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  1. Help, someone PM'd me that another player was an *******. 

  2. zaezae


    He was banned for putting staff on blast in a private server. Point blank period. There's nothing to discuss at all. No one should be banned at all, ever, for saying mean things about someone in private. I don't care that he got banned in the past or that the admins think they are everyone's mommy. Y'all need to start thinking about the implications of that kinda behavior before you jump to the defense of banning people for what they say off the server. And then to have the audacity to claim that taking a staff decision public should be an infraction and that no one should ever start a discussion about their ban You guys know I almost never buy community out-rage but this and "Muh community guidelines" are blatant staff over-reach.
  3. zaezae

    Leaked Logs and You

    You know damn well that attacking someone is different than putting a third person on blast in private.
  4. zaezae

    Leaked Logs and You

    Technically speaking, even PMing someone on discord can get you banned for being a meanie.
  5. zaezae

    Leaked Logs and You

    Jargon or not, the admins need to stop being nannies and we need to stop rewarding tattle tells.
  6. zaezae

    Leaked Logs and You

    That's right folks. Regardless if you block public access to your medium, if two players ever talk about anything at all regarding LOTC, you lose your privacy. LOTC will use anything you say, even if said in confidence between you and another player, as evidence to restrict your access. However, they will not take action against a player that disrespects another player's privacy. Unless they're staff obviously. Let's not get it twisted folks. This is a heavy handed nanny state kind of moderation. Don't let the useless buzz word 'toxic' obfuscate what imattz was really banned for. He was banned for saying mean things about someone in a non-public chat. I'm pretty sure I speak for a great deal of the player base when I say that we do not want LotC claiming some kinda ownership over any and all conversations between players about LotC. We also do not want LotC nosing in on other people's conversations and punishing them like LotC is their mother. Never in my whole life of being on the internet have I run across something quite like this. It's silly and stupid and I don't know if this came about because some admins feel helpless but it really does have to stop. I'm sorry but I have no sympathy for people who aren't adult enough to disregard other people putting you on blast in their own private damn conversations. I just don't care. Boo hoo.
  7. zaezae

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    I just wanted to add on that harassment isn't saying things about someone that that person doesn't like. It's repeatedly communicating with someone when they've asked you to stop. Saying privately that you think someone is bad is not ever harassment.
  8. These tattle tells though. 

  9. zaezae

    Leaked Logs and You

    lol I got shitted on hella hard for saying that leaking chats is wrong. You should only leak anything if people are talking about very serious wrong doing.
  10. zaezae

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    Oh pfft, excuse me. I meant """ToXiC""".
  11. zaezae

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    It's not about 'defending' anyone. It's people offended that people are getting banned for being really mean =( in private discords.
  12. zaezae

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    I've come to admit my vile sins. In a private communication I had with another player on a third-party communication software direct message, I said that yet another player was a 'two-faced *****'. This is very important for the admins to address. I must be punished because reasons, far more than actual real problems on the server. On a real note. People who leak private chats are garbage. Not sorry.
  13. zaezae

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    So when is the ban going to be reversed? It's not only the length of the ban that is a joke, but that there was a ban to begin with.
  14. zaezae

    Flamboyant's bad logic

    Yeah no, sorry, the ban is bullshit. Yeah we know he said really mean things about someone =c but banning someone over that is far more offensive than the meanie things he might have said in private.
  15. zaezae

    Project Danehammer.

    Man but like, why can't we just do a great big fight and just get it over with?