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  1. zaezae

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    v srs question what use is having a nation if no one is there
  2. zaezae

    War Rework Voting

    Realistically speaking, all one should have to do to avoid war is to recognize another as hegemon and /maybe/ collect a tax. Then, if your hegemon doesn’t defend you, it makes the hegemon look like a cuck who’s too scared to defend what’s theirs.
  3. zaezae

    No Consequence RP

    Just quietly reading this thread kinda elucidated something for me. The language used here seems to suggest that the only real consequence that people can imagine is grievous wounding. There seems to be a very general lack of imagination.
  4. zaezae

    ooc chat

    I’m heccing shook
  5. zaezae

    ooc chat

    Better question, are we talking about people right of stalin or are we talking about adherents to two very different and specific political ideologies? 95% of all people who ever get called nazi, fascist, terrorist are actually not those things.
  6. zaezae

    ooc chat

    The reason I carry a ‘term’ for myself is because I also have principles. Namely, people should be liberated as much as reasonably able. I think that principle is more important that maybe somehow someone maybe might maybe in the future maybe possibly could in theory something maybe do something bad.
  7. zaezae

    ooc chat

    A better argument for stricter moderation would simply be “Offensive jokes make us look bad. Let’s not look so bad.” not “Freedom of speech is a fundamental threat to our safety so we must just get rid of it.”
  8. zaezae

    ooc chat

    Security over liberty then. Sorry bud, but I am a staunch liberal until the very day I die. I don’t know if you are a left wing autocrat or a right win autocrat but either way you ain’t liberal.
  9. zaezae

    ooc chat

    I meant “Now thanks to the magic of muh hate speech, it is now hate speech for lesbians to say that they do not want to sleep with people that have penises. ” As in, there are people who very seriously believe that lesbians saying that they do not want to sleep with a person with a penis is hate speech, or hateful, or phobic because they are denying people’s “real identity” and that doing so is “literal violence” and as such should be called “terrorism”. Because allowing people to punish people for their opinions by declaring said opinions as hate speech is a powerful tool that is ultimately open for anyone to use. Also the best disinfectant for bad ideas is sunlight and mockery. Letting bad people tell their bad ideas unedited is the best way to discredit them. But when you start oppressing people then you create underdogs and you prove them right that ‘the man’s after us’. Punishing anyone for what they believe will always make them appear more sympathetic.
  10. zaezae

    ooc chat

    I wasn’t comparing lesbians to nazis. You already know that. No one is that ******* stupid to read what I said and think I was comparing nazis to lesbians. Stop being a dishonest prick.
  11. zaezae

    ooc chat

    It is interesting that punishing people’s speech is kinda what the nazi’s did. A lot. You liked communism? Into the gas chambers you go. Or at the very least so thoroughly discredited that any life and career you might have had before is now defunct. Now thanks to the magic of muh hate speech, it is now hate speech for lesbians to say that they do not want to sleep with people that have penises.
  12. zaezae

    The Law In The Empire Of Man

    Only one of those is cheating.
  13. zaezae

    ooc chat

    You’re point is vacuous. “Jokes cause dumb people” Just stop. This is embarrassing. The very fact that you seriously believe that saying ‘the holocaust was funny’ ironically is equal to actually killing a real puppy blows me away. Anyway, have fun trying to ban jokes I guess.
  14. zaezae

    ooc chat

    cool, at least you know that you’re being lazy. Jokes aren’t like wildfires because wildfires are immediately dangerous. I make very liberal use of /leave ooc and leaving discord server. It works.
  15. zaezae

    ooc chat

    yawn lazy bs we’ve all heard before. Tell me why we must ban jokes with bad analogies.