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  1. Girl we were like friends 

  2. Dude this website literally is what prepared me for adulthood now I don’t want to grow up😭

  3. An elfess wanders up to the gates of Haelun’or. An uncommon sight seeing her locks were stricken with a bright red and curled, flowing long and untouched. The young woman’s tone of skin being tanned and resembling the trees she previously hailed from. Her emerald eyes peered past the gate to the guard posted as she knocked solemnly. Her attire was not presentable in the slightest, especially for those who referred to themselves as ‘thill. Wild and unkept, she was scolded. “What a mockery. You dare approach the motherland dressed like that, ‘ame? What is your business?” A
  4. I really grew up on here, love that ❤️ 😢 

  5. I know I sound quirky for asking but can I get an honest opinion on Gemini’s?

  6. :(

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  7. Stop ignoring me.

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  8. You have a forked tongue AAAAA

    1. Axelu


      if only! 

    2. manicfairy


      Well look at u with your st tag girly ,,,,

  9. manicfairy

    My Story

    I know we don’t talk everyday but I am extremely proud and happy for you. You’ve made it far, we all have on this server. 2020 truly is a year of reflection.
  10. This was needed. I’m still very sorry for my past behavior to you however we all make mistakes to reflect on it not hold grudges
  11. ive followed u for the longest time, and now when my mental health is at its peak, youre just recently existing?

    1. Urara


      been existing for about a month now yub yub

  12. Real life? Ew. Leaving my house for social interaction? Forgot about her
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