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  1. Can we not have an actual E-d ick yard stick please?
  2. I mean just figure it out like, RP it out. Play the struggle.
  3. This is the part where you RP what happened. You have to make it into something fun.
  4. I mean, I understand it sucks oocly and rply but like, if you want to lock something up you lock it up proper. Changing a cultural practice isn't changing lore. Cultures evolve to meet needs. I just don't get it honestly.
  5. Like why lock your door if you aren't going to lock the chest...culture?
  6. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to roleplay the thievery and change your culture. If your entire culture hinges on you not locking a storage house...well I mean...duh you'd suffer. I mean I spent the majority of my rp career playing someone that was totally defenseless ya know, I lost a lot. I mean just RP this stuff out it's actually fun.
  7. You said that pvp default doesn't favor pvp. I said that it does lol.
  8. Uh, being able to force resolution through pvp will always favor the player who enjoys and is very good at pvp? Regardless of reasons why a policy is in place, it simply does favor pvp. And just say it, you're talking about those faggoty elves aren't you?
  9. I mean I suppose, but it seems like a bit much for what should be a casual experience. At least that's my opinion.
  10. Yeah but rolls aren't fun and often the results of actions don't make any sense. Rollplay sometimes feels like those times in fallout where you put the rifle barrel in their mouth but the bullet misses.
  11. A frost witch finishes unpacking her things, finially able to live openly and out of the frost closet. "I really can't wait to finish unpacking so I can eat a homeless guy in...those human cities...is it Oren? No no, those mali'aheral are frailer..."
  12. Zero-sum lore policy: New races require the most unused race be locked. Same for magic?

    1. ski_king3


      RIP forest dwarves

    2. TheCritsyBear


      races yes, maybe, and only for playable ones, not ET races


      magic no

  13. Who actually has an hour long fight like lol you only get an hour long fight if you both are *blocking* constantly. Hell, you'll find people make RP fights fun if you aren't such a stiff ass about it. Also lol frost witches are not over-powered lol like it's a spook that you do not even need special weapons for "how do you kill a frost witch" "stab her" I see you lord saying nerf frosties nah fam
  14. Idea to make money. Instead of banning people put them on a list where a plugin forces fifteen minutes of advertisement watching =)
  15. The only rule that needs to change is that aggressive guards do not get defender default.