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  1. "Well, seems The heat still hasn't died down" the most Unholy Ser Vukosav Spoke as he leaned back in a chair, silently drinking from a blood red cup. "Oh well, it seems my vacations has extended..." and so he relaxed, going back to basking in the darkness of some unknown crypt enjoying some elven cuisine.
  2. Hidden from view, the count watched as his dear friends mind departed onto madness. Every part of his being grasping onto the ravenous darkened shadows of his research as he toiled away, day after day. Yet no concern washed over the count, rather in his turbulent Manor a smile erupted upon his blackened face. Was this planned or did it simply please the Count as he watched his most diligent scholar toil over work of eons ago More of those God worshipping fools are needed to fuel the ever breathing forges of the underworld, none shall stand in their way...
  3. The African looks at the missive after waiting for it to load for thirty minutes. Nodding his head he muttered something in his unga bunga language, it seems as if though the African does indeed agree with the hot takes here. He scrolling through the comments as he was to go and write his own take, yet in an unexpected twist. His power went off... In his sadness he stepped out of his hut into the ever hot kalahari sun. Adjusting his loin cloth which exposed his butt cheeks, he continued onwards towards his pet Lion, giving her some well deserved scritches as she ate another Kudu, he once more muttered something in his unga bunga language. A sadness washed over him as he stood up and ventured onwards, taking his bow and arrow as he clambered onto his elephant, Idowu Sithole. Giving the elephant named Idowu a pat on the back end, it began walking through the thick thicket. He was to go and slap some sense into Eskoms behind for No matter how retarded your power company can be, scheduling regular "power outages" is not the way to go.
  4. I feel you bro, my dude is 5'6'' and he is overshadowed by most women
  5. Count Vukosav looked upon the paper as he slowly raised a brow and with his oldened voice he spoke "aaah, my children, oh children, it is good to see that you are not starving" and so, he went back to wandering about the world.
  6. Count Vukosav remembered his days in Vasiyeva, how he found the love of his life, how he wandered the cities breathtaking halls and landscapes with pride and joy, the numerous people he met, from nobles onto moonshiners... yet despite this, one day he woke up for it all to be stripped away as he was exiled into nothing, a once proud noble reduced to a lone wanderer. "at least I can say I was there, in Vasiyeva's final days" he said as he watched the city burn, closing his eyes he spurred on his horse, the beast slowly moving onwards.
  7. Qizu Sent me this over discord, not gonna lie, its a really nice piece, my favorite was one of the tenants :D +1 from me chaps
  8. We have failed you monk nipple, may you rest in peace.
  9. Vukosav sat before the fire in his home, reading a few books as to pass the time when his eyes caught a familiar word. Moonshine. The infamous Bo Jam speciality and so, he thought back upon his memories with the man. Heremembered the day they first met, Bo tried wooing a lady with little effect but once Vukosav stepped in, his chances... decreased. In any event they fought together, dined and drunk together. He remembered the times when they fought against the rats of Luciensburg, how they both ended up in the clutches of medics numerous times. Yet once they were both sired by an unkown creature, brought into the vamperic curse they lost touch. Now years later he remembered him, thinking back towards him with happy memories. Vukosav closed his book as he shed a tear, wondering if he will ever meet him again for he might never learn of Bo Jams passing... goodbye good friend, Bo Jam was one of my favourite people to RP with, once I heard of his passing, I felt my soul drop and I gotta be honest, I will miss Bo Jam very much. May Bo Jam Rest in the moonshine field of heaven!
  10. Vukosav read the Poster and slowly nodding his head he said "This man almost has the same name as I! I do hope he survives the ordeals, one day we can meet one another" and with that he goes back to whatever he was doing.
  11. In my short time here I have noticed different kinds of responses, for the last month or two I have played my character Vukosav . For those who do not know I am a vampire and so, following the lore I need to drink blood every week. So my usual plan is I walk into an area, vampire form, pointy teeth etc etc. and I demand I drink their blood. Fear is something both I and my victims at times do participate in and it is fun to be feared and to fear things! Usually once I announce that I am a vampire, pointy teeth and spoopy stuff I get two responses. 1. Either a person is super afraid. 2. The person does not care. From those who do not care, the response is the same. "This is the second time this week" or "Just nowhere on the face". When such a response is initiated it throws me off balance. My emotes get messy and this scary vampire becomes a nice person. From the people who are afraid I have noticed a genuine amazing RP quality, their fear overshadows them and causes them to run away, trip and fall or to be frozen on the spot! My absolute favourite moment was when I was locked behind bars, I had a magical ring that could summon bats and so, I allowed it to take its course and you could see these two guards were scared. I loved that feeling and in return I decided that I would also do some good ol fear RP. Now when I am presented with a cross, I cower in fear. Fire and the Sun also scares me, it changes how I see every situation, I go from the evil monster to suddenly cowering in a corner or maybe I just wait until nightfall to hunt or even go outside. Children and spiders also scare me but thats just because I am genuinly scared of them. The whole idea of roleplaying your emotions is awesome and its something I have come to love about CA races, even ones as bland as corcitura. It gives you the option to flesh out your character because being scared of something really does flesh out your character. As for vukosav being scared about other things that randomly pop up, like azdrazi, inferni and even ghosts, I approach it with caution. Because there is the fear of consequence and the fear of Death. After being told I am immortal, Vukosav believes he is immortal and so, he is not scared of death. This just means he is scared of consequence. His children might die. He might be tortured or worse, he might meet a blood mage who takes his sigel and coffins him or he might even be cured by a paladin! Fear no longer stems from the creature itself and how they might kill you but rather fear stems from what happens if they keep you alive. But so far, the one thing I have noticed is most prominent in scaring people is when you keep your info reserved and your ooc clear and friendly! Though I don't do it often my best encounters if from people who I message first and ask "yo, are you down for some spook RP?". The usual response is a yes. Why? because it leaves a question in the air "wtf are they gonna do?". So when you engage in the RP there is an aura of mystery, is this man a necromancer? Demon? werewolf? They want to know and so you lure them in. By first asking them if they are down, it helps keep the conversation friendly. Someone might need to go in 10 minutes or they might be having a really bad day, kidnapping someone randomly and having them not enjoy it leaves a bad taste in the air. Emotes are short, stubborn where they could have been magnificent. This is why I have set out rules for myself to create a better RP experience! 1. Never kill the victim, sure it will bite you in the ass but by killing them, the RP stops, it halts in its tracks. This person never interacted with said vampire, the Story stops and of course, people are more willing to RP if they know they will not die. 2. Be friendly oocly, when I go around and attack people it must be an experience for both parties involved. 3. Be okay with losing. I have lost a few times in fights and I ask myself "how am I supposed to be a big scary vampire if I lose?" and the answer is found when I notice oocly that the other person thanks me for the RP. I might never be a big scary vampire but I know that today I made that person happy. TL;DR Fear RP is awesome! try it sometime.
  12. From The shadows a man read the paper, slowly raising an eyebrow he stated "well now, this is interesting! I do hope the lad gets his lady, he really did put in a lot of effort, hunting me down and all..." He then thought about maybe fixing his house, maybe if he brought it up with ando alur's government he might get a tax deduction!
  13. I am not ready for this, please send help.
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