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  1. I miss your strong jawline xoxo

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    2. Thork Halblood

      Thork Halblood

      Pretty decent, just werkin' makin sum dolla mate. What you do to keep yourself sane with the hectic-ness of life? :*

    3. Trebuchery


      Keeping myself sane? If the consistency of my assignments is any indicator I've already gone insane man.

    4. Thork Halblood

      Thork Halblood

      I feel you, luckily I didn't go Uni so I haven't had anything that bad.

  2. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Ravens Guard

    *begins writing a note to attach to the bottom of one of the posters. The note reads - "These drawings are so amazing. Whoever drew them must be a handsome fellow and the mightiest of all warriors. But in all seriousness, we did well creating this my broder. - Jakkar Ragnarsson Audrek"* ((MMMM, #finethread))
  3. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    *Upon seeing the letter Thork sits on the floor, pulling out a quill, ink and a scrap of paper and begins writing a message* It would be wise to not insult us, stranger however I, Hand of the Black Hand am willing to meet with you, should you actually offer anything worth my time. I am a reasonable man who keeps to his word, I expect the same of those I meet with in good faith. Do not waste this opportunity as many would kill for it. *marks down a location for which a bird should be sent to* - TH, Hand of the Black Hand. ((PM me on the forums to arrange the details - Thork))
  4. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    *a bird lands next to Jarold, his letter of acceptance returned to him in pristine condition however a black hand of approval has been stamped across it. A single name 'Mithius' has been written in red ink within the hand.* ((Accepted, message Jonhan2 in game or PM him on the forums))
  5. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    *Thork writes a letter of acceptance and gives it to a trusted member to send* ((Accepted, jonhan2 will be handling your induction. Welcome to the Hand))
  6. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    *Thork places the letter of application into a drawer so that he may think it over* ((PENDING application. Get an ACCEPTED VA and reapply/pm me and i'll see about getting you an IG meeting.)) *Thork begins writing a letter of acceptance to be sent off upon it's completion* ((ACCEPTED. Welcome home, Silent))
  7. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    *Thork reads the letter, grinning at the mans dedication. After finishing the letter, Thork writes a letter of acceptance and sends it off* ((Welcome to the Hand, Vestion))
  8. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    *Tosses the application in the bin whilst saying "Better luck next time.."* ((Denied. You MAY reapply once you have an accepted VA. Good Luck!))
  9. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    *Thorks sends a letter of acceptance to Nessa* ((Accepted, Welcome to the Hand dadmat2))
  10. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    ((Accepted. Welcome to the Hand))
  11. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    *Begins writing a reply "Vestion, you are being CONSIDERED for a position in our ranks. I'll send another letter containing a location of where we shall meet and discuss the possibility of you joining. - Hand of the Black Hand* ((PENDING Application. Ill PM you ingame giving you a location of where to meet me. Throughout the meeting I will be assessing you to see if you will be a good fit for the BH. This is due to your current lack of a VA. Thankyou for applying and i'll be speaking to you soon.))
  12. Thork Halblood

    [Denied]Beast720's Gm Application (Updated To Gm Application)

    Please sir, take all my +1's. Genuinely nice person, helpful and has proved himself to be a hard worker both in and out of character. Did I mention that he deserves all +1's?
  13. Thork Halblood

    [Recruiting] The Black Hand

    *Thork reads the new applicants note and begins writing his letter of acceptance. Upon it's completion, Thork sends out the letter to the applicant.* ((Accepted. Welcome to the Hand, Beast720 (And I swear I've heard of you somewhere before..?)))