of one elven week, we will be hosting grand festival, and costume party, right within the grounds of our beloved college. Brace yourselves for an enchanting experience filled with an array of captivating events that will leave you in awe. In addition to all of this, the college will be selling costumes prior to the event, and the day of! We extend a warm welcome to all individuals at this wonderful event. While the overall party is free for all to enjoy, please note that certain events will require minas for participation. Join us for an unforgettable celebration that promises excitement and enjoyment for everyone! We extend a warm welcome to all individuals at this festival regardless of class, race, or religion! We request that all party-goers respect each other, and perform no acts of violence whilst on college grounds. Stalls will be set up to create a festive market, free to use for any sellers to set up their goods at! These will be first come first served, so hop right in if you see an empty one! The Planned Events As previously mentioned the party will be host to a large variety of events. This section will give a brief detail on those events! Battle of the Bards Vailu Valmiran is renowned for its collaborative learning methods, ensuring that students participate in a welcoming and familial atmosphere of education. While talent shows of the past have been a great outlet for our more competitive students, we’ve yet to have something more… direct. The Battle of the Bards will be a series of direct, 1-on-1 contests of mockery using the art types of the bardmancer’s (or guests’) style. Mockery may include, but are not limited to: rude artwork, mocking dances, songs of jeering, or vicious poetry. No actual battles! Winner of each round is decided by audience vote. Battles will continue in a tournament bracket style, and the winner will receive a custom song composed by Farian Malto! Raffles Throughout the entire event there will be three total raffles; The first raffle will be for Mina, half of the total earnings go to the winner the other half to the college. The second raffle will be for a custom dress, suit, or other item of clothing of your choice. The final raffle will be for a completely customisable and unique Living Doll, made by Kini Yuln’aher. The Shrouded Dance Halfway through the event, there will be a slow dance. Every person will choose a partner, and those who do not choose will be paired up randomly. The songs will be fast paced, and lively! Hoping to evoke excitement, and enthrall all of the partygoers! Costumes For Sale! Additionally, as previously mentioned, the college will be selling costumes for the party! Despite the absence of a specific theme, we understand the challenges of finding a tailor. Below, you will find a list of the various costumes available for purchase, along with their respective prices. Furthermore, please note that costumes will also be available for sale at the party itself. However, it's important to be aware that the prices at the event will be slightly higher compared to purchasing them in advance. So, take advantage of the opportunity to buy your desired costume beforehand and enjoy the party without any last-minute concerns! All of the following costumes are for sale throughout the week, at the low cost of twenty-five minas! These are NOT unique/one per customer! The Food! In addition to all of these wonderful events, the college has hired a premier catering service! Many different food options will be provided by Sarkharin Catering Service. Many of the foods provided are cooked in a way to make for easy eating, whilst walking! A menu will be listed below!
  9. A Bardsy Tavern Night! Join us tonight for an awe-inspiring Tavern's Night! It will take place at the wondrous Bards College, nestled near the city of Nor'asath. Get ready for an evening brimming with melodious tunes and graceful dancing! Indulge in a delectable feast of freshly made food and a wide variety of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. As the night unfolds at the Bard's College event, we will hold a raffle, where individuals can purchase a ticket for just five minas! At the end of the night, a lucky winner will be drawn, receiving half of the proceeds while the remaining half will be donated to the Bards College. Don't miss out on this enchanting opportunity to revel in the magic of the night and contribute to a worthy cause! If you have ANY questions please send a letter to Ayda (Sir_DB)
  10. Well, I was part of FRP two years ago, but I left because it was not fun, and IRL stuff that made it hard to play. About four months ago I was like I wanna get back into this because I feel now that life calmed down it would be fun; I also love D&D, and other RPG-type games. I came to find out FRP died, but some of the people I knew from FRP said to apply here, and well here we are four months out of a hopefully long time of being here!
  11. Hello! Uh I have no clue what I am doing, but I thought I would make one of these, and see what people ask me! Uhhh yeah!
  12. -House Scrivener- “Kustikāne hen ribazma” -The Overview- Scrivener is a renowned noble house known for its scholars, diplomats, and artists. It also holds the distinction of being one of the founding houses within the Principality of Aeltarys. While Scrivener has a long history, its prominence does not stem from military service; instead, the house is recognized for its multiple seats in the principality's government. While the majority of the family resided in the capital, they also owned a lush plot of land in a region called Visenya. This land was brimming with beautiful flowers of every color, which became the family's artistic inspiration. They would extract dyes from these flowers to create magnificent paintings. House Scrivener, as mentioned earlier, is also renowned for its scholars and diplomats. This reputation can be attributed to the family's early beginnings when many of its members faced physical weakness and illness, which made physical tasks challenging. Consequently, the majority of the family turned to the pursuit of knowledge. Some members chose to study a wide range of subjects, expanding their general knowledge or specializing in specific areas of interest. Others focused on mastering the art of speech and mediation. In addition to their intellectual pursuits, members of House Scrivener are known for distinct physical characteristics. These include caramel-toned skin and silvery hair. Moreover, a unique trait among all Scriveners is heterochromia, where their eyes display a striking combination of golden and blue hues. One final note: House Scrivener has a tendency to remain neutral and refrain from taking sides between the purists and integrationists. Instead, they assume the role of mediators, working to maintain and enforce the prince's peace within the Principality of Aeltarys. -The Cataclysm- The region of Visenya was devastated by volcanic eruptions, which also resulted in the destruction of Scrivener's homeland. This calamity had a severe impact on the family, resulting in the loss of numerous members. However, the family head, Laenor, along with his wife and children, managed to survive. Although most of their art and writings were lost, the family's spirit remains undeterred. They carry a burning passion in their hearts, eagerly awaiting the settlement of Aeltarys once again, so they can resume their original professions as scholars, diplomats, and artists. -The House Animal- The house animal of Scrivener is the peacock, which may appear unconventional compared to the reptiles chosen by other noble houses in Aeltarys. However, this choice holds significance. The peacock symbolizes both beauty and pride. Moreover, the magnificent colors displayed by the peacock captured the attention of the former family head because they, in a way, represented art through their vibrant hues. -The Current Family- Laenor Scrivener - Family Patriarch (@SirB0ng0) Daena Scrivener - First Born Child(@HobbitForHire) Naesys Scrivener- Second Born Child (@RatFromTheTrash) Baelor Scrivener - Third Born Child (Needs Player) Maella Scrivener - Fourth Born Child(@carebear) Lunox Scrivener - Fifth Born Child(@Xx_Scarlet_xX) - twin 1 Aegon Scrivener - Sixth Born Child(@Rat Hat) - twin 1 Haelera Scrivener - First born Sister of Laenor(@ShinyB) Naelyra Scrivener - Second born Sister of Laenor(Needs player) Avalon Scriven - Adopted Child ( @Sweetyceltic) -The Current Employees- (Will be updated as needed)
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