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  1. I legitimately need help with writing a piece of lore if anyone wants to help.


    It’s bi-pedal hedgehogs.

    1. Elennanore


      Tbh, I was actually excited for a moment till I clicked your status and saw bi-pedal hedgehogs. I feel blueballed...

  2. zaezae

    OOC: What happened?

    TL:DR People are still taking the server way to heccing seriously. People are still asses to one another.
  3. zaezae

    Reviving the Orc Race(and its subtypes)

    Focus on culture. Enforce it in RP and always practice it everywhere. Avoid all kinds of OOC butthurt, salt, and cry babies. Have only one city/fort. Push culture in a central location is my personal suggestion.
  4. zaezae

    Roast Thread

    You like mumble rap.
  5. zaezae

    Roast Thread

    But you did remember him.
  6. Frankly, the only real solution is to hard-cap the number of cities/towns/”locations”. Which means some people will not get plots. Which means some people will have to live together (lightning and crying crows). Or continue to have a largely empty map and somehow simultaneously small numbers of concentrated rp. Considering the numbers of players, there shouldn’t be more than six towns/cities on the whole map and remove RP moderation like rebellions and wars. There should never be a city or town with no players in it during peak times. Ever.
  7. zaezae

    Enforce Aging or Remove Age Limits

    Aging time scale is unimportant minutia not worth spending time enforcing unless you’re prepared to tell me one meeting canonically lasts weeks or months because the time scale is so completely broken. 1:1 time scale isn’t that horrible or something closer. Only thing such a time scale ruins is family evolution rp.
  8. Halflings should just get a plot. Seriously, they have interesting culture. Orcs don’t really though, so they shouldn’t.

  9. The only reasonable solution is to give one plot to both and make orcs and halflings fight over it. Obviously.
  10. zaezae

    Activity, The Lastest Plugin

    v srs question what use is having a nation if no one is there
  11. zaezae

    War Rework Voting

    Realistically speaking, all one should have to do to avoid war is to recognize another as hegemon and /maybe/ collect a tax. Then, if your hegemon doesn’t defend you, it makes the hegemon look like a cuck who’s too scared to defend what’s theirs.
  12. zaezae

    The Law In The Empire Of Man

    Only one of those is cheating.
  13. Haven’t been able to log onto the server consistently for two weeks. Why not? I cannot play right now and haven’t been able to for weeks.