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  1. [Lore Submission] The All Father's Gift

    This is honestly really interesting and unique. While not the most extravagant magic, it provides a lot of versatility without overstepping itself. And besides, RP ain't fun if you can just stroll around leisurely eviscerating your foes. I've always felt a bit guilty about All-Fatherism getting the short end of the stick, despite the dedicated following. Definite +1 from me.
  2. let's get down to business ...

    Yessireedoodle. +1
  3. Setting Sail (6.0 Transition Information)

    The frozen forests rung with hollow bells. Rising elderwood trees and laying underbrush either dead or dormant for eternity. Fauna that hadn't fled lying helpless in the frost, gradually becoming consumed by the looming aberrations. In the distance, one might see mali'ame leading their ships away. One such elf clenching his head in agony. Gazing upon his former home with distraught. "Llun dearest lin. I promise we shall return one day. Return to our homeland...Aspects watch over thou until then." With that, the drui' leads the ships to safer coasts until the inevitable grand exodus.
  4. Atlas Q&A Stream

    1.) Are there a set of rules and guidelines in mind as for how players RP'ly breaking into and vandalizing structures in the wilderness might boil down to (To what extent is "pickaxing a wall down" considered legitimate? Wouldn't someone have to run the risk of the wall collapsing on top of them if they burrowed under? Etc.) ? How would players who had been away from their structure at the time of property damage know if the transgressor truly RP'ed it without requesting the aid of a GM? Will players out in wilderness be reimbursed for any improper damages (Say, if the wall they broke was actually an arcane barrier, if they broke into the burrow of a Druid beneath a tree despite looking no different than any other tree, or if no RP was involved.) ? 2.) If new nations form, will they too be allowed protected plots? If so, what circumstances would fall under that category (Treaties of formal recognition? A cultural split and subsequent regrowth? An entirely new people settling the land after us?) ? If the system ends up failing, would the staff be willing to revert to the old plot system? And on a less boring note: 3.) Any information or sneak-peeks regarding what the LT have been preparing for 6.0? What are you all most excited about coming to Atlas? What are you going to miss most about Axios?
  5. Mordskov; Conjunction of Worlds

    The Willow Druid grumbles to himself as he manned the front desk at the Library of Dragur "Bah! I warned of the encroaching thanium. Yet none heeded only the most extreme of solutions can be undertaken." Expelling a tremendous sigh, he'd let his forehead plop forward. Idle...until the mali' nearly jumps from his seat, dashing off.
  6. Default Poll: Defenders vs. PvP

    I've found defender default to be rather exceptional under the current state of things. Especially over pvp default. However, I do believe reevalution is needed once 6.0 has given a fair impression.
  7. Which Race Should I Play for Season 2?

    The woodiest of elves.
  8. A Disaster Unseen

    A lone, green robed mali'ame had stumbled upon the chasm, following the depleted remnants of the scorched riverbed on and on... His face ghastly pale in horror of all the destruction. "...One by one, and so rapid now. What shall become of the homeland at this rate...?" He asks himself.
  9. Freebuild tile rules poll

    Just parroting the choir at this point, but always RP it out, and only when they're online.
  10. Druidism [MA] Torkoal_Tom

    One of us. One of us.
  11. ♛ Elfs Raid ♛

    Zoinks. Nicely played.
  12. [Denied] [Actor] gentle baby gallic tries to go green again

    I think he'd do swimmingly. I've seen him every now and again, and his RP manages to impress. Has my full support. +1
  13. Event Team November Update

    Magnificent work! I've honestly been surprised myself with the quality and magnitude of events as of recent. I makes me all the more excited to see what Atlas will have in store. Keep on trucking.
  14. [Denied]I want to do modreqs.

    RP is RP. I wouldn't be commenting on this post if I didn't fear it would hamper my experience on the server on more than just an in-character level. And yeah, spiteful wasn't the best word of choice on my part. I apologize for that. Nevertheless, your actions in RP still make...well, very little sense I find. At least, from the encounters I've had with you, alongside a couple that I've heard. Plotting revenge and killing characters for the loosest-implausible reasons, calling in allies seemingly from thin-air- many of whom I thought could only get along in the Twilight Zone, destroying property without adhering to the appropriate guidelines, even vandalizing the house of a player who you had absolutely no RP reason to do so. And it was a GM at that. I genuinely believe you possess many of the qualities that make a good GM. I hate being "that guy", but as of present I fear it would negatively impact me and others I RP with on a broader scale. Sorry for the rant. If you have any specific questions, just shoot me a PM.
  15. [Druidism] [TA] ThatGuy_777

