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Found 9 results

  1. THE SEARCH FOR A SMITH Issued at Year 173 of the Second Age With the establishment of a new smithy within Cerulia there has been one rather pressing question: Who will work there? And with such, I hereby call to smiths of any experience to seek me out. THE JOB The job offering is simple in nature and I will not force you to create that which you do not want to, however, I do expect one is willing to create weaponry and tools for each person to fulfill their duty with. You will be granted: -A smithy to work at -A forge -Tools -An annual shipment of steel You will have to create: -Tools -Weapons -Anything your heart desires (ornate works, other practical works) These items will have to be sold in the shop which is provided tax-free alongside with a home that will be tax-free for as long as you are working. ETERNAL WE MARCH signed, The Former Silver Lubba, Mika “The Resourceful” Anarion, Serene Marq of The Most Serene March of Cerulia and Minister of Defense of Lurin, Protector of the Lurinite Floodplains, Lord of Lubba’s Keep, Lubba Knight of Lurin, Founder of Lurin, Founder of Cerulia, Brickmaster of Lurin.
  2. THE WARFORGE OF KRUGMAR _______________________________________________ The sounds of hammering can be heard from the center of Krugmar, heat blasting out the door of the forge. Grunting and singing can be heard, going beat or beat with the hammer. The heart of Krugmar is beating. Whenever war rages, we can see the demand for tools, armor, weapons, cannons, ammunition, increase tenfold. As the cannon fodder rides into battle with glory and honor, we want them to have full trust in the blade in their hands. Even out of wartime, we prepare our soldiers for their next WAGH, as Krugmar is an armory in practice.This story has been told many times, by many mouths, heard by many ears. We must produce. We must create. We must prevail. What The Warforge Provides From the warforge, quality items will be supplied by our manifold smiths. Our job is to take care of all gear needs of the Horde and its close allies. An Uruk asking for gear will not be charged by any means. Our forge will supply any new smiths with quality metals, with many opportunities to learn arts, some examples being Warforging and Haruspexy. We will not expect you to use your own resources to build, but we expect that any Horde resources must be used for bettering the Horde, one way or another. We are an open forge, therefor other bruhdahz will be wurkin in it. SIGNED, BRUNLE KRUGMA'GORKIL [The symbol of a scorpion riding a toad would be stamped here]
  3. Introducing the talented new smith of Celianor! Looking for a fresh and unique take on your weapons or armor? Our new smith may not have years of experience, but they more than make up for it with their natural talent and dedication to their craft. They're eager to make a name for themselves in Celianor and are excited to work with customers to create one-of-a-kind pieces that will leave a lasting impression. Don't let their lack of experience fool you - this smith has the skill and creativity to bring your vision to life. And the best part? Commission prices are just 30 mina, so you can get top-quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. Come visit our smith in Celianor today and see for yourself the impressive work they're capable of. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work with a rising star in the world of blacksmithing! DISC: dreameater145#8167
  4. GRAND OPENING OF THE STORMHEART SMITHY The fires roar, and the steel sings in Norland letting it be known that The Stormheart Smithy is now open and ready for business! Fliers are posted around, as well as a large notice on the Norland town message board. In the dark, deep cold nights one can see the warm firelight glowing like a burning ember, welcoming heroes, villains, mercenaries, and farmers alike to come and claim their hand crafted weapon, tool, or armor. Manned by a dwarf smith who is dedicated to his craft, and bustling with life, the Stormheart Smithy is certainly one of the finest establishments in the northern realms, with a large sign outside assuring quality with every product, or a full refund. The only question left remaining for those who linger outside is- how much money and time are you going to waste on inferior products? How many unnecessary wounds are you going to be able to weather, before you finally step into Stormheart Smithy and get the gear you need, for the price you want? The answer can only be answered by you. Brought to you by: Halard Stormheart
  5. The Mining Guild Extraction of minerals The Mines of Urguan mines entrance can be found in the Smithing District. Citizens of Urguan are permitted to make use of the Forge, and additionally the Mines of Urguan, provided they register as kingdom miners. Kingdom miners: Have the right to enter and leave the mines as they please Are required to meet a weekly quota of minerals, to be deposited in a respective chest by the depot Have the right to retain any minerals dug up, so long as the weekly quota has been met Have the right to sell any surplus of minerals directly to the Kingdom To register, contact Yemekar’s Pick or The Foreman General. Failure to meet the weekly quota will result in denied access to the mines, until previous quota has been compensated for in equivalent value, in minerals or minas. Processing of minerals A percentage-based amount of minerals procured each