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  1. Delilah signs the sheet making sure to add some loving flair
  2. So the reason to apply here is because it is a pinned topic? So the reason to apply here is because it is a pinned topic?
  3. MC Name: boingy RP Name: Miryn Grandaxe Are you applying for Mining, Smithing, or Both? Both What is your level in Mining?: Adequete What is your level in Smithing?: Fair Skype name: thedmanone Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes What is your timezone?: CST Will you be able to fill your quota? Yes, I mine plenty. Just a matter of access. Been using resource island till now
  4. MC Name: boingy Character Name: Miryn Grandaxe Character Age: 90 Profession (See above): Blacksmith Appearance: 4'6 Strong, Cherub-like Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance): Thrognar Grandaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: discord: boingy#4548 Skype: thedmanone
  5. I is back *******, sorry for being away so long to those who care. To those who don't, you suck....kinds :P. Anyway i can't wait to get back to all the lotc fun. Cya there

    1. Minea


      Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelcome back sirah/madame. I of course do not know you, but all the same tis good to have ye back.

    2. spqrSancus


      ^ What he said.

    3. Evilbanana5757
  6. Finally moved to Arizona and now have shiz set up in my dorm, can't wait to get back into the RPing, thanks to all that missed me and to those who didn't care......wasup XP

    1. LaCabra (Soda)

      LaCabra (Soda)

      What part of AZ? I live here, too!

    2. EmeraldStag


      Wasup? I recently killed of my character and now have a halfling one.

    3. Strawberry114


      Halfling takeover .w.

  7. MC Name: - Boingy RP Name: - Delilah Eshing Race: - Dark Elf Age: - 400 or around that Short Biography: - An elf brought to Asulon from the fighting in Aegis. She has had many friends over the years and built much in that time. She had helped her friend Orphelious with his many duties in life such as the construction of his tower. She has helped to build the nation of Holm from its rubble and defend the nation from raiders. And she has made a name for herself in Normandor as a blacksmith and trader with many friends to surround her. Now she looks to help her old friends house once again. Too see if they continue his path or have taken a different course [skill's/RP Prowess] Ability in combat: - Excellent swordsman choosing to weild either one or two of her sabers at a time ((66)) A great finder of ores and riches in the darkest of caves ((mining 90)) A sifter of minerals from the earth and soil((excavation 73)) And a decent blacksmith who seeks to improve her talents ((46)) Extra notes:
  8. ((So does this mean you are using the old island we made or are you finding new ones?)) Delilah looks proudly on the Fireeyes name. Seeing her friend's family finally gain the renown and splendor it deserved
  9. http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/58567-boinys-villain-app/ Anyone who has ever enjoyed roleplaying with me, please go to my VA and give your support, also, make sure to do it in the correct format
    1. ~≈Panda≈~


      WELL... Panda will support this, 'cuz you are her friend :3

  10. does anyone know how to make your posted images resize to fit the page?

    1. Akeron


      Try photobucket.com

  11. Brent weeks is the next best author of our generation, if you haven't already, read his books. The fantasy, realism and story are so well intwined you won't want to put the book down http://www.brentweeks.com/

  12. does anyone know if their are any recognizable signs or symbols of aenguls or the creator? I'd like to use it in a story

  13. If anyone know what font they use for the lord of the craft logo please tell me, i'd like to use it

  14. Gratz on the GM ness XP, you are one amazin dude

    1. XkynarethX


      You should report the cobble stairs you made to a GM so they can remove it, because it is ugly and I think it is landscaring.

  15. I posted a new video today of my first steps back into LOTC on youtube, hope ya like it XP [link]

  16. Hurray i might be getting back on the server thanks to Native, he actually helped me out and told me what was happening with my ban appeal. Hopefully i can join everyone soon XD

    1. Rhogar


      I wish I could say the same! :D

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