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  1. "Next thing you know, they'll be making decrees declaring Musins and Kha evil.." Moth of Babblebrook remarked. "Why do I even keep up with this? Can I just make up a religion where everybody's happy, and gets along, and there aren't any damn knife fights or court cases?" They wonder aloud. Moth then sets off to go talk with the Shire governers about such a change.
  2. "Huh. Any inking.. Wonder if they count dying your fur. Or hair." Moth of Babblebrook hummed, reading over this with amusement. "Knew they were a crazy bunch. Next they'll prohibit you from wearing makeup." They snorted at the thought, taking the letter to pin to Dunwen's notice board so others could also have a good laugh.
  3. "Hah, lure 'em in with Maggie's lunches. Nobody'll resist that." Moth commented in amusememt, the musin idly reading through the paper.
  4. +1 sprites need more magic i will advocate for anything sprite related
  5. holy shit i love this- ive always thought that sprites and fae creatures didnt have nearly enough things connecting them back to the fae realm big +1
  6. "Finally, a good cause to spend my mina on." Moth chuckled, the musin heading off to buy too many sweets.
  7. wooo! im slightly late but still- yaaay! merry transmas!
  8. Ah! Good to know. I just added Hou-Zhi anyways, as I wanted to make sure to cover all of the lesser soul bases.
  9. Musin should be able to become druids. I have looked over the druidism lore, and failed to find anything mentioning requiring a greater soul. In addition, Hou-Zi should also be able to become druids, as they also have lesser souls. Old Redlines New Redlines
  10. After reading the missive, Moth dipped their head in respect. They hadn't known the queen too well, but they saw that she was fair with her ruling, and kind. "May you find peace in the skies above, and may the next heir be as good of a ruler as you."
  11. Moth sighed, preparing their medic's kit. They really weren't paid enough for this..
  12. mouseman magic !! (we need it desperately)
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