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  1. ”In hoc signo vinces, Deus Vult!” Goren recites
  2. Crusader’s Cants & The Litany of St. Godwin Section I: Call and Response Section II: Battle Hymns Section III: Admonishments of the Enemy Section IV: Peace for the Wounded Section V: Peace for the Martyrs Section VI: Contrition for those granted Indulgence Section VII: Litany of St. Godwin Section I: Call and Response The intent of this section is to serve as a pre-battle rallying cry. The war-chaplain, commander, or holy knight shall shout the Call, and the soldiers shall give a Response. In this manner soldiers shall prepare for battle and draw upon His divine grace, even if they do not have the time to say any Hymn, Cant, or Litany during the heat of battle. These responses also stand on their own, and may be used as a battle cry by the faithful. The Mass of the Crusader [An ordained individual sprinkles Holy Water onto the crusaders present, purifying them before battle. Onto the brow of the prayer leader, if applicable, the ordained member draws a Cross in holy water.] C: When Saul and Iblees came upon Horen, he did not falter, and by the Will of GOD did they drive forth the Denier! And as they charged into the legions of the Denier, into unholy and unimaginable Evil, what was their cry? R: Deus Vult! C: When Harren ruled the tribes of Horen, Owyn did not falter, and under the Sign of GOD did he drive forth the Wicked King! And as the freedmen rose up against the tyranny of Harren, what was their cry? R: In hoc signo vinces, Deus Vult! C: Holy Father, guide us! So that today we may carry high the Cross and do your will! R: In hoc signo vinces, Deus Vult! C: Holy Father, preserve us! So that tomorrow we may carry high the Cross and do your will! R: In hoc signo vinces, Deus Vult! C: Holy Father, give us strength! So that eternally we may carry high the Cross and do your will! R: In hoc signo vinces, Deus Vult! C: Holy Father, cleanse us! So that today, if we perish under the Cross executing your will, we shall ascend to the Seven Skies as Martyrs! R: In hoc signo vinces, Deus Vult! C: In this sign, we shall conquer! GOD Wills it! In hoc signo vinces! Deus Vult! R: Deus Vult! Section II: Battle Hymns The battle hymns are designed to be sung or recited during or before battle. These hymns are blessings and prayers, serving the dual purpose of improving morale and glorifying GOD so that he might shed His divine mercy upon us at the field of battle. The Chant of Peace Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris Quia non est alius Qui pugnet pro nobis Nisi tu Deus noster. Fiat pax in virtute tua: et abundantia in turribus tuis. Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris Quia non est alius Qui pugnet pro nobis Nisi tu Deus noster. Propter fratres meos et proximos meos loquebar pacem de te: Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris Quia non est alius Qui pugnet pro nobis Nisi tu Deus noster. Propter domum Domini Dei nostri quaesivi bona tibi. Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris Quia non est alius Qui pugnet pro nobis Nisi tu Deus noster. Rogate quae ad pacem sunt Gamesh: et abundantia diligentibus te. Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris Quia non est alius Qui pugnet pro nobis Nisi tu Deus noster. Gloria Patri, et exaltatum est, et sanctorum est, sicut erat in principio et nunc et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen. Da pacem, Domine, in diebus nostris Quia non est alius Qui pugnet pro nobis Nisi tu Deus noster. The Chant of Humility Non nobis domine, domine Non nobis domine, Sed nomine, sed nomine, tuo da gloriam! Non nobis domine, domine Non nobis domine, Sed nomine, tuo da gloriam! The Chant of Deliverance Libera me, Domine, de morte æterna, in die illa tremenda, in die illa. Quando coeli movendi sunt, quando coeli movendi sunt et terra. Dum veneris judicare saeculum per ignem. Tremens, tremens factus sum ego, et timeo, dum discussio venerit at que ventura ira. Dies illa, dies iræ, calamitatis et miseriæ. Dies illa, dies magna et amara, amara valde. Requiem æternum donna eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis, luceat eis. Section III: Admonishments of the Enemy The admonishments are public reprimandings of an enemy force. These admonishments are meant to demoralize the enemy and