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  1. Amen. Just like convergent evolution, or in-game instances of the dead being raised with methods that are entirely unrelated to each other, different instances of lycanthropy are allowed to exist. And trying to shoehorn a concept with another based on only skin-deep similarities is a surefire way to start a dumpster fire. (I’m completely content with Ferals being the occasional curveball in events that specifically pertain to Morea) This take on lycanthropy really appeals to me, since the gap between big bad Strigae and big (kinda-sorta-maybe if you defile those woods over yonder) bad Ferals
  2. Glad to see more entities that are less ALL-MIGHTY is scope. It offers some exquisite potential for future events (if any of the ST decide to pull from it) without the caveat of getting too big too fast. I’m also glad to see the four Aenguls mentioned since I doubt a lot of people recall their identities before becoming weapons. That said, would you say all of Perpertiael’s followers were slaughtered then and there, or do you think there’s room to elaborate on those that got away/weren’t present? Maybe a patron plots to return their master’s mantle by finding Urguan’s Hammer and shattering it?
  3. While I’m usually all for exposition myself- this take on Dresdrasil doesn’t sit well for me either. Although it clashes with established hostilities between the Dresdrasil and Nemiisae in my earlier Mani submission, that’s relatively easy to fix. No, my main qualms lie more in the disparity between this version of Dresdrasil and her original lore. One should think that similar to the destroyer of Athera, Feldamfir, she should be a mortal force of monumental proportions, but without her original Aenguldaemonic traits. By taking on a physical form, Dresdrasil became something else, l
  4. Far far away, laying on the milky branch of a boisterous tree, a sunburnt Mali’ame plays a primitive lyre. Strumming along with the songs on the breeze, birds chirping and crying with vibrant glee. Alas, a sharp CAW silences the canopy. Infectious vigor coerced to be still as the corvid nests atop the elf’s head, his wild hair acting as an impromptu nest. “Karin’ayla, metta’ii.” He remarks, allowing his feathered friend a well-deserved rest. Time passes. As doves impatiently tap their feet and budgies start to tweet, the ‘ame relinquishes a decade-old sigh. “A dead horse never dies it seems. A
  5. Ciao, I guess. Take care and safe travels.
  6. If only for the frog puns that will come out of this- +1 Surely it will be a ribbiting experience. That aside, really well done post.
  7. Amen times ten. I completely condone physically beating them with the report.
  8. I do done diddly declare ‘dat ‘dis does get my +1 seal of approval. Let there be- at least a moderate amount- of effort required once more!
  9. The luckiest bean in all the west.
  10. Lordy o lordy, you ain’t kiddin’. Grinds my gears something fierce.
  11. >Submits Mani Post

    >Spoilers on said Mani post decide it was high time to go on holiday

    >Attempts to comment on said Mani Lore Submission
    >Comments are immediately classified as edits and added onto the bottom of the post.

    ...Just gonna be one of those days.

  12. Greater Mani Gûlgarmadh, Prince of Scorpions and Arachnids (Created by fooyee). “Mi peep latz bruddaz retern frum thaer votar. Dubty...nub, futhty! The waghoff haz thaer luzk rayzed in viktoree, letting owt a waghcri akrozz the zand zea. Latz bruddaz drag h’azh flat zkaddernackz whif menee howlurz agh jabbernackz. Azh iz a bub’hozh muhther, the zize of the Muun...o how they zelibrayt...But the muunlite zpellz thaer duum. The grownd iz burzt open, the zand arownd them fallz. ZLAM- all futhty agh thaer beazteez behind barz of bone. Zta
  13. Need a couple of people who can give me feedback about whether references to Aeldin in the lore I’m working on will fly with the larger player-base, any volunteers? They’re vague, but with the overall lack of accepted lore on Aeldin that isn’t character-interpreted...I’m not gonna tempt fate.

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  14. “The longer I dwell on the past the less inclined I am to care about it.” Grumbles a green-robed Mali’ame “But this? May the earth swallow it to never be seen again.”
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