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  1. "Life is one generation, but your good name will live on forever!" Sir Stanton shouted in praise, thinking back on the impact the Shogo had left on his family, and others.
  2. Sir Stanton Stroheim, battered, bruised and on the verge of madness found himself resting beside a Brazen Bonfire, collecting his thoughts as he basked in its healing aura. "Truley, there were none more pious than Caius Primus." The Templar ruminated.
  3. Among all of his relatives, Peter had always been the least sympathetic to Stanton, seldom ever offering a kind word or affirmation. In his youth he thought he was hated by his uncle, but as he grew older, he began to appreciate the coldness he was shown. Afterall, the world itself is cruel and not every good deed or accomplishment we do is met with praise. Weather intentional or not, Peter helped harden Stanton into the man warrior he was now. " Vielen Dank, Uncle." He utters to himself. as he exits walls of Kretzen with his two mastiffs, wandering the Ferdenwald to process his grief.
  4. Das Reinmaren Bestiarium Vol.1 The Reinmaren Bestiary Written by Stanton Stroheim in the year of our Lord 1980 [Painting of the Reinmaren Landscape] Environment Reinmar contains the large tracts of untouched tundras and boreal forest, within these biomes are rivers, lakes, inlets, and ridged cliffs that are inhabited by various predatory animals. The first part of the bestiary exists to catalog the predatory species found within Reinmar, although not all predators are listed, those within the bestiary were selected based on uniqueness to the region, cultural significance, and prominence for Reinmaren hunts. Fauna Westerbear [Description] The Westerbear inhabits the Northwestern regions of the Aevos continent. It is one of the largest bear species standing up to 5-6 meters at the shoulders, and one of the two largest bears found in the Evergreen Region. [Behavior] Westerbears exhibit similar behavior to other bear species, being generally solitary and aggressive by nature. They often avoid interactions with descendants and will posture or attempt other forms of intimidation before attacking. A notable exception to this behavior is a Westerbear being drawn to human structures, driven by starvation or otherwise. Westerbears actively seeking descendants will often be more aggressive and bloodthirsty than their solitary counterparts. Eisbär [Description] The Eisbär (also known as Ice bear, snow bear, or polar bear) Is often found in the northmost regions of Aevos past the Ailmere mountains, preferring frigid arctic climates. Despite having a preferred climate some find their way south and are the second largest bear species found in the boreal forest of Reinmar. It stands between 1.5 and 2 meters at the shoulders and has a much slenderer frame compared to most bears, despite its size. [Behavior] Like most bears, the Eisbär is solitary outside of mothers and cubs. At times they will tolerate each other when gathering around large deposits of food such as a whale carcass. I’ve never witnessed Eisbärs eating berries or roots in their natural environment, meaning they exclusively live carnivorously and hunt anything smaller than them. Despite their hyper carnivorous diet Eisbärs show little aggression to Descendant races unless you pose a threat to them or their cubs. Dire wolf [Description] Dire wolves are a widespread species of wolf found all across Aevos with varying coat patterns, sizes and behaviors depending on their environment. Constantly they are seen to be larger than most wolf species, most measuring 2 meters tall at the shoulders and 4 meters from nose to tail. [Behavior] Direwolves found within Reinmars Evergreen and Boreal Forest share similarities in behavior with their smaller cousins, hunting in larger packs to compete with the large predators of the region, hunting in packs of up to 12. Direwolves within Reinmar often show less fear towards Descendants, posing a threat to lone travelers and even attacking armed groups of warriors in some instances. Despite their aggressive behavior Dire wolves are intelligent pack hunters, surrounding and attacking in tandem, or fleeing when a fight is clearly lost. Blauer Wolf [Description] The Blauer Wolf (Blue Wolf) are a subspecies of wolf unique to Reinmar, named for their smokey blue coats of fur. Blauer Wolves are similar in size to the common Wolf, being slightly smaller than 1 meter in tall at the shoulders and 2 meters from nose to tail. Blauer Wolves are also much leaner and