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  1. Community Meeting

    When are the world builder people who signed up on the google doc gonna get contacted?
  2. [✗] [LoreSubmission][Racial Lore] The Valfothr

    Bring on the norse revolution
  3. Why not play farfoolk, es nice.

    Howdy i'm making this topic to ask the community about their opinion of Haria. Is there a particular reason you do not visit besides inactivity? What would make the farfolk races more appealing to the player base? Just lay it on me big boys. We're looking into rewriting the Qualasheen religion into something more unique and less related to the real world muslims as well. If you have any ideas that'd also be helpful.
  4. Impure Need Not Fret

    A women clad in armored Jundi armor would read over the laws from her stewards table in a lonesome desert city. "The parents should be sterilized on the first offense." She'd mutter before placing her drink on it to prevent it flying away. She'd return to her paperwork after a moment.
  5. In need of a companion .... OR ANY RP PLESAE SAVEM E

    Become a disembodied talking skull that I can carry around.
  6. [Builder] SoberMutt's SomberMutt ET Builder Application

    Edited with Comic Sans to improve the Joke power
  7. [Builder] dogbew's ET Builder App

    SUB FOR SUB!!!!11!!!!1 Also his builds pretty good
  8. Minecraft Name: SoberMuttDiscord: Drunken Mutt#4465Time-zone: PSTDo you, or have you held, any other staff positions?: (Other servers included.) I owned a totally failed server as a small lad.Where do you grab inspiration from?: (Games, books, etc.) Dark souls, Skyrim, DishonoredWhat type of building are you best with?: Gardens, organic, victorian, nordicWhat are some of your most treasured builds?: My current running personal project(Victorian city) and my Tyravik buildAre you capable of handling all aspects of a build?: YesPick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: (Terraforming, organic, medieval, high fantasy, and underground.) Nordic: Victorian: Spooky? Spooky.: Swamp: How long does it take for you to complete a build?: The nordic build took about a week of active building. The victorian one I am actively building at a slow rate. The swamp has about a week of active building in it.Additional details: (Do you know voxel, world edit, redstone, etc.) I'm well versed in world edit and use it constantly for building my own projects. It's been awhile since I used voxel but I picked it up pretty easy the first time. Redstone i'm not all that experienced with. Tell me a trick about building: (Floating torches, custom heads, etc.) If you place an armor stand and then use pistons to push a block into the space where it is you can use it to add details to blocks like small knobs or two small sticks. Fence gates can be offset using cobblestone posts to add more flavor to rails. There's a half bed block you can spawn with world edit that makes a pretty decent looking seat or bar stool when combined with a door/trapdoor. Tell me a joke: A child moves to a new school and on the first day his teacher asks him "What's your name son?". The child simply replys "I don't know". The teacher having to deal with enough kids shinanigans says "Well when you go home ask your parents what your name is". When the child goes home he walks up to his mother who is having a conversation with her child hood friend on the phone "Mom, what's my name?" She ignores him as she's currently in a conversation. She looks at him and says "Shut up i'm on the phone." He walks off to find his dad who is currently in the side yard taking out the trash "Dad what's my name?". He's currently really into his own little song and dance and doesn't respond simply singing out "In the garbage in the garbage!~." He goes to find his brother and asks him "Brother what's my name?" The brother is watching cartoons and ignores him singing along to the theme song "Duna duna duna duna batman!" The boy gives up and goes to find his grandfather who's currently watching football "Grandpa what's my na-" "Gimme 24 hit me hard!" He screams at the TV, the game was currently at commercial and the boy wasn't really sure what that meant or why his grandfather was yelling it at a Wendys commercial, he decided to just go to school with what he was given. The next day the teacher brings him up to the front of the class "So what is your name young man?" The boy gives a large pause and turns to face the teacher before screeching "Shut up! I'm on the phone!". The teacher promptly drags him to the principals office away from the howling laughter of his classmates. The principal takes him into his office and begins trying to find a phone number in the system, they are only able to find it based on address as the name search of the school website has been broken for years and the school is in to much financial trouble to hire someone to redo the system. "What's your address? You're in a lot of trouble." The boy breaks out his house keys and spins them around his index finger like a Vaudeville era jailer "In the garbage, in the garbage!". The principal would get visible red and angry slamming his hands on the desk "Who do you think you are?" "Duna duna duna duna batman!" sings out the boy. Eventually his brother is brought in to give the principle the proper information to call his mother. After being sent home the mother sticks her bony finger into his chest screaming at him "All right how many spankings do you want?" The boy yells out "Gimme 24 hit me hard!". Later that night in the dark recesses of his room closet room he thinks about the life he once had before he was adopted to this new family. When they interviewed him at the orphanage they said they would give him a new name as he was often teased for his original one. However he was convinced under false pretenses and when he came to the new home he was met with a cold shoulder. He had trouble sleeping that night as his rear was very sore and hurt quite a bit when he tried to sleep on his back. After a few hours he stood from his bed and removed a small box from under his bed. He'd remove a needle and fill it with heroin before injecting his arm. After placing the items away and concealing the hiding spot he'd fall asleep. Then he pooped himself He He! Two jokes in one, just for you baby.
  9. Elasha Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

    Another ghost rock also exists in this general area.
  10. He Is Back!

    Welcome home son
  11. (I don't know probably some play or something) A women dressed in some sort of hybrid between the Caliphate's old Jundi armor and Gorundyr themed armor plate additions would travel to various cities of Axios handing out fliers and nailing them to the local notice boards. To all it may apply: The Sultanate of Haria is seeking a group to host a play for whatever audience should show to our planned event. A date has not been set and the time frame is adjustable. This group's play can be of any type and length within reason, obviously a play about Fahkri having dirty smelly feet would be met with annoyance. If you would like to apply please contact the Grand Steward of Haria, Aine or leave a message in the steward's box(Comment section).
  12. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    StiLl dOnT knOw hOw wE'Ll bE Receiving RePlYS tO OuR ApPs

    >Black text? >Black text.
  14. Can't stand click baits any longer? Click here to see local mans epic response!


    MC Name: SoberMutt Character's Name: Aine Character's Age: 49 Character's Race: Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Kani Teacher's MC Name: Bestscarface76 Teacher's RP Name: Dunstan Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Sure thing boss man Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nooope CIAO