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  1. boingy

    [✓] The Coalition's Land Charter

    Delilah signs the sheet making sure to add some loving flair
  2. boingy

    LotC General Art Shop [Building, Painting and Skinning]

    So the reason to apply here is because it is a pinned topic? So the reason to apply here is because it is a pinned topic?
  3. boingy

    [Denied] Star's MT App Thing

    This guy be teaching me the ways of magics, so Given his near ocd level descriptions and 'lessons' he gives. I'd say he probably has a heavy knowledge of the magic he knows. And given his work ethic, could probably learn the lores of the rest with ease
  4. boingy

    [Denied] Star's FM App-erino

    I can tell you this dude definitely has a weird need to be constantly active, especially on LOTC. He works hard at everything he does and definitely plays things fair with all activities I've seen him perform. You guys need help, Wizard is your guy
  5. boingy

    ~~~=The Mining/Smithing Guild=~~~

    MC Name: boingy RP Name: Miryn Grandaxe Are you applying for Mining, Smithing, or Both? Both What is your level in Mining?: Adequete What is your level in Smithing?: Fair Skype name: thedmanone Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes What is your timezone?: CST Will you be able to fill your quota? Yes, I mine plenty. Just a matter of access. Been using resource island till now
  6. boingy

    The Grandaxe Clan

    MC Name: boingy Character Name: Miryn Grandaxe Character Age: 90 Profession (See above): Blacksmith Appearance: 4'6 Strong, Cherub-like Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance): Thrognar Grandaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: discord: boingy#4548 Skype: thedmanone
  7. boingy

    Vice7's Sm Application

    Well......I don't know if i am allowed or supposed to comment on this but seeing as many will hate on vice simply because they have had disagreements oocly with him i'll throw in my two-bits. For as long as i have known him Vice has always been logical in what he does, always thinking things through and trying to show his and other's sides in any situation. I have seen him try to support the server in many ways before and often help those higher than himself to get things done. When he puts his mind to it i see him accomplish quite a lot and he has definitely dedicated quite a lot of time to this server. I actually hope he receives this position based on his merits and dedication rather than have him turned down thanks to very loud players grudges against him.
  8. I is back *******, sorry for being away so long to those who care. To those who don't, you suck....kinds :P. Anyway i can't wait to get back to all the lotc fun. Cya there

    1. Minea


      Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelcome back sirah/madame. I of course do not know you, but all the same tis good to have ye back.

    2. spqrSancus
    3. Evilbanana5757
  9. Finally moved to Arizona and now have shiz set up in my dorm, can't wait to get back into the RPing, thanks to all that missed me and to those who didn't care......wasup XP

    1. LaCabra (Soda)

      LaCabra (Soda)

      What part of AZ? I live here, too!

    2. EmeraldStag


      Wasup? I recently killed of my character and now have a halfling one.

    3. Strawberry114


      Halfling takeover .w.

  10. boingy

    [Builder] Boingy's App

    O.....Okay......*cries in a corner from all the hurtful criticism. No just kidding. Anyway i know that none of the pics really show the individual detail of the structures or anything unique and i'm trying to build a few things on my own server as we speak to try and get a few better builds in there. But I couldn't find any of my more extraordinary builds in screenshots. Most of what i found is either really new or really old. But i shall definitely try harder with thes 2 new builds :mrgreen:
  11. boingy

    [Builder] Boingy's App

    re edited to new format
  12. boingy

    Corndoggeh's Appeal (2Nd Try)