skinnier when compared to common wolves found across Aevos, likely due to their diet and hunting habits. [Behavior] Blauer Wolves exhibit almost the exact same behavior to other wolves when it comes to pack dynamics and behaviors. However, due to competition with larger predators in their habitat such as Dire Wolves and Cave Lions, Blauer Wolves have a more opportunistic diet compared to other wolves. They will eat berries, hunt small game and weak reindeer but most often subsist off of fish, otters, and other marine life. Because of these hunting Habits Blauer Wolves exclusively establish their territory next to Rivers and coastlines. Due to heavy competition Blauer Wolves live in large packs of up to 20 wolves for protection against larger predators and will avoid interaction with descendants. Säbelkatze [Description] Säbelkatzte (also known as Sabre Cats and Saber Tooth Panthers) is a species of predatory feline that measures 1 meter tall at the shoulders and close to 2 meters in length. Säbelkatzte are mostly found in the Northern and Highland regions of Aevos but some have been observed as far south as the Heartlands. They are easy to distinguish by their robust build and short tails, their most striking feature are two exposed canines that can measure up to 12 inches in length. Säbelkatzte fur can have faint markings of spots and stripes on their otherwise plain coats which can vary between a tawny brown and ash gray in color, depending on the season. [Behavior] Sabelkatzte are solitary hunters and are almost never seen in groups that are not a mother and cubs. Their predatory behavior also indicates a high level of intelligence compared to most animals, unlike most animals Sabelkatztes will sometimes actively seek and stalk descendant races, often being drawn to loud noises such as fights battles and attempting to pick off warriors who are otherwise occupied with their fight, dragging the unlucky soul back into the foliage to finish them off with their elongated canines. Säbelkatztes have also been seen stalking hazardous terrains such as bogs, tar pits, and other locations where prey would have a difficult time escaping. Cave Lion [Description] Cave Lions are the second largest species of predatory feline that can be found within Reinmar. They measure just under 1 meter in height, standing 60 inches at the shoulders but close to 3.5 meters in length. Cave Lions are smaller than their southern counterparts, with males having more subtle manes and less vibrant fur colors, often having a grayish brown coat. [Behavior] Cave Lions live and hunt in family groups, the largest I've observed containing 7 fully grown adult Cave Lions. Lone Cave Lions are most often young males who have been forced out of their groups and live a semi solitary life. Due to heavy competition in the region these loners sometimes band with fellow outcast males and form nomadic duos or trios. These nomadic groups are much more opportunistic, being more likely to hunt descendants they think would make an easy meal. Cave Lion families will usually remain in their territory, establishing hunting grounds on the fringes of Reinmar in an attempt to avoid interaction with Descendants. Trespassing travelers are wearily tolerated unless they directly confront or threaten the local group of Cave Lions. Lynx [Description] Lynx are a common animal found throughout Aevos, those found in Reinmar can measure around 30 inches in height and 42 inches in length. A Lynx has various traits that make them easy to distinguish, such as long legs, wide paws, beard-like whiskers, spotted fur, and black tufts of fur on the tips of their ears. Lynx fur colors are also very dynamic, with coats in summer months being a reddish brown and winter coats turning light gray. [Behavior] Due to their size and solitary nature, personal observations of Lynx have been difficult for me. Managing to consistently track and study one has been one of the biggest challenges when putting together this bestiary. Despite this I am aware of some core behaviors. Lynxes are clearly solitary hunters and target small mammals, birds, fish and occasionally common deer. Lynxes often avoid direct interaction with Descendants but can be seen around settlements and buildings. most likely seeking to hunt small pets, rodents, and livestock. If a lynx knows it has been spotted by a Descendant, it will try to flee but will fight back into a corner. Significance/Personal Notes [Westerbears] - Most of my experience with Westerbears comes from hunting. In my experience It would take at least 