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  1. I'm to post and return very shortly

  2. THE TESTIMONY OF EMIL-DARDOT DE FALSTAFF Delivered at the Augustine, on the 12th of Harren’s Folly, 1811. THE CROWN, Represented by CHARLES GALBRAITH of the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, HAS HEARD THE TESTIMONY OF THE FOLLOWING PARTY: EMIL-DARDOT DE FALSTAFF The Testimony of Emil-Dardot de Falstaff: “Lo to the loyal, and may those otherwise listen closely - foolhardy men now raise arms against our fair Empire, seeking simply to defy the mandates and structure that gives us such bounty. Little is to be won in their conf
  3. To Carthage then I came

    Burning burning burning burning

    O Lord thou pluckest me out

    O Lord thou pluckest


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      In in the soil we sewed salt, so nothing may arise from the ashes

  4. RP NAME: Emil-Dardot de Falstaff MC NAME: Olde_Publius HAVE YOU VOTED: Yes
  5. After reading another one of several missives, Emil-Dardot would fold his copy up and sit it atop the others he was now collecting. Smirking a little bit, he would say to his kinsmen at home, “Should have known with all the observed silence, people were almost a-burst with something to say...”
  6. Username: Olde_Publius Full RP Name: Emil-Dardot de Falstaff House/Family: Ashford de Falstaff Year of Birth: 1791
  7. From Whitcombe, Emil-Dardot received word of this from a courier from out of Sedan. To the Duke of Cathalon and the duelist, he sent word of his solidarity.
  8. By way of Whitcombe does a letter reach the Ecclesiates, Johannes of Ceannaideach, and reach as follows, "Good man, father I believe - Johannes of Ceannaideach, Along the lines of religion, I am not deeply invested in the texts yet. Recently, Father Gawain has been visiting - a smart man who knows his history. I am young yet though, and hope to learn more. Reading this alone, I know I have much to learn... I understood very little of it, if I am honest. If you would ever wish to visit Leuven, I would be keen to host you and chat! Respectfully you
  9. Big RP going down soon

  10. Upon hearing the news, Vasili var Otha flew into a fit of rage. The young man was slow to show the grief he felt - he was inconsolable as he drove away his siblings. It would take some time...
  11. Maimed and still yet recuperating after the boomsteel attack, Father Cyril Eloi Halcourt would be read the bull bedside as he simply gazed out the window. Many good men had made an arduous journey, only to have perished on the fateful day of the Diet. Before the attendant left, he would send word through them to Jude II, congratulating him on his ascension. Eventually, he would get a scribe bedside to see a proper letter written to the man...
  12. If you are bored and looking to get in on a big RP arc, feel free to holler at me - trying to assemble an interesting cast of characters for my next adventure! #Pub#6419

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      always fun to hang out with you, pub

  13. Cyril writhed bedside after the bombing in Karosgrad square, his teeth falling asunder from his mouth each time he opened it to wail. Such madness befell the church...
  14. And so the story begins...

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