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  1. kuebiko


    Adelaide grew up around the countryside, growing up with a single mother and without too much of a set-in-stone home until the duo settled in Oren. Although she did attend school there and learned to read, everything she knows about the flora around her came from direct experience. Nature is the best teacher she had outside of her mother, who helped her gain an appreciation for growing her own vegetables. But around the age of 16, disaster struck and Adelaide's mother left into the wilds and simply never came home. There was no direct answer to this, no known reason that she just up and vanished. It could've been something as minor as getting lost, and that's exactly what Adelaide was going to believe. Her self-sustaining nature that came from being left to her own devices carried into how she changed while living in Oren. Settling down in a city where you aren't just sleeping in fields of grass is quite the large step, and being alone is an even larger one. She was no longer going to be able to stare at the stars until it was morning, and now she was faced with the issue of not just watching over the crowds but to actually interact with them- But at least she could keep managing a small garden under the red rooftops above her head. Something familiar to bring a touch of comfort as she stepped into a new chapter of her life.
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