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  1. People suggesting dnd but not drakken smh
  2. Is the CB system a mistake?

  3. No elf is king but Malin!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ChaseusBelli


      the man works at coldstone give him a break

    3. zaezae


      Fine, fine, you have a point.

    4. PosidonX7


      lol I wonder where Malin is right now... 😉

  4. “They have taken away any staff members’ 1st amendment right” Don’t even have to know what you’re talking about to know that this is untrue. “enshrined globally by all freedom-loving democracies” Several democracies have less expression rights than the U.S.
  5. I think we should shelf all races/magic/lore/energy/matter and role play as ethereal sentient personalities that float in a void. 

  6. The ice skates look nice. If you would plz ign: xZaebos
  7. I legitimately need help with writing a piece of lore if anyone wants to help.


    It’s bi-pedal hedgehogs.

    1. Elennanore


      Tbh, I was actually excited for a moment till I clicked your status and saw bi-pedal hedgehogs. I feel blueballed...

  8. Halflings should just get a plot. Seriously, they have interesting culture. Orcs don’t really though, so they shouldn’t.

  9. Haven’t been able to log onto the server consistently for two weeks. Why not? I cannot play right now and haven’t been able to for weeks. 

  10. I can’t log on and I was in the middle of rp with a bunch of people wtf man

  11. Let's retcon magic and elves who's with me

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    2. zaezae


      You know a brainlet just might quote you there and use that against one of your decisions. 

    3. Father-Ruric
    4. Dunstan


      Doing it now

  12. Only an elf to be that pretentious

    1. Zacho


      thats toxic

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