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  1. Think this was the spoon you meant but I agree yes
  2. SURNAME: de la Baltas FIRST NAME: Ciprian ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 11 Selm YEAR OF BIRTH: 1751 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Providence District?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes
  3. Lord Mayor Ciprian de la Baltas sees this petition and signs away!
  4. [!] Word would spread quickly across the lands - that of charges against a Clergyman. Following the news of Cyril Cardinal St. Publius’ arrest, one might assume it was his. Alas, they are not - the missive penned by him against the reigning High Pontiff, and reading as follows: [!] Owyn’s 11 Inculpations Or: Each breach of Canon Law committed by Laurence Pruvia-Albarosa An acolyte pinning Owyn’s 11 Inculpations to the door of the Basilica of the Ascent of Ex. Godfrey, 12th of the Deep Cold 1803 Hark good folk, for I alert you to the many crimes of he who reigns as
  5. "You would assume they would have some discretion after all of the scandals they have managed to partake in so far." Commented Cyril Cardinal St. Publius, readying for a wedding. "How wayward they are - perhaps they did not invite her to confession, because they had no use of manipulating her with penance. A shame on our Church."
  6. Though the issues of the day - of the years now still weighed heavily upon him, Cyril's spirit was not broken. For there was a light shining in the darkness, that light being GOD.
  7. In Layman's Terms How Cardinal Albarosa removes dignity from our Church. Ridiculous missives have been a point of pride for this Church. The delusions were so elaborate that they would write essays on them. I do not want the good people to misunderstand what I am to say - I, Cyril Cardinal St. Publius, along with the fair laymen of our Church, do not recognize the authority he presumed to have over our fair Church, and call now to question what Canonical legal authority that it is maintained upon. Upon the Cardinal being confronted during the catalytic pr
  8. Name: Cyril Eloi Halcourt Age: 42 Gender: Male Experience: Mountaineering on Mont St. Catharine, travels across Norland, pilgrimages across many lands - all of which I can elaborate on with you.
  9. "Perhaps he could not hear from within the Church, but he had not the support of the people of Haense - had he faced that crowd, he would have known better." Said Cardinal St. Publius to his peers, themselves all weary from the protests, trial, and ensuing drama. "Had his head popped out the door, perhaps he would have shared the fate of his kinsman who assailed his own daughter in the square - the most violent act of the day. What shame! His men ought to be honest with him, this missive seems to come from a place of delusion."
  10. "Praise be to Lawyer Hubert - you would assume Seraphim appeared before him too, so impassioned were his prose." Commented Cyril Cardinal St. Publius, a broad smile splaying across his visage before returning his gaze to many more missives that reached him over the day's events...
  11. Receiving the missive, Cyril Eloi Halcourt would be appalled by the claims of Beatrice - the aide in which he humoured at James II’s final moments. He would begin down the rabbit hole by sending her a letter...
  12. Or so he had thought, the courier meant to deliver his vote seemed to have never found his way to Providence...
  13. I am afraid that God has sent these men to lay waste the world

    1. frill
    2. Publius


      But I do not fret - for there is still a light shining in the dark

  14. Riding out towards Norland, Cyril Eloi Halcourt reflected after he had cast his vote, amazed by the things he had saw by James II's side as he passed. "What say you then, Father - is it the end of an era?" Inquired a nosey carriage driver to the aloof looking man. "With the turn of the Century over Tuvmas time, our Holy Father's passing..." Reclining, he would sigh as he looked out the window and pondered for a time. "Yes... Let us hope it is the bright dawn of something new."
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