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  1. Kazrin Starbreaker salutes the Under-King, writing him down in the Grandaxe book under Notable Members as he wrote the final sentence “and there upon the city square of Kal’Varoth, Fimlin Grandaxe the First King of the Under Realm, resigned...”
  2. “if t’e arch-runelord wishes, t’en te court can beh summoned fer t’is”
  3. “t’is is nae biased, but fer furtheh grudgemen’ please contact meh te actualleh officialleh write a grudge” Kazrin grumbles a little as he talks with Jorvin
  4. *sniffs ”i-its...its beautiful”
  5. DrHope

    Grudge Resolved

    Chronomanceh was strong wit’ t’is one
  6. DrHope

    Grudge Resolved

    Kazrin walks into the library and heads to the fabled hall of the Book of Grudges, nodding at the longbeards clad in armor protecting it as they allowed him in. He walks over to the shrine with the large book, taking a deep breath as he grabbed the quill and crossed out the grudge. “it ‘as been settled, let t’is deed beh te last”
  7. DrHope

    A Grudge Declared

    Deep in the Halls of Kal’Varoth, notices and posts would be spread throughout the kingdom, the official sigil of the High Remembrancer stamped on the note. Reading the notice, one could see: I, Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan Lord of the Elder Clan of Starbreaker, son of Kazrin Starbreaker, previous Clan Father of the same honored line, do hereby issue into the Book of Grudges, my many grievances with Borin Grandaxe, Clan Lord of the Elder Clan of Grandaxe, son of Thoril. He has demeaned my name, my legitimacy, and my authority within the Underrealms of Urguan, below I list those insults issued to my the assailant and his son, Thondil Grandaxe, of who his father is responsible for his actions.  The Wronged: Jorvin Starbreaker Clan Starbreaker The Assailant: Borin Grandaxe Thondil Grandaxe The Wrong: Grievous disrespect of the boundaries of myself and kin. Beginning with an attempt to conduct Clan Trials (of which involve combat) a mere ten feet from the Starbreaker Clan Hall, where at the time, children resided. Secondly, the assailant Borin has interrupted not one, but three clan meetings, and a single meeting with honored guests. During every encounter, Borin became belligerent, and threw numerous insults towards myself and my kin before leaving. Insulting myself and my kin within the Council Chambers of Kal’Varoth, referring to myself and by extension my clan, as ‘coalskin’ after I demanded he cease speaking over the King. Insults issued to me publicly, in front of honored guests. Borin Grandaxe has publically brought my honor into question, claiming I have brought dishonor to my clan through unspecified actions, and implying that, due to my temper, I could not have possibly been the son of Kazrin. This most grievous of insults was made while in the company of (thankfully inhibited at the time) Fimlin Grandaxe, King of the Underrealms, as well as Zahrer Irongrinder, Arch-Runelord. Further insults issued public were twice referring to me as ‘Coalskin’ within the streets of Kal’Varoth at various dates, and once in the company of Atandt Irongrinder, while I was not present. Publicly questioning the legitimacy of my authority within my own clan. During another incident in the tavern, Borin stated I did not have the right to lead Clan Starbreaker in owing to my age, and my direct opposition to my father, who in stark contrast was previously a friend of the assailant. His claims stated my method of ruling would bring Clan Starbreaker to ruin, despite the clan being more prosperous now than it has during the reigns of it’s last three leaders before me. Damage of property. Several years prior, when disallowed entry as my kin were, at the time, eating a family dinner, Borin saw fit to attempt in breaking down the door, resulting in damage done to the lock. More recently and far more grievously, Thondil Grandaxe, son of the primary assailant has taken an axe to my shop, striking the display cases several times before interrupted, and resulting in damages done to my wares. Damage of self. During the previously mentioned incident involving Thondril Grandaxe, I was struck in the face with a heavy and full mason’s jar from a distance of about ten feet. This resulted in the breaking of my nose, and minor damage to my beard as the contents inside were tree-sap like in nature, and thus nearly impossible to remove without damaging the beard. Questioning honor. As it is known, the Starbreakers are and always have been smiths of skill and renown, ever since the time of Gotrek, apprentice to Yemekar himself. The son of the primary assailant saw fit to bring into question the quality of my wares when he was unsatisfied with the admittedly high price I had given him for a commision, due to the incidents mentioned above. Terms of Settlement: Method 1: Abdication. Borin will step down as Clan Father of the Grandaxes, as he has seen fit to question my authority, I too see fit to question his. Borin has numerous times brought shame to the Grandaxe name through his actions and utter disregard for his fellow Elder Clans, only by abdication will this be resolved. Method 2: Compensation As his utter disregard for myself and my Clan is apparent, I refuse to believe any apology of words alone will come from a place of sincerity. As such not only will a public apology for the mentioned offenses be given, but a sum of 6k Minas will be delivered from the assailant to the wronged, as compensation for the extensive insults given over the last decade. Method 3: Honor Duel. Should the assailant find both previous methods too extreme, a final one remains. Borin Grandaxe will do battle with a chosen champion from Clan Starbreaker, as it is the Clan as a whole he has offended. As the quality of Starbreaker wares has been brought into question, the duel will be conducted with weapons forged by the combatants themselves. Should Borin deem Thondil an adult and therefore, guilty of his own actions, then Thondil instead will do battle, with Borin present. The duel will be conducted at a determined time no later than one stone week after the grudge has been issued, and will be fought to first yield, or to the death. Apologies for the color scheme, its late
  8. [MC Name] : DrHope RP Name : Kazrin Starbreaker Race : Cave dwarf Why do you desire to join? : Purge heretics and uphold Orgrahads awesomeness
  9. DrHope

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: )) DrHope ((Discord: )) Kazrin/DrHope#7783 ((Timezone: )) GMT-10 RP What is your name? Kazrin Starbreaker Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? To study and broaden my knowledge on the arcane, my job and passion requires such things. What is the extent of your experience with magic? I have seen magic practiced throughout the centuries and have continued my studies on it since I can remember. Ranging from arcane, dark and diefic. What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? Telekinesis and Transfiguration was taught from Khel’laurir Air evocation was taught by an elf, however his name escapes me. Golemancy from Dangren Starbreaker What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Sorcerer or at the very least Acolyte What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? Archanix and Instructor When is the best time to contact you for an interview? At the end of every stone week.
  10. DrHope

    A Grudge Declared

    Normalleh yeh tell meh te write it in te book o' grudges behfore yeh sen' te damn t'ing....oh and good luck lads.
  11. Kazrin hears new of this, saddened to leave Borin alone to care for their child. “ell ah ‘ope te lad grows ‘ealtheh” ((And I hope everything gets better on your end Bianca))
  12. But torkan didnt know magic
  13. “As a masteh smit’ and friend to te elgur, and lorekeepeh o’ te kingdom ah can say wit’ full confidence t’at Feanor Sylvaeri is among one o’ te finest elven smit’s ah know or ‘ave read about.” – Kazrin Starbreaker would say to a bunch of beardlings about the Elves of Aegothrond
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