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  1. You can't start a fire,

    Sitting 'round crying over a broken heart!

    This gun's for hire,

    even if we're just dancing in the dark!

    You can't start a fire,

    worrying about your little world falling apart!

    This gun's for hire,

    even if we're just dancing in the dark!

  2. Dmitri de Sarkozy readies himself for the coming Duma, sending missives out to friends and family alike...
  3. "It is wise they have left out the history of the title," Commented Dmitri de Sarkozy, "For then they would have to justify forsaking its traditions, mocking her people, and the exodus of the family from Providence who founded it." He was in good company though, that of the Adrians. With the Imperial family turning and giving one another titles as the Orenian nobility abandoned the nation, it did not shock him that they would attempt to leverage what little legitimacy they could from it - for it was the foundation of Joseph II's own right to rule. Wise it was to pursue the title this way, for winning an election required self awareness and charm far exceeding the capacity of Novellens at this point.
  4. It has only just begun

  5. Meandering around the lands of Vasoyeva, Dmitri de Sarkozy would happen upon a deacon on pilgrimage who offered a copy upon a short chat. Stowing himself away, he was initially dismayed by the length and detail that the missive went into about the subject. Coming to enjoy it though, he would allow some mental gymnastics, as the events of the past few days had his mind alight anyhow. "Hrmm... I recall a time in history, in the Empire of John I after the Tragedy of Brelus, there was a Pontiff that had tried to imbue the Crown of Oren with the powers he held before abdication. Here, I suppose it came closest to represent a united humanity in spirit and body - but their successors overturned this, and only the Holy Sea suffered for this. Perhaps I misremember..." He would elaborate to his thoroughly disinterested niece, effectively ignoring him for the simple pleasure she found in her toys. Sighing, the young man would continue to contemplate on this. "Perhaps... Well, at least there is speculation here on secular and temporal affairs. Bold for a Princess to elaborate so much on the state of affairs of both. Supposing this all at quite a time as well. Elaborating more on pride, both within these rulers and their people, can make more sense of the disunity. There was so many routes of study... Flamenism for the hot blooded, the Mystics of old who's mind wandered far, but there is a uniformity that each nation attempts to impose upon their subj-" "Uncle Dima, I cannot have fun if you will not just let me play in peace! Why don't you go to Church if you love it so much?" His niece protested. Thinking quietly for a moment, he took a lesson from her interjection. "Of course. Maybe I should." Sometimes, it was the youngsters that had the best ideas.
  6. "Carry on, Carrion." Said a beaten and bruised Dmitri, looking about to make sure he was not assailed by another one of his kinsmen before offering a nervous smile!
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  8. Listening to contemporary artists of the 1830's, a rather crude song about the long history of inbreeding, debauchery, and pride rang loudly in the music hall a young de Sarkozy frequented. 'Hardcore as a Horen' - written by some punk, surely. This song soured his mood - it seemed a poor rendition of a genre he did not like to begin with. The young man did not return until a much less abrasive tune was played many months later. Perhaps, it seemed, though the art was not all original, it was largely a matter of taste. 'Our Lucky Comet' may have been an old fleeting tune, but it always brought him joy in the times he was fortunate enough to be present for it.
  9. Dmitri de Sarkozy received the invitation after a long day in the sun - surprised, he would alert his father Tobias ( @Qizu ) of the happenings. For the first time in a long time, the young crow was excited. Though his father had brought him in tow to retire from the political spectacles and lead a simple life, he stewed over the invitation late into the night. 'Perhaps,' He thought, 'I would not be a bad representative...'
  10. Greetings everyone it's time for some dynamic RP


  11. Rain trapped the young Dmitri inside with his studies. Staring as rain trickled down the monastery window, his tutor tried desperately to hold his attention. 'Would it not be wise to try teaching the boy rhymes or stories to learn literature? This manifesto - why even try to concern a child with this?' Stressed a relative of his sometime later, objecting to his education. Undeterred, the monk stated coarsely: 'If he's to learn anything from me, its how to be just and moral, not music or make-believe.'
  12. On another particularly dull day in Providence, a young Sarkozy boy notices this poster at the Basilica. "Ah, finally - the silence is broken." Said his attendant. "What's it worth having a war winning army when the peacetime governments have no place for heroes? All these Harrenites..." Peering over his shoulder though, a kilted couple happened to pass - they looked upon the gruff looking veteran with patronizing smiles. Gesturing into the church, they would finally enter into the services they arrived for.
  13. What's the word?

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  14. I'm to post and return very shortly

  15. THE TESTIMONY OF EMIL-DARDOT DE FALSTAFF Delivered at the Augustine, on the 12th of Harren’s Folly, 1811. THE CROWN, Represented by CHARLES GALBRAITH of the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, HAS HEARD THE TESTIMONY OF THE FOLLOWING PARTY: EMIL-DARDOT DE FALSTAFF The Testimony of Emil-Dardot de Falstaff: “Lo to the loyal, and may those otherwise listen closely - foolhardy men now raise arms against our fair Empire, seeking simply to defy the mandates and structure that gives us such bounty. Little is to be won in their conflict, save for Sedan. To their east to shore up their position, it is Southbridge that the Dwarves will secure, an installation that protects my family’s very home. Whitcombe. Never in all of my life would I think to aid Urguan in conquest of Orenian lands, and the fact Louis de Joannes would ought to make clear how wicked his cause must be. Despite the besmirchment of my family’s name, and the blood that has been spilled of it, I pray you may take heed of the folly underway, so you may not suffer the pain and disgrace my own has for its own proximity and hand in this treason. Leave no doubt so you may not be forced to consort with those who would spill human blood to parcel out Orenian lands to all comers. O’er the gravestone of my dear cousin, the fair Daniel de Falstaff, I am able to see beyond the desire for vengeance towards a righteous path - one that sees us remain away from damnation. Upon myself I accept all harsh judgement for my conspiracy to this treason, as my fear made me as foolish as I was hasty. Let it not be your own family’s demise that alerts you to the coming doom that will befall all fair peoples of Oren should this strife continue. Remain resilient, and persist against these folk who assail us, for the Sedani do not seek justice to do anything less than trounce upon it. On this day, I, Emil-Dardot de Falstaff, do hereby publicly denounce and condemn the treacherous Sedanites and their leader, Louis de Joannes, in their acts of terror and rebellion as they raise arms against the Imperial State in their asinine attempt to dethrone His Imperial Majesty Joseph II. May the Sun Smile upon our path and make fruitful our journey, Emil-Dardot de Falstaff.” Signed, Emil-Dardot de Falstaff His Excellency, Charles Galbraith, Solicitor-General.
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