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  1. isnt this basicly an copy of regular blood magic runes?
  2. Guild Charter Application: The Dark Talon Name & Purpose of Guild: The Dark Talon serves as both a mercenary guild and knight order, operating under the principles of valor and secrecy. Our members, including bounty hunters, mercenaries, and adventurers, undertake various tasks, from scouting to clearing out lairs, to bounty hunting. Type of Guild: Magic ; Mercenary guild and knight order. Current Leader: Vaelor, VintageCreed Current Officers or Subleaders: Romeroh (Greenmen), Anai Orzo Darkthorn (MrBra), and others. Current Members: Approximately 40 members, including. Aganar Kalgan (McSteve5662) ; Ævin Vin'lenn (Klobars) Property Requirements: We require a property large enough to accommodate various facilities, including a meeting room, forge, and common area. This property may be located in the woods or within the city. Agreement: We agree and consent to the rules, requirements, and responsibilities outlined in the charter. We understand the consequences for breaking our oath. [Signature] Vaelor, VintageCreed
  3. sorvians are great but they need more people who actually make them as i never seen any sorvian crafter
  4. Greetings, adventurers! We invite those in search of a distinct. RP experience within a free-roaming, dark mercenary knight order—unrestricted by the bindings of church or nation. About Us: Freedom First: Our group values individual freedom, unrestricted by allegiance to church or nation. Mercenary Focus: Embrace the spirit of a mercenary knight, taking on contracts and shaping your destiny in the shadows. What We Offer: Prosthetics, Healthcare, and More: Enjoy guild benefits that prioritize the well-being of our members, including prosthetics, healthcare, and essential amenities. Weaponry and Armor: Equip yourself with top-notch weaponry and armor provided by the guild, ensuring you're well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. To express your interest, drop a message to VintageGermanium. We'll reach out to discuss your character concept and ensure it aligns with the ethos of our free-roaming, dark mercenary knight order. Current characters are also welcome.
  5. In the dim-lit corners of Aevos, a worn parchment unfolds, unveiling the summons of a clandestine fellowship concealed in the embrace of night's shadows. Valiant hearts, adorned in the mantle of shadowed armor, are beckoned forth. Picture yourself in the muted hues of darkened armor, threading through a world where secrets stir in the breeze, and strength echoes through unexplored darkness. Seize your destiny, from the soft jingle of coins to quests for justice. An invitation awaits kindred spirits, a subtle plea to join a more liberated order, resonating with the spirit of mercenaries. "Sometimes you'll have to use darkness to serve the light." (OOC Note: This order is made for dark/ mercenary knight RP. For more info, message VintageGermanium.) To Apply: Name: Race: Age: Skills: Affiliation: MC User: Discord User:
  6. (ooc Note My Discord is vintagegermanium)
  7. The Dark Talon In the clandestine recesses of Aevos, a formidable network thrives—a seamless alliance encompassing Mercenary Guilds, Spying Guilds, Bounty Hunting Guilds, and This intricate web of shadowy affiliations is orchestrated with unparalleled finesse by the enigmatic leader, Vaelor Darkthorn, a figure whose name alone sends shivers through the underworld. The Dark Talon, as the network is ominously known, extends its reach across the diverse landscapes of Aevos, a predatory force with tendrils embedded deep in the clandestine fabric of society. Its operations unfold silently, veiled in secrecy, with each member and guild concealed within layers of anonymity. The web of The Dark Talon is an enigma—a whispered myth that instills fear and respect alike. At the nexus of this hidden network resides the all-powerful council—The Falcons Circle. Guided by the strategic brilliance of Vaelor Darkthorn, The Falcons Circle is a conclave of master tacticians, elusive spymasters, and cunning leaders. Their decisions are the threads that weave the destiny of The Dark Talon, resonating through the shadowy corridors of power within the underworld. This elite assembly, named for the intelligence and prowess of the Leadersthat symbolize the guild, is the unequivocal authority that shapes the clandestine affairs of The Dark Talon. Within the network, each guild plays a pivotal role, honing their dark crafts. Mercenary Guilds offer lethal services to the highest bidder, Spying Guilds conduct covert intelligence operations, , Bounty Hunting Guilds pursue elusive targets, The Dark Talon seamlessly integrates these diverse elements into a mosaic of power, ensuring its influence remains elusive and its secrets impenetrable. In the dim-lit corners of Aevos, where whispers wield more power than shouts, The Dark Talon stands as an indomitable force—a dark power that moves silently, striking without warning. The network's pervasive influence ensnares the unwary in its intricate web, leaving no room for those who dare challenge the might of The Dark Talon and its enigmatic leader, Vaelor Darkthorn. Pinned Letter: Dear Aspirants, To become part of The Dark Talon Network or apply for your guild's inclusion, extend your intentions through the written word to: Vaelor Darkthorn (This is Not An Guild , Rather an Network of Guilds)
  8. Vaelor Darkthorn, the shadow-wreathed figure in the clandestine corridors of his guild, absorbed the news of Lector Stor Vuiller's final journey. As the tale unfolded, the master assassin couldn't help but recognize the poetic symmetry in Stor's fate. "Father Stor Vuiller," Vaelor mused in the veiled silence of his sanctuary. "Your machinations cease, yet the echoes of your legacy persist." He took a moment to inscribe a message, a subtle eulogy that resonated with the unspoken language of the shadows: "In the grand dance of machines and men, Father Stor Vuiller's final act has concluded. A life woven into the fabric of Providence, now resting in the silent embrace of eternity. Requiem in pace, Lector Stor, for the war you faced transcends the mortal coil. May your creations echo in the corridors of time." Vaelor's post concluded, the shadows whispering their tribute, "In memoriam, Father Stor Vuiller, your legacy endures. Requiem in pace."
  9. I'm searching for roleplayers to become part of the Darkthorn bloodline within the Brotherhood of the Hidden Blade, an established guild in Urguan. Whether you see yourself as a brother, sister, or cousin, you have the freedom to shape your character's look, personality, and the role they play within the guild. Role assignments are discussed in DMs and may vary based on individual preferences and strengths. If you're interested, reach out on Discord (vintagegermanium).
  10. Anyone interested in playing automatons within my guild is welcome to message me. The design, the role, and the gadgets are all somewhat up to you. Additionally, the Brotherhood of the Hidden Blade will accept you into its membership. as well as other weapons like swords, daggers, and so on. (My Discord is vintagegermanium)
  11. "I am in search of a Minecraft skin for My Character Vaelor Darkthorn, Grand Mentor of the Brotherhood of the Hidden Blade, drawing inspiration from Jacob Fry. The attire remains consistent across three versions: hooded with a veiled face, hooded with the face revealed, and a timeless unhooded appearance. I offer payment in mina for The Skin. For further discussion, kindly direct message me on Discord: vintagegermanium.
  12. Free my man he did no wrong

  13. Greetings, I am actively seeking a skilled craftsman for a commissioned project involving a comprehensive set of gear, including advanced assassin gear such as hidden blades and concealed weapons, climbing equipment, and various role-playing items. Payment options include mina, iron, or gold, and I'm eager to discuss the project further via DMs. If you possess the craftsmanship required for these commissioned tasks and are interested in collaborating, please contact me through DMs. We can delve into the specifics of each item, discuss design elements, and consider any unique features or preferences you or i may have in mind. I look forward to our private conversation and the thrilling opportunity to partner in crafting a versatile collection of gear for various role-playing scenarios. Best regards, Vaelor(my Discord Is vintagegermanium)
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