justify the current conflict to the faithful. As these are meant to be understood quickly by the faithful and enemy, the admonishments are universally in Common. Admonishment of the Heretic Hark, Heretic, and comprehend your fault! The Lord GOD did grant to Horen His Prophethood, which did rightfully pass to Owyn, which did rightfully pass to Evaristus and Clement, who did establish the priesthood to shepherd men! This line, unbroken and faithful, was scattered by the ages, and united once more by Godfrey, who received His prophethood from GOD. But they were quarrelsome, for they had no lords, and they brought great confusion into Godfrey’s kingdom with their divisions. (Gospel 6:49) So Godfrey did appoint James, the builder of bridges, as the pontifex, and gave unto him the duty of uniting the Church that there may be no misunderstanding. Deny no longer the Word of GOD, deny no longer your Pontiff, who is righteous and good! For he alone was appointed by GOD through Godfrey to lead our priesthood. Your claims fall upon deaf ears, for we know our duty to our Pontiff, as should you! If we cannot serve the prophet of the Lord, we serve Iblees (Gospel 6:56) Lay down your arms, and you shall be welcomed once more among us, for forgiveness is always upon His lips! Join us brother, and be forgiven as the priesthood in those ancient days! Admonishment of the Heathen Pity the pagan, the heathen, the idolator and polytheist. Pity them, for their gods shall not save them from Divine Judgement. Pity them, for they shall spend an aeon without knowing His nearness. Pity them, for their false belief shall never allow them to show us mercy, and thus, in ignorance, they throw themselves upon our blades. Hear me heathens, know that we are not like you! We abhor tyranny! We abhor slaughter! We abhor cruelty! Even though you may show us no mercy, know that we, the True Faith, shall show you mercy! While your gods shatter upon the bulwark of our faith, screaming for blood and carnage, all we demand is peace! Lay down your arms, for GOD is Love, and you shall be treated as such, even by those who you sought to destroy. Admonishment of the Saulacian and Daemon You, who forsake GOD, we condemn. For you, there is no recourse, there is no mercy. Know this, vile scourge, that you shall never win. As the Descendents destroyed your masters at the dawn of time, so too shall we continue to wipe from this World every feeble attempt of Iblees at disrupting His plan. With chains of his own making, the Denier writhes in the Void, lamenting his eternal weakness. As it is foretold, you shall not win this day, or tomorrow. Only upon the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Scroll of Auspice in the End of Days shall you find any ground upon our righteous World, yet, even as you do, GOD rallies his armies, the Eternal Light of Paradise washing away your vile sin and completing His plan! You shall crumble, forever destined to be nothing more than dust, ashes swept away as He remakes the World anew! Admonishment of the Undead Undead, beings whose time has long since passed yet linger on. This World is not for you, return to your slumber. Know that the affairs of this World are transient, and meaningless in the grand tapestry of time. All things come to an end, and GOD brings about justice, either in this life, or the next. We mortals are all flawed, bound to sin and reap anguish upon each other. Do not stir from your rightful rest, merely to fulfill some worldly affair. The time has come to allow for new life, for new journeys. GOD shall care for you, commend thy spirit into his hands, and know that we upon this plane shall do our best to live, just as you once did, good lives. Now sleep, find peace in His arms. We, the living, shall join you some day. Section IV: Peace for the Wounded Those who find themselves injured in battle often find themselves in the most spiritual turmoil. Guilt, regret, and fear plague the souls of those who know not whether they shall live or die. This prayer is not for healing, but for peace. This prayer is in Common so that any may administer it, whether soldier, chaplain or priest. Dear GOD, most singular, most merciful, who presides over the fates of all men. You have chosen this man to be stricken. Grant him peace, knowing that he has done all he can, and that this is Your will. Soothe his soul, oh