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  1. providing quality content starting November 1st

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      Please don’t.


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      R u gnna spawn in pots again

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  2. Holy **** bloodnight got gm? You’re back? Nice to see you around man. I remember you were one of the first people to RP with me back in Anthos with that cult stuff, good times

  3. OOC: Minecraft Username: Bloodnight Timezone: CST How active you can be (semi/always/neither): Why are you interested in joining: Because I stare into the deep darkness and saw a light that can offer me salvation. IC: Name: Adolphus Age: 31 Race: Human Gender: Male Noble or Common Lineage: Noble Experience and Knowledge of Canonist dogma (None/Semi/Fluent): Semi Religious Affiliation (Atheist/Canonist/Xionist): Canonist Willingness to serve for life upon taking oaths of entry into the Order (None/Complete/Semi): Complete
  4. Is handy mumbledee dead yet

  5. dank memeeee

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      What? I don't see any memes.

  6. Yeah, so regardless of what people say to defend this, I am a firm believer that this'll be just another thing for the "niche" players. Books will mostly go to the high elves / ascended / holy groups, especially books that don't make sense going to them. I won't be swayed by whatever good words that anyone put fourth, we've been shown time and time again these types of additions that strictly benefit a small group of players. Let's focus on bringing and flushing out actual lore for actual player groups that legitimately matter like the four races, our dark magic groups that get absolutely zero
  7. All people wishing to still play their Doomforged are encouraged to contact me and share their Skype details if I don

  8. Time enough this got accepted, it doesn't even need to be lore approved because all the aspects of the weapon are already in play on the server. We can easily say that cannons pretty much are a thing in fantasy, so the argument of preserving the "fantasy element" of the server is a useless and hopeless one. Warhammer Fantasy, which is an amazing universe, has cannons as a widely accepted part of war, and does so extremely well. It doesn't conflict with anything that makes the game fantasy, it even improves it seriously in certain regards, it gives the Dwarves and Humans alike a powerful weapo
  9. need a fancy skin done for a golem will tip

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      atlest im not scottish

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