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  2. 2 Emotes for bows and similar weapons without AP capabilities with a 16 block range 2 Emotes for javelins/thrown weapons with an 8 block range 3 Emotes for Arbalests/AP at a 16 block range AND Half Movement speed while preparing a ranged attack. As for plate, the only way to change prevalence without creating an in depth armor classification system is probably to swing the other direction to total standardization of armor strengths. Just like how we have ferrum as the "metal standard" and most of the open materials are ferrum strength but with aesthetic or minor utility differences (see anorum, kingstone, black ferrum, daemonsteel), armor should be defined as functioning universally the same with its status as plate, chain, crocadonk hide, etc merely a matter of flavor. Alternatively, the typified weakness based on plate, leather, or chain classification would be based on "armor majority", and force players to just pick. Without touching the combat rules, there isn't really a good way to deal with the basic armor systems. Maybe blue janitors should extend the olive branch to the green jannies and work on that. You don't play.
  3. Bata golf claps and sends out the following missive to the various Druids & Druid affiliates: The Grub-Bucket is proud to present: THE GRUB-BUCKET VEGAN MENU! Come try our Bougie Bento-Box, featuring vegan meals such as: Agedino Tofu - Lightly fried tofu in the shape of giant lizards in a bowl of tsuyu sauce! Faerie Harumaki - Spring rolls filled with bamboo, Faerie Truffles, carrots, and cabbage, seasoned with our signature Xambalan Pink Salt! Dimpledorc's Dimplegurt™ - A vegan yogurt-drink infused with VVizard powder! Seeking something fit for a fae fighter? Try our 'SakiGaki Siege' series of vegan treats, including: GB Ration: Mitarashi-Dango - Delicious chewy rice balls caramelized in a Sweetrock and sour sauce! GB Ration: Snika Bar - [RECIPE REDACTED BY ORDER OF KOYO-KUNI HIGH COMMAND] WE CAN'T WAIT TO HAVE THE DRUIDS FOR DINNER AT THE GRUB-BUCKET!
  4. TO THE IMPERIALIST YOKAI-DOGS FROM THE GRUBBERMENT IN EXILE: THE GRUB-BUCKET WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU FOR DINNER! "To struggle is righteous. A people who are without the means to live peacefully shall wage tireless war to achieve them!" -Shugo Kato 'Uncle O' Oijin
  5. MC Name: Dargrind Discord: Strangerthantheblackstars Image: Description of Image: Shugo Oijin Propaganda Poster Dimensions: 1x1
  6. Attention Loyal Customers of the Grub-Bucket™! THE GRUB-BUCKET HAS FALLEN | DEMONS HAVE OCCUPIED OUR KITCHEN | RISE UP BRAVE SONS OF UNCLE O, THE WAR TO RECLAIM SAKIGAKI & THE GRUB-BUCKET™ HAS BEGUN! ENLIST IN TAKEMURA'S TUNNEL RATS TODAY, JOIN THE ELITE GUERRILLA FIGHTERS OF SHUGO OIJIN! "In this time of crisis, there are no Nobles and no Peasants. Every soldier must be a Samurai and a Shinobi. I shall need one army, united and singular in its purpose, to liberate our land. The Army of Uncle O!" -Shugo Kato 'Uncle O' Oijin
  7. Mfw you try to stop me from playing a homophobic racist knight
  8. [LECTOR] Father Stor [Ferrus] Vuiller {F}{U}{C}{K}{I}{N} Dies As the Machine Man overclocked, he would have smiled if he could. He would meet everyone, and everything, that has ever existed, at the OmegaPoint. He is the OmegaPoint. He is information. He is a simulation. A single scream left his voicebox as he battled Gashadokuro "LECTORS ! ! !" And with that, the noospheric entity piloting Stor was free. However, Stor awoke in a much different place than expected. "Craftsman Unit #017657, Trench Line Omega is in dire need of reinforcements. Take you position at the assembly line." The Machine, no, the man, blinked. A Reaver of Garumdir peered down upon him through a thousand mechanical eyes. "The Hyper-War never ends. . ." It stated, and beyond the walls of that Forge-City, a trillion machines battled a trillion demons in the eternal conflict between Aengudaemons. [!] Over the course of the month, Servo-Skulls sent letters to anyone who cared to know that Stor had died, in particular, any of the Vuiller bloodline, any associated with the Iron Orthodoxy {Mechpriests}, and any former Lectors {Or Lector Associates}. Included in the letter was the following: "To whom it may concern, I was Lector Stor Vuiller. I was born in Providence 130 years ago, give or take. I worked as a small time smith, and apprenticed under an old dwarven master, and learned the art of industry from him. I learned how to coke coal, how to automate my forge. Most importantly, it was outside his forge I met Father Paco de Mantiquilla. And through Paco, I met my best friends, the Lectors of Owyn. I stole the body of Saint Robert of Metz from the Abbey at the Crossroads, to protect it from the war. I learned the art of the Machine from Oijin. I created the Nu Loc Nerve Staple. I witnessed the completion of the Vampire Cure. I invented the LecTech™ Concussive Cannon Shot. {And I invented Canned Beer}. I created many a wonderful limbs and machines to help the common man. I battled Gibberers. I battled Demons. I battled Voidal Terrors. I battled Vampires. I helped seal away Tsuntenkaku, the dread castle of The Laughing Hag. And now, I am dead. I loved all life, and all people. The Hyper-War is real. The Hyper-War is coming. OWYN IS KING. THE OMEGA POINT IS REAL. **** YOU GASHADOKURO!"
  9. Lector Stor nods "And I'd do it all again, LECTORS!" He then forwarded the missive to Lector Robert
  10. [!] An Advertisement was quickly circulated around Braevos "Latsu want Katsu?" Come Visit the Award Winning Grub-Bucket® of SakiGaki! Voted "Best Eating Space in the Western World"! Nor Veleyth Food Ranking: SS Come try our exotic dishes: Chikenkatsu, Fugu Tempura*, Grimruk® Shake™, Sweetrock n' Sour Pork™, Dimpledorc Dimplegurt™, and much much more! For specialty meats, catering, or to-go orders, send a letter or speak to Ugokoyama Bata or Ugokoyama Takemura! *The Grub-Bucket® is not responsible for any illness resulting from any of its meats or foods, especially the fugu. Eating pufferfish or any undercooked, exotic, or paranormally enhanced food brings an inherent risk of bodily harm or death. In Oyashima we have a saying "bite your food before it bites back."
  11. Father Stor bows his head in prayer, for the ancient father of Elohim fought a different kind of Hyperwar than his kind, the Hyperwar of spirit. In every culture, there is one constant, the monomythos. The Black Samurai of the Oyashi, the Black Oni of the Onishiman, the Dark Knight of the Citronian, the Onyx Emperor of the Li-Ren, the Dark Khan of the Horde, the Prince in Black of the Gospel. Perhaps it was the Covenant who would stumble across Owyn's reincarnation, the Owynssiah, the prophesized PRINCE IN BLACK, FINAL SON OF SPIRIT. . .
  12. "Glory to GOD in the highest. Destruction to the Dragon-Worshipper and Dark Mechanics of the false believers. INITIATE RITUALS OF PRODUCTION!" The Mechpriest roared over the din of machinery
  13. Alright then, sounds like weve got ourselves a mechpriest
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