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  1. Once a proud uruk, cloaked in the finest handwoven silks from his homeland and adorned with magnificent amulets, jewelry, and golden rings crafted by skilled artisans of the city, he strode confidently as a Netjer, a revered priest of Ka’tau. Yet within his heart lurked a shadow, fueled by greed and a craving for gold, power, and riches that tainted his once noble spirit. One fateful day, he crossed paths with a crafty merchant whose avarice rivaled his own. With eyes gleaming as brightly as the coins in their overflowing coffers, the uruk and the merchant struck a deal. From that moment on, the world shimmered in a new light, bathed in hues of gold, and his insatiable hunger for treasure only grew stronger but within a year… He was blinded. His world had become a realm of perpetual darkness, his sight trapped within the confines of his own mind. No longer could he behold the beauty of his surroundings or revel in his wealth. Wrapped in his linens, adorned with fading gold and jewels, he sought to mask the stark reality of his condition. Despite his attempts to mend his vision, even resorting to the eyes of the deceased, weaving it back into his skull, his efforts proved futile. The once mighty Uruk, now reliant on the guidance of his undead companions, was a mere shadow of his former self. Deprived of sustenance, his body wasted away, muscles reduced to mere remnants of their former strength. Ribs protruded through his emaciated flesh, scorched by the relentless desert sun. Driven by an insatiable hunger for flesh, he ventured out, only to find himself stumbling over roots and colliding with trees at every turn. His feeble attempts to reach his prey ended in frustration and futility. Lost both physically and mentally, he grew desperate, invoking the aid of long-abandoned gods and spirits, grasping for any semblance of salvation. “Spirits, Gods of the Creation, Nesahor, Hesthor, and all who shall listen, hear my words” He cried. “Take me back, I know I have sinned but forgive me” He pleaded. “Forgive me, and let me see the world once more” He begged. And still, there came no answer. His concern mounted as he wondered if the spirits would indeed lend their aid. If not, he would have no choice but to seek out the entity the craftsman had mentioned. Closing his eyes, he reached out to the one the craftsman called, The Selfish. "I am uncertain of your identity, unfamiliar with your nature, unclear of your stature. Yet, in this moment of desperation, I implore you: heed my plea. Listen to my words, mend me, and restore my eyes so I may once more, gaze upon this world and see its colors." Still, no response echoed in his direction as he relied on his undead minions to guide him home, yet even so, he could not find it, the proud Uruk was defeated once more. Eventually, he stumbled upon a spot to lay his exhausted head for the night, amidst the sands of the desert…
  2. [PLAYER MADE EVENT-LINE] In the depths of the swamps, inside those murky marches resides a group that has chosen to call themselves the Worshippers of Ak’Akarish. These are of course the People of Rak’Ah-Du, a tribal village of Cannibals who consume those of the fallen. These horrid people believe that the Karkossa Weaver named Ak’Akarish, is a goddess who is meant to consume the world and they, they are its mouth from which she will feed. These cannibalistic worshippers have been seen stealing away the poor souls in and around the roads and fields leading to Rahuma, using their bodies to feed it to their people, and that weaver, named Ak’Akarish and as such, war has been declared upon the the people of Rahtuma, war against the GODS of Ka’Tau and it will be answered in the blood of Isfetians. The people of Rak’Ah-Du are of a horrifying nature, often they stay in huts and wear garbs made out of human leather, bone and many others. Although the cannibalistic clan existed long before, their hunger only now have expanded as an unknown figure, Akru’Nak-Ta emerged, preaching the words of Ak’Akarish. From it, blessings are given in a vague and horrific nature, bones forged into weapons of war, shaped by the powers of the Ak’Akarish and her speaker. They are nomadic by nature, incapable of staying at one place for too long. Where they originally came from is relatively unknown, it is speculated that they washed up upon the island very recently, as evident by their basic knowledge of wood working and sailing. Though it seems that they are stranded and scared. The speaker does not seem to stem from their ranks, it is a separate entity who is taller and far, far older than most of them. Finally, they seem incapable of speaking in common, their tongue is a miss match of strange concoctions, though they seem to have a decent recent understanding of common and might be open