week will be melted down and used in the forging of new tools and armaments, intended for the workforce and the Legion. To ensure quality of craftsmanship, only licensed smiths will be allowed to process kingdom resources. Licensed smiths will receive performance-related pay based on quality and quantity of their crafts. Any citizens with experience in the field of metallurgy and smithing may apply for a license. Apprentices are also welcome to partake in the processing, provided they have clearance from the Yemekar’s Pick. Thus, licensed smiths: Are granted access to minerals intended for processing Are expected to smith armaments and tools as requested by the Grand Kingdom Receive performance-related pay, based on amount and quality Licensed smiths risk losing their licence provided they are found guilty of stealing resources or crafts from the Grand Kingdom, or consecutively fails to uphold their responsibilities as full-time employees of the Grand Kingdom. The Positions/ Ranks Yemekar's Pick Yemekar's Pick is the leader of the Work Force. Yemekar's Pick is in charge of assigning quotas. Tharggus 'Golem Eye' Irongut ((Tharggus Irongut)) The Foreman General The Foreman General is the leader of the Guild. His word is considered law in the guild. He manages the day to day activities of the guild. And makes sure that everything runs smoothly. The Foreman General hands out materials for the other guild members to use to forge weapons, tools and armour for the Grand Kingdom. (Vacant) Kingdom Miners Are required to meet a weekly quota of minerals, to be deposited in a respective chest by the depot. Have the right to retain any minerals dug up, so long as the weekly quota has been met. Have the right to sell any surplus of minerals directly to the Kingdom. Have the right to enter the kingdom mines whenever they want. Licensed Smiths Are granted access to minerals intended for processing. Are expected to smith armaments and tools as requested by the Grand Kingdom. Receive performance-related pay, based on amount and quality based on the quota. Signed, Tharggus Irongut the official Yemekar's Pick of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- (All previous members are asked to reapply) ~Applications~ ((Applying here is mandatory to be accepted as well as finding myself or a Master rank in game to discuss joining in roleplay. All applications for higher ranks will be conducted in game.)) -=Application=- MC Name: RP Name: Are you applying for Mining, Smithing, or Both? What is your level in Mining?: What is your level in Smithing?: Skype name: Are you able to use Teamspeak?: What is your timezone?: Will you be able to fill your quota?
  6. Koralon Doomforged proudly presents: The Koralon™ Gadgets, Services and Goods Company, shortened to KorCo™ Contact information: Koralon Doomforged Grandaxe street 3 Kal'Nikaer, Grand Kingdom of Urguan Iron Honour Smithy Annabella square 2-3 Kal'Nikaer, Grand Kingdom of Urguan IG: Medvekoma @Medvekoma Skype on profile. Providing the Following Services: (all prices subject to negotiation) Blacksmithing Forging special metals and loot (event items) into custom gear. Decorating swords with engravings & gemstones. Forging armour (skin).* Repairing tools, armour and weapons. Regular smithing orders / bulk orders on demand (see detailed list below).** Look for Koralon in Kal'Nikaer's Iron Honour Smithy! Have you ever skinned a scaled serpent and wondered whether you could wear its skins, flaunting your trophy in battle? Have you ever found an ancient and almighty sword shattered by the hilt you wished re-forged to function? Look no further, for there's a smith and a smithy out there providing all the necessary tools and experience for your treasure to become a weapon or armour your clan can be proud of! Facing your enemy and want to keep a cool head? Grab onto a weapon forged by a master Dwed! Terms and conditions Apply. Jewelcrafting Forging & crafting jewels from special materials (event items). Selling gemstones for magical use. Cutting gems on order.*** Fitting staves & wands with gemstones for magical use.** Designing jewelry and attire (skin).* Regular stonemason orders / bulk orders on demand (see detailed list below).** Look for Koralon in Kal'Nikaer's Iron Honour Smithy! Have you ever found a crystal radiating void energy and wondered why you couldn't just wear it as an accessory, enchanting your magical talent? Ever found an ancient amulet or ring you sought re-forged? Noble and you haven't a signet ring yet? Or a loud wife stole your ring and refuses to give it back unless you sate her desire for gold and jewels? Look no further, for Koralon has you covered! Piling up some shinies or preparing for a courtship? Employ Koralon's jewelry crafstmanship! Terms and Conditions apply. Tinkering Completing specialty tinkering works (event items). Regular tinker orders / goods on demand (see detailed list below).