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  1. ThatGuy_777

    World Lore -- Arcas Tectonic Plates

    As a lover of both Geography and Worldbuilding, I can definitely get behind this sort of thing. Then again, the unique circumstance of the Mortal Realm does leave room for a lot of questions, given the fact that it’s a flat disc... As well as the nature of its core being a literal Hellpit. Makes me hope for an in-depth lore dive into the natural phenomena of Aos sometime into the future. Heck, if we’re going to don our brainstorming helmets, then wind currents are an even more ridiculous question. Food for thought. +1
  2. ThatGuy_777

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Okay, so the previous 5-hours I spent elaborating on these items (particularly the seed) ended up disappearing because the webpage croaked on itself, but the editor only kept memory of the previous item listing I posted some weeks back (reason I couldn’t copy it before it happened was due to how much everything was freezing up). Therefore, any background information or details regarding the monitoring of Meldamiriel I implore you to just ask toward the Druid LT cause I will jump out a window before I have to sacrifice another 5 hours of my time when College classes are practically tail ending me into oblivion. Secondly, if I don’t have the necessary storage space in my Enderchest for ThatGuy_777, please relocate them to my alt’s Enderchest, ThatMagi_777. Or if that’s not acceptable, feel free to toss the two potions to make room.
  3. ThatGuy_777

    Bluee's post-surgery AMA

    Any favorite event you’ve done? What about a favorite event premise that you’ve yet had the resources to spring into fruition? Favorite character you have ever RP’ed or had the chance to RP with? Pie or cake? How ya doin’, man?
  4. ThatGuy_777

    LotC Valentine's Day Cards (Terrible Puns)

    Lordy lordy, can’t deny I need a Guyden Valentine in my life.
  5. ThatGuy_777

    What is your favorite thing about LOTC?

    A community that is both devoted and insanely talented. Regardless of when that passion makes a mess of things, I’ll always find it enduring. Especially when it pulls through and achieves something great.
  6. ThatGuy_777

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    Keep strong my man.
  7. ThatGuy_777

    The Real Problem with the Community

    Elves will be called filfthy ERP'ers. Orcs will be called spastic PVP'ers. Human royals will get compared to Mary Sue's, and Dwarves will have their lack of women poked at. I haven't known a day where that isn't the case. Sticks and stones my dude. If it's random nonsense spouted in a Discord server that won't affect you in game, why care? So the orcs who've built a reputation of spitting on the rules get punished frequently, what of it? I'll bet you all of my mina that there's a fair share of elves & humans currently banned for "indecent behavior." But they're more likely to be randos/loners. Their RP can easily adapt and be free-flowing, yet orcs always seem constrained. Almost expected to play a part in the major orc playerbase or not exist at all. Of course its players are going to be a part of the same community, even the less admirable ones. The tile hullabaloo is still a bunch of rubbish, and the orcs definitely deserve a new one, but... like other than that, why fight the staff over it? Why fight the poor sod who's up at three in the morning listening to human, elf, dwarf, & orc babies alike whinin' their woes 'til the staff member's eyes crust over and they couldn't care if all of them dropped out cold then and there? Vulgarities flung one way will just get flung back twice as hard. That tends to be how all the wretched Discords treat insults. A textual boombox of hate with enough toxins to refill Padora's Box. But at the end of the day, it's literally just a bunch of peeps being dumb together, and in the good kind of way. No need to keep a stick jammed between the cheeks over a Minecraft server. We're all just here to have fun, talk with friends, and escape from mortifying reality. Anywho- cheers!
  8. ThatGuy_777

    [Complete]Old Man's Giveaway/Trade

    Behind an intimidating, steel plated shell, one reader’s jade eyes widen inside their helm. The recent Cloud Temple visitor bounding in the direction of the delivery box all too hastily, their armor rattling somethin’ fierce. Name ((and Username)): Elvira Aureon (ThatMagi_777) Giveaway Item #1: Nora’s Sword Giveaway Item #2: Orgadhad Stone Giveaway Item #3: Bellower
  9. ThatGuy_777

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Forgive me for the incoming heap of items. ...And also these. Storage space is a dastardly foe.
  10. ThatGuy_777

    What Pokemon would your character have?

    Guyden’s spirit pokemon in a nutshell: Torterra, Trevenant, Bouffalant, Kangaskhan, Altaria, & Delibird.
  11. ThatGuy_777

    LotC Cards Against Humanity

    Black: "Tarnation! There go ___ and ___ ___ in the fountain again." "Don't do ___ unless you want the Skygods to ___." "Bah, why t'e 'ell are you ___ gettin' ___ all ovah my bea'tiful beard!" "The balance of ___ and ___ governs all of the natural world." "AVE ___!" "After the newbies had a taste of ___, they we're never the same again." "Lost my ___ while ___, think I can get a new one?" Millennium a go, I ___. Yet now, I can only ___." "When did folk start chantin' ___?" "The prosperous Hou-zi Empire came to an end when they turned on each other for ___." "Go go gadget ___" "According to the will of GOD, all ___ must be slain." "After the ___ accident, I had to replace my **** with a ___." "Little did they know that the elven child was secretly ___." "Only when the stars align and ___ will the portal open." "The mages just completed their latest invention: ___." "Despite building ___ to endure anything, all it took was a single ___ to make things go to ****." "Recent studies in Curon show an increase in wild ___ attacks." "So Gazardiel was also behind ___." "Can't even go for a midday stroll without running into ___." "___? They're all pansies." "Unlike his fellow Ugz, the orc's only desire was to ___." "An orc without ___ has no purpose." "Urguan was the only Brother to ever ___." "Some say Malin died to ___, others say he wanders ___ aimlessly, time will tell." "Krug also went by the nickname: ___." "The offspring of Horen: ___, ___, and ___, would shape the Mankind as we know it." "She is beauty, she is grace, she ___ all over you face." "Even death is better than ___." "If you jump off that cliff, the moderators will have to ___!" "Aha, fooled by ___ again. Curses!" "Ah ___, my one true love..." "Some say a Sirame's buns are harder than ___." "Guyden chose to spend his final moments ___ while also ___."
  12. ThatGuy_777

    ❇ The First Great Gladewynni Build Off ❇

    IGN: ThatGuy_777 Your name: Guyden Aureon Your place of residence: Sparrow Grove Chosen Mani for Statue: Wil’wun, Mani of Cranes
  13. ThatGuy_777

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    ThatGuy_777 The Hero's Breath sounds like a right jolly time. If that could be managed? Cheers down undah!
  14. ThatGuy_777

    The World Timeline [ET Story]

    Don’t take my opinions to heart though. You certainly have plenty of fire to resist such.