5 well trained and appropriately armed warriors to effectively dispatch a Westerbear. [Eisbär]- I’ve interacted with Eisbärs since I was as young as 16 years old when I'd venture far north in attempts to steal away cubs and sell them to Nobility in Aaun since they make popular pets. As I've gotten older I've seen more of them outside of their natural habitat, possibly fleeing the dark forces of the Ailmere and other northern horrors. [Dire Wolf]- Dire Wolves are among the most common kinds of animal I've hunted. Due to the threat they pose to most civilians Dire Wolves are hunted both for their pelts, and to keep their numbers in check. [Blauer Wolf]- Compared to most predators, Blauer Wolves are the least of my worries. They pose little threat to Descendants and their skittish nature keeps them away from Reinmaren Livestock. Still, their unique fur color can make a decent trophy for any Hunter. I've thought about attempting to tame one but they are likely too skittish to be around a Human for long periods of time. [Sablekatze]- My first experience with a Saber Cat was in the Lowlands of Aaun. During a skirmish with the local hill tribes (Franks) a Sabre Cat lunged into the back of the Reinmaren battle line and tried to drag my uncle off into the woods. It was dispatched relatively easily, indicating they aren't much of a threat as long as you can handle their ambushes. I mostly hunt them for their fangs, which make fine trophies. [Cave Lions] - The first cave lion I came across was the corpse of a lone male, from then on I encountered a few nomadic males either traveling alone or in groups. The groups were far more aggressive, attacking me on sight if I was caught alone. Once I stumbled into the territory of a Family of Cave Lions, unlike the nomadic groups they only watched me from the cliffs, once I realized how many there were I left before their tolerance of me ran out. [Lynx] - I’ve never actively hunted a lynx outside of the ones I've caught breaking into a chicken coop. In Fact most of my interactions with Lynx are related to them trying to steal away pets or livestock. GOTT MIT UNS, Sir Stanton Stroheim Hunts Master of Kretzen
  5. "I ******* HATE OUTLANDERS!" Sir Stanton chanted from the cells beneath the Kretzen Barracks
  6. "So long as it's a Canonist wedding" Sir Stanton said as he continued chipping away at a small wooden figurine.
  7. ANKÜNDIGUNG DER ABSCHEIDUNG | ANNOUNCEMENT OF DISOWNMENT Issued by the Herrenmeister of Reinmar In the year of our Lord 1969 Let it be known that henceforth my daughter, Katja, shall be stripped of the name Stroheim. Having severed ties with her lineage and kin, she has willingly relinquished all claim to my name and any inheritance thereof. Let it be known that all progeny born of Katja shall be forever barred from bearing the name Stroheim or gaining admittance into our noble clan. UNSER IST DER ZORN HIS EXCELLENCY, STANTON STROHEIM, HMSTSR, Chieftain of Clan Stroheim
  8. "I ask for my daughter back and instead they make her nobility in their lands?!" Stanton Stroheim tore into the missive with his teeth, chewing up the paper before spitting it out onto the ground "Bah! stealing my daughter because they lack heirs of their own, pathetic."
  9. Sir Stanton squinted his eyes as he read the missive "Perhaps zhe Balanites demanded Caelians cease zeir actions out of sheer embarrassment? I'd be embarrassed too if Pagans showed more effort zhan Canonist, vhen it came to securing zhe roads."
  10. Sir Stanton Stroheim was busy looking over a map and only half-listened to his wife, barley glancing at the invitation before nodding along "Hmm, yes."
  11. A confused expression washed over Sir Stanton's face as he read the missive "Has zhe church even approved, or do zhese realms simply vish to spit on tradition?"
  12. Sir Stanton Stroheim would pick up any of the papers Chi had missed during her clean up, shoving a handful of them into the hearth-fire before turning to his wife "Don't just sweep zhem outside! Zhat's littering!"
  13. The Ritter couldn't help but scoff at the final Remark " 'Haenseti Pride?' It is the martial pride of the Midlanders who prevent us from peace. Peace was in their hands; it was given to them only for it to be thrown away in less than a year."
  14. Extend or remove the timer when cities are involved. If a fight is taking place inside the walls of a city or within eyesight of a town gate it seems silly to me that locals wouldn't be able to help just because of a 15-minuet timer.
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