** Look for Koralon in Kal'Nikaer's Iron Honour Smithy! Mining Regular / bulk orders of ores, ingots and gems (see detailed list below). Look for Koralon in Kal'Nikaer's Iron Honour Smithy! Are you in dire need of resources from the depths of the mountain? Koralon has you covered! Teaching dwarves improved and more efficient techniques of mining since 1576! If it's iron gold or diamond you need, then make use of my dwarven greed! Tables o'Magic Enchantment tables on order! Only minae paid, no materials required! Two years ago after carving thousands of headstones, I discovered something. If I boil a bucket of lava long enough and pour slag in it, it'll harden into a stone I can carve and adorn with diamonds. And if done correctly, the stone will have a unique ability: pile up a bunch of shiny gems on its top, smack it with a book and your sheets of paper will start glowing with magic! Are you magically capable? Buy a KorCo™ enchantment table! Brewing stands [[COMING SOON]] Thanhium Studs Thanhium studs on order. Only minae paid, no materials required! For far too long have mages preyed upon the strong & courageous folk of these lands. Knowledge of science however will always remain superior to the knowledge of magica! After numerous experiments I devised a design for studs you can attach to your armour with almost no discomfort or dangers (SEE APPENDIX FOR SAFETY GUIDE! DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY MAY OCCUR). One stud is able to dampen the strongest of spells, and even nullify weaker ones! A couple of studs, even better! Evil spells turn into mud when you wear Koralon's thanhium stud! Diving helmet [[COMING SOON]] Doomforged blades (Daemon steel & Aengul aurum) Doomforged blades on demand!** *** Daemon Steel blades are the highest quality weapons one can obtain from mundane materials. It cuts through flesh like your pick through a cave slug! Terms and Conditions apply. Now also introducing... ... the KQC (pronounced Kay-que-sea and not kay-kay-kay) Koralon's Quality Control! All daemon steel blades are ensured to have a damage property above +30% Aengul Aurum blades are the nemesis of monsters and other magical creatures. Have you ever seen a wraith appear and strike fear into the minds of any nearby? Ever wanted to appear in their lands, striking fear into their un-dead minds? Acquire a KorCo™ Aengul Aurum blade and see any monsters flee at the sight of your pristine weapon. Refined using a secret and ancient technique from slayer steel, these blades guarantee the best monster-slaying capabilities! You will no longer fear the dark magic of shades, if you carry around a pair of Doomforged blades! Masks Masks on order! See detailed list for more information!*** Ever wanted to be someone you aren't? Ever wanted to hide an ugly (scarred, deformed, Frostbeard, etc) face from the public? Order a mask from KorCo™ and the dwarven maestry will have your dreams come true! Currently offering skeleton, undead, dark skeleton and green cave monster masks! COMING SOON: Animal masks! In the forge hiding from a tiring task? Hide your face with Koralon's mask! TNT & explosives [[COMING SOON]] Horse Armour Iron, gold & diamond horse armour on order (see detailed list for more info). If you are such an Umri-lover that you insist on riding a horse and not a trustworthy bear or golem, then protect the poor creature with a good few layers of dwed metal! Minecart tracks & ways & carts Minecarts & railways crafted on order. Ever wanted to travel long distances in a short time? Struggling with short dwarven legs and you'd prefer riding a big chunk of metal that you can slam into people? Look no further! Koralon has you covered with minecarts, rails, powered rails and even designed railroads if you'd order such! Your legs can nay longer carry your weight? Frent not and order a KorCo™ railway! Empty runes Empty runes crafted on order!*** *I'm a terrible procrastinator when it comes to skins. If you request a skin that I find interesting or challenging to make, I may complete it within the hour's turn. If I happen to be in the mood for skinning, I can complete your order the night you placed it. But if not, I may stretch it for weeks or even just don't do it. As a general guideline, the more minae/resources/promises you bribe me with, the more likely I'll force myself to open up novaskin / paint.net / clipstudio and finish your skin fast. **Bulk orders are available for items I can obtain myself, and myself alone. EG, tools, horse armour, masonry items, bluesteel, enchantment tables, etc. Some of the popular items that are bound to provided items when bulk ordered: Daemon steel / Aengul aurum blades - 1 upright staff for each Black ferrum weapons - 1 windswept staff each Iron armour - 1 set of leather armour Diving helmet - 1 iron helmet, or 1 leather helmet ***Some items require materials I can obtain myself in a long, stretched-out period of time. This is mostly blaze rods for jewelcrafting. If there's materials on storage, I can complete an order within an hour or so. If there is none, you may have to wait a day or two. Terms and Conditions: GENERAL I'm a human and I can forget things. This includes the terms and conditions section here, which means that I uphold the right to decide on matters that aren't handled / mentioned in the terms & conditions. ON NAMED/SIGNED ITEMS Named items are crafted completely on the staff's whim. This means that it's up to them to refuse the naming/signing of certain items, which I myself will accept as a decision, resulting in failure of completion. I'm only modrequesting for item naming/signing if the item(s) are crafted from an event item (ET or GM approved item) or gems (flawless / refined ones). This doesn't mean the crafted item has to have some special property. I'm not modrequesting for bulk-naming of items. Kills the whole point. Starting from the grandaxe crown, I'm logging / documenting all named items (names & descriptions) for reference. All items crafted by Kor are branded by her (not mentioned on item but marked IRP). If you order something