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  1. Ciao, I guess. Take care and safe travels.
  2. If only for the frog puns that will come out of this- +1 Surely it will be a ribbiting experience. That aside, really well done post.
  3. Amen times ten. I completely condone physically beating them with the report.
  4. I do done diddly declare ‘dat ‘dis does get my +1 seal of approval. Let there be- at least a moderate amount- of effort required once more!
  5. ThatGuy_777

    Art raffle >:D

    The luckiest bean in all the west.
  6. Lordy o lordy, you ain’t kiddin’. Grinds my gears something fierce.
  7. >Submits Mani Post

    >Spoilers on said Mani post decide it was high time to go on holiday

    >Attempts to comment on said Mani Lore Submission
    >Comments are immediately classified as edits and added onto the bottom of the post.

    ...Just gonna be one of those days.

  8. Greater Mani Gûlgarmadh, Prince of Scorpions and Arachnids (Created by fooyee). “Mi peep latz bruddaz retern frum thaer votar. Dubty...nub, futhty! The waghoff haz thaer luzk rayzed in viktoree, letting owt a waghcri akrozz the zand zea. Latz bruddaz drag h’azh flat zkaddernackz whif menee howlurz agh jabbernackz. Azh iz a bub’hozh muhther, the zize of the Muun...o how they zelibrayt...But the muunlite zpellz thaer duum. The grownd iz burzt open, the zand arownd them fallz. ZLAM- all futhty agh thaer beazteez behind barz of bone. Ztaering down buurz zkorpien. Nub, zkaddernack... mabee... Gûlob garmadh. The dahm beazt toar latz bruddaz limb frum limb!” -Visions of a nameless Dom Clan Lutamen Llan’sae, Princess of Sea Turtles (Credit to GaleforceRin). “Oh Goddess of the Tides and Eldest of Shells, Whose sanctuary harbors many and knows more than she can tell, We give to you our devotion. We show to you our respect for your kind. Oh grandest Llan’sae grant us passage, show us the old order.” -Prayer of Passage, translated from days of yore Sha’maidan, Princess of Elephantidae (Art by AnatoFinnstark). “...How can one so small carry something so great? Unjust- that is what your kind would call it. Often would they plead for my aid, listing misfortunes without a single solution to offer: a pity. Let it be a lesson to keep close to heart, young one. The prospect of every peak will only amount to the stones that comprise its base. Now it is your turn to tell me, how does your generation intend to shoulder this burden?” -Scribed from the Monument of the Mason, once whispered to be ten-thousand paces offshore of Aegis Lesser Mani Vesper, Prince of Bats (Sourced from Reddit, credit to Saeed Ramez). “Expect nay a shred of my sympathy for your wretched curse. All descendants are born ignorant of the realm they inhabit, yet trying to cheat death is a fool’s errand. A deaf endeavor that will never know solace. Look to your former kin, how they fear and despise you. Routing your ilk out of the dark places with fangs of earth and flame, while making my kind rrrrrestless! Each of you is an atrocity- an existence gladly gone. Yet tonight has shown a glint of promise. So long as there are mortals, there will also be monsters. Your deaths will solve nothing. Instead, I offer a choice: pledge yourselves to defend the blood of my blood, or let the curse consume what semblance of self remains.” -Bargain of the Bat; the night of the Culling of Kabergard, 1498 Tāmatu, Prince of Crabs (Artwork by miriamrez). “Ack, I already told ya, ya daft pill...er, I mean Sir! ‘Et was a giant crab! A giant crab done took the ship, none of ‘dis foul-play bollocks. Ya haf to believe me! How long haf I served the fleet? Ten!? Fifteen years of ‘dis awful place and notta once did I waver. Notta once did I pinch food, wine, or women! I’m as clean as the Capten’s Quarters. The varmint held me up in ‘ets pinchers and looked me in the eye. Hollered so loudly ‘dat I coughed up supper. Must have spoiled ‘ets appetite too cause ‘et done flung me starboard- righ’ before cleavin’ the Augur in haff! Honest to GOD, Sir!” -Interrogation of Aarlan Ansley, helmsman of the royal galleon Ark Augur, 1615 