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  1. Theodore beamed at the list of winners - specifically, at his own name. He couldn't even try to hide the excitement, nor the followed enthusiasm to begin working. Immediately he'd leave the public listings and return to his home to begin writing. So many ideas and concepts and amendments in his mind, ready to be put to the page. His first letter, however, started with shaky handwriting and humbly began with "Dear Mom and Dad," Over the following days, Theo would certainly begin finding his new peers and colleagues to discuss the Garmont, its rules, and potential bills. But for one moment, all the country boy could think of was home.
  2. Theo reads the missive with a cocked brow. He pays especially close attention while reading Section II. "I do wonder how the How Pontiff feels about this new...responsibility?" he asks to himself with a curious hum. Perhaps it was time to keep an ear out for official words from the Church about this society and 'restoration' of the Empire. After finishing the rest of the missive, he'd simply shrug to himself. "This is interesting stuff at the very least!"
  3. It has felt odd to me that Musin cannot become Druids of all things. I think there are some ways in which they could be able to do such things without retconning or seriously stretching out any lore as it stands now.
  4. Username: Judge_Trudy Persona Name: Theodore Elwood Persona Age: 24 Place of Residence / Street Address: Godric's Path 1, Faubourg Village Seat you are running for (ex. The People's seat of Val de Lagne): Val de Lagne [If specifics needed: The Second People's Seat of Val de Lagne]
  5. Theo reads over the letter and grips his book of medical notes a little tighter. "Good for her." he says to nobody in particular. "It was a blast getting to learn what I have from her. I'm sure Miss Marisol will be splendid as well. Now then, lessons on burns..." he says as he goes off to find some texts.
  6. Theodore, having just heard of the High Pontiff's death in passing, kneels before his bed that night. While not usually a particularly faithful or zealous man, Theo does clasp his hands as he silently prays for the High Pontiff to find peace and rest. Not knowing the nature of the High Pontiff's death yet, he hopes the old man died with the embrace of GOD, and spends the rest of his waking hour contemplating the Church and his relationship with it. ((Beautiful post! Never got to meet Sixtus, but I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the posts from or about him<3))
  7. Theodore settles into his bed the night of the debate and stares at his ceiling. Unable to sleep, he mumbles to himself about the debate he'd witnessed. "Sir Wilfrod spoke with such experience, and yet Rigoberto's story is so close to my own and gives me hope." he says as imaginative sheep begin to jump across the foot of his bed. "Both men seem decent. I doubt Petra can go truly wrong with either. I look forward to seeing the resuuu-" he begins to say before he finally drifts into sleep.
  8. Theodore finds some parchment and begins creating a cheat sheet for himself. "Mustn't forget to give a proper bow next time I see some of these folks." he mutters to himself as he reflects on how many times he might have been improper in the presence of nobility. "Good thing mom didn't see me fail to acknowledge Sir Atticus Reinhold last month. She would'a picked a switch for sure." he says with a half smile as he underlines the Baron's name and titles.
  9. Theo smiles once he hears the good news. Almost immediately he begins readying his horse for a ride to the White City. "It's always good to have friends we can rely on - and greater still to have good reason to visit lands as lovely as Numendil's. May this alliance be prosperous, though without reason to come to each others' aid." he says to himself as he climbs atop his steed and begins riding down the road.
  10. Theodore Eldwood shrugs as he first hears about the nominees. "Knowing neither of these men, it already speaks volumes that one got nominated by two bodies. Though he still hasn't replied to my letter. I'll just have to make it to the debate." he says before wandering back to the caves of Port Chamberly.
  11. Erik of Irongut reads the missive from the Urguan barracks and frowns. "Guess Ah might get tha chance ta fight sooner than Ah thought..." he grumbles to himself before marching off.
  12. JudgeTrudy


    You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.” ((How do you respond?)) Erik blinks rapidly as he enters the surprisingly warmly lit tent. He squints as the hag speaks to him, and a harsh breath is lost as he finally takes in her visage. He stumbles as he moves for the cushion, his gaze never breaking that of the woman, and he sits cross-legged. "S'pose Ah shouldn't be surprised yeh expected me. Da warned me of yer magiks. But Ah'm bein' mighty rude aren't I?" Erik shakes his head at that and scoffs. "Maybe Ah don't know what Ah'm doin'..." He pauses, momentarily forgetting not to break eye contact as he gazes down at the pouch sat in his lap. Looking back up, seeing the hag smiling now, he tenses and clutches the leather closer to his chest. "S-sorry..." He gulps. "Ah'm Erik, an'.." He pauses as the woman leans forward just a bit too close. He stammers a second, and then feels a surge of fearful courage gets him to jump to his feet. "Mah name is Erik. Ah was told yeh can get me away from this 'eap-o-nothin' village an' somewhere worth settlin'." His voice raises and he puffs his chest out as he continues to speak. "Ah've grown tired of tendin' tha fields of folk who would never defend 'em. My own Da refuses ta teach me 'is ways of mead-makin'." He says that as he clenches his free fist, and tosses the leather pouch onto a small table besides the hag. Its shiny gold innards begin to spill onto its surface. "Ah know ye can get me passage. Ah was told yeh'd 'ave a ship's ride down tha coast fer less than what Ah've got in there. Ah'm asumin' tha what's in there should be enough to get me as far as Ah can get from this place. So take me somewhere tha Ah can finally start my life with purpose an' 'onour." He finishes speaking and crosses his arms. He stares down the hag as he waits for her answer.
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