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  1. From distant shores a sickly man weeps for the man who was both his son and brother. “Thank you for everything” he murmurs skyward “in the end it was you who saved me.”
  2. The Life and Works of Father Goren FSSCT Goren Cardinal Kovacs, Bishop of Johnstown A biography Father Goren was born in 1746 in the Holy Orenian Empire of Arcas to a peasant family living in the heartlands of the Empire. This family, being of low birth and pious stock, carried no surnames and a rather unusual habit of naming children after the Exalted, with the caveat that one letter be changed or added to the name as to give each child a unique yet holy identity. The second Eldest of four children, Goren proved to be the weakest yet most apt with the skills of read
  3. Lojo613

    Stress break

    Aw, thanks for my apology @frill! I'll let it slide that it isn't 500 words long. Goodbye forever.
  4. Lojo613

    Stress break

    Some music I think is pretty, no other reason Hey guys, I'm taking a break, stepping away, who knows how long it will be. This whole thing with the Church has been horrible to be honest. I always try when I play this server to act cordial and nice to people oocly, and act with the best intentions of my character irply. But when mineman politeeks start to get involved, the waters between character action and friendship and trying to not get blacklisted from the things you enjoy doing become murky. When I wrote up my decision regarding the trial, Draeris and james2k ask
  5. Though Goren dead, foreign blood is not yet stilled so easily. And the same blood may yet run through many many names through many lifetimes.
  6. The Death of Goren A flash in the dark, a dagger in the stomach, the man screams in agony. Tears stream down Goren's face, as he pins a note to the wall. As his crimson lifeforce drips onto the floor, soaking the baptistry, Goren reaches for a bottle of Carrion Black, dousing his form. With a quiet prayer to the heavens, he lights it aflame, screaming in agony as the fire overtakes everything he is. His heart no longer beats, his blood runs cold. His last words penned to that baptistry door, he intends for Manfried, his last friend, to find them. And with that, Goren had died an
  7. The Verdict By the power invested in me by High Pontiff Owyn III as Auditor of the Tribunal, I hereby make the following ruling regarding the trial of Cyril Cardinal St. Publius, FSSCT and Father Dima Carrion, FSSCT: Being Schismatic: Regarding the crime of being schismatic, you are found NOT guilty. The reasoning on the ruling is as follows: As defined in Canon law §I.I.2.1 the Church represents the body of the faithful led by the High Pontiff. Although the law is unclear whether this only pertains to the current High Pontiff or includes the office of the P
  8. Goren thinks back on Boniface as he works, his anemic form pouring over lawbooks and through chronicles from his filthy room in Providence. He thinks to that man who saved his life, who he did confess even his darkest secrets to. "If he yet lived... perhaps he could have judged this, and us" he says, signing the Lorraine
  9. A Call to Trial With the Authority vested by His Holiness, High Pontiff Owyn III, the Auditor of the Tribunal hereby calls Cyril Cardinal St. Publius, FSSCT and Father Dima Carrion, FSSCT to trial on the following charges as set forth in the Codex Iurius Canonici Danielus Ponifex (“Canon Law”): I. Being Schismatics, for denial of the authority of His Holiness Owyn III (Canon Law §V.II.2.1) II. Falsification of miracles, for the false claim that Bl. Seraphim of Leora appeared to you (Canon Law §VII.II.1.1) Conspiracy against the Church, for the creation of
  10. Goren smiles at the publication, looking to heavens. “I shall work to disseminate your work” he pauses, chuckling “even our disagreement on Free Will, do not fret.” At that, he’d begin to work on further scribing the writing of Pius into hardcover books.
  11. “Absolutely heretical” says Goren, sending a letter to His Holiness
  12. Goren signs the Lorraine “A weak man may hide himself away, and in silence hold his mistakes close. A strong man confesses his errors. His Holiness has proven not just the humility of the Church, but her strength! I stand beside you, your Holiness, and shall preserve the unity and sanctity of the Church.”
  13. Goren's eyes pour over the letter again and again. His hand quaking, he goes to pen a letter, but stops himself. Tears flow freely from his eyes, and he shakes his head at his foolishness. There would be no more letters to Pius. No more arguments, and no more... anything. Blinking away tears forming, he instead kneels. With quaking voice, through a quiet sob, he instead prays. "Oh Pius, I know you must now reside amongst the Fifth Sky, surely. Yes, what I say is heretical since it is not yet confirmed by the Church, but, as you said in your letter, it is your intent to watch over all of us and
  14. Goren smiles, and repeats “Requim aeternum donna eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis, luceat eis.” The final refrains of the hymn sung over peaceful body of High Pontiff James II.
  15. Through a haze of incense, at the dim light of a candle, Goren's thin, weak body lies draped over a desk. Despite his horrendous corpselike state, he laughs. Painstakingly, he begins to pen an open letter to the arrogant elves. "To those who have challenged Father Pius to an argument, You have utterly ruined yourselves, and must now be prepared to be made fools of. I have spent decades arguing with Father Pius, and if you were prepared to use the same erroneous logic and reasoning to come to your conclusions as you illustrated in your essay, Pius shall not only make yo
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