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  1. ThatGuy_777

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    We’ve already achieved moderation I wouldn’t believe several months back. If people who’ve devoted an amalgamated jenga of grandfather clocks into the server wish to earnestly contribute back, I don’t really see the point in refuting them. Won’t know their aptitude until you give them a chance. That aside, Eternal’s a fine person from my brief encounters with them. Seem to have a knack for this kind of thing. So I’ll give a +1 with best wishes.
  2. ThatGuy_777

    7.0 Annoucement!

    The pain I feel over my recent expansionistic endeavors being for naught is immeasurable . . . But otherwise, really love how the map looks. +1 I would propose giving vassal folk the chance to prove themselves with activity checks though, or even that with the occasional fill-in-form.
  3. ThatGuy_777

    Maybe free character art???

    I would be honored and flattered.
  4. ThatGuy_777

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    And in the case that said player needed to log off before they could be notified? I've had several GMs that suddenly stop responding to me and go poof during a modreq. Forgive my lack of confidence that this holds up. Does this go for random folk who just happen to be unfortunate enough to stumble into the raid on X settlement? That have NO idea that PvP is currently in effect and just happen to get popped without any context? How are these battering rams even intended to work? Click the sign and suddenly boom you're all in? Does it have a timer that resets each time a couple more raiders infiltrate the settlement? Does it need to charge up before breaking through, allowing the defenders a chance to intervene? On another note, what if you only break a few of the blocks? Does that mean it's still reusable only with X number of iron blocks? So...after waiting between 1 to 2 hours for one raid received, the retaliating force might have to spend another 1 to 2 hours organizing the counter-raid? What in the event that all players of said enemy have logged off? Does the whole fleeing loss count respectively to attackers who lose the majority of their forces and resort to running away and taunting repeatedly until the defenders get tired of it and decide to head back inside the city? That stuff gets tedious, especially over the course of an hour. Overall, I'm absolutely no fan of the unrestricted raid limit, nor do I believe hour-long waits are in anyone's interest. I'm done diddly dandy with the raid limits as current, but that might just be me. Nonetheless, unrestricted seems like overkill. I personally also think a raid itself should be concluded before the forty-five-minute mark generally. Hence waiting a literal hour for the actual raid is just a little bit ridiculous. It should really be cut in half, if not the teensiest tadpole more. While I'm relatively meh about battering rams as a principle, it really needs clarity. If it's going to be a spontaneous thing that opens an entry inside the settlement for the raiders until the defenders finally manage to break it, then I don't think it has much of a point. The raiders will be inside and the battering rams purpose fulfilled. The only reason you wouldn't want it destroyed is if you intended to reuse it. I have my qualms with the idea behind the cooldowns too, given I don't think whether you're a victor or loser should matter much. The idea of a measly two-day cooldown for settlements unable to procure any defenders only sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Then again, don't knock it 'til you try it I guess? On, nearly forgot to mention that you forgot to include the dealio about not breaking blocks. Otherwise, good job with the draft.
  5. ThatGuy_777

    [Paladin Rewrite] Champions of Xan

    Divine rewrite. +1
  6. ThatGuy_777

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    A very bold change that I'm impressed to see, to say the least. Seems like pretty grand lore overall. Might need a couple more bones added to it in the future, but otherwise I'll give it a +1
  7. ThatGuy_777

    A Combined Effort for Nature

    "The disciple of the Dreamer, one weaver of Lies, is naught more than an aimless madman foolishly trying to validate his living. He understands nothing about the Aspects, nor does he hold any allegiance to the natural balance! He but dreams to impersonate, to dominate, and to assert a twisted reality of his design unto our realm! One that not even his faceless Mother could hope to comprehend." Barks a green-robed Mali'ame in outrage, swiftly tearing one such pinned letter from its place. Shredding it into the most insignificant bits before promptly disposing of them. "Bah! alliman maruthir." Mutters the grouchy elf, carrying along down the weathered lane.
  8. ThatGuy_777

    Drivewriter Annoucement and Guide

  9. ThatGuy_777

    Cukie1's Art Pile

    Welcome welcome. Nicely drawn I must say!
  10. ThatGuy_777

    Let's do this.

    Favorite kind of tree? How was your day? How long have you been on LoTC? Favorite dish?
  11. ThatGuy_777

    Here's a thing

    If you could grow any beard of your choice, what style would you rock? Favorite kinds of homemade pie? How has your day been? Name your most nostalgic memory from LoTC?
  12. ThatGuy_777

    [Accepted] GaiaLoTC's Application Team Application

    +1 Gaia is a grand dude, a solid worker, and an overall pleasure to work alongside. Can't recommend tossing him back on enough.
  13. ThatGuy_777

    [Pending]MamaBearJade's Lore Librarian Application

    I believe she would do well. +1
  14. ThatGuy_777

    [Community Review] Raids

    Plenty of current raiders hop from nation to nation to whatever just for the sake of raiding. Laying low amounts to jack diddly squat unless you go out of your way to wander off into the far-far wilderness. But, at that point you're just contributing to spread out RP which only hurts the server. Guards and/or mercenaries won't always be around in force on every day of the week 24/7. Admittedly, going off and just digging a hole somewhere is valid, but is that the sort of thing we REALLY want to be advocating for new players to do? It's pitiful, inconvenient, and in no way cohesive to RP ("This just in! Half of Atlas goes out to bury their most prized possessions."). Heists and warclaims are already meant for ransacking, plus they can justify such strict GM supervision over a raid which should really be less convoluted in nature.
  15. ThatGuy_777

    [Community Review] Raids

    Also, yeah I just parrot Glad and Gallic's sentiments. They put it a whole lot more elegantly.