Lord, as the time for fear is over, the time for regret has passed. Keep this brave soul close, for he has fought well, and by his presence this World has been made better. Rest his fiery spirit, and grant him strength to live that our World might continue to be bettered by his presence. Let his thoughts turn to you, and may he know Your Love and Mercy. In Your name we pray, Amen. Section V: Peace for Martyrs A prayer for peace, and a reminder. All those who die whilst on a truly righteous crusade are martyrs. The recitation of GOD’s Promise is optional. GOD’s Promise Omne vas quod fictum est contra te non dirigetur et omnem linguam resistentem tibi in iudicio iudicabis haec hereditas servorum Domini et iustitia eorum apud me dicit Dominus. [No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.] The Chaplain’s Peace Dear GOD, may the unburdened souls of these brave Martyrs make their journey from our plane to the Seven Skies in tranquility. Take them, Oh Lord, and keep them close that they might know the warmth of Your Love forever and ever. Bring peace to their loved ones, and keep the flame of their sacrifice forever bright within our memories, that we might never forget the selflessness of these men. It is in your name that we pray, Amen. Section VI: Contrition for those granted Indulgence Those on crusade are often granted plenary indulgence, or rather, a full forgiveness for all sins committed prior to entering into crusade. Indulgence is not a ‘reward’ for going on crusade, rather, it is granted out of necessity. Those who find themselves waging war may sin while on campaign or in the field of battle and be struck down before confession can be given. Thus, the indulgence is granted to all those who fight, that they might enter the Seven Skies as an average citizen who had ample time to confess might. Thus, a crusader should still seek contrition, either prior to battle or upon being struck down. (Do note, that if contrition does not occur, this does not bar a crusader from receiving an indulgence.) Contrition prior to battle Dear GOD, I have sinned in thought and flesh. You are Mercy, You are Love, You are Charity. With my weeping spirit do I acknowledge that I have offended thee. I know my sin, and do in Your name enact righteous penance as the Exalted Owyn once did. Please forgive me, oh Font of Mercy, and accept my penance, that my spirit may return to a place of purity, and that I may strive to love You and do Your will in all things. In your name I pray, Amen. Contrition for the dying GOD forgive, may my penance please you. Section VII: Litany of St. Godwin St. Godwin is the patron of the author of this document. As a crusade might be waged against any number of enemies, including the undead, this Litany has been proven to disperse spirits and daemons, as seen in the Legenda Sanctorum. St. Godwin was evoked by a Savoyard family after three successive days of the invocation of the Litany. The Litany may be performed by one individual, despite having a call and response format, by simply reading out both the call and response. C: Deus, Creator Terrae. [God, Creator of the Earth.] R: Miserere nobis! [Have mercy on us!] C: Deus, qui iudicat mortes. [God, who judgeth the dead.] R: Miserere nobis! [Have mercy on us!] C: Deus, Rex Omnipotens. [God, Almighty King.] R: Miserere nobis! [Have mercy on us!] C: Filius Horeni. [Son of Horen.] R: Ora pro nobis! [Pray for us!] C: Rex Aaun. [King of Aaun.] R: Ora pro nobis! [Pray for us!] C: Pater Owaini. [Father of Owyn.] R: Ora pro nobis! [Pray for us!] C: Dux anamarum. [Leader of souls.] R: Ora pro nobis! [Pray for us!] C: Qui, tu fugavisti daemonem. [Thou, who banished demons.] R: Ora pro nobis! [Pray for us!] C: Adversarius manium. [Enemy of ghosts.] R: Ora pro nobis! [Pray for us!] C: Amicus Exorcistārum. [Friend of Exorcists.] R: Ora pro nobis! [Pray for us!] C: Sancte Godewine. [Saint Godwin.] R: Ora pro nobis! [Pray for us!] Deus, Rex Omnipotens. [God, Almighty King.] R: Miserere nobis! [Have mercy on us!] Compiled in His name by Goren in Owyn’s Light in the Year of Our Lord, 1780. Glory to GOD in all things, may His Love be granted to all who wage war, especially the brave Crusaders combating the current Daemonic Incursion in Korvassa. ((Thank you to @thesmellypocket for help with the Latin translation and for creating the Litany format.))
