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  1. Of course, I just wanted to add some incentive! Hey Grouch, I very much appreciate it.
  2. Hey guys, Just started playing again after an incredibly long hiatus but my old skin is outdated and for an old character. What I want is essentially the same face and hair style, but with a beard and a more ‘rugged’ look, and more peasant-like attire. I also think the face looks kind of stupid as it is, and would like it moved further up the head, with the lower portion being mostly beard. I don’t really have many minas at this point, but I’m willing to discuss payment options in discord, I’m willing to pay up to $15 USD for a quality skin, assuming that’s allowed? My discord is hyper#4474, please add me to discuss! Thank you!
  3. hypercrit


    (Thought I wouldn’t be whitelisted so I wrote this app up but on joining the server I wasn’t a soul? The last time I played properly was about 7 years ago but if that’s all good then you’re free to just delete this app.) William, known to his friends as Will, was born to a peasant family known as the Sunfeathers on the outskirts of Haense, but was raised by the village and its trials as all children were. From a young age he had to learn to fight to keep what he had, battling over morsels of food and scraps of clothing. He was as proficient as any other peasant boy, with no special talent for it one way or the other, a weakness he acknowledged. As he grew older, he more and more saw strength in his sense of ambition. The strongest boys in the village were clearly enjoying their little scuffles over food, their forays into the dirt, but not Will. His father had told him that hundreds of years previously, the Sunfeather name was far less tarnished, and that back in Asulon one of his forefathers used to write for a living and was known throughout the region for his poetry that he published in his newspaper, the Asulon Herald. This forgotten forefather was friends with people in high places but was a sworn enemy of the nobility, and the actions that he attempted to take against Godfrey I were directly responsible for the dirt that Will now slept in. These actions made Will curse his line and curse the man known as Hyperio that had tarnished it so. As a teenager, Will scorned the brashness of his ancestor and toiled over decisions that he was said to have made, while also coveting the life that Hyperio was said to have lived. Will wanted nothing more than to wax philosophical all day, his own talent for language going almost entirely unnoticed among the people of his village, but instead he was to constantly bring his fists, and later his sword, against enemies that threatened to diminish the contents of his stomach. His interests in language and in the wonder of the arts, particularly of the magic variety, and this all consuming ambition, led him to change his name as a teenager and begin training himself for a new future, a future of adventure and escape. He took the name of Goldfeather, wanting to remain feathery and verbose, as Hyperio had been, while acknowledging his desire for greater things. This training involved many attempts to improve his swordsmanship, which were less successful than the improvements he made to his overall fitness. What he lacked in finesse with a blade he made up for with stamina and force, and by his mid twenties he personally considered himself a force to be reckoned with, although this claim was surely similar to his ambition in that it was greatly overblown. He also developed a keen interest in magic, although had no idea where to go to learn it or who could teach it to him, subsisting only on whispers uttered throughout the village and from what little books he could hide away in his hut. Eventually he decided that he had trained enough, and assuming that what he had heard of Helena made it an optimal place to begin his quest to bring honour to his new name and the name of his future progeny, he set out on the only road he’d ever known.
  4. Hi Hyperion. Not seen you in a while. Hope you remember Theodore. Lets RP again sometime

  5. Hyperio sighs and rips the posters down, seeing that the response to them had been unsatisfactory. He had found other ways to accomplish this, better ways. He pulls the two forms out of his pocket and throws them to the wind. "Better no one know my face. Better... inconspicuous." (( Can someone close this topic? My character found a better way to do what he needs, and decided to scrap the idea. Can it be moved to inactive guilds?))
  6. "Hyperio checks that no one is around first, and goes to collect the forms. He pockets them swiftly, and walks away. He will get in contact with the people if he deems them good for the cause"
  7. *a poster is pinned up to a noticeboard, covered by a few other useless posters, designed purely for the purpose for hiding the real one. The writing is written in thick black ink, in cursive. The page is covered in small wilting roses, whatever that might mean* -The Decolion Reformation- “If you’re reading this, if you’re alive today, then you must know about Oren. About the White Rose. The Flays. You know about them, don’t you? You do. The countless murders, their connection with the Emperor. Haven’t you ever wanted to rise up? Have a purpose? Do something? Save the innocents that you see dying everyday? Fill out this form below, but hide it in some fashion. I would suggest going with the old, ‘Lost Dog’ cover. Make it look like something inconspicuous. You can be anything in this reformation, a soldier for us, a man of tactics, a man of knowledge and a man of power. We all have the same enemy, don’t we? Aren’t we sick of this? With sufficient manpower, sufficient weapons, and sufficient knowledge, we can do it! I’m trying to gather all like-minded thinkers, all the warriors. No more oppression! No more! No more! -H” *a form is attached below, with a few basic details to fill out* Name : Fighting ability : A brief autobiography, so we can slot you in, giving you a role in the Reformation : Why do you want to be part of the Reformation? : Do you swear undying loyalty to us? : Where is a location we can meet? : *the form ends, there are a few of them pinned onto the original poster for you to fill out*
  8. Sorry for all dat hate you got on that thread mate, it was undeserved! It was a pretty decent idea.

  9. Ah, alright. I miss the Herald roleplay.

  10. Nah, I'm still around :) Honestly, I'm not bored of the server, I'm just bored of Minectaft atm so I'm gonna wait until 3.0 comes out to jump back in.

  11. Hey dude, why don't you log in anymore?

  12. You allowed someone to abuse your powers and have ruined the FM credibility forever. I will never look at you and think your staff.

  13. Gonna be 110 degrees fahrenheit where I am by tomorrow. Kill me now.

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      And then in the nighttime it goes down to like -10... :I i hate my life..

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      :/.. Lawl... It's like.. Five degrees here...?

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      It is like 30 degrees where I live

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