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  1. ASSERALA RAEV, Greetings from the Motherland! I congratulate you on bending the knee to yet another Heartlander. Unless you were sired by a parcel of land, the name of your new house is a strange one. "Son of," is the equivalent of "var," in the common tongue. If you wish to refer to your former holdings in the south, I would suggest you take the name "van Pompourelia." KAROS AG SANGKRUV, His Royal Highness, Ivan Aleksandr, Grand Prince of Kusoraev
  2. "first germanicus now this" weeps sir stefan af don af petra hero of the petra
  3. THE MARSHAL’S ADDRESS OF 494 E.S. “I SHALL NOT FALTER.” Written by the Hand of SER ARTHUR GANT On the 21st day of Gronna ag Droba of 494 E.S ON THE CAPTAIN “To each freeman his own time, to take it is to be a slaver.” I have received multiple reports of troubling conduct by my Captain, Ser Audo Weiss. These range from slaughtering family pets to enslaving a sworn brother to his own will. Had this brother been born of flesh and blood, the Ser would be dead. He has been spared the rope only by virtue of ignorance. Admittedly the Haurul is not clear on the status of constructs. I shall be. Let it be known that any who have sworn the oath shall be treated as brothers, regardless of humanity. To bind them is to be a slaver, and to kill them is to be a murderer. Ser Audo is hereby stripped of the title of Captain and any who follow in his footsteps will be hanged. ON RETIREMENTS I extend my personal thanks to former Lord Marshal Wilheim Barclay and Sergeant Skaul macSkaul for their decades of leal service to the Dual-Kingdom and its Brotherhood. Both are hereby relieved of the title of Sergeant, and shall remain in our company as honoured Armigers. May GOD guide them in the years to come. ON INITIATION As the Crown has not provided the Brotherhood with the books required to oath our men, I shall instate a temporary process of initiation. All Initiates from this point must prove their knowledge of Haeseni history and culture through a standardized test, administered by an officer of the Brotherhood. In addition to this, they must be trained to fight with pike and longsword, and shall be instructed in manning the gates. Only once they have proven their competence may they be eligible to be Oathed. If an Initiate cannot prove himself worthy within three Saint’s Weeks, and cannot provide good reason as to why, he shall be required to enlist again. ON PAY I have convinced the Crown to allocate us a budget for pay. Any brother who regularly carries out his duties will be paid once per Saint’s Week, on the eve of Tov ag Yermey. Initiates shall receive five minae per year, and will receive a pay increase of five minae per promotion. It is expected of every man that he attend at least one regular training per Saint’s Week and perform regular guard duty on his own time. Those who man the gate are eligible for bonus pay of five mina. KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM, Ser Arthur Gant, Lord Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska, Knight of the Crow
  4. "Petran days... Balian years.. And now, wha'ever the fock A.R is!" Ser Arthur Gant shouted in the Valdev barracks. "GOD damn it, shu' up!"
  5. THE BROTHER’S GUIDE TO KEEPING THE PEACE “I SHALL NOT FALTER.” Written by the Hand of SER ARTHUR GANT On the 7th day of Joma ag Umund of 487 E.S PREFACE “Through God, he gave us stewardship of the realm.” A sworn brother is more than a brigand draped in black and yellow. The Sers may ride in the vanguard and stand at the side of the throne all clad in black; but it is we who keep the king’s peace. A common soldier must know when to draw steel in the name of his king, who to bleed, and how to go about it. It is the goal of this document to provide you, that common soldier, with the necessary knowledge to carry out your duties swiftly, and justly. What shall follow is a list of common crimes, both petty and grand, and suitable punishments for each. Let these guide you in your judgement. Should a crime be unlisted, do not fret. Consult the words of our sworn oath and the Holy Scrolls for guidance. PETTY CRIMINALITY VIII. Assault He who raises his hand against another invites the same to be done to him. Beat the assailant in kind, and break him should his crime be grievous. IX. Thievery Do not be swayed by honeyed words or shallow tears. It matters not why he has stolen, the thief has chosen his path. Seize what he carries, and take from him his sword hand. XXI. Harassment The harasser has spoken his piece, do not hear his words. Fine him a sum of fifty mina. Should he be unable to pay, deliver unto him five lashings. XII. Defamation Drag the gossip before their victim, and demand he retract his words. Should he refuse, fine him a sum of fifty mina. If he cannot pay, take from him a number of teeth, or his tongue. XIII. Trespass A man who walks where he does not belong has little need of his legs. On the first offense, remind him of this. On the second, break them. XVII. Obstruction He who impedes you is a pest. Demand he leave, and should he refuse, fine him a sum of fifty mina. If he is unable to pay, beat him into submission. XXXIII. Sabotage He who obstructs