crafted from an event item (ET or GM approved item) that has special qualities, you'll have to wait until a GM approves / signs the finished item. ON THE CONDUIT OF TRADE No trade will be conducted "OOC". If you hire Kor for work, she'll either do it in her private forge, the Iron Honour Smithy, the Doomforge or at a built-out and designated forging/working area you provide IRP. There's no mysterious delivery, you'll either provide a chest to be delivered to and invite Kor, or pick up materials from her personally. As a rule-of-thumb, payment is handed over first, crafted item is provided second. Any forum message sent in regards to trade or asking for an appointment will be considered as an IC letter (somewhat alike) sent with the same intentions. The same applies to IG private messages and skype messages. ON RESPONSIBILITIES I'm not responsible for any powergaming with items crafted by Kor. I define no lore in regards to any items Koralon crafts. All metals used by her are part of the server lore and are accessible for others. All special items used by her have to be event approved, and any effect transplanted to the finished product will be no different than the material's (sometimes slightly amplified). Refer to the Thanhium uses lore thread for more detailed information on thanhium studs. Aengul aurum is the highest-quality slayer steel. Refer to slayer steel lore and aurum properties against dark magic. Daemon steel is the highest-quality black ferrum, which is a high quality steel alloy. Think of it as high quality steel you could access even in RL. Detailed list: Prices are given in terms of material price + cost of labour. Material prices are the negotiable current market prices of resources. Special fees apply to products produced with materials that aren't available on the wider market. All prices are rounded upwards to XXX5 or XXX0. Labour cost is usually 10% of the material price added. For example, a diamond pick costs 3x diamond + labour cost. Taken that the negotiated price of a diamond is 15 minae, a diamond pick costs 1.1*3*15 =(rounded)= 50. There'll be a list here if there's a demand for it. For now, it'll remain a short guide on prices and such. A showcase of skins may or may not be added soon as well. THANHIUM STUD SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Thanhium overheats as per lore. If a stud absorbs enough magic, it'll melt. With thanhic treated leather, or any decent armour this should work fine. But over-studding an armour can make it cold and brittle, and absorbing too much magic at once gets you burned or worse. Item crafting examples:
  7. A crude parchment hung on a wooden post, which seemed to be an advertisement. ~Gukdan's Spirit shop~ I am here to offer my skills as a smith, and a shaman. I have decided to use my shamanism to create items of great proportion that only the worthy men and women can buy from me. The sorts of things you could ask for all depend on the spirit you wish to use in the item, if you are in the dark about Spirits, then here's the list. A list of names and their meanings were scribbled underneath: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/112681-the-spirits/ Where you can find me I will more often than not, be roaming around Sutica, if you wish to ask of my services then you should attempt to find me there. The price you should expect Most items will cost about 600-1000 minas, with some possibly going to 300, depending on it's 'enchantment' What I look like A less than perfect drawing was scribbled on the page, but it wasn't half bad. P.S, Don't get too crazy with the 'enchantment' requests.
  8. *A note is posted on a sign outside of the dwarven city of Kal'Akash* "Ores of all kind fer sale Ferrum ((Iron Ingot)), Aurum((Gold Ingot)), Carbarum((Diamond)), Redstone, Emerald, Avanite, Lapis. Any thing ye need at a note or a bird away. Ferrum((Iron Ingot)) fer 6 mina a bar Aurum((Gold Ingot)) fer 8 mina a bar Carbarum((Diamond)) fer 30 mina a crystal Redstone fer 2 mina a crystal Emerald fer 2 mina a crystal Avanite fer 5 mina a crystal lapis fer 2 mina a crystal Prices may very slightly depeneding on demand Need Armour repairs done or Items smithed? Send a bird to Tharggus ((xLord_Oblivionx)), if de bird comes back with no reply leave an order infront of the Ironworks, staight forward from the Dwarven gates. All Items will be made or repaired as quick as possible. ORDER NOW!!!"
  9. Nicknames: Glay/Glowy Age: 48 Gender:Male Race: Halfling Status: Single? Description Height: 3ft 1" Weight: Unknown Body Type: Small? Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown Skin: White Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Fit as a fiddle Personality: Kind, caring and very brave for a halfling, but still scared of large battles. Inventory: Fancy Pipe, Halfling Blade, Shovel, torch, A record of the war of schatenburgg, chain hauberk. Further Details: Is the only known Halfling blacksmith. Life Style Alignment*: Neutral good Deity*: Aeriel Alliance/Nation/Home: Stonebrooke Job/Class: Blacksmith Title(s): Mista Profession(s): Smithing, scribing and painting. Special Skill(s): Smithing as a halfling, hooting like an owl and whistling like a bird. Flaw(s): Small. Weaponry Fighting Style: Blade Trained Weapon: Shovel & Blade Favored Weapon: Halfling sized Blade Archery: Nope. Biography Parents: Warwick and Teresa Glowleaf Siblings: None Children: None Extended Family: None Pet(s): None
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