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  1. I just realized- this whole RP/PVP caused a much bigger fight than RP fights do. I hope you're happy, PvP crowd.

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    2. Telanir


      It's called... "change". There's always ruckus over it.

    3. Cloakedsphere


      Jesus christ let the man say what he wants. You all dont need to jump at any chance to defend yourself. Holy christ.

    4. XkynarethX


      Okay, to respond to EVERYBODY. I am not crying or immature. I am making a point. I know RP needs to happen to initiate PvP. I am just saying that I should not be forced to PvP if the other party doesn't want to RP fight. PvP has become dominant and so asking for an RP fight can be rejected, while a PvP fight cannot. This is what is wrong. I am unable to properly PvP because ofcomputer issues that my financial situation doesn't allow me to fix. I am in a stalemate.

  2. XkynarethX

    [✗] [Idea] Item Despawning Changes

    This is true, but I doubt a minute or two would cause a noticeable increase in lag. Also, the server is fine and almost lagless, so I doubt it would affect it in any way, shape or form. Also, to the person who had this happen to them above this post- I feel for you, bro. This is a real problem that needs a solution.
  3. I'll get right to the point. Items that you drop either by throwing or dying despawn too quickly. I just lost a full inventory of stuff and even though it wasn't particularly great it was the only stuff I had. I even lost an enchanted axe I found in a dungeon during an event. I came back to where the stuff was in less than two minutes, but it was gone. Either someone picked it up, which is OK, or it despawned quickly, which isn't OK. Items need to stay where they are for longer periods of time, because this is ridiculous. I didn't waste a second, and lost everything. Thoughts?
  4. XkynarethX

    The Subudai Tribal Confederacy

    RP Name: Gwozden Kirvel MC Name: XkynarethX Timezone: GMT+1 Character Race: Human Name of Tribe and/or People you will draw blood lineage from: The Kirvels.
  5. Is there an easy way to find a denied VA from early Januaryof 2012?

    1. MonkeyCoffee


      PM a VAT, GM or FM, Kynnyboo.

    2. Dilara(lotteje13)


      in the great libaray maybe?

    3. Queen of Aegis

      Queen of Aegis

      the denied villain app section goes back to juli 2011, if you just search for the name in there I am sure you will find it

  6. Is there an easy way to find a denied VA from early Januaryof 2012?

  7. Ugh! It's been a long while since I've /really/ checked the forums out. I missed it... :3

  8. XkynarethX

    [Actor] Cruz's Event Team Application

    I have to say, Cruz is one of the best guys out there. Other than the entertaining RP he is kind, he jokes around, but never to the point of annoyance. If I had to describe him in one word it would be "balanced". He is calm, and as he said it himself- being organized and mature is a key aspect to doing this type of work. Much support to my friend :3
  9. Yay! It's Chirstmas for me! :D

  10. Monkey is doing it.

    1. XkynarethX



  11. Yay! I finally got on!

  12. Okay, I am starting to cry. Really. Please!