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  1. shit lore but werew0lf has kidnapped my dog and won't return him until I help him break his denial streak. +1
  2. To His Holiness Sixtus V, I write to you to confirm the words of Mother Milena Franziska. Whilst these claims may seem at a glance the fanciful tall tales of a panic-stricken populace of a city under siege by a terrible storm - they are nevertheless true, may GOD bless us. I personally witnessed each of these incidents, save account IV. With only a touch and beckoning of the Lord God, my brother performed the miracles so described. I am willing to personally testify to the true nature of the claims made should inquiries be made as to their validity. As Sworn Before God and Before Peer, Lord Walter Leon Weiss, Viscount of Novkursain, Baron of Zvaervauld and Lord of Staalgrav
  3. It just depends on where you go. In placed like Haense, Vortice or even like Numendil I feel like I can reliably pull up to any group and atleast get a "Hello". I tried that in Celianor for example and promptly got told to get bent. If people are ignoring you, stop trying to give them roleplay. Hell come down around Haense or Numendil and I'll make sure you get rp. Goes for anyone in this thread looking to make a story together. Doors always open on my end.
  4. Lord, now Viscount Walter Weiss should have felt happy. Stanislaw had been returned and he had claimed his position, and yet his eyes gazed to the empty silence of his hall as the servantry scrubbed the blood from their floors. An itch for a far grander battle still raged in his heart. He had a great many things that needed doing. But the thing he wished for most, was to make the necromancer that dared harm his brother pay. He penned a bird to an old friend. He had hoped that perhaps now, the hunt would be on in earnest. One head at a time . . .
  5. 1. Yeah, probably. LotC is loads of fun and I enjoy spending my free time with my friends here. 2. On Felix, definitely when he beat his son in an alleyway. On Walter, his journey to master the Mortal Blade of Jophael. 3. It's not really any one person in particular but anyone that spends time in or with the Weiss group. You're all ******* awesome. 4. It was good overall, I enjoyed the work I did. New moderators may struggle though, it's not very welcoming on the upper leadership side or easy to access if you don't already know people at the top. 5. Great question. My advice would be to just have fun with the roleplay you want to do unapologetically and stick with people that add to your experience rather than subtracting from it.
  6. Honestly I really don't know! It just sounds cool. Unironically I planned to kill Felix Weiss off in my first week and make a "real character" when I was less nooby. Had no idea where I'd end up and I didnt really have a plan haha. 1. Best rp experience is the inferi war, best experience with you is anything that dealt with the owl. I genuinely think hes the best character on the server. 2. Felix will always have a soft spot in my heart as an up and coming illiterate peasant that died a Viscount, but Walter is infinitely more complex as a character, probably because I've had way more time to develop him from five years old to now. 3. Any event that deals with fighting. The Inferi War and Mori events were loads of fun individually even if the Mori stuff got a little rushed in my opinion. 4. It's between you and @Frostdrop1 1. Whatever @Werew0lf is selling these days is whats in my bag.
  7. 1. Still waiting on my unemployment check from itdontmatta. 2. I wouldn't say I have an overall favorite, but rather a favorite in every 'genre' of roleplay. If you put a gun to my head and made me pick, it would definitely be the entire Inferi War in Haense. I had loads of great moments of my character being a military commander and slaying demons. It was like a Warhammer: 40,000 campaign. Loads of fun. 1. Thanks, @WesWesWesWesWes made it! It's officially called "Squidbird". 2. It's not one single song in particular but the entire Witcher: III (and Wildhunt) OST.
  8. I'm doing the meme. Been a Haenser for the overwhelming majority of it. Figured I'd make an AMA for the hell of it.
  9. "Good heavens!" Walter Weiss exclaimed. "Could he be the one to finally bring civilization to the elves?!"
  10. Walter Weiss had just returned home from the meeting where which said missive was written, though he did not rest. He looked to the Blade of Jophael which hung on his hip, and up to the blue banners that lined the walls of his home. He uttered a phrase not to himself, but hoped that GODAN would carry the message to Stanislaw: “Hold fast, brother. We’re going to get you out of there. GOD help anyone that stands in our path. Va ve Maan.”
  11. When people approach me asking, "Is it acceptable to play a racist character", I always tell them "Yes, but be mindful that poor quality roleplay will earn you no friends no matter what your character's flaw is." The universally best way to approach this if you choose this path is to use insults from other videogames and media. Someone brought "greyskins" up from Skyrim. Great example. To new players who might read this, take the following advice: To use dwarves and a common insult used against them as an example: Midget. This- unsurprisingly and understandably, will cause people to become upset because of the real life connotations with that word. Instead, you can get not only creative but funny with it without hurting someones feelings. For example, say your character's in a bar and you're getting rowdy and someone starts a topic about dwarves since we're already using them. If your character really hates dwarves, you can go: "Those damned lumberfooted, rockheaded, copper-polishing, cave-hopping dirt faeries really get under my skin!" and no one in their right mind would get offended at that. Try to keep your roleplay friendly. Look to every situation and ask how you can best add, and not subtract to the experience and you'll be fine.
  12. Lettuce, chicken eggs, and salmon are great alternative sources of Vitamin B to my lactose intolerant friends.

    1. Spoopy_Duck


      I personally eat a whole head of lettuce before bed every night.

    2. Textarea


      I'm afraid of eating fish

  13. this is huge for my fishing guild comrades and lotc at large. well done!
  14. I like pvp because it lets me and my mates get some epic clicks in and have a laugh on the one hand, but yet I do not like pvp sometimes because there's hardly any humor in it and people treat it like everything is on the line when it happens. Often since my arrival to LoTC have I seen groups take to OOC after a loss and claim "they had nothing to do with that", throwing their allies under the bus, screaming at some poor noob that just wanted to have fun, or bickering and screaming overtop of eachother. It just gives me a headache to sit and listen to a VC like that when I'm just trying to have a good time. It's a total slog and creates a toxic environment that is roleplay in name only. Which is mostly why I've stepped away slightly from improving my pvp skills. I find more joy in little bandit encounters and small interactions with players on the regular rather than be belittled by teenagers in a VC that pin their reputation on their ability to click on a model in a children's game. I think overall PvP is a tool, not a solution in and of itself. It works when people want it to. If the people who want PvP strived to make it more fun for the people participating in it, perhaps then more people wouldnt be scared off by it. Tl;dr, I'm a roleplayer at heart, not a PvPer but PvP can be fun if you're doing it with your friends and people who can have fun with it.
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