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  1. An Apology and Another Plea

    The simple truth is that there are a lot of **** heads that play this game.
  2. [Restart Magic] Magexit

    Something to be said, the idea that magic is more powergamed compared to other combat is a meme. It's all complete hot garbage. I'm all for improving magic, making it simpler, but removing magic is like removing humans or elves. People just need to learn to chill with the 'I know what will work on a high fantasy server! Removing people's magic, removing races, and everything that I personally don't like'
  3. (Open Discussion) Why OOC is ****

    Anyone who plans attacks/defense over discord is part of the problem. Sorry.
  4. [Restart Magic] Magexit

    Yeah, there's nothing at all wrong with the core magic lore of magic. There is too many magics but the core lore is fine. The problem isn't rather or not that a full restart will work. A full restart works for everything. If we PK all of the characters, that'll solve the problem of shitty characters. But is it fair, reasonable, or whatever? No. It's not even close to being reasonable. Even after entertaining the idea it's just, on it's face, a silly idea. The additions is where all of the end-game, bloat, complexity, and all that comes from.
  5. [Restart Magic] Magexit

    The sentence right beside that includes the word "problem". That was rude of me, but yeah, there's a problem.
  6. [Restart Magic] Magexit

    I find nothing at all wrong with the core of magic. The problem starts with additions. I have no interest in appeasing people who just hate magic either. I'm all for obscuring the origins of magic, simplification of how to roleplay them, especially for non magic roleplayers. Inactive magic needs to be removed and new magic should only be accepted on the basis of replacing a completely inactive magic. Also I don't care how inactive a magic is, if it's active at all then it shouldn't be removed and core lore (old lore) should always stay.
  7. Paragons of Purity

    Doesn't the whole idea of a creature kinda...conflict with the cleric's theme?
  8. You mean if staff roleplay at all on the server?
  9. I cannot connect, anyone else?

  10. Sauropods holding their necks out would be half a million foot-pounds of torque. They literally couldn't have existed today. So wtf

  11. I think we should ban any minecraft client that allows people to see name plates through walls too.
  12. Make Kha a Creature Application

    Nah, it's mostly because the server is comprised of veterans who lost their passion.
  13. Make Kha a Creature Application

  14. [Dark Arts] [CA] Laethesia

    This one belongs to me, yes.
  15. [✗] [Holy]Caretakers[Self Denied]

    It's just not a good idea and best left alone. Ascended being able to cure any curse, even if it's difficult, really cheapens the core lore of what they are curing and wouldn't be good for the overall theme of the server. Plus, if something really was a curse then no one could justify their character not seeking a cure which makes the 'tragic monster' archtype character completely and totally impossible. Plus, it just isn't nice to inject your lore to ruin someone elses theme. Theme is something people don't talk about often but it's quite important. It's one of the big reasons people were irritated by ascended banging and buddying up with spooks. It vandalized a theme.