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  1. RETURNING to the Raev, a courier bore this message;
  2. Ranchero looking for work

  3. Resignation of Rigoberto Rigoberto serving his final shift at the Fairweather Cafe, 1971 Lo to the people of Petra! Over these past few decades, I have had the pleasure of serving our people. From gate guard to barman, to Mayor and Vice-Chancellor, it has been my greatest honour and pleasure to serve. Now that I am older, it is the simple things that bring me greater pleasure - and I hope soon to start a family. My focus on these endeavors require that I resign. For the ownership of the Fairweather Tavern, I will be giving it back to the diligent and wonderful Cassius Javaron @MeteorDragon. A true man of the people, a true friend of mine. Regarding the Mayorship of the city, as hard as it is to walk away after a decade, I see a clear successor in my Deputy, Pym Volkov @MrMojoMordor. May he bring life to the great Vallagne! As for my position as Vice-Chancellor, I am sure fair Sir Wilford will choose an able compadre! I wish him and the government enduring good fortune, so our Queen may enjoy a long and prosperous reign, and thank him for the opportunity. To said government, I will leave a second missive. Should you need anything of me, I will still be available to the people of our fair nation - but as a Ranchero, and nothing more. God Bless us all, God Bless the Petra, God Bless the Crown of St. Emma! Faithfully yours, Rigoberto de la Cruz
  4. [!] Across the realms of Man, a missive spreads. It’s read aloud by criers, and left in heaps at taverns and banks. [!] THE FIRST CONVENTION OF THE SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN A CONVENTION OPEN TO ALL SOCIETY FELLOWS AND ASSOCIATES “Thus mankind was united in virtue, in the highlands and the heartlands, and in the farthest homes of the sons of Horen.” Gospel 6:33 PRINTED BY THE IMPERIAL SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN PREAMBLE To further our goals, we hereby call upon the members of the SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN and its fellow associates to a public meeting that shall take place in the [LOCATION REDACTED]. The agenda of the Convention shall be the following one: I - On the Imperial Society of the Exalted Horen THE SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN, also known as the IMPERIAL SOCIETY, shall be officially formed as a religious society in honor of the Prophet Horen, which shall be a society of equals open to all Canonist individuals, be they laity or clergy. II - On the Headmaster of the Society THE SOCIETY OF THE EXLATED HOREN is a Society of equals, with an individual elected amongst its members serving as its HEADMASTER and, as such, as its effective leader as first amongst equals for organizational purposes. At the same time, given the religious nature of THE SOCIETY, the position of HONORARY CHANCELLOR of the Society is held by His Holiness the High Pontiff on an ex officio basis. - The current Headmaster of the IMPERIAL SOCIETY is His Excellency Rigoberto de la Cruz. III - On the Holy Orenian Empire THE PURPOSE of the SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN shall be to achieve a more perfect Union amongst the Realms of Man, both in Virtue and Spirit, and, in consequence, the Restoration of the Holy Orenian Empire, as the Exalted Godfrey’s Crown, ancestral symbol of a United Humanity. IV - On the Imperial Chapter Houses The members of the IMPERIAL SOCIETY shall act in all the Realms of our Canondom, and shall open Chapter Houses in every Canonist Realm, which shall represent our Society and serve both as a hub and meeting place for Society members and associates. Each Imperial Chapter House shall be required to regularly report on the state of their chapters to the Headmaster of the Society. V - Reaffirmation and Commitment of the Society Fellows The members of the IMPERIAL SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN shall reaffirm themselves in the Society’s purpose and in the missive The Throne of Man formerly published by the Society. At the same time, the members of the IMPERIAL SOCIETY shall adhere to the RIGHTS OF MAN consecrated by Emperor Joseph I in the NENZING PROCLAMATION and to the GRADIC RIGHTS that were given to the Imperial City of Felsen by Emperor John II. VI - Rallies and Debates The members of the SOCIETY OF THE EXALTED HOREN shall actively hold rallies and organize debates open to the public in all the Realms of Man of our Canondom in favor of Human Unity and in favor of a Panhuman Imperial State. Furthermore, they will endeavour to make themselves available to the Canon Princes, to both advocate for the Society, and to answer for it. At the convention itself, a final debate on the core tenants of our Society will take place. From the conclusions drawn there, our lasting tenants shall be proclaimed. We wish to remind everyone that in order to be admitted into the Imperial Society it is required to send a letter or approach our Headmaster Rigoberto de la Cruz (@Olde_Publius) or any other relevant member. THE CONVENTION SHALL TAKE PLACE DURING SUN’S SMILE, IN THE YEAR OF OUR LORD GOD 1971. [[SUNDAY, APRIL 7TH, [REDCATED]; AT 2PM EST]] This we submit for the furtherance of Humanity, Rigoberto de la Cruz, Headmaster of the Society of the Exalted Horen
  5. Time to apply to ST

