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  1. clicks 4 cash

    1. Quintessential



  2. Publius

    The Response

    Realistically, his argument is sound, and the judgement against him leaves into question how arbitrary bans will become if it’s not overturned. I support the reversal of this decision.
  3. Great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandson of Saint Publius, Superbus Dwedicus Bracchus, gleefully hopes the Dwarven pride rings true! ”It is said they drink so much, the alcohol content in their blood prevents your blade from being sullied!”
  4. A man said to have a forehead only so large due to his rather large brain (he is not balding) known as Fabrice Jerome de la Baltas y Kavietsby would, after observing the great martial history of the Skravians, Romstuns, and knowing the feats of the great Donaldus I, would cease attempting to negotiate a contract to join the Helena Hotspurs as he awaited an inevitable call to glorious military service.
  5. ”They ought to have written their insults more plainly, this resignation is neither cordial or succinct – I had hoped to read something more poignant from the wordsmiths that had founded the local writers guild. Such is life, the passive aggression though befits neither the reader or writer.” Setting aside the notice, an old Bracchus man would rock himself in his chair, huffing away on a pipe before lulling himself into an afternoon nap!
  6. Got minae for a skin, I have ref’s and all – PM me if you are available for commission! pub!#1947

  7. can someone teach this old man how to change your cover photo on this here website?

    1. Wrynn
    2. Publius


      the options do not display when I click it

    3. Wrynn


      Hm... it might be a bug with the forums – if you send me a photo on discord I can change it for you 😄 My discord is Luke#5154

  8. Having slain a Curonite King, I officially dub you the First Citizen of Adria and Avenger of the Gentleman’s War – a redeemable voucher for a set of three cheers is currently being mailed to you.

    1. TrendE


      will redeem this after i successfully perform a contract to kill prince of ves – three cheers :-)

  9. Talk about a Vessian born footy talent, Fabrice Jerome de la Baltas y Kavietsby, circulates as his manager fishes for a lucrative contract.
  10. expect a stern, studious mexican catholic character writing cute pieces in a town near you

  11. I miss the good old days where we would just doxx ourselves on the show yourself thread

    1. Padre_Tales


      still havent doxxed myself :*)

  12. give me a skin, and I’ll give you a good time...


    1. shoahinsnowyfields


      forgive him o lord

      he knows not what he does 

  13. in honour of norland 



  14. had my character taken by staff n given to renatus your boy is a free agent

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jasonhz


      how does that work

    3. Publius


      ask my accountant, I do not count these beans.

    4. Ambduscias


      Game was rigged from the start.

  15. staff kidnapped my character

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