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  1. Serespity removes scum twice as effectively as other household cleaning GM's!

    1. Respiren



    2. Divinus
  2. A vot for Serespity is a vote against NEPOTISM!

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    2. V0idsoldier


      i see your idea

    3. V0idsoldier


      unite the community against a common enemy to get their minds off the drama. u r a genius.

    4. DrakeHaze.


      Get out pls.

  3. With my method everyone involved will quickly find a way to forgive eachother, everyone so cooperative *sheds tear*

  4. What's that LotC problems with PvP and superfluous ban reports again I know how to fix that ^.^

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    2. Sneaky


      Rp default? Hahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahhahaahahahahahaahaha.

    3. empirerebel


      Blood for coin

    4. krushaa


      Blood for coin

  5. I saw you looking O.O I wunt you back!

  6. if you're going to comment on ban appeals when they come up, why not just come back wholesale?

  7. A lot of people did not appreciate what you did for the server, but I certainly did. You may not know me, but thank you for everything you have done for us. I really dislike how a certain group of members of the community have so much disrespect for you. But again, I believe that you have done a great job here at LotC. So again, thank you.

  8. Because I have sense.

    1. Akeron


      yeah but you're dead so it doesn't count

  9. You have sense Respiren, why are you defending her?

  10. Might want to check 'about me'

  11. -.- go away paulie

  12. You don't get banned for entering channels on LotC's either. I warned those guys to stop making personal/sexist remarks and trolling on our TS the day before after a similar incident -at length- . Response? jump into my channel screaming - perhaps they did 'trick' people into joining them guessing it would be a way to avoid consequences - they guessed wrong.

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