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  1. +1 for vibroblade metal. Though even beyond just weapons, I can see it being used for some good, creative flavor and utility (for example, testing to see how loud something is with a resonant steel tuning fork; if the fork vibrates it's loud enough/too loud. Iunno). It would be a pretty cool image to have a group of warriors that use a bell, or a specially made horn or something to all activate their weapons. Cool imagery and fun flavor without it being unbalanced. Iunno, seems neat, seems creative. I like. +1
  2. A Growing Threat ♪♪♪ Seven years had passed since the first scouting parties arrived in Almaris. And in that near-decade, the Svarlings had spread terror and bloodshed across the frozen north. When the first war parties came, they clashed with both Norlandic forces and the Skanarri tribes. So staggering was their brutality that the name ‘Svarling’ soon became a household saying, even among those who had never laid eyes on the foreign warriors. Many, if not most, had regarded them as just another nuisance. Yet, that was about to change. The entirety of the Svarlings’ host had arrived, and on this day they gathered in the center of their war camp to hear the words of their honored leaders. There, seated upon a simple wooden throne in the center of a raised platform, was the giant of a man known as Lord Zharteyr Rhykasson, the Chosen. And before him, addressing the gathered warriors, stood a figure the warriors knew almost as well- Vikne, the Kjörnarling warmaiden. Her voice rose to carry out over her battle-hungry audience, and her words rang with a hollow echo within her helmet. “Brothers, long has it been since we first set our boots on this southern soil,” She began her rallying speech. “Day by day, we have crushed the southlanders everywhere they have faced us. We have haunted their hills and forests, we have tormented their hunters and their scouts, and we have looted and burned their villages. And every time their blood stains this land, our legend grows; we have struck fear into hearts even beyond the King’s borders. Yet, these pitiful skirmishes are not a war. Not truly.” The giant of a woman then thrust a gauntleted fist skyward. “The real war begins today, my brothers! With our host finally assembled, the time has come to drown these southlings in a sea of blood! We will grind the tribals beneath our heels, reduce the King’s city to rubble, and give their souls as offerings to the Gods!” With that conclusion, the warband gave out a collective roar as cheers, whistles and the clashing of weapons against shields filled the air, and the orator turned to face the seated warlord behind her. “Your warriors stand ready for your orders, my Lord. What say you?” She queried, prompting the plate-clad titan of a man to rise to his feet and raise his own voice in answer. As the Chosen rose, the camp fell silent, cheers deafened in respect as the Svarlandic warlord spoke. “Brothers and sisters, warriors of my army. Each and every one of you has already reaped a bloody toll in the name of our masters, and they have not been left wanting. You have followed me to this wretched corner of the world to make war, and I only lament that thus far I have given you a slaughter without challenge instead. These Southlanders hide behind their walls, only venturing out when they can bring a score to bear against a single of our warriors, it is pitiful. We have delayed long enough. The Gods call us south, even now I hear them. They beckon us towards a destiny worthy of the sagas. The hillmen, the Nordfolk, the Snærálfar and the Westmen only delay us from our destiny. No longer. We will march, let the north burn in our wake.” Within moments, a cacophony of yells and warhorns sounded all throughout the crowd, chants and cheers ringing out in great volume. The Chosen had spoken, and a storm of blood would follow.
  3. Alisa Camian regarded the announcement with a hum of contemplation as the it reached her. "Hmm. I quite liked that one. Hope his retirement treats him well." She commented to herself before going about her day.
  4. A Small Disturbance ♪♪♪ From atop a high, rocky perch, a pair of figures stared out across the frozen landscape of the Norlandic hills. Before them, a mile or so in the distance, they could see the towering edifices of Varhelm’s northwestern wall. Yet, despite its imposition on the horizon, that was not their focus. Instead, their eyes focused on a collection of men in the valley below, whom they had been observing and tracking for a day’s time. From their colors, the scouts knew them as the King’s Men; the enemy. And so they followed at a distance, and observed from their mountaintop camps, making notes of their marks’ habits and travel patterns all the while. A plan was afoot, after all. Behind them, heralded by the crackling of frost beneath boots, a woman clad in dark plate approached, folding her arms across her front as she came to a stop. She, too, peered down at the patrolling soldiers in the valley below, and she let out a thoughtful hum. “You are confident in your plan, are you?” The large woman queried towards her men, giving them each an almost doubtful look- a cold one at that. Yet, the Svarling warriors remained unshaken, each offering a nod in turn. “Aye,” One of them answered her, “We’ve the upper hand if we strike while the iron is hot, I say.” In response, the woman placed her helmet onto her head and turned to leave. “Take something nasty from the kennels with you. This lot might need something a little more… savage than usual.” She recommended as she began to depart from the camp. “Make it bloody.”
