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  1. add a archer/ranged class FA that has tiers to make you better at using a ranged weapon, it will give the peasants a incentive to train their aim rather than be master archers from birth. heck you could even add a few melee FA's as well to specialise in certain weapons and fighting styles (although there should probably be a limit for how many of these feats can be taken)
  2. By Yemekar's creation through the paragons the pacts are made the pacts are done Ancestors of old negotiate with the elements on our behalf the Earth we walk the Water for our cauldrons the Fire for our furnaces the Metal we forge the Storms we endure the Air we breathe Receive our praise champions in life legends in death A balance disturbed a wrong to be made right unravel the mystery of the elements so that we may be spared of the eternal night [AI generated image]
  3. Letters began piling up in a mailbox that no longer had a owner, stories and adventures that would never be looked at as dust and age claimed the paper.
  4. Obok Metaldrinks got busy searching for evidence of co conspirators and to comply with the order to seize the relic and crystal key in the Irongut clan hall as well as Lurdoics home, leaving no pebble unturned. Blasted 'ells Lurdoic, yer demise only complicate t'ings...
  5. Obok Metaldrinks couldn't help but smile a bit as he saw his personal commendation.
  6. Obok Metaldrinks watched the smiths repair his tattered and dented armour from the siege, still pondering about the lesser presences he had felt within the pillars of the fort and how they were connected to the Harrower.
  7. how do you feel about adding cold and fire into the amendment too? could be something along the lines of the lifeblood freezing or that it boils.
  8. i do believe this will help clean up some weird situations where if you don't have a bludgeoning weapon you just have to sit and wait for the darn thing to bleed out, it gets awkward.
  9. Grelu? thats a weird way to spell Alaric!
  10. ((MC NAME: Wulfric_borr)) Name: Obok Metaldrinks Vote 1: Obok Metaldrinks Vote 2: Obok Metaldrinks 3rd mandatory vote for being the best citizen in hnor under 5ft: Obok Metaldrinks
  11. Obok Metaldrinks read the morning newspaper over a cup of coffee (its beer) and frowned before saying "i cannae believe i made t'at sour bean my letter buddy..."
  12. Obok Metaldrinks sat in his living room, still processing the death of his teacher as he stared into the flames of his fireplace. A heavy silence hung in the air, only broken by the crackling of burning logs and a slight rumbling from the earth, the silhouettes within cast shadows into the dimly lit room.
  13. A golden opportunity Unnek The sand dunes take and the sand dunes gives Otharem Stone and rock hides many mysteries to be unravelled from the highest peak to the lowest depths Nolvar The earth is the foundation ᚨᚱᛗᚨᚴᚨᚴ Armakak i heed thee A pact for me My worship you shall receive The riches you promise i will believe The bounty of the earth unravelled On the road we all travel
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