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  1. Ciao, I guess. Take care and safe travels.
  2. Amen times ten. I completely condone physically beating them with the report.
  3. I do done diddly declare ‘dat ‘dis does get my +1 seal of approval. Let there be- at least a moderate amount- of effort required once more!
  4. ThatGuy_777

    Art raffle >:D

    The luckiest bean in all the west.
  5. A ragged Mali squints at the smoke from afar “Hm...heredities up in flames. Mayhaps this is why Malin disappeared from the realm? Better to fade from history a legend than whatever bloody squabbles compel the peoples of today and tomorrow.” He rests his palm upon his chest, “Flames and blood and stained metal. I doubt any of the Four sought such a fate for their farthest children. Surely the Betrayer would have reveled our bickering, so to see it persist is disheartening. Llun. May those of olde forgive their lost children.”
  6. >Submits Mani Post

    >Spoilers on said Mani post decide it was high time to go on holiday

    >Attempts to comment on said Mani Lore Submission
    >Comments are immediately classified as edits and added onto the bottom of the post.

    ...Just gonna be one of those days.

  7. Need a couple of people who can give me feedback about whether references to Aeldin in the lore I’m working on will fly with the larger player-base, any volunteers? They’re vague, but with the overall lack of accepted lore on Aeldin that isn’t character-interpreted...I’m not gonna tempt fate.

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    2. ScreamingDingo


      Don’t use aeldin or I’ll personally execute you

    3. ThatGuy_777


      That an offer or a hard pass, Grim?

    4. ScreamingDingo


      my machete is ready

  8. “The longer I dwell on the past the less inclined I am to care about it.” Grumbles a green-robed Mali’ame “But this? May the earth swallow it to never be seen again.”
  9. When are we gonna reenact the clown-mime war of our generation?
  10. Still coughing like a muscle car from the 60s, but better. Thanky.
  11. Why did you choose Archipelago as your username? Favorite seafood? Halfling map when? How art thou faring?
  12. Okay, not really. But hey:

    And just as an added bonus.


  13. Relevant.



  14. Breaks do wonders. Pace yourself. Moderation is the key to enjoyment.
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