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  1. If you saw my inbox you'd understand

  2. I was finishing up some bits, patience is a virtue!

  3. Welcome to Lord Of The Craft!

    Your 25$ VIP is now active for signing up at MineCon

    Hope you hang around! there's lots to see!

  4. I'll send the image in 14 or so hours, take care

  5. I'll read over it soon, I feel that it doesnt fit the look of the city ive made. if i sen you a screenshot could you re-write the beginning?

  6. it's going quite well, i've been renovating the inside of the mountain recently, send me a personal message with your lore again please! i've got some jobs for you !

  7. Thank you kindly, italian assassin

    Aye it is up to the GM whom banned you to un-ban you my friend,

    I do hope things go smoothly with your family, take care

  8. such kind words from an old friend, thank you kindly Hiebe.


    "For Aegis!"

  9. It's fine :] Just wanted to make sure you knew!

  10. Aye apparently some applicant was accepted and still a wandering soul, I went to his application and you had accepted him. I then checked the google document to see if you had added him and it wasn't there. But apparently he was already promoted and it was his fault for not realizing it. Big misunsderstanding I 'spose

  11. Three of the links in your signature don't work!

  12. Hey remember that time I made a villain app who would only steal when he didnt have money for food and you were super stubborn and never replied to the points a couple people made about it? Hahahha. Dalek, I hope you've become more lenient because declining mine alt accounts app was... something I still can't understand

  13. That comment, with that profile image.


  14. You had to log-out on me when I was still talking to you?

    Many players lost their things in Haven, and alot of them just continued on and gathered their things again, because technically it WAS RP.

    I gave you your belongings due to the bulk of items you lost... and you lost them again! I don't understand why you need to act as if i'm a jerk and out to get you. ...

  15. I apologize for what I said, I just didn't like how you never once mentioned to me your woe's and then you unleashed it on me in a very unbecoming manner.

  16. I have a life you know, sheesh...

  17. forgot to thank you for that hilarious image...

    oh my..

    too amazing ;p

  18. Please re-send it!

  19. Changing the signs at my mine, is not to be tolerated.


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