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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Game_(mind_game)
  2. Mera Camian quietly counted out a bunch of tiny, wooden approximations of warships, for while everyone else was playing checkers and chess, she was playing Battleship with the boys. "Errr... A-5?" @_pr0fit
  3. Norlandic alchemist Sylvia Camian right-clicked the recipe. "This is just liked that time I stole that painting of a monkey."
  4. Casimira, who was still quite offended following her most recent interaction with a High Elf, wrinkled her nose in mild annoyance. "Yes, well, it's a matter of spite for me, at this point. I didn't care a whit about all this 'princess' business when Vane made his statement of support or whatever it was, but then they insulted me," The incredibly petty woman hissed before then returning to stewing over a months-old slight that was, put frankly, an honest mistake on the part of the High Elf in question. Some people, unfortunately, are impossible. Mera Camian still didn't care either way, because she was still pretending that foreigners don't exist.
  5. Sylvia Camian remarked quite simply, "Mother always did say Murdok was a wise one."
  6. Rævna stood with a pint in one hand and a handful of betting slips in the other, and watched the action from afar alongside her Norlandic compatriots. "Yeah, get 'em!" She remarked, mildly upset that the powers-that-be had prevented her from attending.
  7. Favorite of the day. I recommend The Dragon Prince, if you've not seen it. It's on Netflix. My High School spanish teacher once threw a chair into a computer, and then cried in the hallway for five minutes. Not the top favorite, but it's up there fs, along with the time I got drunk and woke up in the dorm building's laundry room wearing a sombrero.
  8. An interesting day. In any case, this is my obligatory anniversary post. That's all. You just wasted a click to read a few sentences. Please shitpost below if you feel so inclined, thank you.
  9. Mera Camian nodded a few times and set the missive aside. "I always knew those Icathians to be a good sort. Though, it does raise the question of who made that forgery... A topic for the historians to debate, I suppose." With that, she went on to more or less forget about the situation as she instead focused on building pyramid out of playing cards.
  10. Velsyni Indoren made a point of reminding people- in casual conversation, of course- that the last person who tried stealing from her is now blind as a consequence.
  11. Vikne Kjeldsdóttir gave out something of a jaded sigh, and set about preparing for a trip.
  12. Seated comfortably somewhere in the far north, Vikne Kjeldsdóttir, a Svarling of quite some infamy, let out a quiet, thoughtful hum as the affairs of the South were relayed to her. "So, the land burns with the fires of war, and apparently we missed some of the hillmen when we put that hamlet to the sword," She observed, pushing herself to her feet and pacing about in the middle of the room for a moment. "Hm. I suppose I'll have to keep an eye on all of this." Casimira, meanwhile, was too busy color-coding and reorganizing everything in her bedchamber for the fifth time this month, and so didn't really take notice of the current goings-on. Ignorance is, in fact, bliss.
  13. Rævna still thought that violence was the answer, and was quite disappointed that nobody agreed.
  14. Mera Camian, who probably hates puppies and butterflies and candy, simply remarked, "I f***ing hate children."
  15. Mera Camian sighed in mild frustration at the announcement. "I hate politics." Casimira similarly sighed in mild frustration, pacing about her office and mumbling to herself, "Why do we bother with foreigners? Do we not have better things to do?" Velsyni Indoren nodded a few times, not particularly caring but nonetheless remarking, "Hey, that's pretty good."
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