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  1. Wulfric


    ↬ Discord: aldsworth ↬ Skin Name(s): MINA COMMISSION SLOT ↬ Bid(s): 250
  2. oops didnt see the date of the post
  3. 950 on the number 12. MC: Wulfric_borr Discord: aldsworth
  4. outdated measurement system for a outdated weapon :p
  5. Ancient Trident This three-pronged spears head is 14'' long and made of Corinthian bronze, giving it a dark purple colour. The handle is 5,5 feet in length and made of copper that has long since oxidized, giving the handle a blue-green colour. The outer two points of the spear head has concave curves along the outside and grooves adorning the bottom of the outer points. Epic found in Lukewarm ocean, deep lukewarm ocean, deep ocean, ocean and warm ocean first time making a weapon desc, how did i do?
  6. Aevos Conch This conch found in the waters around Aevos has a broadly triangular shell with a wide lip that frequently protrudes towards the peak that is both attractive, ornamental and is sized between 20-30 cm, the meat is pink and white in appearance and if eaten raw it will taste mildly sweet with a chewy texture that is rubbery and squishy, a flavor of crab with undertones of salmon. Uncommon found in Lukewarm ocean and warm ocean biome feel free to throw some feedback about this my way.
  7. how is it to have seen the passage of time? nations rise and fall, new people come and old people go, even the plugins and some rules are not the same.
  8. Obok Metaldrinks woke up in his apartment, breathing heavily as sweat ran down his skin, the vivid images still fresh in his mind he muttered to himself. W'at t'e 'ell 'ave i gotten myself into?!
  9. "is t'eir plan tae destroy t'emselves before t'e Mori gets em?" A dwed wondered when he looked over the missive.
  10. anot'er overgrown lizard t'at needs a beating?
  11. nice but i would like to see it expanded in the future to include a use for the bark or even fruits
  12. Obok metaldrinks is still waiting for that lemon tart he is owed
  13. Obok Metaldrinks is determined to bring an alcohol and snack booth with him for the next trial
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