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  1. zaezae

    [Playable CA Race Lore] - [Eastern Dragons]

    Yeah, check it out. (endless legends)
  2. zaezae

    [Playable CA Race Lore] - [Eastern Dragons]

    People suggesting dnd but not drakken smh
  3. zaezae

    Community Guidelines Violations

    I am also mentally distarded.
  4. Is the CB system a mistake?

  5. NL really need to stop trying to prevent any kind of...anything.
  6. zaezae

    Persona Database Cleanse

    Yeah, the character/persona rule doesn’t make sense.
  7. No elf is king but Malin!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. ChaseusBelli


      the man works at coldstone give him a break

    3. zaezae


      Fine, fine, you have a point.

    4. PosidonX7


      lol I wonder where Malin is right now... 😉

  8. “They walk upon the ground with their bare feet, worship trees, and wear grass as clothing. Llir, do not judge them too harshly, but they are gripped by superstition.” Leuvina comments to herself as she reads the travel magazine while she sits in their tavern, sipping her tea as she does so. “I wish him luck. To visit the impures that dwell in the snow is very dangerous.”
  9. zaezae

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    “They have taken away any staff members’ 1st amendment right” Don’t even have to know what you’re talking about to know that this is untrue. “enshrined globally by all freedom-loving democracies” Several democracies have less expression rights than the U.S.
  10. zaezae

    What are your thoughts on LOTCs current state?

    The only things that really hold the server back is People taking themselves way to serious. People believing that their particular taste of RP is the only good RP and anyone different is trash.
  11. I think we should shelf all races/magic/lore/energy/matter and role play as ethereal sentient personalities that float in a void. 

  12. zaezae

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    The ice skates look nice. If you would plz ign: xZaebos
  13. I legitimately need help with writing a piece of lore if anyone wants to help.


    It’s bi-pedal hedgehogs.

    1. Elennanore


      Tbh, I was actually excited for a moment till I clicked your status and saw bi-pedal hedgehogs. I feel blueballed...

  14. zaezae

    OOC: What happened?

    TL:DR People are still taking the server way to heccing seriously. People are still asses to one another.
  15. zaezae

    Reviving the Orc Race(and its subtypes)

    Focus on culture. Enforce it in RP and always practice it everywhere. Avoid all kinds of OOC butthurt, salt, and cry babies. Have only one city/fort. Push culture in a central location is my personal suggestion.