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  1. Been a long time since ive been on LOTC. Anyone from the original Teutonic Order or Knights of the Flame on Aegis still around?

    1. Areon


      Yep. Hit me up on disc fam. Imp#7234

  2. Does anyone play DnD?!

  3. I've missed you, Lord of the Craft.

  4. Dwarves are Crazy.

  5. Nice fight everyone, that was some fun RP.

    1. Gaius Marius

      Gaius Marius

      Chas, I wanted to throw a nice conflict RP at you, nomads don't know a thing about castles and that mountain is hellishly hard to navigate xD

    2. chas5511


      I know it is :) That's why we love it! Thanks for some good RP gaius.

  6. The Crusader States. Their purpose The Crusader states, honest, noble men with heart. Fighting for what they truly believe is right, and never stopping. The warriors are poor at first but, will never fight for money. Simply to live free in Asulon. Coming from outcasts to nobles and all races, the leaders are not yet nobles, however hope to one day be. Crusaders always treat others with respect unless they do not deserve it. True gentlemen. They live by the philosophy of, get free, or die trying. The men are not knights of a king, but knights of a cause. Their reason in fee
  7. *Draco reads the note and proceeds to laugh. "True Knights hmm? We'll see!".
  8. (Btw we do not serve under Oren.)
  9. (Your right, we aren't exactly Knights. However our goal is to one day be. So to quickly fix your answer, when it says "Respected as a noble" it means respected in our order, not in others eyes. Thanks for trying though man.)
  10. (Sorry refine your question please.)
  11. (It's the only picture i could find with the Red Diamond!)
  12. The Knights of Capax *Purpose* Our purpose in Asulon is to rid the world of what we see is wrong. Especially with recent strange events and fear of the returning Undead. The word "Capax" means capable. The knights are a highly honorable and noble group of all races. They respect each race with equal quality. We also are a very militaristic force. We hope to rid the land of any thing we see unfit, with strong force. One of the main quests if The Knights is to reach out to those new in Asulon, giving them a home, food, and even pay for there greater deeds. *Leader* The leader of Th
  13. Maple Port.

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    2. chas5511


      Not for long!

    3. jackbren


      you are taking on the flays... This can only end one way.

    4. Scipp3r


      yup, yer dead son

  14. I miss you! Come back!

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