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  1. I found a secret about LOTC. Don't take it seriously

    1. nikabell


      May I praise this 

  2. Won't make a frosty -1 jk +1
  3. The problem is obvious. Like jesus dude, it's obviously supposed to be *I'm a Rooter-Tooter.
  4. Remove applications? That's idiocy. I played on a RP server with no applications. "I'm a skeleton" was the actual quality of RP and that was an actual emote. Not dialogue, but *I'm a skeleton.
  5. Kawaii desu desu

    1. zaezae


      Uguu nii-san! (I hope they notice my new bow) (◠﹏◠✿)

    2. overlord2305
  6. It almost sounds like some tards took the game way to srsly.
  7. Basically means that if the LOTC gets debt and becomes insolvent, they can't go after Tythus' PERSONAL belongings to pay the debt. I think.
  8. I think the main effect of this policy would make staff not share unpopular opinions or perspectives, tip-toe with their word choice instead of worrying about the contents of their ideas. I really don't believe this would do much more than make certain players unhappy with a decision become extremely pedantic. I think statements or hearings are better options.
  9. Regardless of anything else, we cannot get around the simple fact that every location that people RP at divides activity. What increases activity? Activity. People knowing that there are other players in a location attracts them there. A more active server makes the server more attractive to new players to apply and then stick around. I think it's high time that activity and activity density become the biggest issue for staff and players to improve. Like I said elsewhere in other discussions, it's kinda silly to create several different kingdoms when there aren't enough characters to even make up a small town. Honestly, if I had my way, I'd make the cultural elves suck it up butter cup and live at least somewhat together. It's good for activity even if you can't have a city completely made of trees or ivory towers. Ayy maybe that's why I'm not leader ayy.
  10. Makes one wonder why there's even a keep but that's about it.
  11. Here's the gamble. If the map is short, a lot of people may have fun for a few weeks. If it drags on, people will not have fun for months. So, I mean that's how my math works.
  12. Maybe the folk you are around liked them. The people I ran with wanted the fringe to be over.
  13. For profit corporate businesses are not the only entities that legally exist. It's not even hard to understand. Someone pays for the server, whoever pays for that server owns the server and seemingly everything on it. You do not need a license to run a non-profit server. I'm sorry but respectfully, you really don't know what you're talking about. \ Basically, all you would have to do is craft an agreement that any technology developed for and deployed on lotc gives Tythus an unlimited license to use and update it. This is /super/ basic. So he wouldn't own the code but he has unlimited right to do whatever he wants with it except sell the code.
  14. Actually, if you make an agreement that technology developed for a platform belongs to that platform, then it does. It's actually more rare to not see this policy than to not see it. It's to protect people from saying "You can't use nexus since it's mine. you don't have permission" Honestly, that'd be my first policy if I was in charge. I wouldn't say 'you cannot use this technology elsewhere' just simple 'by installing and running this code, you're agreeing that we have the right to use, change, reverse engineer, etc. etc. forever'. So you can use what you built for your own projects but you can't pull the rug out from under everyone else on the server just cause you're upset. Besides, who really owns nexus' code, I imagine, is in a tangled mess since I doubt only one person ever contributed to it. This is why it's always smart to lay out a clear policy.