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  1. Letter to 501Warhead on storylines

    Do it 501. Do it get the triggilypuffs nice and riled up.
  2. Perma Kill During Warclaims

    Making RP sense or not, it'd make the server less fun. Warclaims ARE fun little things to do on a Saturday. I get the sentiment but let people who enjoy warclaims enjoy warclaim.
  3. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    I remember being in new abersi when it got hit once or twice a day with undead or rando raids. If I didn't feel like dealing with it, guess what I did? Took my slice-of-life rp down into the basement. Never once was a problem.
  4. Perma Kill During Warclaims

    Oh yeah, let's make it to where even less **** happens on the server!
  5. Raid Rules Feedback

    Haha there are no real nations haha there are just really speeshul cities. No seriously, rules need to be equal. If nations really were all uniformly better at defending themselves then why do they need MORE protection? Because nations are just bloated towns and are not inherently stronger than anyone else. I don't buy that 'IRP they are stronger'. BS. I only care about activity and fighting players. It'd be cool to let things come and go.
  6. The Thotty Crusades

    hello virgin
  7. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    Homie, you know that java and javascript are two completely totally absolutely different things right?
  8. Anti Soy Crusader Campaigns Against Incompetence

    I mean you can either say all of your ideas and exclude retarded ape comments or never have the power to implement your ideas. I already know I burnt enough bridges to not even bother. Plus, frankly, I like talk light ****.
  9. Anti Soy Crusader Campaigns Against Incompetence

    I mean it just really boils down to the fact that you act like a total ass sometimes. When teams pick new people they don't want someone that's going to resort with name-calling. No way around it. They're simply never going to accept someone they believe will be a total ****. You can't mental gymnastics or justify your way out of it. That's the long and short of it really.
  10. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    That is the most clique thing I've ever read unironically here. No seriously, what is the actual purpose of taking such a stupid personal jab at me for?
  11. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    I think we'd see a lot more meta and PG bans if people did what I do. Don't listen to the forum riots when a popular dude catches a hammer.
  12. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    The tolerance of other players is just so low. From clammed up cities to 'remove anything that isn't castle simulator'.
  13. Discussion on Closing City Gates

    Man it sure was fun being able to go places and explore without standing at a gate being purposefully ignored over and over again like last map.
  14. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    It sounds alright so long as the rp makes sense and is done by someone with a dog in the fight. I once got killed because I didn't accept a drink from someone because that was 'insulting'. Ain't gonna pk over that stupid **** lol.