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  1. kuebiko

    A Warning

    Horror and confusion sweep Iolas from bed, with him covering his face with his hands as he wiped the cold sweat away. It felt that the world trembled before yet another devourer of peace. Hours and hours were spent pacing around the room as he tried to wrap his mind around the dream. To dissuade fear, to bring hope, to try oncemore to become a hero. After all this was a warning. There's still time. The following nights were spent staring up at the sky, seeking out more than just the stars. Metis was no longer a mere library, the Arcane Conclave no longer felt like a story of the past.
  2. This eventline has been so incredible, it's hard to put into words the sheer excitement that watching, theorizing, and interacting with the story has given me. Thank you to the ET for this, and I can't wait to see what happens next. the event has done a wonderful job & keeping up anticipation. Because holy shit, I can only imagine where this is going.
  3. One of his court members is going absolutely ballistic, sort of looping around the palace akin to an excited dog. Except instead of excitement, it is panic. Perhaps that really isn't that unusual for Iolas.
  4. The piece of parchment was held to the sun by Iolas, someone who dreamed of being a hero and bringing forth friendship between the descendents. One sentence in particular caught his eye with concern.
  5. happy to see ms paint posting stocks going up


    (my ms paint reaction image was too big of a file to post here)

  6. Iolas, who loves stories and dreams of being a hero, decides that he's going to make more trips to Numendil!
  7. Iolas hopes Illthrak isn't looking while he paces in anxious circles within the confines of the safe, cozy, lovely, library. This was his time to prove himself, wasn't it. The crucible had been lit, now it was time to see how hot the fire of change burns.
  8. To make sense of nonsense. Had Iolas dreamt of RUIN itself, was that why he had woken up in a cold sweat? Of course it was. Throughout the entire day the dream crept into the back of his mind.
  9. Iolas waved goodbye to the house he once hid inside, there was no need to hide anymore. Celia'nor would certainly help those who were lost after. It was time after all. There world had a path of charity to follow, this act had many acts to follow it.
  10. hatsune miku

    1. Crevel
    2. Pallodium


      bro really walked up, said 'hatsuke miku' and left LMAO

  11. Iolas experiences a pain completely foreign to him up until this point, up until Metis had chosen him, curled up and clawing at the eyes who saw more than just the world. As the anguish passed, so did the fear of that tear growing beyond control. It had finally been dealt with.
  12. From the safe confines of a cramped dorm, a pair of ‘scholars’ attempt to sate their thirst for adventure or perhaps the opposite of such. From within a circle of candles, the world warps and distorts around them, not a single trace left behind for those who dared to peek in through the window. [OOC: This post’s RP was made via Arcane Displacement, it's not to be metagamed] The perfect vacation! Something to break away from the mess in Braevos! A beautiful, tropical island with an endless ocean sprawling beyond the horizon, coconuts ready to be sipped from, sand stretching to flourishing greenery and a brilliant cerulean sky dotted with cotton-candy clouds. All the scenery accompanied by the crashing of waves and chirping of strange, uncanny birds. An entire island to explore! Only… that was all wishful thinking from a certain weary mali’aheral, one who seems to teeter between being the luckiest, and unluckiest descendent in Aevos. And too bad for him, he wasn’t the one leading, that was left to the airhead on the floor next to him. But hey, everything was probably going to be fine, right? What’s the worst that could happen when you leave the material plane? This was a vacation! Donned in sunglasses and tacky floral patterned shirts, the two step out into a world not of their own. A sweltering blaze hotter than the desert and far worse than any summer breeze washed over them, but that wasn’t the source of the silver haired mali’s frantic sweating. This was meant to be a fun trip. This was meant to just be another case of lighthearted fun. This was not a vacation destination, the airhead put it best as she looked out over the eyesore. “Wait a second, this isn’t the beach :/” “NE!! Please do not tell me we’re in Moz Mimosa…!!” cried a scholar, far in over his head in pursuit of curiosity. Thankfully, this was not Moz Strimosa in all its gorey horror, but a place similar to it. Lava bubbled up between the cracks of red, flesh like brimstone. The only voices outside of his and Jenny's were those of the inferi, who cried out in twisted screams, piercing any semblance of peace. What kind of sane person would ever stay here for a vacation! He wanted OUT!! OUUUT!!! Met with such a cruel fate, Iolas stares out at the horrid scenery and mourns the daydream, with reality akin to a firey nightmare. One he desperately wanted to wake up from. But as fate would have it, this was real and the scholar inside of him demanded proof of such. A piece of vivid red brimstone was broken off and thrown in a jar, a sample for safekeeping by the Sprigleaf scholar before the sheer overwhelming nature of leaving home hit. He curled up on the floor and promptly begged to go home. With another ritual drawn out on the ground, Jenny tapped him on the shoulder and rolled him to the circle, “Yer fine.” Soon enough, the two had returned back home, somewhere far safer than literal hell. Which is for the record, A place NOT fit for a vacation. bonus
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