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  1. the joys of being european!

    Haha get fukd yuropoors
  2. I digested this thread a bit and this is the thing I attached to. Yeah, it isn't really a big deal and something that doesn't happen that often. Also, largely, this kind of behavior seems harmless. I don't think there is a big enough problem to warrant yet another addition to our already bloated ruleset.
  3. Cheap Commissions by Rella

    Hell no I refuse to be outdone. OOC Name: xZaebos RP name: Ituri Heddwyn Race: Fjarriauga Age: 600 or something I think Distinguishing marks: Them glowing eyes! Pose you want (I'll try to do it): Doesn't matter. Type: (Complex or Basic) Icy yo Anything extra: Have her with ice cream too but with an extra scoop
  4. A new way to disconnect with friends.

    Can I just comment that I've always thought disconnection only railroads characters?
  5. [✓] [Frost Witch Addition] Enhancing the Curse

    Well, I'm no authority on the matter but that argument makes sense only if the 'immortality' is of the exact same nature as the ascended which it very well might not be. I'm not really sure but just a thought.
  6. Put a lock on the elven race

    Yeah, hit me up when a third of all human characters are children.
  7. [GMs] [Vagueness of Raid Rules]

    A raid is a direct deliberate foreign attack. Anything less isn't a ******* raid lol.
  8. Lower the amount of spooks?

    I think it has something to do with solving RP through OOC now-a-days tbh.
  9. Lower the amount of spooks?

    LoL yeah okay. Hunted, right. No one hunts.
  10. Lower the amount of spooks?

    Well then spooks would have to scatter and move back into cities I think.
  11. Lower the amount of spooks?

    To be fair, I've seen one or guild posts.
  12. Lower the amount of spooks?

    Agreed, but you know, some folk only want dynamic rp when it's rp they like.
  13. Lower the amount of spooks?

    No no, I just personally feel like there's too many and so because of that other players shouldn't be able to play warriors.
  14. Lower the amount of spooks?

    Well, I think that there's an obnoxious amount of warriors but I can't reduce them because it's unfair to the players.
  15. HTML in signatures?

    <script src="http://somesite/neferious-script.js"></script> Or worse some php script.