Amametta, Prince of Peafowl and Paradisaeidae (Piece by Nojjesz). “...Fledglings must learn that love cannot be founded frivolously. Fathering young requires time and dedication, yes, but love must persist without a doubt. The former plants a seed to set-up for success, the latter only gardens as long as you draw bated breath. Both are beautiful, yet they require aspects of the heart that are otherwise apart.” -Writings of Taliar Amehier, an alleged apostle of Amametta Drongo, Prince of Chameleons (Artwork created by RuslanKadiev). “All I remember is eating some berries, the same I pick every afternoon. But this time was different, the world around me started to spin. Spun so much that I wanted to die. Wanted to die so much that I started to sing a song about dying, and all the voices of the forest joined in. Flowers with the faces of people I used to yearn for started to flirt with me. I saw a rainbow of trees dance underneath a sky made out of eyes... I um... I-I think I was shot out of a donkey’s...actually, I’ll just spare you the details. When I came to I was hanging upside-down from a tree, fifty feet high. A taste of bugs in my mouth, vomit on my robes, and a headache almost as bad as my attunement to top it off.” -Anonymous druid's account after publically denouncing Drongo Sabio, Prince of Albatross and Seabirds (Painted by Magali MB Gauthier). “There I was- the last of my crew who hadn’ died of thirst ‘er hunger. Some lasted longer...but in the end couldn’t live wit’ what they had done...what we all did to survive. I pray fer their forgiveness, good Father, an’ hope I can make amends in the eyes of GOD. The Sun scorched everything, my skin, the air, an’ my regret. I was desperate. An albatross landed on the crow’s nest an’ fer the longest time my eyes stared. Thinkin’ about snapping its neck and eatin’ something besides...but then I remembered me granddad. Somethin’ he told me as a boy. So I carved an albatross into the mast an’ pleaded fer the Saint of the West. Begged fer deliverance on my hands an’ knees ‘til I collapsed. Initially, I thought meself a fool. But then I felt the blessed breeze, passing out as a great pair of wings obscured the Sun.” -Confession of an anonymous sailor, circa. 1631 Fih’uell, Princess of Locusts (Sourced from ProtectedArt on Pinterest). ”Lil’ Jon found a grasshopper, Asked ‘im for a bite to eat, Stole from his Papa’s field and said not a peep! Ran ‘round together, Playing hide n’ seek, Friends forever to sing together ‘til Jon falls back to sleep. Took more heads of cabbage, Papa came a-lookin', Papa said she’d eat ‘is hand if ‘e didn’t quit it. But ‘e didn’t listen, Fed ‘er right through the drought, Came the rain and sure as rain she flew into a fit! Locust swarms, Lady ‘hores, Leavin’ not a leaf, People die, Say goodbye, Leavin’ Jon behind. He asks ‘er why, She only cries... And counts ‘is final sheep.” -Lil’ Jon and The Locust, a children’s sing-along Purpose of Lore Citation Credits Delmodan- for the current state of Mani lore, giving feedback, and lending inspiration to the overall lore Nivndil- for feedback and being my most reliable name critic Keefy & Dwyn- for their insightful suggestions ...And all the other folk who gave me suggestions/inspiration along the way. Cheers!
  9. Need a couple of people who can give me feedback about whether references to Aeldin in the lore I’m working on will fly with the larger player-base, any volunteers? They’re vague, but with the overall lack of accepted lore on Aeldin that isn’t character-interpreted...I’m not gonna tempt fate.

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  10. “The longer I dwell on the past the less inclined I am to care about it.” Grumbles a green-robed Mali’ame “But this? May the earth swallow it to never be seen again.”
  11. When are we gonna reenact the clown-mime war of our generation?
  12. Still coughing like a muscle car from the 60s, but better. Thanky.
  13. Why did you choose Archipelago as your username? Favorite seafood? Halfling map when? How art thou faring?
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