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  1. ThatGuy_777

    The Kingsmoot of 1677

    "I shall take the stead of my malari'onn Awaiti in light of her recent condition. Those of the Aureon seed do cast their vote for Abelas Caerme'onn, as do we wish him a grand and prosperous reign. Whether the mourning dove sings at dawn or the raven cries at dusk, long shall you have our support." Exclaims Guyden Aureon, drawing his left hand over his heart as he granted a steady bow of the head. His placid demeanor revealing little emotion even as an invasive woodpecker seemed insistent to assault his rightmost appendage.
  2. ThatGuy_777

    Storm's End

    The Willow Druid's demeanor would resonate a deeply pained mourning, clasping her limp hand tightly. He idled there in prolonged silence, drawing a circle over his heart. Until finally he spoke with sorrow. "Llun. Please make your time amidst dreams short dearest lari'onn...you have plenty of souls among the walking who look to you with admiration. The earth will lament until the day you grace the woodland realms once again." He would bow his head before parting his grasp and trailing away.
  3. Daily reminder that switching to Geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.

  4. ThatGuy_777

    In with the New

    Many thanks friend of Malinor. Whether agreed or disagreed, you've clearly shown insane determination and that's impressive.
  5. ThatGuy_777

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    First short-notice announcement and already coming in strong. Glorious.
  6. ThatGuy_777

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

    Many congratulations! I look forward to seeing how he acclimates to his new position, couldn't think of anyone more suitable for the job. Blessed be!
  7. ThatGuy_777

    An Intro to an Older Player

    I'm glad we've become friends and I hope you stay healthy and happy!
  8. ThatGuy_777

    The Standing Ilmyumier - Status Tattoos of Mali'ame

    Mmmmm, good stuff. Take my +1's already.
  9. ThatGuy_777

    GoFundMe for Avery

    They have my greatest condolences and I pray they have a healthy recovery. Definitely will send my share when I can.
  10. ThatGuy_777

    My Experience as an Administrator

    You're definitely one of the most approachable GMs I can name off the top of my head. Just a generally swell and level-headed dude. Keep on doing great work!
  11. ThatGuy_777

    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]

    Can you give your horse a hug for me? Favorite day of the year? Opinions of Guyden? Why must all of your characters suffer?
  12. ThatGuy_777

    Returning after 3 years

    Welcome back friend of Malinor. Hope you enjoy yourself on the server again! Don't fret if you're having to ask a lot of questions initially. As for older characters, the only reasons you wouldn't be able to bring them back would be if they had explicitly PK'ed, or would've just died from old age by this point. Tends to be an issue for human characters, but less so other races. So I'm sure folk wouldn't mind.
  13. ThatGuy_777

    Where do you RP most often?

    Dominion and Mother Grove for me.
  14. ThatGuy_777

    A_Keefys Forum Moderator Application

    While I personally think Keef needs more chill time, he is without a doubt a good forum moderator and deserving of the position. Confuzzles me as to why he was removed to even begin with. +1
  15. ThatGuy_777


    Hail friend of Malinor! Always glad to see a returning player. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.