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  1. [ET] [Actor] Eternal's Actor App

    Despite our rather limited exposure, from when we have interacted I believe she would be a swell individual to throw a chance on the team too. A really friendly and committed person. +1
  2. remove staff from being involved in roleplay alliances

    Eh, don't knock it 'til you try it.
  3. The loss of rescue raids

    Just gonna parrot a lot of the other folk on this thread in that I think the vagueness of the rules is just a catalyst for trouble. Please, elaboration would be electrifying (and taking away the option for counter-raiding altogether really does just break immersion from a RP standpoint - even if it might only be PvP orientated in the end).
  4. Poll: Bring nexus back

    Farewell friend of Malinor - hope you survive boot camp.
  5. [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    Tah' be praised. This lifts an ever lurking thought off my conscious. +1
  6. Paragons of Purity

    I think it's charming. It avoids the endgame trap, and I for one have desperately craving a greater diversity in the holy genres as of recent. Gets a big ol' +1 from me.
  7. [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] A_Keefy

    But nah, get this humble dude on the team. He'd do superbly. Great person and great RP'er. +1
  8. A wholesome Islander who I'd love to hear attempt showing off his pidgin sometime! But yeah, Cal's a goodhearted guy. +1
  9. It's more to do with the nature constituting that season. Aka, predators visciously struggling to scour prey to ensure their preservation against the cold, death/deathly slumber en mass to flora and fauna alike, and just generally bitter months that display the coldness of the cycle.
  10. Awaken, My Champions

    As the Willow Druid scanned over one of the pieces of literature with evident unease, he'd scowl. "Where o' where to track...how to track one of olde?"
  11. Veist's Lore Team Application

    Continuing to powergame your character as a treelord without an accepted app.
  12. [3rd Gen] Voidal Horrors

    Silliness aside, I always feel like I've run a mile when I read your lore Zarsies. Fantastic. Gets a good ol' +1 from me.
  13. Veist's Lore Team Application

    Due to a number of more recent, rather blatant disregards to lore that consequently resulted in much powergaming, I'll have to give a solid -1. Sorry, but I can't feel confident in their ability.
  14. A Cycle of Rebirth

    This is marvelous Glad! Glad to see some more world lore - especially in regard to existing religions. Definitely top-notch.