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  1. ThatGuy_777


    It’s a shame we never got to interact much after I left the orcs. Always loved the hell out of your RP. Probably one of the things I enjoyed most while I was still a part of Krugmar. Hope to see you return next map if things start looking up. ’Til then though, take care and keep rocking! Hope you get to do plenty with your life while away from LoTC.
  2. ThatGuy_777

    A Strange Character Request

  3. ThatGuy_777

    Come Sail Away

    Guyden ponders what happened to the days of officials calmly making statements and constructively discussing things, instead of partaking in shady habits. He then second guesses himself and reflects on past experience with political figures. Shivering with dread. “...Bah, and they say Druidism drives you bonkers.” Thus, he continues his fervent renovations to the Sparrow Grove. The sound of the pickax echoing throughout the cavern.
  4. ThatGuy_777

    Kingsmoot of 1689

    Guyden Aureon shows the beginnings of a scowl as he stepped forward. The bells on the head of his gnarled staff ringing harmoniously with each thud against the spotless floor. Dragonflies dart around the Mali’ame as he gave pause, thrusting out a dusty, nastily scarred hand. “None would I rather see rule over this nation of Malin’s than Awaiti. El’taliyna laureh showed herself to be a capable leader through the whole of her former reign. Those were tumultuous years that saw to our people’s migration from the sacred homeland...yet somehow manage to remain among my fondest memories. I know of many who share these sentiments.” He explains neatly before waving his staff with earnest. Prompting a flurry of bells. “Aureon stands proudly behind Awaiti!” A last resounding thud echoes as his staff comes to heel. The Mali returning to his place with an expression of utmost content.
  5. ThatGuy_777

    Malin and his Quest to get a Nut

    The wiki is POSITIVELY notorious for being dated, biased, and being home to nothing but the purest hogwash. Heck, it references the firstborn of Horen marrying a daughter of Malin’s he never had – nor would it make sense for her to be leading some dinky tribe continents away from Malin’s actual kingdom. I know the LT promised to be updating it and migrating all our lore over there, but you should stick to the forums until they get around to it. As for details about Malin’ s disappearance...that can and should be left up to interpretation I wager. It could very well be that after so many millennium alive, he went senile and just wandered off into the wilderness never to be seen again. Irrin Sirame actually did the same thing later down the line, but actually returned briefly to avenge Taynei’hiylu by taking the life of Garthon the Tyrant. Maybe the loss of Veluluai and the Dark Elves combined with all the hardships of his long reign led him to decide he should find inner peace on his lonesome? Maybe Krug tracked down Malin predator style and abducted him to someplace where he could hunt him for the rest of his days? Who knows really, that’s the fun of it. Leaves it open for possible future events where Malin makes his return – you never know. Granted, I do care and would LOVE to see more Malin related events after the events back on Malin’s Isle railroaded into Aenguldaemon mumbojumbo, but getting all stirred up about it doesn’t help it come to fruition faster. As for the whole dealio with language, I just presume that Malin was the first to really decide the name of things, which makes Elven a likely candidate for the first ever language. If not, then one of the first. Which fits Elven overall given that its original conception is inclined to be used orally, which doesn’t translate all that well to pen and paper. This is mind, of course folk won’t feel too inclined to use it as often or even remotely close to as they use Common (unless you’re a certain Mali’ame Archdruidess who really gets her share out of leg day). If people were using OLDE old english in modern times, you’d probably think they were gnawing on a cob of corn. I’d recommend just sticking with Leo’s extensive timelines and other posts pertaining to times when Malin was a proper force at play, as well as Delmodan’s mentions of Malin in her post about the origins of Druidism. Between them, they cover plenty of his deeds I feel. On the matter of information pertaining to the Four Brothers though, I absolutely think there should be more. Particularly that’s relevant to Horen and Urguan, given that both Malin and Krug at least have timelines where they’re featured prominently. The last Runesmithing rewrite that got posted however long ago featuring its origination was probably one of the only times I’ve ever seen Urguan properly mentioned and given “character.” That made me ecstatic. The only thing I’ve found not shelved on the forums to feature Horen in it (besides posts that revolve around the Four Brothers facing off against Iblees) was actually the timeline about the origins of the Orcish nation – and it doesn’t even feature him in his glory days.
  6. ThatGuy_777

    Panda people

    Don’t panda people pop up in streamline culture enough already? We already have Hou-zi to fulfill that jungle niche, and heck it would just seem like a rip of Pandaren. Chances are as likely as s race of bi-pedal polar bears with a Roman Empire-aestheticized architecture and a culture centered around the worship of constellations. Empire borders on the verge of total collapse, an epidemic topped by recently being landlocked due to enclosing glaciers has forced them to venture beyond their frigid domains – yada yada yada. It isn’t all too hard to brainstorm new race ideas, but they need to really offer a uniquely distinct experience that most other races wouldn’t offer.
  7. ThatGuy_777

    [Accepted] [Pending] booboo the fool, born yesterday

    Rad lad. Can’t think of a position he wouldn’t excel in, so throw him in coach! +1
  8. ThatGuy_777

    Cease and Desist

    “Still one to lace their words with irony...Ha.” Spoke the Willow Druid under the light of a candle, sat at a desk in the more humid confines of the Sparrow Grove. There he listened to the songs of crickets and choir of frogs to ease his tension. The crack of his neck resounds down the winding tunnels, startling the once-yellow bird of paradise he was currently cleaning of ash. “Ah, apologies Yellow.” However, the bird returns this favor in spades when he blares into the elf’s ear. To which he can only give a sheepish smile and sigh. “I’m uncertain as to what kind of sorcery compels this doppelganger Toren, nor do I wish to see elven bloodshed over the words of a damned dead man. Karnath knows how similar circumstance last developed... blasphemous madness all of it. Gives me conniptions.”
  9. ThatGuy_777

    [Idea] Moving Structures

    Whoever manages to implement this wins my love.
  10. ThatGuy_777

    [Pending]TheDragonsRoost's Lore Moderator Application

    Drop it and just let your knowledge & experience amass over the coming half-a-dozen months. If you truly feel confident then, no harm in trying again. As it stands though, it just seems like a whole lotta nope. -1
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    Au Revoir

    Fare thee well friendo. Do enjoy your time away.
  13. I mean you aren’t coming back to life since you’re still dead. It’s not like the soulbound are going to drain lifeforce from the natural world like foreign parasites, whereas unless your ghost, undead, or whathaveyou go on a strict descendent diet, that’s going to be hard to avoid. You aren’t participating in a ghostly cycle of life. You are using a means that all the other Fae Creatures already do to enter only as an observer of the natural order without the means of causing a direct impact to the balance. If you have no physical body that can interact with the natural world, and for all intensive purposes are still “dead,” why would any of the Aspects care? When something becomes commonplace its majesty wears away. These are supposed to be devout elder Druids who perished serving the Aspects, it’s only right if they are a rarity. Mayhaps it isn’t really needed, but by that logic what magical creature or practice is even needed? They serve as catalysts for the fantastical in a fantasy setting.
  14. ThatGuy_777

    [Accepted] [Trial][W] Caranthir_'s Game Moderator Application

    Looooong time since we last RP’ed, but he’s always seemed sane despite being on LoTC. Has a good attitude. +1