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  1. As much as I hate playing the part of the cynical pessimist, I feel this needs to be said; As good of a message as this is-- and it’s a very good message, don’t misunderstand-- it seems to me that this is a lot of words with little weight behind them. As great as it would be for everyone to play nice, the fact remains that due to inaction on the part of all parties involved, nothing will change. So long as the powers that be, either by intention or ignorance, willingly turn a blind eye to the issues in question for whatever reason, there will continue to be no confidence in the system. With no confidence in the system, people won’t step forward when they’re mistreated. When people stop stepping forward, the inaction appears justified, and the cycle continues. Nothing will change, harassment and toxicity will continue. tl;dr: If you want change, the way to do it is through principle and integrity, not just telling people to be better. Change is achieved by action. Signed, Astria, Local Cynic
  2. The High Keeper read over Edward’s work, nodding in quiet approval as she did so. Impressed by the Purifier’s work, she penned a brief note to the man. Edward, Having just finished a cursory examination of your work, I can express only approval of your work. Not only have you produced a very good piece of work with your litanies alone, but you’ve also thoroughly and concisely explained your purpose for putting them to paper. As far as the work of Initiates goes, this is some of the finest I’ve read. Well done. Very well done. I look forward to reading more of your work. Sincerely, High Keeper Alisa
  3. The High Keeper silently objected to the addition of the word ‘Holiness’ to her name as she read over the document. But she chose to just shrug it off with a sigh.
  4. Velsyni Indoren hummed in quiet sorrow as the rumors reached her ears. “I never did get to take her up on that conversation she wanted. What a shame,” She let out a long sigh and rose from her seat, wandering outside to go on a short walk to clear her mind.
  5. The High Keeper let out a quiet hum as she looked over the invitation on its way to Caedric. As her eyes caught the words ‘House Ruric’ she let out a nervous laugh. “All of the Rurics? Oh... Oh dear.” The priestess gave out a long, concerned sigh, thinking that perhaps the invitation should have specified ‘Edvardsson’. But, nonetheless, she would bear word to the other Rurics, the Eirikssons and the Freyssons.
  6. The High Keeper hummed a quiet tune as she cleaned her own mask, holding it up to the light as she reflected on the document that had found its way to her desk. “Hmm... I wonder if they realize that a mask is part of the outfit I wear for official work. I do hope they aren’t attempting to ban Keepers from their land.”
  7. High Keeper Alisa sighed, holding the corner of the missive over her flamebrand, watching it burn with an icy expression. “I do so detest dishonesty. On this scale, though, it’s just plain repulsive. How dishonorable.” With a roll of her eyes, the priestess brushed the paper’s ashes from her fingers.
  8. Velsyni blinked a few times as the rumor was relayed to her, mildly concerned. “Well, good thing I don’t have any need to go there, I guess,” the ‘ker said with a small shrug before continuing about her day.
  9. Alisa Camian, High Keeper of the Red Faith, and Matron of Clan Camian rinsed her hands of ceremonial ash and put on her pale, featureless porcelain Keeper mask, pulling the black hood of her robes over her head. As she adjusted her gauntlets, she looked around the room, “Am I doing this **** right?”
  10. The High Keeper stood quietly atop the palace, looking out over the icy seas below Morsgrad, the fate of a man she’d never heard of, met, or seen going completely unnoticed among the many other events of the world that involve her in no way whatsoever. She let out a quiet sigh as she watched the sun rise over the horizon, its golden light reflecting off the ice and snow of her northern homeland. Taken by the beauty of the natural world, the priestess’ lips curled into a gentle smile; It was a good morning. The woman knelt before the shrine of her Paragon, Astrid the Maiden, and recited a brief, heartfelt prayer; A prayer for justice, peace and mercy for all descendants. “Steel Heart, Iron from Ice.”
  11. AstriaS


    The High Keeper blinked her eyes rather rapidly as she read over the odd document that was somehow left on her desk, presumably by some enterprising Nottinglad troublemaker. ”Wh- What am I reading?” With a groan, the priestess wandered back to her chambers to have a good, old-fashioned drinking binge, wholly and entirely done with all of Arcas’ sh*t.
  12. High Keeper Alisa Camian laughed in quiet amusement. “Burning bush, hm?”
  13. ”Everything is politics to southerners...” The High Keeper complained under her breath, doing her best to comfort her young daughter, who would never see her dearest friend again.
  14. ”To allow the death of child, and act with hostility towards those who simply wish to see her remains returned to the home of her ancestors; Truly, southern dishonor knows no bounds.”
  15. The High Keeper issued a quiet sigh, kneeling in prayer before the smoldering remains of a funerary pyre. Her voice was quiet, her solemnly-spoken words obscured by the cold, northern wind as they were carried to The Maiden’s ears. A request had been made, oaths sworn, and a favor given. There was nothing more to be said. ”I’ve done my part, as you asked, Elene. Iron from Ice.” A name fades out, but the Flame burns bright.
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