    Wow, a lot less flame than last time but obviously still here. Anyway, I believe that Corn SHOULD have a second chance and be unbanned from the server. He has shown great patience through the whole process of ooc flaming on TS, Skype, and IG. I also know Corn to be a dedicated and good RPer. This ban was because of an unfortunate incident where he was finally pushed way to far. I personally found his actions of actually burning away the supplies a little too much of a reaction. But there is no reason not to give him a second chance. Some may say that he will simply do this again or something worse to get his revenge on Holm, however from what me and others have discussed with him, he wants nothing to do with Holm if and when he returns to the server. And i don't feel he is a mean enough person or even someone who gets mad enough at something to repeat anything like this again. Also, for those that could not understand from Corn's explanation as well as the others, this whole flame war oocly had been going on for nearly a month affecting everyone involved and some that weren't. The whole flame war was for ridiculous reasons as it was anyway. Here is Titania's support in case you could not see the picture in the original posting by Corn. Sorry if this looks like an attack against anyone but it is not. Thank you for reading. :mrgreen:
  13. boingy

    House Fireeyes

    MC Name: - Boingy RP Name: - Delilah Eshing Race: - Dark Elf Age: - 400 or around that Short Biography: - An elf brought to Asulon from the fighting in Aegis. She has had many friends over the years and built much in that time. She had helped her friend Orphelious with his many duties in life such as the construction of his tower. She has helped to build the nation of Holm from its rubble and defend the nation from raiders. And she has made a name for herself in Normandor as a blacksmith and trader with many friends to surround her. Now she looks to help her old friends house once again. Too see if they continue his path or have taken a different course [skill's/RP Prowess] Ability in combat: - Excellent swordsman choosing to weild either one or two of her sabers at a time ((66)) A great finder of ores and riches in the darkest of caves ((mining 90)) A sifter of minerals from the earth and soil((excavation 73)) And a decent blacksmith who seeks to improve her talents ((46)) Extra notes:
  14. boingy

    House Fireeyes

    ((So does this mean you are using the old island we made or are you finding new ones?)) Delilah looks proudly on the Fireeyes name. Seeing her friend's family finally gain the renown and splendor it deserved
  15. boingy

    [Builder] Boingy's App

    Minecraft name: Boingy Timezone: PST What is your favorite building style?: My favorite building style would be organic structures. Something that blends with the scenery instead of some enormous stone block in the middle of a desert there would be a large sandstone structure with shades of blue and whites built through out as the colors blend well together. What are some of your most treasured builds? (screenshots if possible): Probably the Holm palace and walls would be my most treasured build on the server. Please provide screenshots of any medieval builds strictly you have built and a description of each: This was to be a ship that out shined even Syrio's beard, but as time and role play went on the poor thing never got past its blueprints This is Damon's Sanctuary. It is built deep in the wilds next to a large snowy mountain range. The purpose of this place was to hide Damon from his enemies and many pursuers over the years. This is a Victorian styled manor, made for the highest of citizens in Holm. Unfortunately the blueprints never took hold as the rebellion drove many off and left the nation's coffers nearly empty This was to be a certain dark elf assassins tree of doom where she would live away form trespassers and it would scare off many who would dare come close. This is a great tree like one in Normandor. Obviously this was created with the help of World Edit but i thought i would throw this in here just for show. This was my own project on another server. It was a large RP town in the most prosperous of times where people could work and earn a fine days living with minimal effort As a builder, what makes you unique and stand out from the crowd?: I would definitely say that i am not that more unique than the average builder. So far as I've seen my only strong point is coming up with build ideas faster than most, and being able to copy real world buildings into minecraft almost seamlessly. Other than that i stick to what i feel looks best and makes sense from both a practical and aesthetic point How capable are you of building with the least amount of preparation as possible? If I were to ask you to construct the remains of an ancient settlement, would you be able to handle it on the spot without being babysat? (there is no right or wrong answer):[ Yes i could build a ruined settlement on the spot if you wanted. But you probably would not like it as i would go off on my own style rather than what you would want for the region. At most though i would need the lore behind the ruin so that i would know what to build. The location of the build itself. And whether you would want the settlement to flow with the landscape or for me to Terra-form the area into a much flatter or different shape. With those details i could probably have a ruin up in a day. Additional details I really love building, especially on this server where I can build a something into a fantasy of its own. And i would love to join the build app team just so i could take brief pauses in between my very strange RP. Anyway, I hope to work with you guys soon.