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  1. "Surely it is a sign from the lord GOD." Felix Weiss nodded. "Their mamej and papej are good canonists who have served the church dutifully in all things." He smiled, and went back to his reliquary to pray.
  2. Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart. It means so much to me to read such kind words from my beloved friends here. I wish I could say I deserve all the praise, but it's you guys that drive me to put my best foot forwards, and I love each and every one of you. :) @tadabug2000And to you, you're truly one of the coolest people I've met. :) 100% deserved. (Seth's tears are brought to you by Zvaervauld Lilac Honey TM)
  3. Whilst I voted yes, making minae is not the problem. I only make money by selling steak, porkchops and iron/gold blocks at my stall for like 0.1 minae and that's only because it's what people need and they won't buy it for a single decimal point more, and by voting and trust me that makes me and my rp family more money than we know what to do with. We only save up minae to pay taxes and paste in shit for our nobility tile. There's nothing to spend it on because everything for sale is trash that shop owners won't even bother to engage in rp to sell it to you. (I ALWAYS buy from actual roleplay sellers, no matter the item, if only to encourage good behaviour and as thanks for giving me roleplay) Making minae is piss easy, if you do genuine rp you WILL make mountains of cash. The problem is finding things to spend it on, which is sweet nothing. There is literally nothing for you to put your money towards unless you're nobility or super generous.
  4. I love reading all of your posts. On the killing mobs and getting loot idea: I would have loved if when I was a pink tag I could stop making the high-ups in my nation look cool, found an adventuring guild and go down into the Rimeveld caves to slay monsters and find cool unique items. Loot itself is just so, so sparse. You will most likely never get a cool weapon unless you lootgremlin every single ST event for one (the cool weapons in ST events are usually hardlocked so only the main characters get them), or find a generous person who'll oocly throw something at you that's been sitting in their six doublechests of ST items. Like, no one got shit from that dragon event unless you were the main characters - which is odd considering that it was very much an Avengers Assemble level event that effected the entire continent. Like, magic is literally everywhere in LOTC. It's as normal to the average joe now as paying taxes, yet the really unique shit is so gate-kept as to not devalue the artifical ST item market. Even the most conservative fantasy RPG out there will throw you a firesword every once and awhile.
  5. "Oof, eam niet the Vikomit anymore." Felix tisked. "Would be amusing if it was niet so unfortunate." He shook his head.
  6. LETTER OF RESIGNATION Changing of the Guard Issued by THE BROTHERHOOD OF SAINT KARL Naf zwy 11th hag i Wzuvar ag Byvca i 467 E.S. The following being the words of Lord Marshal Felix Weiss, Hauchmarshal of His Majesty Koeng Georg I of House Barbinov-Bihar’s Brotherhood of Saint Karl and Royal Armed Forces: Long have I served in His Majesty’s royal army and without it, my family would not be where it is today. I owe all of my honors and successes to the Brotherhood and its institutions. The trophies collected from the wars and conflicts that I served in line the halls of Staalgrav to this day, and my family will be sure to earn many more in the centuries to come. However, like all institutions one must know when you are needed, and when you are not. I provided what I could, and now comes the time for His Majesty to choose my successor so that the Brotherhood can continue under a new Marshal, who will continue to ensure the safety of our people, and that the Brotherhood’s halls will continue to be filled with the songs of victories won, as I have done. So it is then that I do hereby formally resign from the apparatus of command, and do hereby relinquish the Ibor Bulava to His Majesty. I would also like to formally recommend Sergeant Sebastian Bishop to take my place. He is a veteran of many battles, who’s seniority outpaces my own by decades. A man well respected by his soldiers and his fellow officers, the answer to the question of who to choose would be plain to all in the minds of the soldiers serving under him. A masterful tactician such as he would surely expand our realm’s reach from the skies above to the depths of the oceans. And to my borsas who had served alongside me, I thank you. Krusae zwy Kongzem. Signed, Lord Marshal Felix Weiss
  7. LETTER OF ABDICATION Issued by LORD MARSHAL FELIX WEISS Naf zwy 5th hag i Tov ag Yermey i 466 E.S. To the most esteemed and good noble peers of the Kongzem ve Haenseti-Ruska and beyond. I write this letter to confirm my own abdication and acknowledgement of Vikomit Audo Weiss as the rightful holder of the Vikomit van Novkursain, ve Bossirzem van Zvaervauld and Ve Kastell i Staalgrav. In the sight of GOD and men do I hereby swear myself from all landed titles, and grant Vikomit Audo Weiss the responsibility of family patriarch, with all of the noble prestige and privileges that come with such a position. He shall also take the position of Lovacz of the Weiss Council, and Kossin i ve Levkursain. My career within the Haeseni nobility has been one of deep honor and everlasting friendships. Never in my life did I ever believe that I would be standing where I am today in our noble kongzem. However, with the Weiss succession secured there is now a need to pass the torch onto my son and heir Audo Weiss, who has grown to become every inch of his father and beyond. It is my goal to continue serving faithfully and dutifully within His Majesty George I’s government with unshakeable resolve, as I and my noble and prestigious family have been doing since I first stepped through the gates of Karosgrad. Krusae zwy Kongzem, Va Ve Maan. Signed, Lord Marshal Felix Weiss ooc thank you: :)
  8. LOVE YOU, DORK! :)

  9. Felix was ecstatic during the proceedings. The fight upon his Field of Swords with the Koeng Present was truly an honor! However, that night he stepped out into the empty fields of Novkursain. He looked to the barren fields, and smiled. "The land's quality does niet matter." He mused to his servant. "What matters is that the land that we stand upon is our home." "Summon the engineers." He ordered. "Ea can see us ruling the South-Eastern lands yet." He looked to the moon rising. He remembered when he first stepped through the gates of Karosgrad, a worthless nobody that hardly anyone paid attention to, except for Karl III, amongst other loyal friends. "This is just the start." He told himself. He looked down, to his own hands. "Eam niet done yet."
  10. This. It's a short-sighted numbers game. If the only thing that mattered, and I mean the only thing that mattered in LOTC was a percentage, then even by that metric alone, it is failing as that number is getting smaller, and smaller. Slowly, but surely. You either flock to the mega-powers, or you die on the limb, there is no middle-ground. Maybe I'm just a stupid idiot new player, but it seems to me like the staff are falling for the oldest trick in the book that every staff team seems to do: Overly ridged, top-down, arbituary, bureaucratic systems that look really nice on paper but ultimately just end up stifling creativity. This server, I do declare and will say again: This server does not need a rule, and clause, and rigid definition and super-high tech system in place for literally everything on the planet. Stop it.
  11. Activity checks are a simpleton's solution to inactivity. "Haha they'll actually rp if we put a gun to their head" My current tile in Haense has nearly 0.60% pop sometimes. Is that *amazingly good*? No, it isn't, but it's good for a Barony tile of a new house, and it's fine for any little place where friends are making memories and a community together. However, I'm not beholden to a psychotic drive to make sure people play on my tile. People play on my tile because they want to hang out with eachother there. I can't even imagine what being whipped into the servitude of a percentage every single week on top of my regular responsibilities would do to me. The halflings deserve better. Remove the rule, leave Bywater alone and let them roleplay.
  12. SethWolf

    shine on

    "This is some sort of craft in a mine moment." The baron said as he lazily read the missive, sipping on his carrion black. (Buy Zvaervauld Lilac Honey(TM). My family is being held hostage.)
  13. "That was fast." The Marshal mused as he munched on his Zvaervauld Lilac Honey Drops(TM).
  14. Any child who'd go to the Lord's room would find this sign on the door:
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