  3. Goren is confused about why God is referred to as being Crossed. He eventually concludes that the Red Faith believes that God is angry with them.
  4. After 6 years I have come to the ultimate conclusion on the greatest roleplay group on this server. It is the halflings. Wandering into Brandybrook only to find it packed with halflings rping at some random time proves this.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      That’s what happens when someone pings the halfling discord. The infamously inactive race comes to life for an hour.


      If you ever want to interact with halflings, all you gotta do is join the discord and ping the @roleplay role whenever you are in the village. There’s almost always a handful of halflings willing to log online to RP with you.


      Except during off-peak, because we aren’t large enough to consistently provide RP for australian and european timezones. Probably what we’re gonna try and improve during 8.0 if it’s possible.

  5. Invasive Species Alert for the City of Helena Dear people of the great city of Helena. Recently, there has been a surge in the growth of two types of local plants, colloquially known as bamboo and sweet-berry bushes. These plants are NOT native to the Heartland of Oren, being imported from extreme environments in the northern and southern latitudes to the temperate and mild Heartland climate. Both of these plants have the ability to grow in untilled soil in a similar manner to a weed, and have a rapid growth pattern. Bamboo Bamboo is a woody plant which propagates through cuttings. Even a small cutting of bamboo left on the ground has the chance to grow into a large plant. This makes the bamboo highly invasive and particularly hard to get rid of. Bamboo can grow to extreme heights and block out sunlight for other plants. While bamboo may be pretty, it is dangerous if planted in an unconstrained environment. Bamboo normally grows in the jungles and extreme southern environments of the south. Here, bamboo growth is regulated by natural factors which prevent it from spreading rapidly, such as competition and heavy rainfall. In the temperate climate of the Heartlands, bamboo has no natural predators, competition, and the environment itself is much more hospitable for the rapid growth of jungle plants. Sweet-Berry Bush The Sweet-Berry Bush is a thorn-bush which propagates through the spreading of berry seeds, which may be dropped by local urban wildlife such as rats, pigeons, bats, etc. or left to rot on the ground around an already present berry bush. Due to the bushes prolific production of berries, local wildlife rapidly spread the bush to all corners of the city. These bushes often choke out local ground-cover and provide a thorny hiding spot for all manner of urban pests. The sweet-berry is normally found in frigid northern latitudes, where its growth is controlled by the icy climate which prevents year-round propagation. The temperate climate of the Heartlands and large population of berry consuming animals compared to the Taiga has led to the bush invading the city of Helena. Be vigilant Helena, GOD Bless. -Father Goren
  6. Fr. Goren begins to bake cookies more furiously in order to feed the Crusaders.
  7. ”He is right” Father Goren muses “The Daemons could be among us already. The time has come for the Church to once again stand against Iblees, in His holy name.” Father Goren then returns to his study of Herbs.
  8. Father Goren sees and compares to Prayer XX in The Comprehensive Book of Prayers.
  9. ”This would be a good time to bless our soldiers for the upcoming battle” Father Goren notes, penning a letter to his superiors “Saint Edmond, as our soldiers go into battle today, grant them fortitude and protect them. Pray for God to show mercy to the dead, and that in hoping for victory today, we may win the peace tomorrow.” he murmurs, his hand tightening on his cross as he writes.
  10. I appreciate this post. You never have to re-apply for the server, nor do you have to kill off a persona during map transitions. I enjoy the idea of a new player adventurer group, as it can probably lead to some unique groups forming up on the server. Generally, new players get sucked into existing groups and systems and aren’t able to go off on their own. Back in the day, some of the most fun I ever had was just hopping on with a few friends and exploring the world and interacting with people as they went about their own roleplay lives. I do recommend you find at least one experienced player who can help out with commands, but otherwise a lot of the fun comes from discovering things for yourself.
  11. “We shall drive the beasts back to the Void! In hoc signo vinces!” Father Goren roars, holding his Lorraine Cross high.
  12. Tancred smiles at the name on the cover from the bow of the Green Company boat “Ah, gut vurk Herr Napier, makes me eager to zee Helena ein more time..”
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