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  1. This is why we can't have nice things.
  2. User name: ThatGuy_777 Character's name: Guyden Aureon Character's race: Wood Elf Character's age: 107 Reference picture [Required, not just a Minecraft skin.]: In regards to his physique and hairstyle anyhow (not his hair color, garments, lack of tattoos, etc.) Minecraft skin [Screen shot, I'm not downloading your skin just to view it.]: https://namemc.com/skin/23e77970e1159323 What you're wanting [Portait, ect]: Waist and up Details, depending on what you want your character doing, I may charge more or deny it: I leave it to your discretion (whatever is easier/more fun) Proof of payment [send to Nemir persona]:
  3. Guyden's quill would freeze in his hand. Halfway through writing a letter, he would set it aside. Slowly, he would bring a hand up to his neck, ice cold. He would rub it with care "...I wonder how she is faring? Perhaps I should arrange for us to have tea sometime." He abruptly comments aloud before returning to his writing.
  4. ...Eh. Seven adorable cats dressed in suits out of ten.
  5. The thunderous clamor of hooves erupt from where the one-eyed mali'ame had been idly listening, his and his steed's figures gradually fading in the distance.
  6. Bless your soul. Bless all your souls. And so glad he's safe and being well-fed! Give 'em a big ol' bear hug for me please.
  7. Love the writing. I quite like the changes. Prevents a lot of potential for confusion. +1
  8. "I mean...there are already so many different manifestations of gluttony, anarchy, and violence as is. If they don't go out of their way to do harm, then why even bother them?" Comments a one-eyed mali'ame, making a disapproving face.
  9. RP Information: Name: Guyden Aureon Age: One-hundred six Race: Mali'ame Title and topic of your book for application: Medicinals 101 OOC Information: MC Name: ThatGuy_777 Skype [If you're wanting to be added to the chat]: skulliven
  10. Why let a little incursion get in the way of a good inquisition?

  11. "Five-hundred mina for the boots!" Calls out a very beat-up looking mali'ame.
  12. "Why can't these disputes ever be resolved in a fun-friendly way?" Ponders Guyden aloud.
  13. In terms of herbs and potions, I absolutely love the nuances of alchemy. Learning the effects of something, how well it works under differing circumstances, what happens when I use these two things in conjunction, all that. This being said, I feel it could be much expanded upon, in terms of practicality anyway. I also believe there should be further emphasis on other factors of alchemy. Alchemists are scientists. They don't just make beverages, medication, and artificial beings. There's countless directions you could take it in.
  14. How long have you played LOTC?: Roughly four months now What is your opinion on the Forum Team as a whole?: I think they're one of the most grounded teams in terms of organization and (perceivable) professionalism. By far. How well does the Forum Team perform according to you?: I believe they're doing quite a fine job currently. How do you feel about our communication with the player base?: It seems as if Forum Team just fades into the background at times due to a lack of presence, but these sort of posts definitely help change that. How could we improve the previous?: Generally just gauging the player-base's thoughts and concerns like this goes a long way. If you have anything to say on the side, leave it here:
  15. I feel Elfen would suit such a position splendidly. He's certainly level-headed, and doesn't budge for bias. Got a +1 from me, Ye'Ol'Llir.