the work of a healer invites death. Should the patient die, so too must the saboteur. Otherwise, deliver unto him ten lashings. GRAND CRIMINALITY VII. Murder He who has unjustly taken a life has no right to his own. In all cases, the murderer shall be put to death. X. Banditry The brigand has forfeit his honour, and lives only for coin. Hang him, regardless of station or title. XV. Treason The traitor deserves no quarter. Put him to death without question, in a manner befitting his station. XX. Desertion He who forsakes his oath forfeits his life. Should an Officer deem a brother guilty, drag him before the rest. Execute him by crossbow volley, as is tradition. XXIII. Enslavement The freedom of a Haenseman is guaranteed by ancient custom. The slaver must in all cases be put to death. XXVII. Invasion The invader deserves no quarter, for he would put our lands to the torch and our people to the sword. Cut his throat, and hang him for all to see. XXIX. Kidnapping He who abducts another is no more than a petty slaver. Put him to death in a manner befitting his station. XXXII. Malpractice A healer who kills is no more than a murderer. Put him to death in a manner befitting his station. CRIMES OF FAITH XVIII. Sacrilege A man who speaks against GOD has no need of his tongue. Take it from him, and banish him from the realm. XIX. Desecration A man who soils a site of GOD has no need of his hands. Take them from him, and banish him from the realm. XXV. Fornication A man who lays with another outside of marriage is a fool, but he may yet be redeemed in GOD’s eyes. Deliver him to the Holy Mother Church, fine him a sum of fifty mina, and let him be on his way. XXIV. Cannibalism The cannibal is a sinner of the highest degree, and his soul is truly lost. Lash him to a post, and deliver unto him the mercy of cleansing flame. XXVI. Miscegenation A man who lays with the inhuman is black of soul, and condemns his vile offspring to a life of suffering. Deliver him to the Holy Mother Church, fine him a sum of two-hundred fifty mina, and banish him from the realm. XXX. Dark Witchcraft The evil of the witch must be purged, and her along with it. Lash her to a post, and deliver unto her the mercy of cleansing flame. XXXI. Abomination Daemons and darkspawn must be put to the sword, for their very existence is an affront to GOD. Cut the daemon down where it stands, and burn whatever remains. CRIMES OF INK AND PARCHMENT XI. Forgery | XVI. Fraud | XXII. Corruption | XXVIII. Racketeering These are the crimes of the high nobility or the crafty merchant. Unlike the others, they do not disturb the King’s Peace. They are crimes of ink and parchment, outside of our domain. Leave them to the King’s Justices, for they shall deliver justice rightly. ON AUTHORITY The laws of the land dictate that judgement shall be delivered by one of the King’s Justices. A list of said Justices shall be posted in the courtyard of the barracks. If none may be found, seek an officer of the Brotherhood. Only if there is no alternative may you deliver justice by your own hand. That being said, you, the sworn brother, are entrusted to keep the King’s Peace. Blood must be spilled, I understand this better than most. I know as well that our fields cannot be tended by corpses. The King has given unto us great power, and should you abuse it, you will be treated no better than a brigand. ON EXECUTION AND UNDEATH It is known that in Aevos the dead are not fond of rest. You may hang a man, quarter him, and burn him to bones, yet still he will arrive at the gates upon the next Saint’s Day. Burn a Hussariyan into the forehead of the condemned. Should one come bearing this mark of undeath, cut him down. KRUSAE ZWY KONGZEM, Ser Arthur Gant, Lord Marshal of Hanseti-Ruska, Knight of the Crow
  6. indiana105


  7. Ser Arthur Gant strapped the Iron Bulava to his belt, and slid the Sword of the Kingdom into a sheath at his hip. Sergeant, Marshal. It was of no difference. The knight would do his duty.
  8. "Ah wonder if they'll keep beggin' to Aaun n' Balian," Ser Arthur Gant pondered. "Elves, Adrians... Everyone else they can ge', really. Would they still cry o' coalitions if it all wen' their way?"
  9. "AHAHA!" laughed the Lord Marshal of Haense. He slapped his belly with fervour.
  10. Ser Arthur Gant narrowed his eyes as he read the missive. He moved a candle close to the parchment and ran his finger under the word... "Inbred," he muttered to himself. "Well, tha' explains it. Legs're too twisted to leave their city."
  11. "THIS IS A CHANGE OF TONE!" Ser Arthur Gant slapped his belly, and wheezed heartily as he snatched the missive from his squire. "NORDLING SAVAGES PLAYIN' THE VICTIM IN A WAR THEY STARTED!"
  12. "This man needs a new set o' eyes," Ser Arthur Gant scoffed. "Ah stabbed 'er once, then cut off 'er 'ead. It was as clean a death as any."
  13. "A strange day it is when the smallfolk weep fer vampyrs n' other creatures o' the nigh'," grumbled Ser Arthur Gant. Nonetheless, the knight lit a candle for the babe that never was.
  14. "Declare war already!" exclaimed Ser Arthur Gant, growing tired of this war of words.
  15. "At least 'e showed up!" said Ser Arthur Gant.
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