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  1. Publius

    papyb's Game Moderator Application

    Friendly, sassy and motivated +1
  2. Publius

    Death of Ardennes

    ”God preserve Illatia, God preserve the Heartlands” Dusk had loomed over the Heartlander estates of Ardennes, and men in the company of Septimius Bracchus brought food before Summerhall as a commotion came into view. Quickly, these men readied their blades and entered to the sight of dead Illatian folks – one an old time friend of the Bracchi family, Marco d’Montelliano. Beholding his body, the man remained with draped in despair, burying his old friend before his body could be dumped in the Baltas. There was little optimism in the man as he saw clearly now how much progress would be lost upon his people and ideals. Soon the madness that the man witnessed, he read a series of decrees – the Margrave renounced his titles, and the vassals lost heart in his leadership. For all of the Chancellor’s work, nothing would be left to show for it. Looking out towards the Goldfields, Septimius would simply lament. His Illatian brothers become kindred again, and he himself lost the prestige of his position and work. Saddling his horse, he rode to Carolustadt, unsure of his future and that of his people. Passing Adria, he saw a see of disheartened Heartlanders return to Belvitz.
  3. Publius


    Name: Septimius Bracchus Year of Birth: 1649 Residency: Carolustadt (MC Name: Coupublius)
  4. Larry C. C. prepares a sign, showing phallic images he drew from memory falling into the stinky moat of Summerhall! Though his artistic genius would only be understood by some, his aid to the cause using the extensive education he had gained at Odo’s Art Academy would surely be invaluable.
  5. the crossroads have been WILD

  6. Publius

    The Margraviate of Styria

    Septimius remembers often the strength and grit of Konyves, and how by his cunning and resolve, the heartlander revolt of Adria was soundy defeated! He knew how fatal underestimating the Styrians might be...
  7. looking for an RP community to participate in, hmu if you got an opportunity for ya boy!

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      yet here I am, lusting for bunghole

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      Try Nordengrad, tight knit community that just RPs as bigot superstitous peasants, it's refreshing.

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      Yes hello, The Kingdom of Bogrin is just dandy this time of year.

  8. Hey friendos, been rather bored with the character I have been developing - not that I will get rid of them, but I have put my money on a storyline that requires a build to be completed before I can see much more done with the character. As such, just looking for an opportunity to join an RP community! Discord is Publius#1947 if you wish to chat, feel free to post on here or message me.
  9. heard dwarven rp is poppin off

  10. looking to make a second character, hmu if you got an interesting opportunity/community to participate in!

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  11. This guy? I like this guy! +1
  12. How’s everyone tonight? We all having a good time out here? Goodnight Godbless if you’re tryna rest!

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      Pretty good, palzone

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      even the imperial spirit haunts lotc... 


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    Reynald_'s Event Team Actor application

    decadent rp +1
  14. Publius

    Alchemist seeking refuge

    To this man, a simple note is written by one Septimius Bracchus. It reads as follows: ”Hail good Adrian, Upon the crossroads I serve the Margrave of Ardennes, Lord Hughes d’Amaury. Room remains in the court for an alchemist, and one learned in issues of Vaeyl captured my interest; as a Knight, I combat them regularly. Seek me should you be interested, I have minae for your time anyhow on a few issues, though the man I serve rules with great esteem. Education unique as yours may warrant your presence in his court as a councillor... Signed, Septimius Bracchus.”