for diplomacy. Tik’Antu is a Shaman of Ak’Akarish. He preaches her word through action, murdering and consuming the flesh of his victims, adorning their skull and bones as armor and wearing their skin as cloth. He is a horrid but old man, more-so relying on his sons to war for him. He believes his actions are just, a religious zealot whose only thought is the consumption of man flesh. In combat, he will typically order about his sons, various tribal soldiers who believe him to be his father, promising the love of Ak’Akarish and the pride of a proud father to those who fall in battle, though he is frail, his words carry a weight heavier than any blade. An’Tika, Huntress of the Dark forest believes that the hunting of descendants is the greatest sport that this world knows and the more she hunts, the more she feasts on man, elf, dwarf and orc, the stronger the pride of Ak’Akarish will be unto her. She and her sisterdom don bright clothes, from bronze weapons glistening with jewels to bones covered in paint. Despite their bright and colorful attire, they are a deathly and unseen presence, skulking around with nary a sound. In the dark forest, they are the only color a man might see, but soon fear shall strike them in their hearts for the roaming sisterdom of An’Tika is nothing to be laughed at. Crak’Du, the Butcher of the Bloodied Sands is an Orc who joined the clan after hearing of their nature. Though he was originally a Braduk he has fully adopted the culture and he, and his clan or fellow uruks, wield weapons of bone, shapened by the Speaker of the Ak’Akarish. Crak’Du and his band of uruks wish for nothing more but the flesh of man,the blood of war and the death of all those who come into their way. Most of their rank is bound in chains, used as hounds for their bloodlust is broken and permanent, typically fights break out inside their numbers wherein they will clash for hours, fueled by the bloodlust found inside of them. Crak’Du is merely the one who has so far been the hardest to murder and as such, he was chosen to lead. Akru’Nak-Ta is a frail being, capable of speaking the language of these cannibals. His origins is unknown and walks always with two of his closest advisors, whispers are all that is heard inside their presence and so far, they have been able to take blow after blow, attack after attack and never be felled. They are worshipped as avatars of the Ak’Akarish. Little is known of this being, bar from the fact that he is an expert warrior, it has been witnessed that he is an executioner of death, yet, something deep and dark stirs within him. The all consuming hunger of the Ak’Akarish, a warrior fighting in a near impenetrable suit of armor from which no blade survives. His stomach is said to hold so many remains, he can barely walk properly. Take note, soldiers, hunters and warriors of Rahtuma, followers of Ka’tau, the Gods themselves have decreed these people to be horrid, impure and isfetian. Tetu Has Decreed, their assault on our city must be answered in blood. Kalthet Has Drecreed, Atemu-Ta must lead the soldiers into the battlefield. Amaunet has decreed, their ways must end, it is unclean, unhealthy. The people of Rahtuma shall march out to meet these impure beings, to bring Kopesh to flesh and cleave their filth from our pure lands. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A PLAYER MADE EVENT, CENTERED AROUND RATHUMA, IF YOU WISH TO JOIN, FEEL FREE TO JOIN OUR DISCORD OR REACH OUT TO Christianj0 Discord https://discord.gg/NjkWghYY
  3. I personally feel the Corcitura feat is a very good introduction to the darker avenues of the server, I would of course love to see it buffed but then it doesn't serve its purpose. Because it is weak, it allows it to be spread to multiple people who never before had access to this type of roleplay. As a feat, it serves its role well, it is an introduction into what is a spook and how you act as one. It is not a method to min-max your build, it is flavor added to an existing character. While I could ramble on about how siliti did leave a vaccuum, as a corc player I have noticed people are less inclinded to become a corc due to the lack of siliti, they do not have an end goal and as such, see no reason to become a corc. This speaks to how the two were written, the synergy between them. Players want to be an antagonistic vampire but buffing the corcitura feat, is not the way to go. Corcitura is meant to be weak and its what I love about it, it is impossible to abuse which means I can give it to new players and test how they react, it creates roleplay much better than many of the MA's out there and it opens up so many additional avenues of roleplay. From a mechanical perspective, it is a very well-crafted feat that I have personally enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) even after three years.