  5. The North’s Peace Issued 17th of the Amber Cold, Year 40 of the Second Age PREAMBLE After over a decade of conflict, and with ever-increasing hostile activity from foreign entities, the Kingdom of Norland and the United Skanarri Tribes have mutually elected to bring their war to an end. It is the signatories’ hope that through this peace, the peoples of the North may unite against a new threat- the Svarling Warband- and bring peace to our lands once more. CONTENTS I. Cessation of Hostilities II. Sovereignty III. On The Svarling Warband ARTICLE I: Cessation of Hostilities The Kingdom of Norland and the Skanarri Tribes hereby agree to a full and immediate cessation of hostilities, subject to the following terms: I. No armed force acting in the name of either signatory shall take up arms against the other. This includes militaries, militias, and families in power. II. The signatories will avoid taking part in external conflicts which may bring them into conflict with one another. III. Should it come to pass that this peace is broken by either signatory, both will commit themselves to finding a resolution via diplomatic means. ARTICLE II: Sovereignty The Kingdom of Norland and the Skanarri Tribes each agree to recognize each other’s sovereignty as entities with the right to self-determination. As such, the following terms are agreed to: I. The Skanarri Tribes will be permitted to remain in the village of Nueva Tierra. II. The Skanarri Tribes will be permitted to hunt the lands surrounding Nueva Tierra, so as to ensure the wellbeing of their folk. III. The village of Nueva Tierra will remain under the protection and dominion of the Kingdom of Norland, albeit with its residents granted the autonomy to conduct their own affairs. ARTICLE III: Cooperation Against the Svarling Warband In response to the increasing frequency of confrontations with the Svarling Warband across the frozen north, the Kingdom of Norland and the Skanarri tribes agree to full cooperation, militarily and logistically, as it pertains to combatting this foreign threat. Signed, Vane Freysson, King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, Protector of Highlanders Mera Camian, Emissary of the Kingdom of Norland Grejon the Warrior, High Chieftain of the Skanarri Tribes
  6. Alisa Camian read over the missive with mild interest, content to enjoy the idiocy of foreigners in her old age. And, of course, as she read over it, she had a series of thoughts, which she relayed to those around her at the time, as spiteful old women tend to do. "Well, the first issue I see is a fundamental misunderstanding of Norland's laws governing the tradition of dueling. The King was well within his rights to refuse as duels of honor are not to be used as a means to settle common arguments, or to determine the passing of lands or titles. So there's the first mistake." "Oh. Joy, the foreigners are taking an interest in the Faith," The Priestess then remarked with disdain. "Firstly, the word is spelled 'tenet', but I suppose I would be asking too much to expect literacy. Secondly, they're citing doctrine that is centuries old at this point as well as misunderstanding the definition of the word craven. Cowardice implies flight; fear. But, I guess someone whose range of social skill is limited to stabbing and whining would have trouble making sense of normal interpersonal interaction. Telling someone who is accompanied by a small retinue of armed soldiers 'no' a few feet from his face is not an expression of fear, it is a simple denial. But, again, this takes a degree of social awareness, which I shouldn't expect from illiterate, apparently-disabled children." "Finally at the bloody end of this thing. This would only come to pass if Vane were a mage- which he's not- possessed by a demon- which he's not- a creature of the night- which he's not- or the living embodiment of some immoral behavior- which he's not." With that, the old woman crumpled her copy of the letter and tossed it in the bin. "Poor bait. Try harder." She remarked in conclusion.
  7. Taking her rest within the crumbling, frozen ruin she had come to call a temporary home, a behemoth of a Svarling woman by the name of Vikne read over an intercepted missive by the light of a crackling campfire. "More Southlanders to send to the Gods," She remarked simply and succinctly to the gathered scouts and warriors of her camp. Beckoning a group of her scouts closer, she then pointed a gauntleted hand towards the ruin's exit. "You lot, go out and spread some strife. We have been quiet for some time. We ought to remind the locals that we have not left." With that order, a small war party would depart from the crumbling edifice, marching across the frozen North with dark purpose. In the coming days, then, the North would become enveloped in a wave of chaos. The horned shadows of Svarling scouts would be seen on the ridges and hilltops, and horns would be heard echoing between the ice-covered mountains. And most unfortunate of all, groups of both Skanarri and Norlandic hunters- as well as those unwise enough to travel alone- would begin going missing, only to turn up again soon after- slain, flayed and dismembered, their remains decorating the north like monuments to bloodshed. The message was a clear one: The Svarlings seek blood.
  8. Alisa Camian read over the letter with a quiet hum. "I seem to recall having this conversation fifty years ago. The Dragonkin have always been a problem. Not exactly news," She said in her usual displeased, elderly woman sort of tone, setting the missive aside to return her focus to her writing. "But they seem to not want our hands in the pot, so to speak. So I suppose I will just keep my counsel to myself."
  9. Alisa Camian at the venerable age of 105 jumps from table to table with the stamina of a woman a quarter her age. In her younger years, after all, she was Norland's champion table jumper. Nowadays, of course, she just comes in second when the contests are held.
