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  1. If you introduce a sufficient alternative, sure I guess. If this could help prevent meta in in-combat situations, all the better. But for out of combat purposes, I would very much like the ease of arranging things. Back in the day, when I sent birds I would usually RP that part, wait thirty minutes, maybe an hour (usually relevant to where they were if I knew as much OOCly), and would THEN send the letter. I'm not sure on the logistics of delaying replies that fall under notes/birds, but if something like that could be introduced, there's one issue solved. I have to agree that EVERYONE possessing super reliable carrier birds isn't ideal, but also, it is a game. And the enjoyment of the player supersedes immersion in most cases. If a solid solution is available, and unlikely to cause too many issues, then go for it.
  2. A druid ruminates on the past atop a lonely stone outcrop, situated in the middle of a pristine pool. "...I wonder what the bronze one is up to these days? Still up to his old antics, no doubt." With a sigh, the elf stares at his own reflection "Blood, carnage. His commitment is admirable. Few have the stomach for it." He traces some old scars, faded and nearly reduced to memory. "Perhaps one day we shall settle old scores, but until then, stand fast and remain vigilant, Brother Leatherback."
  3. Pardon my lateness, but- eyyyy Toffee! It's great to see you again. I hope everything's well on your end.
  4. Still reading, gonna pick up in the morning, but so far it looks good. Regardless, I'm definitely on board with the premise at the very least.
  5. Rising from the dead to let you know you're the coolest cat around. Also- how's LoTC life been treating ya?
  6. Amen. Just like convergent evolution, or in-game instances of the dead being raised with methods that are entirely unrelated to each other, different instances of lycanthropy are allowed to exist. And trying to shoehorn a concept with another based on only skin-deep similarities is a surefire way to start a dumpster fire. (I’m completely content with Ferals being the occasional curveball in events that specifically pertain to Morea) This take on lycanthropy really appeals to me, since the gap between big bad Strigae and big (kinda-sorta-maybe if you defile those woods over yonder) bad Ferals had irked me even before they were approved. Call me petty, call me basic, but I’m a shameless fan of stereotypical fantasy monsters when they’re executed right. And this lore manages to check all of those boxes. My only question is if the Lyre ritual has a capped limit on how many times it can be performed? If only to ensure that players don’t just ignore the ramifications of eventual insanity like sticks in the mud. All in all, big ol’ +1 from me.
  7. Glad to see more entities that are less ALL-MIGHTY is scope. It offers some exquisite potential for future events (if any of the ST decide to pull from it) without the caveat of getting too big too fast. I’m also glad to see the four Aenguls mentioned since I doubt a lot of people recall their identities before becoming weapons. That said, would you say all of Perpertiael’s followers were slaughtered then and there, or do you think there’s room to elaborate on those that got away/weren’t present? Maybe a patron plots to return their master’s mantle by finding Urguan’s Hammer and shattering it? Effectively freeing the Aengul and yada yada yada- that kind of thing. All in all, I definitely give this lore a +1
  8. While I’m usually all for exposition myself- this take on Dresdrasil doesn’t sit well for me either. Although it clashes with established hostilities between the Dresdrasil and Nemiisae in my earlier Mani submission, that’s relatively easy to fix. No, my main qualms lie more in the disparity between this version of Dresdrasil and her original lore. One should think that similar to the destroyer of Athera, Feldamfir, she should be a mortal force of monumental proportions, but without her original Aenguldaemonic traits. By taking on a physical form, Dresdrasil became something else, lending to the mystery surrounding her capabilities and devices. Her place in the lore scratches a Lovecraftian itch that Voidal abominations just don’t quite cater too frankly. The version of Dresdrasil presented here falls kind of flat. Not only is it a bad case of deja vu (the underlying theme of dreams is reminiscent of Lyes), but as Dingo mentioned, it really humanizes the former Daemon of Abundance in a way that better suits a patron. Why can’t one of her offspring be the head honcho of this realm and following instead? Given Metzli’s interest in having a race of mortals of her own, I could certainly see the Daemon establishing something with Dresdrasil prior to her transformation, and it does sound like interesting idea to pursue. However, in regard to the Aspects, I don’t think she should be responsible for filling the seas with life as a whole. Might as well go throw all the sea-based Mani in the trash then. Why not just have her give birth to all the wild and freaky things that don’t inhabit our real-world oceans? There could be just as many LoTC specific sea creatures as irl ones, if not more, so why risk stepping on existing lore for the Aspects at all? Pardon my bluntness, but as it stands, I’m simply not a fan. -1
  9. Far far away, laying on the milky branch of a boisterous tree, a sunburnt Mali’ame plays a primitive lyre. Strumming along with the songs on the breeze, birds chirping and crying with vibrant glee. Alas, a sharp CAW silences the canopy. Infectious vigor coerced to be still as the corvid nests atop the elf’s head, his wild hair acting as an impromptu nest. “Karin’ayla, metta’ii.” He remarks, allowing his feathered friend a well-deserved rest. Time passes. As doves impatiently tap their feet and budgies start to tweet, the ‘ame relinquishes a decade-old sigh. “A dead horse never dies it seems. Alliman...welp. Here’s to hoping this time’s the charm!”
  10. ThatGuy_777


    Ciao, I guess. Take care and safe travels.
  11. If only for the frog puns that will come out of this- +1 Surely it will be a ribbiting experience. That aside, really well done post.
  12. Amen times ten. I completely condone physically beating them with the report.
  13. I do done diddly declare ‘dat ‘dis does get my +1 seal of approval. Let there be- at least a moderate amount- of effort required once more!
  14. The luckiest bean in all the west.
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