  4. The Vampiric Heir Rumors spread, words whispered in the dark of night “Count Vukosav has decreed an heir” The Blood Court of Vukosav, House Radomavic, was once a proud and noble house. Its most prestigious of lords, that of the unholy Count Vukosav Radomavic “The Black”, has let the house through out the ages and many a noble Heir was found but none have shown promise. None dared to live up to the horrid ideals of the Count, until now. An Heir has been found to lead the Vampiric house, to bring it back to its former glory, a beacon of darkness in this world of light. Through his actions, House Radomavic shall once more stand tall and strong, through his actions we shall reclaim our promised land, and through his actions, we shall arise, stronger than ever before. My son, by the power bestowed upon me by the Vampiric Gods, Arise no longer as a mere Vampire with no name, Arise as an Unholy Ser, The Midnight Blue, The Heir to Castle Black, The Prince of The Lessers, the Sovereign of The Blood Court of The Radomavic Family. Bear The Radomavic Name with honour and pride. May you rule as long as you thirst for more.
  5. Yo, vampire dude here, for reference, I player one since it came out and still enjoy it. I cannot bring up any new information, and of course, I have a bias but all that I can say is that spooks are meant to generate RP and keep on generating interesting RP, don't discourage us from interacting with you, please. I want to go into cities and actively participate with its people, I want to turn people into vampires and create an interesting roleplay scenario. My favourite one is when I just became a vampire, it was legit unknown, no spook test, so I became a holy knight, turned half the order into vampires and it imploded on itself. Half became evil vampire knights and the other half, became vampire hunters, for me this is what spooks are about. I hate it that we are forced to sit in our lairs, clasp our hands and scheme because we cannot go out to a city and NOT be slapped by spook tests. granted, saying ALL of this, there is ways around spook tests, recently thanks to a great amount of players actively discouraging spook testing, I have been able to get into cities and its some of the finest RP I have had in a while. To those players, thank you so much, ya'll are awesome and I will continue to interact with those communities because they allow me. tl;dr, spooks make RP, don't get rid of us plz :D
  6. MC Name: Capn_Avery Most Played Character's Race: Human Most Played Character's Nation: Spook What is the purpose of this build?: Its intended use is to be an Big minion, we intend to use it so we no longer have to manoeuvre a boat to showcase where and how the minion is moving Coordinates of Build: X: 856 Y: 66 Z: 2579 Picture of Build (upload to Imgur and place link here): Imgur: The magic of the Internet Imgur: The magic of the Internet Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  7. Vukosav got out a jar filled with leeches "I know the answer to this one, I must immediately bring it to these poor, uneducated souls!" and with that, he walked off, hopefully he will find Balian unlike last time...
  8. For me, got for the archelogy and paleontology, I would love to discover ancient bones and display them! (Also cannot wait for the caves to be completed, it will be a fun adventure area)
  9. Atop the sandstone city of the sea, a lone, aged Uruk named Ninkthaguz stood as he and a few of his priests collected the bodies scattered about from the attack, both from their own men of the living, the dragon-kin and the remains of the forces of the red lich (A few fingers were lost due to their snapping jaws!). As he gazed into those Briney waters he spoke "We, the priests of Nesahor stand against you, red lich, know that in the lands of Raht’uma, the dead will stay dead as long as I live" his skin was seared, his body scarred from the attack but his will remained unbroken as his hatred grew for the dark, may they all fear the light and know the power of the gods. "And I do not plan on dying any time soon..."
  10. It was a shocking piece to read, I enjoyed every moment of its electrifying existence and I think it deserves a spot in the current lore. +1 I Approve of Sith RP
  11. In my personal opinion, this is a needed addition for any Current CA and future CA. It will incite more magical warclaims, raids etc. since it gaves players a soft of safety net. I like it :D
  12. While I understand why you would remove a corcs youthfulness, don't be boring and just say it doesn't work, throw a spin on it! Maybe corc's youth tries to work against a necros aging and in turn the body deteriorates and slowly they become outwardly more undead! or maybe the more the wither the more undead they appear, idk, just since the player is stuck between eventually having two feeding mechanics be placed on em, give em a small rewards or a unique flavor. Don't just remove it, make stuff fun to combine :D
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