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  1. The High Keeper reads over the document with a quiet, jaded cackle of amusement.
  2. The High Keeper sighed loudly as she set the missive aside. “They’ve been told and shown this doesn’t work. How long will they continue with their fool’s errands before realizing their folly, I wonder? How far will their blind arrogance take them before it’s all said and done? The destruction of everything they know, at the hands of the enemy they keep strengthening; Will that be what it takes? Perhaps so. Perhaps the southerners might just be beyond saving.” Her thoughts concluded, the priestess picked up the missive once more and lit the corner of it with her flamebrand, the gentle light of the flames dancing upon the surface of her mask as she watched the paper turn to ash.
  3. The Response of The Kingdom of Norland 6th of the Amber Cold, 1779 To the Orenian State, In light of the circumstances of the actions and death of Pasqual de Casanova, the Kingdom of Norland has no choice but to point the finger of blame, and to level it squarely at the Orenian Empire. Our reasons for this are manifold. Firstly, while it cannot be ascertained whether or not this man truly acted on behalf of the Orenian State, based on the previous actions of the Empire, we are forced to come to the conclusion that he was. To be perfectly transparent, the actions we reference are, specifically, the funding of banditry targeting the Kingdom of Norland in times of peace and the attempted assassinations of King Caedric I and King Halvar I. Secondly, as the Orenian State has repeatedly chosen to hold the Kingdom of Norland responsible for the actions of various bandit organizations, chiefly Nottingham and the Ashen Sigil, the Kingdom of Norland must, therefore, do the same and hold the Orenian State responsible for actions done in its name. The conflation between the Kingdom of Norland and these bandit organizations was a result of intentional propagandizing, extremely liberal use of the derisive term “Nordling'', and the words of the Orenian State itself. However, while there is no provable link between the Kingdom of Norland and these bandits, there are many provable links between the Orenian State and the man who attacked Captain O’Hara, ranging from his own claims to his documented past. Therefore, we choose to treat with the Orenian State as the Orenian State has treated with us; They shall be held to their own standards. Accordingly, the Kingdom of Norland hereby recognizes this event as an endorsed breach of the terms of the truce between the Orenian Empire and the Begrudged Alliance. Furthermore, let it be known that we recognize and respect your attempt to mend the situation, however we must remember the Orenian State’s previous responses to attempts at peaceful resolution, namely their repeated breaches of the Treaty of Novellen by way of continued aggression targeting the Kingdom of Norland. To reiterate that which was stated previously in this document, this continuation of hostilities was carried out by bandits acting on direct orders from Orenian State. This alone makes it difficult to trust the words of the Empire’s officials when they claim to want peace. How are we to believe this will see any different resolution? While we appreciate your condemnation of the actions of the actor in question and his associates, your government has a proven record of acting dishonestly. Therefore, we cannot trust your claims of peace and our stance shall not change just yet. However, let it not be said that we impeded the path towards peace or disregarded the attempts made to rectify this slight. If the Empire wishes to show their commitment to peace and cooperation, then we will, at the very least, hear what their officials have to say. Your actions have consequences. May your Crossed God grant you the clarity and wisdom to make the correct decision. We shall await either your pen or your blades, though we are quite certain which we ought to expect. If it is truly peace you seek, make it so. Signed, Halvar I Edvardsson, King of Norland, Duke of Morsgrad, Bulwark of the Highland Realm, Chieftain of Clan Edvardsson Chryssa Stormbringer, Marshal of the Ashen Legion High Keeper Alisa Camian, Hearth Mother of Norland, Chieftess of Clan Camian Mister Muffins, Chamberlain to the King of Norland Olaf Freysson, High Steward of the Kingdom of Norland, Chieftain of Clan Freysson
  4. The High Keeper wonders how, and more importantly why, Olaf got into this man’s house in the first place as the story is retold for her. In the end she decides it’s a combination of faulty storytelling and mixed-up details.
  5. Somewhere in Norland, a young woman, now an adult in her own right, remembered a song the bard had sung about her all those years ago. Unaware of the man’s departure from the mortal plane, she hummed the melody of his song as she went about her day, a smile on her face.
  6. High Keeper Alisa quietly takes note of the request for magical assistance as word is brought to her. “Fools, taking up with the agents of the darkness. Clearly they know not the trouble and frustration they invite when it comes to mages.”
  7. The High Keeper lets out a gentle cackle of amusement. “Don’t go and inspire a selfish desire in me, now.” Alisa laughed again. “Wonder if that applies to myself and the other Keepers who declared our war and took up arms against the demons personally before the Church had the good sense to even think about fighting.” Without much more thought, the woman cast the missive into her fireplace.
  8. AstriaS


    The High Keeper’s sigh was a heavy one indeed. “Grigori, just leave the Southerners to their nonsense. I have no clue what you’re trying to say about it anyway.” She rubbed the forehead of her mask, lacking the heart to tell poor Grigori to just get lost. With that, she returned to reading her books, and wondering if she, too, could cause so much controversy with a single document as this Horen business had done.
  9. AstriaS


    The High Keeper adds another bottle of liquor to the table for her nightly meal as the Southern silliness gets more complicated.
  10. The High Keeper sat within her library twirling a slayersteel dagger between her fingers, the candlelight dancing upon the surface of her trademark porcelain mask. She nodded as she read over the missive that had, somehow, made it to her all the way in Morsgrad. “I’ve had my differences with them in the past, but when they’re right, they’re right.” She commented with an idle hum, beginning to copy down the Friar’s accounts of the different sorts of demons for her own personal reference in the days to come.
  11. High Keeper Alisa choked on her drink a moment. “Well, I’ll be damned. Maybe the church isn’t as much of a puppet show as I thought. Or, maybe the Pontiff has just seen fit to finally cut his strings.”
  12. The High Keeper offered a quiet prayer as the news reached her of the Halfling’s death. “May your death be avenged, my friend.”
  13. The High Keeper read over the letter in quiet amusement, offering a small nod as she finished. “I do appreciate this man’s spirit. Though, I do wonder; Will old Pete actually stay dead this time?”
  14. Velsyni Indoren nodded in approval as she attended the meeting in the name of her clan. “So you’re saying there’s a chance.” She commented as she adjusted her fancy circlet.
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