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  1. oh i know i was being facetious. i dont think musins should be a CA and all the arguments for them being one seem to be to 'uphold the standard of rp' like that isnt already a rule for everyone on the server regardless of what race they play
  2. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/apply/new/?do=form&d=9
  3. Happy Birthday! In your experience, what is the appeal of playing the bad guy and what about it do you find so engaging? Secondly, what is your favorite moment or storybeat to happen to one of your characters?

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  5. Remove berrybushes or make each berrybush cost 50 minae to place.

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    2. Child Neglecter

      Child Neglecter

      They should be removed from Minecraft tbh, absolutely useless feature 


      Give me some ******* spikes to impale my enemies on so that the pits that line cities aren't filled with berry bushes, but gory, bloody spikes with bits of flesh on them

    3. Werew0lf


      1 hour ago, Borin said:

      Just dont be a moron and dont jump into a berry bush its not hard

      but they look fun to jump in

    4. NotEvilAtAll


      We should spam berry bushes over every open surface on the map

  6. The First Great Epiphany Tales of the Nameless Wanderer A man with no name sat in a dark forest of pine nettles and tall fir trees that seemed to stretch all the way up into the sky like boney fingers grasping for the clouds. A fire was lit before him, and he watched the flames lick up at the desiccated pheasant that sat skewered above the flames. His eyes watched the embers dance up into the night sky to join the stars before reaching to a waterskin. It had been some time now since he had become a stranger to all he once knew. He felt marooned, a single castaway on a barren island in the middle of a great and vast ocean. In his past life, that had been much the same. He had never been capable of making human connections as others had, and that deficiency had always left him to feel misbegotten. Yet, now even the things he knew to be familiar were gone. The orchestra of chirping crickets and frogs continued to fill the air. It dawned on the wanderer then, that this was the first time in his life that he had not known war. Out here under the canopy of the trees he had found his first true sleep in decades not plagued by terrors. It was peaceful out here, hidden away and secluded with nothing to bother him or beg his attention. He could simply be, and in being he found himself capable of introspection. Who was he, then? A blood-soaked beast who would kill without a second’s thought. Through violence, death, and carnage he had found a sense of purpose. A beautiful, shiny shield to protect him from the harsh reality of what he was doing. Yet, when his purpose was taken from him he found himself unable to ignore the reality of his actions behind that protective cloak of purpose and duty. For the first time in his life there was nothing standing between him and the mirror that he had to face. In that mirror of his mind’s eye, he saw only a murderous villain who was drowning in the blood on his hands. The revelation caused tears to silently fall from his cheeks as the walls came tumbling down. But he found that without the influences of his past life tugging at his soul, he had come to know peace, and in peace the wanderer found the means to explore something lost to him. The tears that streaked his face were his salvation, a thin glimmer of hope that a man was still in there, somewhere in the depths of his soul. The wanderer was capable of change. The path before him now seemed much more demanding of him than he had previously anticipated. A journey that would force him to dive into the very depths of his own soul. The wanderer extinguished his campfire, and climbed into the canopy of treetops to find another night of peaceful sleep, to continue upon the treacherous path that was now taking him into deeper waters, into an unknown abyss.
  7. A hooded man with no name traveled the dark forests of Aevos, as if he were shadow. In a village far to the north did he find the missive. His eyes scanned the parchment and his lips pulled taught. Perhaps he would have smiled, but he found himself unable to do so. He planted his walking stick into the ground to check his map, only to be interrupted by a gathering of ravens overhead. Perhaps it was a good omen. Perhaps the opportunistic birds could sense a dead man walking. Neither of these possibilities gave the hooded wayfarer any sense of assurance. But his personal feelings no longer mattered. That was now the only truth he knew in this world. One of the birds came to land upon his walking stick and shift to his shoulder. After a moment, he surrendered himself to fate, and tossed away the map in his hands. He knew that the path that lay before him was one that could not be put to parchment. He continued on, deeper and deeper into the black conifer forests that seemed to swallow men whole. The flock of black birds circled over his head all the while. Yet he knew no fear. For within the forest, he could still find home.
  8. atleast get rid of the part where im not allowed to even see that something happened directly infront of me.
  9. I know people who have spent hundreds of dollars on single digital art pieces of their characters, with the vast majority of art going for 15-50$ a pop, I'm sure there is a market for people who wish to have a physical little trophy of their character as a shelf decoration or desk ornament for around that same price depending on the quality of material, paints, and effort put into them! (I am part of that market.)
  10. Walter Weiss recieved the letter. He paused a moment, and began to pen a response to be sent via bird!
  11. Walter Weiss sat upon the mountains overlooking his family's keep, and he drank from his steel flask, quiet and stoic. The war he had been born into, from Almaris to now in his middling age, was finally over. How many countless friends he had lost. He stood, and poured the Carrion within the flask onto a ground, a brief memorial to the triumphant dead. And then? He got back to his hunt.
  12. happy birthday werew0lf!!! ^_^

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    2. Werew0lf


      no! this is just embarrassing! you're really a fake friend, huh? after all i did for hyspia. 

    3. Werew0lf


      sorry i meant haense

    4. TeawithFrisket
  13. Sure but I'm speaking in the context of people arguing that aurum testing may be too easy and it stops roleplay from happening when it really doesn't. There's a thousand ways to get around a border guard aurum test, and a place that gets routinely raided by darkspawn will obviously do routine darkspawn testing. Metagaming would happen if aurum wasn't a thing anyway.
  14. I'm personally all for aurum testing. If you're a darkspawn then you should be focusing on raiding the villages and vassals that cities have orbiting them. On my deadmen we could still routinely capture two or three people at a time browsing the southern coast of Aevos from Balian to Helios. Also, if you're a darkspawn dumb enough to walk into a gatehouse where you know they test people then you win the prize you earned. Many darkspawn I know employ mortal, uncorrupted servants to infiltrate cities for them as to not risk exposure and do their deeds in their stead. (Kidnap, murder, sabotage, ect.) Make friends with people with keys, sneak in with them, buy a house and get keys for the citizen doors and you've just circumvented like 70% of city gatehouses and are now free to infiltrate to your heart's content. There's so many ways you can get evil done without even encountering a city guard.
  15. Laird Kalador of Kaladania smiled quaintly as he held his certificate in his hands. "Ha! I'm a Laird, and for a good cause aswell!"
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