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  1. "I imagine that has something to do with Norlandic folk working and having something better to do with their lives than screaming into the wind about how much they dislike a group of people they're under no obligation to interact with, unlike you." A Norlandic scholar remarked in turn towards the man who clearly needed to increase his fluid intake before his apparent hypernatremia led to a fatal heart condition.
  2. AMENDMENT II: The Subversive Elements Tax Pursuant to the safeguarding of the Kingdom’s stability, an annual tax in the amount of two-hundred and eighty mina shall be imposed on all agents of institutions or organizations considered hostile to the Kingdom of Norland or detrimental to the continued stability of the state. Those who refuse to pay this tax will be considered a threat to the Kingdom’s security, and will be permanently banished. This tax may be imposed at the discretion of the King or High Keeper. The payment of this tax will not, however, grant any form of legal immunity or e
  3. The High Keeper read over the brief missive, having found it on her desk. She wandered over to her southward-facing office window and peered down at Leumont below, canting her head to the side with a simple thought running through her head;
  4. High Keeper and Regent of Norland, Alisa Camian, raised her eyebrows in an expression of amused surprise as she looked over the updated map that landed upon her desk. "Well, our friends in Haense certainly know how to draw a border."
  5. The Skittering Beneath the Pavingstones ♪♪♪ It began quietly, as most things do. There was no warning, and there was no reason to suspect it. Those who found themselves in the sewers under the streets of Varhelm were often greeted by glinting eyes in the shadows and the sound of tiny claws against the stones. Rats, of course; the famed residents of the world’s dark, soiled corners and tunnels. The sort of men who spent their time hidden away in sewers- smugglers and outlaws- were not often the type to think much of such creatures. Foul to be sure, but common and
  6. "Racial justice? What an odd idea," commented noncommittal racist Velsyni Indoren.
  7. Velsyni Indoren read over the missive that made it to her home in the North. "I also think it's time for a violent upr- Er, revolution." The 'ker commented before going back to rolling in a person-sized pile of mina.
  8. The High Keeper read over the missive silently, taking a long moment to consider its contents. After she decided she'd thought about it long enough, she sighed and mumbled a complaint to herself about her son's sanity.
  9. Edict of Hierarchical Reform Issued 12th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 10 of the Second Age ♪♪♪ Preface With the reintroduction of the Order of the Purifiers, the Hearth Council has determined that it has become necessary to revisit the hierarchical structure of the Faith’s clergy, as well as the paths of advancement through its ranks. In pursuit of this, the Keepers of the Hearth Council have agreed upon the following structural and systemic changes to the clergy, in the hopes that it will facilitate the reintegration of the Order of the Purifiers and improve hierarchical eff
  10. The Return of the Purifiers Issued 10th of Snow’s Maiden, Year 10 of the Second Age ♪♪♪ Preface In the year 1777 of the First Age, the decision was made to dissolve the Order of the Purifiers. Though the outcome was determined by administrative concerns over the actions and powers of the Order, the decision was a controversial one. It was also a mistake. In the two decades following the Order’s dissolution, the Inferi War ravaged the continent of Arcas and the crimson armor of the Father’s most devoted gathered dust, leaving the common soldiery to the task. Though the w
  11. The High Keeper experiences mental whiplash from the events of the day. "Everybody chose today to have their drama, it would seem. I'm going to start drinking again at this rate."
  12. The High Keeper, having only barely woken up from her afternoon nap when she was informed, blinked in bemusement. "I sleep through all the interesting ****."
  13. As rumors wound their way north, The High Keeper marked the events in her ledger under the category labeled 'Events of Arcane Concern'. "Something to watch for at the very least."
  14. The High Keeper paused her daily stroll as she overheard someone mention Rubern in passing. She hastily checked a calendar to see what year it was, just to be sure she hadn't accidentally time travelled. "What the hell?"
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