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  1. ThatGuy_777

    A Scholar's Guide to the Vaeyl Order

    The Willow Druid scans the book with clear interest. Idly, he peers back at the looming ivory plateau just in the distance. "Curious. Very curious..." A stout dark elf reads the article with revelation written on his face, plated digits combing his beard as his crystalline companion nuzzled against him. "Guess t'at explains 'y t'e one fellow got so uppity 'bout my greetings."
  2. ThatGuy_777

    Name Timer

    It only incentivizes players to stay offline longer and not RP while they're waiting for it to reset. There is no disadvantage to at least shortening it. +1
  3. ThatGuy_777

    The iMattyz question

    Who will be my history buddy if not Matt? Anyway, I definitely agree that the punishment was unwarranted given the circumstance, even when taking past behavior into account given the fact he'd already been banned/condemned for those appropriately. I wouldn't be surprised if people took Matt to be a cesspool of toxicity at face-value, but he's actually a really swell guy once you get to know him. He's a passionate player who does a whole lot for the server, sometimes too passionate admittedly. Yet when clearly notorious repeat offenders who don't really care about RP get off time and time again with a three-week, maybe a month long ban, it just...seems so biased. All in all, somebody really shouldn't get banned just for being outspoken. It's silly and we're going to end up with half of the playerbase banned at such a rate.
  4. ThatGuy_777

    Enough is Enough.

    I hear mention of staff members interrupting serious RP with memey ERP-police shenanigans. Some GMs ignore most tells of aggression be they in the form of goading, swearing or racial insults, then we have others who severely punish the most slight of remarks. The barest boned insult be they weeks old or in a private setting. I could nitpick for days. Whether my personal frustrations over attempts to act on the defensive during a raid being repeatedly thrown down the chute due to the fact that the 10 or so raiders who go straight to PvP even when I'm prepared to RP'ly deal with them, or the matter of GMs who just give a shrug and close a modreq without further instruction. Basically though, my sentiment is also in agreement with Leo. Staff procedure needs an overhaul, especially GM and Admin conduct. It makes me incredibly sad to see the server in the current state it finds itself.
  5. ThatGuy_777

    [Pending]Wretched's Lore Master Application

    My MVP. +1
  6. ThatGuy_777

    The Grand Finale

    Beneath the stalwart gaze of a towering ivory tree, the meditating mali'ame allows his head to loll. Contemplation visible by his very expression as he listened to nature's voices. "I wonder if Varen will ever stir things up around here again? His presence always was a breath of fresh air from the usual crowd of blasphemers." "Do you think...we could get along? Despite trouble he has caused...he never did harm my brethren...in...Lanendra? ...Lindria was it?" Inquires a deep, echoing thrum with a sway of its golden branched crown. Mourning doves cooing amidst the confines. "Linandria, though I'm amazed you can remember that much at all." He'd reply with a glance over his shoulder. Jade irises meeting a pair of amber orbs. "Golem incidents aside, I believe it would still be in thy best interest to avoid him. He never was one for establishing himself in pleasant crowds. It's better to just wish that wherever he might be, that he's not suffering. That he knows clarity, maybe even contentment. After all, even those pressed the hardest down a path of damnation need but weather the storm ahead and seize upon opportunities of redemption as they're presented." "...I understand." Bellows the voice, a gale like the winds of Autumn combing through canopy leaves. They resume idly listening. Silence enveloping them as the wilds they did heed.
  7. ThatGuy_777

    Drop the beat

    My taste in music is all over the place, but you can decide for yourself. Yeah, I'll just stop there. Hahahahaha.
  8. ThatGuy_777

    The Coming of the Fallen Host

    "Why can't it ever be hugs and happiness that come instead of darkness and death?" Remarks the robed Mali, preparing for times ahead.
  9. ThatGuy_777

    [Rewrite] Kuila

    Good stuff. More flavor is always a welcome thing.
  10. ThatGuy_777

    Joined Recently

    Welcome bearded friend of Malinor. Hope you enjoy yourself here! Let me know if you need help with anything.
  11. ThatGuy_777

    Applying Process Feedback

    I certainly miss the standard set by applications of yore (back on Axios), but I did always think they were a little excessive. Flash forward to the present however, and things are way too lenient in my opinion. I believe an application format similar to the last one relieved of a degree of daunting aspects would be ideal. Maybe instead of a few paragraph biography along with a separate rundown of their ambitions, personality, strengths, weaknesses, and appearance, the requirements could be a one or two paragraph biography, as well as a small section dedicated to their personality and strengths/weaknesses. The appearance section always seemed a little redundant given that any visual details not too apparent in the screenshot of the skin would likely just end up in the biography. That's just a suggestion I came up with spontaneously though. There's always room for changes.
  12. ThatGuy_777

    The Fall Of Laklul

  13. Bring her BACK! +1
  14. ThatGuy_777

    Misuse of freebuild (again) - And an easy solution

    I tend to do traversal exploring pretty actively, and I've never really seen an "unfinished" fort in memory. Even in cases where one day there isn't anything at all there, and next thing you know it just pops up like an undead risen from its grave. A number of the ones I've seen have been "built upon" in general size and construction, but none that I recall have actually been an incomplete package. A fully usable fortress erected in the span of a day or two shouldn't really be a thing. That's something you'd more expect from a campsite.