  10. [!] Flyers are posted around Norland and the lands of friendly nations, pinned to bulletin boards, stuffed into mailboxes, and passed out by a cadre of particularly diligent couriers. The Festival of Bjorn, 39 SA An Invitation TO ALL WHO WISH TO ATTEND, In honor of Bjorn Rayeckson, first Champion of the Red Brothers and the Paragon of Battle and Warriors, the Red Clergy announces that we will be hosting a celebration of martial skill, open to any and all who wish to participate. To be hosted in the main square of the capital city of Varhelm, the Festival will consist of the following events in the order they are listed. THE FEAST The first of the events on offer, a feast will be held in the Berserker’s honor. Food and drink will be provided to all attendees free of charge, and tales of Bjorn will be told by the Keepers alongside stories and legends of combat told by the Kingdom’s veteran warriors. THE TOURNAMENT OF BJORN Following the feast, a tournament of martial prowess will be had. Participants will engage in several rounds of fisticuffs until only one competitor remains, with the winner being recognized as the Champion of Norland. Additional prizes are as follows: First Place: The victor of the tournament, in addition to the title of Champion, will receive a prize of 200 Mina as well as a one-of-a-kind blade forged specifically for this contest. Second Place: The first runner up will receive a prize of 100 Mina. Third Place: The contestant who comes in third place will receive a prize of 50 Mina. Registrations for this tournament will be open until the commencement of the Feast, to allow ample opportunity for as many contestants as would like to participate. THE OLBARD CONTEST The final activity of the evening will be the opening of the Ashwood Tavern, and a traditional Norlandic Olbard contest. The entry fee for this contest will be 5 Mina, with the victor receiving one half of the house’s take. OOC: Time and Date: Thursday, August 26th @ 4:00 PM EST Tournament starting at 5:00 PM EST, Fights will be fist PvP Location: Varhelm Square
  11. Edict of Outlawry - Rosalind the Kinslayer Issued 2nd of Sun’s Smile, Year 38 of the Second Age BY ORDER OF THE CROWN AND FAITH, Rosalind the Kinslayer is, for crimes which have just come to light, to be declared an outlaw within the lands of Norland. Of the statutes of our temporal and sacred laws, the accused is found guilty of the following: I. Murder, for the killing of her mother, Tullia Vildr. II. Violation of the Codes of Honor and the sacred laws of the Faith, by way of slaying one’s kin as well as desecrating and abandoning a corpse to rot. For these crimes, the guilty party is hereby declared an outlaw within the lands of Norland. Should she be sighted anywhere within lands governed by the Norlandic Throne, she is to be immediately put to the sword or apprehended and turned in for the bounty issued by Clan Vildr. May the Father have mercy on her soul. Signed, Vane Freysson, King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, Protectors of Highlanders Alisa Camian, High Keeper of the Red Faith
  12. The Elysium Agreement Issued the 10th of The First Seed, Year 38 of the Second Age Contents I. TERMS OF SEPARATION II. PACT OF NON-AGGRESSION III. TRADE AGREEMENT IV. DURATION ARTICLE I: TERMS OF SEPARATION Pursuant to a smooth and peaceful transition, the signatories agree to the following terms in regards to the Elysian departure from Norland. I. The residents of Elysium shall be allowed a period of two Elven Weeks to vacate their previous home. During this period, the Crown shall provide what aid is necessary in transportation and manpower to ensure swift departure. II. Following this two year period, the land where Elysium once stood will be disincorporated and will be returned to its undeveloped state, to be used as farmland as was the land’s original use. All titles and stylings pertaining to the name of the Duchy of Elysium will be kept by Duke Eugeo de Astrea. All equivalent titles within the Kingdom of Norland will be dissolved. III. Those residents of Elysium who may wish to remain within the Kingdom of Norland will be given a home in the capital city of Varhelm, to be exempt from tax for one Elven Week so as to ease the cost of resettlement. IV. The House of De Astrea shall be relieved of its status, responsibilities and privileges as a recognized Clan of the Kingdom of Norland. ARTICLE II: PACT OF NON-AGGRESSION With the goal of fostering a future of cooperation, the signatories agree to the following terms in regards to non-agression. I. The Kingdom of Norland and the Duchy of Elysium, as well as the families-in-power therein, will engage in no form of hostility against one another, nor will they partake in any military conflict which would put them at odds with one another. II. Should it come to pass that conflict does arise between the signatories, both will commit themselves to finding a resolution via diplomatic means. ARTICLE III: TRADE AGREEMENT To ensure the continued economic well-being of both the newly established Elysian municipality, as well as that of the Kingdom of Norland, the signatories agree to the following terms as they pertain to trade and commerce. I. The Kingdom of Norland will grant a stall within the Varhelm Plaza, free of tax, for the use of the Duchy of Elysium. In return, the Duchy of Elysium will give the same in an equivalent location. ARTICLE IV: DURATION The terms of this agreement shall last for a period of fifteen years, with the option of renewal upon its expiry. Signed, Vane Freysson, King of Norland, Duke of Varhelm, Protector of Highlanders Mera Camian, Emissary of the Kingdom of Norland Eugeo de Astrea, Duke of Elysium Aylin de Astrea, Former Chief Diplomat to Norland, Heir Apparent & Head Diplomat to Elysium
  13. Alisa Camian let out a bemused hum as she considered the concept. "Seems everyone's in the mood for something 'new and improved' these days." Krelga nodded a few times, giving an idle shrug in a sort of 'works for me' type of motion before returning to her day.
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