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  1. "Five days after he connected me, DrHope went to an event and PK'd. Leaving me without a reason to really anchor Uther in Cartref Mor." :3
  2. Ser Eldacar Marsyr was in his house smiling proud as he read the missive. This smile faltered however as he swiftly realized he had not a single formal outfit to wear. "Bugger. . ." And so he sprinted off, searching for a seamstress!
  3. Somewhere in the quiet comfort of his room, a particular knight sipped his tea and smacked his lips. ". . .elves" He muttered tiredly.
  4. [!]Eldacar squinted at the notice before his face welled up with joy. "I knew my dog was special!"
  5. I'd argue that lowering the bar to two emotes for archery is only the first step to fixing the sheer power gap between archery and other far more structured range systems BUT it's a good first step. As it stands, characters are practically born with armor on anyways so there's no point in having some poor longbowman stand far away from the action AND have to waste 3 emotes to a potentially useless action.
  6. I love playing nomadic type characters. I had a farfolk nomad who would just set up a tent around the nations (with NL permission of course) and he'd sit near at the time and just trade his wares. Was pretty fun all things considered.
  7. Yes dwarves can use magic and they've used in for about as as long as the things been around. A notable example would be @z3m0s. I would wager however that generally the dwarves don't have many wizards as most of them require a sacrifice too pricey for most.
  8. Ahem. Conduits of Enlightenment. People wanna talk to birds or do disney style gourmet. I'd rather vulkan mind meld.
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