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  1. A note would be sent to the order ”Greetings, I was hoping to speak to an official before signing up. Where is a proper place to meet, as i’ve little idea where Glaedwyn is.” -Aine Af Orvar”
  2. Female only, wood elf females just at some point feel like they could really like a tree and go find it and then they turn into a dryad over like a week, I think technically yes but its frowned upon.
  3. Bad rewrite, any drawbacks are simple undercut within the same paragraph. I do like that the fact that pruning is acknowledged for how painful it is. I thought I was the only one who rped that.
  4. ~Application~ OOC Username: SoberMutt Discord: Drunken Mutt#4465 RP Name: Aine af Orvar Age: 170 Race: elf Place of Residence: Arberrang Department: Professors of Academia: student Other Guilds: Nei
  5. A grumpy old armored women grunts at the news "Seems Auda forgets their crimes against the Kharadeens and instead befriends the prissy dagger ears."
  6. Didn't we already have hawaiians
  7. Brings a tear to my eye to see my baby be written into a real magic
  8. Another ghost rock also exists in this general area.
  9. Can't stand click baits any longer? Click here to see local mans epic response! https://gyazo.com/906b800bcb7b3ff9fcbe1dc7b7a8aca0

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