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  1. Fantastic point to make on a thread calling out the behavior of staff lol. But seriously, I think there are better channels to try other than threatening the security of the entire server and pushing away potential future players. Can we try rational thoughts?
  2. What a weeb.

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      You're making me uncomfortable sempai.

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      Okay I give up =c

  3. Not so long as there is some bottom feeder tier "I gotta win and dominate this player for my own shits and giggles and I don't understand reasonable story pacing." RP going on. Besides OOC fear shouldn't really be a factor. There is supposed to be a separation of OOC and RP. Otherwise, we will see people doing any bs powergame emote to get out of trouble.
  4. Okay? Well...I mean I guess I'll wait. I've already brought up three ideas.
  5. Okay, so what rules do you propose. You wouldn't be pushing your agenda, it'd be a bill and /that's okay/. For example as a policy, unless a rule or change the gm teams proposes harms the server, the GM lead has executive semi-final say. That's a reasonable policy that can be discussed. Though I will argue that admins must have some form of veto power for certain reasons over teams. I think a good point to start the discussion is for the admin team to fully explain what exactly they do currently.
  6. The kind of discussion I want is clearly defined goals that we can agree or disagree on. It's the biggest reason I make critical posts on these threads. It sounds all well and good but...it isn't a policy. I hope people understand that. When you want to change policy, you cannot change it with some vague poetic sentences. I'm all for limits but they ought to be defined. Admins cannot overturn RP that does not violate previously documented rules? Sounds good, but what about unexpected but clearly abusive situations? Lore lead has final authority? That sounds like a good idea. Secondly, what should the admin's role be? Personally, I've always thought admins to be executives. Chiefs of staff for teams and general management of the server as a whole. To veto policies unfitting for the server. Etc. etc. That is another thing I am curious about. I'm sure everyone agrees that these threads are ineffective. The reason, I believe, is that very little policy is ever discussed. It's the difference between asking a bloke what the government should do vs a constitution.
  7. I understand that, but I'm simply going to have to disagree. I simply don't see the point.
  8. True true. Maybe be forced to emote your wrong doing if anybody comes near by?
  9. Not true. I was lined up to play a kid as soon as the rolls happened. Also, question, why should we make this rule? Basically, what harm would come of not having this rule?
  10. Haven't keked in a while. Good job.
  11. Well...the default action is to just do what we always do, not force pk on characters. It's just unnecessary and should just be left to lie.
  12. Oh...Well still comes off as strange on wanting to pk a fetus but up to y'all.
  13. Why? Just seems a bit arbitrary and I'm curious for the reasoning.
  14. Anyone who has an appropriate tool to defeat a lock has a roll modifier you mean? It makes sense. If you learn how to lockpick with a pick you get the advantage too. I really think this is just an aesthetic 'You have magic so here is a place you can use your magic IRP' sort of thing. It doesn't seem to actually change who can pick locks and how effective they are. To me, it's like saying high elves can replace catapults with magic cannons that aren't any more or less effective, just a different flavor. Actually there's an idea. We're fantasy, let's have our own fantasy siege weaponry that best fits our nation's level of fantasy? Dwarves can have cannons and snelves can have Salt Throwers.
  15. Well what I meant was, the point is that you /aren't/ destroying a door, you're defeating a lock quietly. This system isn't really suited for just obnoxiously destroying a door, rather you use magic or an ax. I mean I'm presuming you can't use fire evo to get rolls. I'd hope not anyway. The point is that using your ax to cut down a door should be done very differently. Like three or four emotes in /shout or something.