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  1. Mera Camian made a point of studying the moves to the Ferryman Slide in her free time, in preparation for future victories.
  2. The Northguard’s March Dated 9th of the First Seed, Year 23 SA This conflict we find ourselves in was preceded by years of insults and wrongs from the south. We ignored them. Then, there was the assault and degrading of one of our citizens. We pressed for a resolution, and were swiftly ignored. Next came the espionage, the unwelcome entries into our lands, and the slights upon our sovereignty. Once again, our attempts to resolve the situation peacefully were ignored entirely. With no alternative recourse, a war to redress the slights was declared.
  3. Xiong Mei began buying an entire market's worth of kitchen supplies for the purposes of celebratory cooking.
  4. Sylvia Camian nodded in a approval. "It's good to continue our friendship with them. They are a wise people, and good scholars." Xiong Mei wondered if this meant she was now qualified to practice law in Norland as well. As such, she made a point of making a quick note in her notebook to inquire about the subject with someone.
  5. AMENDMENT III: Dishonorable War Conduct In light of atrocities of war committed in the Duchy of Elysium, and in respect to the slain noncombatants, the following decree outlines those acts which, when committed by any soldier whether he be Norlandic or foreign, must be punished in accordance with the standards of morality and the Father’s Tenets. I. The Targeting of Noncombatants: Those who are found to have assaulted or coerced with force unarmed or surrendering noncombatants will be sentenced to a branding and One Elven Day’s worth of indentured servitude to the Crown. II. The
  6. The High Keeper scoffed in disgust. "There is only one fate befitting those who target noncombatants and, even worse, children," She hissed, immediately beginning to draft a document.
  7. The High Keeper briefly considered making some remark about what she had just read, but upon opening her mouth to do so realized she was in an empty room. "Well, it was good reading at least," She said, writing down a couple good phrases from the document to steal for her own writing in the future.
  8. The Bannermen of Clan Camian It is ever a grim event when sense and good faith fail to maintain peace between the nations of the world. Saddened though we may be, however, Clan Camian declares its full and wholehearted support for our Kingdom in this time of conflict. A slight has been dealt by the enemy’s hand, and so it must be redressed. We shall, as is tradition, raise a levy of bannermen to fight alongside the Northguard. May the Father’s Light guide their path, and may Bjorn guide their blades. TO PROSPECTIVE BANNERMEN The Armor of Clan Camian
  9. Mera Camian thrust her fist into the air. "Finally! I thought ve vere never going through vith it. Iron from Ice!"
  10. Mera Camian began riling up the populace with a degree of jingoistic pride unseen in Norland in nearly half a century.
  11. Mera Camian clicked her tongue a few times and shook her head as she read over the missive. "I vouldn't call it extortion, so much as action and conseqvence. But I suppose they've found the hill to die upon. Or, rather, mountain to die upon, I guess."
  12. Velsyni Indoren began putting up advertisements for discounted, salvaged weapons and armor, as any proud, unrepentant war profiteer such as herself would do.
  13. The High Keeper, who had managed to acquire a copy of the missive from a traveler, had a pleasant laugh before she then filed her copy into a folder labeled 'Comedically Edgy Letters'.
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