  6. Username: Olde_Publius Persona Name: Rigoberto de la Cruz Persona Age: 36 Place of Residence / Street Address: Commonwealth Lane II
  7. Rigoberto was on hand as Marcus explained things on the top floor of the Fairweather. @MeteorDragondid another great job taking care of the main level's bar service. Beside him many other good taverneers as the two spoke on things back and forth. "We've a few fools to sack."

    Edited by Publius
  9. By a Balianite courier, a copy of the missive reached the Fairweather Cafe in Petra. Smiling broadly, Rigoberto would step to the balcony overlooking the square, and allowing the sunlight to illuminate his morning paper. "Our compadres are keeping busy, the passion - I feel it on the page! The will, the urgency... I will call a meeting of the Society soon, I must meet with the Cardinals first."
  10. Rigoberto looked over the final draft, smiling to Caspian and Tiber, before handing it back to Kristoff. ‘This is not just a major event, but a historic one hermano.’
  11. [!] Across the realms of the old Covenant, riders left the office of a commoner diplomat from Vallagne. His writings bore on them the Sixth seal of Paridisus, reading as follows… [!] United Through War, and Onward Into Peace Auspice 3:11. Now the final command of GOD, which is the perfection of the world: Auspice 3:12. Thus the virtuous of other tribes are marching down from heaven, and the Skies are given over to the sons of Horen. Long have we fought for and sought security in the Canon realms, and long yet seems the fight and search for it. Word swirls across the many states across Aevos, urging us back to arms so soon after the mortal struggle the Covenant found itself locked in against the League of Veletz. Word swirls, declarations and proclamations called into question when tested again. These words swirl, as old treaties and affirmations are sucked down the drain. Wildly differing national interests pull apart our once robust allies, no principle guiding us. Where war once saw us stand together, peace sees us wander further away. Why must this be the case? Should it not be easier to stand united in Peace? Our Covenant must not be rendered impotent, lest we lose our unity and purpose in conflict. Once already, we witnessed it waver. Its purpose is not to be our spoils, that in which we fight for. It is our sword and shield - and what do we use it to defend now? It cannot be the pressure of conflict, unity forever only possible in war, for us to meet only at the edges of a pool of blood. It ought instead to be in shared institutions, in developing beyond our feudal structures that make us hardly anything more than warlords with crosses. To contribute to more than a mortal realm - to create something in the image of His Kingdom. Upon the Crowns bestowed by our High Pontiff, from our Canon Princes and laymen, I beseech you to look upon the example of the Exalted Horen, who united humanity. We are many eons removed from his example, yet his lessons seem lost on most - our Kingdoms no larger than those tribes he once brought together, more divided than they ever were since the Prophet’s time. To each of you who looks upon His righteous example, feeling the urgency in this endeavor, send word to me in Vallagne, by way of the Fairweather Cafe. We must establish, for the benefit of humanity, a society that reminds our people of the virtues and principles. Faithfully yours, His Excellency Rigoberto de la Cruz, Mayor of Vallagne, Vice-Chancellor of Petra
  12. I'm gonna schizopost I'm gonna schizopost I'm gonna shizopost I'm gonna shizopost

  13. ‘Caius I? Very strong name!’ Comments a zealous Julian! (will edit in a more elaborate response when I’m hone)
  14. Monk Matsuda Sakuraba was disturbed by the tower, bearing both aurum dust and salt as they scoured it. Bodies in vats and all sorts of horrors were found, before the knights saw to burning it all down. He and the Julians in attendance, all in their habits, returned to the Monastery. The fires glowed deep into the night, visible to the monks, priests and pilgrims. These monsters hid right underneath their noses... He prayed that his order would be allowed to oversee who became their new neighbours, growing ever more suspicious of the many wanderers that passed through. To the Cardinal Rhosyn, he would write a missive detailing the events...
  15. Monk Matsuda Sakuraba heard of the incident from the Monastery of St. Juli'el. He received this news as he wrote a new morning prayer for his fellows, the Julians - he felt a pang of guilt and regret, hearing the circumstances. He dedicated it to the late Sixtus VI: This morning my soul is greater than the world since it possesses You, You whom heaven and earth do not contain. Lord, take the blindness from my eyes, the hardness from my heart, and draw me nearer to you than ever before. Amen.
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