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  1. Where’d my color go, Ex-GM rights!

  2. The Ex-GMs gave birth to freedom through our butts, do not betray us http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/106519-king-of-ooc-voting/

  3. le revolution is coming

    1. Kawaii Kush

      Kawaii Kush

      Anore pls, help me.

  4. I believe I have failed the Ex-GMs as a whole, and I will accept the punishment of 1,000 Brazilian screams.

    1. Augor


      Yes, accept them. Cry to me.

  5. I believe it would be appropriate to replace cybering with this http://www.pandorapedia.com/navi/appearance_behavior/navi_mating_practices

    1. JCQuiinn


      Link to sexual content. Ban.

    2. Anore


      Not sexual, emotional

  6. If I had a serious complaint, where would I put it?

  7. I wish I didn't delete all of my LoTC contacts on skype,,,

    1. Aislin



    2. Pyro™
    3. _pok_


      Finley 'eh Finley

  8. It's been a while...

    1. Wolf Druid Ouity
    2. Augor


      I approve this message.

    3. Pyro™


      Damn Straight, come back

  9. I guess I just don't get it...

  10. There is just some shitty "villian" role-play out there lately.

  11. Just realized the whiny kid from Batman Begins is also the whiny kid from GoT

  12. Don't got da IP

  13. When I get on in the morning there better not be another Ex-Whatever post

  14. Er... We got Mylas, Simppa, Perae, MEH, Axe95, Jmesserschimt, Freya, Bhorner, Petyr, ya know, them people. Mylas is Co-leader you are Cocoa-Leader

  15. Aislin, you have gained a promotion, you are now CoCo-Captain of the Ex-Gm Team

  16. Geez you guys are worse then Yankees fans when they lose a game.. clam down yall.

    1. Jarkarll
    2. nppeck


      But then again, the Yankees are used to winning.

    3. Lynesse {Celia/Jazzy}
  17. Almost moved it. I'm comin' back Lotc

    1. Bloodlest


      Anore. Go away. You don't play SH2 with me. I don't want to see your face.

    2. muldoon
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