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  1. DrHope

    Frostbeard Removal Act of 1698

    *shakes his head “an rig’t back te square one, bloodeh ell tis like weh are tryin nae te progress”
  2. DrHope

    The Attack on Kal’Azgaryum

    Kazrin while happy to see his old friends returning once more into Atlas, He looks at the dead dwarfs and many more wounded. He grabs his alchemy kit as he helps care for the wounded ”once again, ‘istoreh is repeatin itself jus bah a differen name and met’od...”
  3. DrHope

    Grudges Settled!

    [!] A notice is pinned to the boards of the dwarven lands, it would read: Attention Dwarves of Atlas, let it be known that the grudge between the Ireheart Brummir and Starbreaker Stromnikar against Dutesli Treebeard has been made no more! No bloodshed was held that day as the two opposing sides made peace with each other. The penalties have been met by Dutesli and the grudge has been declared settled. -Kazrin Starbreaker Clan Father of the Starbreaker Clan High Remembrancer of Agnarum Member of the Council of Rikkin
  4. DrHope

    Grudges Declared!

    [!] Notices would be nailed into the walls and signs of the dwarven lands, it would read... Attention Dwarfs of Agnarum. A grudge has been declared by Dutesli Treebeard against Brummir Ireheart. Reason for grudge is the slandering of the Treebeard clan. To forgive and look past this act committed by the perpetrator, the terms given by Dutesli are as follows to Brummir: Accept an Honor Duel against Dutesli Treebeard, should Dutesli win, Brummir will apologize for his actions, should the Ireheart win then Dutesli will vassalize the Treebeards under the Ireheart Clan. On the same note, A Grudge has been declared by both Stromnikar Starbreaker and Brummir Ireheart against Dutesli Treebeard. Reason for grudge is the insults against Brummir and Stromni from Dutesli Treebeard. Brummir has agreed to the Honor Duel provided his terms are should Dutesli lose then she must take back everything she has said about both Starbreaker and Ireheart clans. Should he lose he will apologize for his insults against the clan. Should he repeat his actions against the Treebeards again He will shame his name and clan. Also...Stromnikar just wants an apology... Kazrin Starbreaker – High Remembrancer of Agnarum Clan Father of the Starbreaker Clan
  5. ((someone was bored...jk )) Overall nice writing and was an interesting read for me. Now I suppose you will have to wait to see what the Grand marshal and the rest of the dwarts think of these ideas. Hope its at the very least taken into consideration
  6. DrHope

    -=- The Sky colored hair of the Stormfists -=-

    I don’t see any problems with this lore so +1. It is rather a small piece not harming anyone or really contradicting much that I can see.
  7. DrHope

    A most putrid of presences

    Per'aps tis can beh settled wit' t'ese claims brought to te council er somet'in.
  8. DrHope

    Dungrimm's Legion

    (OOC) MC Name:DrHope How active are you?: Bout a day a week Discord: You know it Timezone: GMT-10 (Hawai’i) (RP) RP Name: Kazrin Starbreaker Gender: Male
  9. DrHope


    I dont have nearly a long history as many of the others but get well soon Z3mos
  10. DrHope

    Frostbone Mix and Frostbone Armor [Material and armor]

    Because fur coats are for nerds!
  11. Kazrin smiles "ell ten, ahm proud yeh lads 'ave gone an made te loremasteh yer patron. Ograhad guide ye Stormfists "