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  1. "Hey Caius I made some more cake!" Malna wandered into the Holy See, once again yelling about some new baked good she made. "Caius?"
  2. Malna/Annika looked through the maybe public paper? Idk. "..... Skaully's first name is Lug?"
  3. ISSUED BY THE VISCOUNTY OF KRUSEV c. 537 E.S. Under the peaceful leadership of Palatine Erik Otto Kortrevich and his wife, Viscountess Emma Kortrevich, the estate of Krusev has grown and flourished into a haven of beauty and prosperity. This new era of growth and prosperity has also brought about a need for clearly defined duties and responsibilities for the servants of the Viscomital family. As the estate expands, it becomes imperative to establish a structured and respectful working environment that ensures both efficiency and mutual respect among all members of the household. To this end, this document shall serve as a comprehensive guide outlining the code of conduct that all servants in Krusev are expected to adhere to. This code of conduct will cover various aspects of daily duties, interpersonal interactions, and overall behavior, ensuring that every servant understands their role and the expectations placed upon them. By adhering to these guidelines, the servants will contribute to maintaining the estate's reputation for excellence and upholding the values cherished by Palatine Erik Otto Kortrevich and Viscountess Emma Kortrevich. ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⠀I⠀༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ All servants are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct: ❖ Servants must be in adherence to the laws of Haense. ❖ Servants found not following the laws of the land shall be reported to the appropriate personnel. ❖ Servants must be punctual and available, availability depends on the status and title of the job. ❖ Servants are expected to show utmost respect to all. If someone has become disruptive or gone against general respect, Servant or guest, let it be reported. ❖ Servants may dress in their preferred clothing, but it must not draw improper attention. The best way to go is to wear comfortable, breathable fabric. ❖ Servants who are provided a room in Krusev must keep the peace, and not cause any disturbances. ❖ Servants may keep pets, but they shall not interfere with work responsibilities. ❖ Servants are encouraged to pursue hobbies and passions when not working; Lounges and workrooms in Krusev are open. ⋅ ───────────────⊱༺⠀II⠀༻⊰─────────────── ⋅ GROUNDSKEEPER These workers will keep the gardens and surrounding grounds of Krusev neat and well cared for. This job will need manual labor, so it is suggested that those who are physically strong take up this job. This may include: Carrying resources Monitoring outdoor wildlife Caring for daily maintenance Simple fixes such as repairing wood, windows, or moving furniture GARDENER Similar to a groundskeeper, a gardener shall care for the plant life inside and out of Krusev in their gardens. This will also require moderate manual labor to do. This may include: Picking vegetables and fruits when in season Tilling the soil in gardens to plant seasonal plants Caring for and tending to gardens Weed maintenance and pest control STABLEHAND: A stablehand shall care for and tend to the horses and barn animals of Krusev. This can be done through regular care or this can fall more under the food side of things. Manual labor is required. This job may include: Transportation of hay and animal feed Basic hygiene and care of animals Horseshoe replacements or creation Saddle and tool storage Manage animals and check for disease or health issues Basic animal slaughter HOUSEKEEPERS: Housekeepers are those who keep the inside of the estate prim and proper. This job is less manual labor than those outside but still requires some strength when deep cleaning is needed. This job may include: Basic and daily cleaning of the estate Inventory of cleaning supplies Laundry Sweeping and dusting of the halls and public rooms Oversight over the status of the estate, and its cleanliness CHEFS Those with culinary talent will find a lovely kitchen and plenty of fresh ingredients. Dishes will be served to residents and guests alike, so quality is paramount. This job may include: Daily meals cooked (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner…) Food shall be cooked upon request Catering for events Management of food inventory Menu creation Disposing of spoiled or unwanted food HIS EXCELLENCY, ERIK OTTO KORTREIVCH Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska, Viscount of Krusev, Baron of Koravia, Lord of Emsgrad, Lord Captain of the Bykursain THE HONORABLE, EMMA MARIYA KORTREVICH Viscountess of Krusev, Baroness of Koravia, Lady of Emsgrad, Royal Physician of Hanseti-Ruska FIRRESS ANNIKA Head of the Koravian Servantry
  4. Malna/Annika had no clue where she was, or what she was doing. All that she remembered was Villorik speaking to her. Every year or so, she'd send a letter, searching for her to make sure she was ok. At some point, she ended up making meals, and setting them by the gate in Haense. They were eaten, by who? Who knows. "I'll just have to do these without measurements." The wood elf mumbled, sewing up some winter clothes for a woman who'd never need them.
  5. A certain wood elf looked down at the little advertisement, other notes in her hand "... I cannot believe I'm even considering this.." She sighed, setting the paper off to the side, and slipping on her gloves.
  6. Malna, or Annika to others, read through the missive, then the letter. Every year, without fail, since she had died, she visited Mount Kaelin and sat beside her memorial once she knew it was there. She knew she made mistakes and was horrid for what she did, but she was thankful to Sydney for at least letting her be there. [!] A letter would be sent to Sydney Dear Sydney, I understand, I will be there. I will not speak with Godwin, or anyone for that matter if you wish it. I am sorry. Signed, Ar-Malna
  7. Malna/Annika looked down to the paper, crying. She had been one of the few people who tried to stop it, nearly dying in the process. ".... I tried."
  8. *Haense's local hypewoman runs around, advertising and showing off the document that Emma made.*
  9. *An ungodly amount of goat's milk has been gifted to the Viscount... I wonder who sent it?*
  10. Malna/Annika smiled, seeing the letter. Sadly, she must heal, but once she was ready she would bring laughter and glitter back in the pounds!
  11. Malna - Annika had seen Serwa, not knowing any better she sat down with her. "Want some company?..."
  12. Malna/Annika walked into the guild, having a list of things in mind. "Naith are you-" ..... what has she done. Only a shriek could be heard
  13. Malna/Annika grinned down at the invitation, immediately at a table with a well-loved book out, writing recipes. "Emma has been so kind to me... I'm going to make this the tastiest wedding ever!!"
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