    MC Name: ThatGuy_777 Character's Name: Guyden Aureon Character's Age: 122 Character's Race: Wood Elf Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Communion & Control Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Nature’s Communion The building block through which all feats of Druidism are conceived, Communion is the act of hearing the voices of nature, flora and fauna alike. Through this art, Druids can learn to communicate with them. Coming to understand the voices, be they expressing a certain craving or experiencing some form of plight. One can even become capable of conversing constantly, given they’ve had so much time to grow. However, upon attunement, these voices overwhelm the Druid. Utterly incomprehensible. It’s only through the rigorous training and preparation of the mind that one is able to effectively utilize their gifts. Nature’s Control Much hand-in-hand with Nature’s Communion, Nature’s Control is the practice of beseeching nature to assist the Druid. It might be for the purpose of defending a forest or aiding them personally, but so long as the request does not pervert the flora or fauna (i.e. no killer attack bunnies, hawks purposefully crashing into trees for chuckles, etc.), nearly any request can be fulfilled if the Druid is capable enough. Calling out to overhanging vines to ensnare foes, convincing roots to arise and seal off a passageway, imploring a bear to barrel down on their adversaries. Those are but a few simple examples. It's also through this method that flora can be regrown at an accelerated rate, or gifted a healthier state of being. Of course, total control is impossible, and as such even the eldest of Druids may experience difficulty in some circumstances. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Amidst the tranquil ambiance of the ancient woods, the pair stood. Atop a lone formation of boulders the duo overlooked the canopy. Birds flitting to and fro, marsupials scurrying through the distant underbrush. “...How have the voices been since your attunement, llir?” Inquires Guyden to his fair-skinned colleague. At first, she remains motionless. Absentmindedly staring off towards the horizon. Then, nigh spontaneously, she snaps to attention. “Though they no longer pound incessantly, I’m still not accustomed to it.” “Give it time. You shall learn to be.” Extending his arms towards the openness that surrounded them, he went on. “Now, close your eyes...tell me what you hear?” “I mean, everything just sounds muffled. I’m too far away-” “Close your eyes.” Obliging, the young companion shuts her eyes. Seeing only darkness. “Okay.” “Breath. In through the nose...out through the mouth. Speak not a word and follow my instruction.” Seconds turn to minutes, both bodies standing their in idle silence. Guyden observing his pupil attentively, his orbs refusing to blink. “...” “...Drown out all other sound from thy mind. Concentrate solely on what lies beneath your feet.” Removing his staff, he lets the end fall with a thud against the rock. But Guyden’s words barely reached her as most senses strayed from her mind. Pushed to the background as they blindly studied the ground. “Listen...what do you hear llir?” Further silence...nothing happening. Until their once-blue eyes shoot open, radiating a new mossy green hue. Peering at a small crevice in the rock, she’d recognize a presence. A skittering becoming faintly audible to them both. “There...try to inquire it to surface. Don’t attempt to force anything, rather persuade it that you are of no harm.” “Yes.” Finally replied the pupil, eyes reverting to their previous blue hue as they still stared. Expression growing stern...and concerned? A series of disjointed, ravenous thoughts concerning sustenance invading her mind as she reassured the creature. An uncomfortable feeling creeping over her. But as the eight-legged critter peeks out from the crack, the source of such sentiment would become apparent. The large hairy arachnid curious as to whom loitered just outside its alcove. “Ayla. You handled that elegantly...many would have passed out. All of your practice has certainly paid off.” Breaking the connection immediately, she relinquishes a distressed huff. Panting heavily with a dazed look in her eyes. The spider retreating back inside its lair. “Pace yourself friend.” He plants a firm hand on her shoulder, shaking lightly to get her attention. “Adont’ahern! Rest for now. You’ll need your strength for the morrow.” “Why couldn’t it have been a turtle? Or a rat? Or a worm? Or a…” Muttering to herself for a time, she would inevitably calm down. Appearing just a wee bit aggravated. “Of all things, why did the first creature I have to commune with be a spider?” “...Bad luck I guess? There are plenty of other critters dwelling down there, but that spider is the only one.” He shrugs his shoulders, appearing vaguely guilty. He then gestures towards the cliff-face. “Now then, over here.” Venturing with Guyden groggily, she was led to the edge of the rugged spire. Covered in a blanket of lush vines, mosses, and lichens. “...You better not be implying that I-” “Oh, nonono. Again, you need to rest first. But I just wanted to give you a sneak-peek at the challenge you’ll have to scale in the coming months. If you wish to steel yourself independently, I’d suggest imploring flora from time to time. But we’ll cover that more in-depth tomorrow.” Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: None. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Indubitably. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Not applicable.